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Cryptic Crossword No. 034

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Crowded accommodation in cracked dome (6)
Coarse upper classes take artists to topless bar (8)
10 Want gun in nullified state (7)
11 Success, perhaps, for a royal competitor (7)
12 Criticising endless plants is boring (10)
13 Change earlier leader for bores' go-between (4)
15 Deserved seaborne ceremonial (7)
17 Professionals drop note for nothing in foreign trade (7)
19 Confused labourer on mountainside is unaffected (7)
21 Bend toast with New Deal and get cracking (5,2)
23 Wacky sailor drops former address for church leader (4)
24 Disoriented, I paddle to a strange island and fall apart (10)
27 Worker trains a motley crew (7)
28 Try, say, engineers to make this old boat (7)
29 Dither leaving wrong city, and you're a brute! (8)
30 In unison untied untied (6)

Tiny Tim's a soldier? (9)
Plague microbe pessimist (7)
Miners, dentists and duns - they're all in this group! (10)
Salt girl's mixed up and dumb (9)
Measure as king interrupts service (4)
Shattering din at drunken rave produces unwanted visitor (7)
Social distinction's a piece of cake when triumphant leader expels the taxmen (5)
Copper's inside no backward god (4)
14 Vision's standard on computers (all off but one) under automation programme initiators (10)
16 Dead friendship not so dead? (9)
18 Goliath's state after laughing at a boy? (5,4)
20 Tar's pet cocktail makes up mixer (7)
22 If this were kin, kith wouldn't buy it! (7)
23 Stooge takes French dish with new filling (5)
25 A suspicious trade in letters for wine (4)
26 Old brother's duped inheritor sounds mad (4)

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