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Cryptic Crossword No. 040

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Cake zest added to cheer leaders (7)
Train me to dismantle tower (7)
Short woman with little energy is moral (7)
10 Drunk after getting one of custard in the face? (3-4)
12 Old god points to little lady (5)
13 Attribution broke Frenchman's nose, holding against complex (9)
15 Fit purpose is to operate badly (11)
18 Lateral guns bombarding lakeshore? (9)
19 Short muscles contorted around a room (5)
21 Rope for running up and down (7)
22 Sounds like tweeter makes a row (7)
23 Fifty nude computers concoct weakener (7)
24 Deduce negative fire (7)

Script wit rings endlessly about (7)
Safe haven offered by cynic's Westminster? (9,6)
Abrade, say, with potions inside? (5)
Watch before unofficial enforcer (9)
Business holders confused as pine underpins father's URL? (6,9)
Sphere of influence seemed all over the place in the North (7)
11 Not her, say, and children's character heard chorale (7)
14 Posterity's rotten bouncer (9)
16 Raid, or train horses (5-2)
17 Mint artist remodelled a ceramic whistle? (7)
20 He doesn't sin at Dissolution (5)

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