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Cryptic Crossword No. 036

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Induce Bobby to follow direction in race (5)
Ungainly bogus note sent to Heather (9)
Old king, if back to front, might have been old queen! (9)
10 Licensed to kill in vessel's accommodation (5)
11 Fair weather types in Acapulco (6)
12 Diner consumes first character to get things going (8)
14 Boots woman used to mobilize two-wheeler (4,5)
16 Short round mythical detainer (5)
17 Evil to the South, up and down up North (5)
19 Another security check, perhaps, at the fort? (9)
21 Shadowy figure guillotined seniority (8)
22 Bright missile obliterates site of impact (6)
25 Mountain down under boat (5)
26 Restless old priest hit for being so (9)
27 Justified acknowledgement for timely spending power (3,6)
28 Deity blends time and direction (5)

The far side of the Other Side's rather remote (3,4,2,6)
He broke the square, in a paddy by the sound of it (5)
Hunting dogs lost bat at sea (7)
Let it stand on one's head if not hairless, say (4)
Pleasant dolly mixture on the go (10)
Graecophile poet in charge of his works (7)
Steamer to flatten quadruped (4,5)
Misconduct strange rite so it whips up a fever (6-9)
13 Structure a boy rocker made (10)
15 Tweak telescope to see island I love (9)
18 Nazi takes a thousand in the chair (7)
20 Via weightless project, stand on distaste (7)
23 Gain small amount on grain (5)
24 Red king in the drink! (4)

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