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Cryptic Crossword No. 038

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Quiet cyclemaker lives in trees (5)
Scouts to aid sleepers (9)
I start cooking hag in pie for old rhymer's beauty (9)
10 Top state in the Tyrrhenian Sea (5)
11 He's in to look after the tail (3,3)
12 Upbraid brass hat in front of king in Dorset (8)
14 Leave pieces in France, about 30 million (9)
16 Acid flung about, I moan (5)
17 Medical attention to time musical (5)
19 Dispenser denser than lead faced Fleming's man (6,3)
21 Iran sue a strange intercontinental type? Perhaps (8)
22 Soothsayer, half mad, back on side (6)
25 Speak to the maximum extent (5)
26 Sweetheart has Italian head over heels in travelling association (9)
27 Looking back, East German displaces Europe in nervous disorder (9)
28 Birdsong sounds like special event (5)

The Rubicon if inflation equals interest rates? (5,2,2,6)
Thanks to implement Californian resort (5)
Publication commands material from live sources (7)
Destroyer's seaman back on course (4)
Toll sounds like lady killer's nickname, perhaps (5,5)
Part of musical snake in Paradise (7)
Going off old Peeler in key (9)
Shaker's kin too tactless to do usual work (5,2,4,4)
13 Flying south, potentate takes trap and gun in panic (10)
15 Chopped boss ranks curses (9)
18 Short man leaves continent for European state (7)
20 Exclude knives more dangerous this way round? (4,3)
23 Lady takes time to steer clear (5)
24 Chat up powerless Ava Story (4)

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