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aa                            lava having a rough surface

aardvark                      long-snouted, ant-eating, burrowing mammal of Southern Africa

aardwolf                      South African carnivorous fox-like quadruped

aasvogel                      South African vulture

ab extra                      from outside

ab ovo                        from the egg, from the beginning

aba                           garment of camel or goat hair; camel or goat-hair fabric; loose Arab coat

abaca                         Philippine Islands plant, yielding fibre for Manila hemp

abacinate                     to blind by putting a hot copper basin or hot irons near someone's eyes

abacist                       a person using an abacus

abacot                        the cap of state, used in old times by our English kings, wrought up in the figure of two crowns

abactor                       cattle thief

abaculus                      small tile for mosaic

abaft                         toward or at the stern of a ship; further aft

abampere                      unit equivalent to 10 amperes

abapical                      at the lowest point

abarthrosis                   diarthrosis; a joint permitting free movement

abarticular                   not connected with the joint

abasement                     action of humbling or degrading

abasia                        inability to walk due to lack of muscular coordination

abask                         in genial warmth

abatis                        rampart of felled trees and branches

abatjour                      skylight or device to direct light into a room

abattoir                      public slaughterhouse

abatude                       money that's been clipped

abature                       a trail through a wood beaten down by a stag

abb                           yarn used for warp

abba                          syriac or coptic bishop

abbatial                      of, like or pertaining to abbots or an abbey

abbozzo                       preliminary sketch

abdabs                        terror, the frights, nerves (often heard as the screaming abdabs, British slang)

abderian                      given to incessant or idiotic laughter

abderite                      a native or inhabitant of Abdera; a simpleton

abditive                      remote; secret; hidden

abdominous                    having a protuberant belly; pot-bellied

abducent                      turning away; bearing away from

abeam                         in a line at right angles to the length of a vessel, on the beam

abear                         to bear; to comport; to behave

abecedarian                   one who teaches or studies the alphabet; one learning the rudiments of something

abecedism                     word created from the initials of words in a phrase

abele                         white poplar tree

aberdevine                    alternate name for the siskin (Eurasian Finch)

aberuncators                  long tool for pruning tall branches

abessive                      indicating absence or lack

abiectic                      of, like or pertaining to fir trees or fir sap

abigail                       a lady's waiting maid

abigeus                       a cattle rustler

abiogenesis                   spontaneous generation of living matter

abiotrophy                    degeneration; loss of physical vitality or ability

abirritate                    to alleviate irritation; to reduce sensitivity

abiturient                    pupil leaving school for university

abject                        humble; miserable; craven

ablactation                   weaning of a child from its mother's milk

ablation                      surgical removal

ablative                      indicating direction from or time when

ablator                       thermal protection on outside of spacecraft

ablaut                        variation in root vowel of words to change meaning

ablegate                      papal envoy or legate

ablepsia                      blindness

abliguration                  extravagance in cooking and serving

abligurition                  lavish spending on food and drink

ablow                         in a blowing state

abluent                       cleanser or cleansing product

ablutomania                   an insatiable mania for washing oneself

ablutophobia                  the fear of bathing

abnegate                      to renounce or repudiate

abnormous                     misshapen

abodement                     an omen; a foretelling

aboideau                      tide gate

abolla                        Roman military cloak

abomasum                      the fourth of the four stomachs of a ruminant

aboral                        away from the mouth

abord                         to accost; to approach

aborning                      during birth; while being born

aborticide                    killing of a fetus; abortion

abortuary                     anti-abortion term for an abortion clinic

aboulia                       loss of ability to make decisions

aboulomania                   pathological indecisiveness

aboutsledge                   largest blacksmith's hammer

abra                          narrow mountain pass

abradant                      a substance that abrades

abraid                        to awaken or rouse

abraxas                       gem engraved with mystical word and bearing human-animal figure

abreaction                    the expression and emotional discharge of unconscious material

abreuvoir                     joint or gap between two stones in masonry

abroach                       in a condition to allow liquor to run out

abrosia                       fasting

abscind                       to pare, reduce, cut off or away

abscissa                      horizontal distance from a fixed line to a point

abscissin                     hormone which triggers the fall of autumn leaves in certain trees

abscission                    cutting off; cutting away

absconce                      lantern used in monasteries and night offices

abscondite                    abstrusely, profoundly, secretly

abscotchalater                one hiding from the police

abseil                        to descend a rock face using a double rope; rappel

absentaneous                  done in absence; pertaining to absence

absinthial                    of, like or pertaining to wormwood; bitter

absinthism                    disease resembling alcoholism

absit                         leave to pass one night away from college

absolutism                    doctrine of government by a single absolute ruler; autocracy

absolutive                    indicating subject or object of intransitive verb

absolutory                    forgiving or absolving

absonant                      discordant; abhorrent

absorbefacient                causing or promoting absorption

absorptiometer                instrument for measuring solubility of gases in liquids

absquatulate                  to decamp; to suddenly take leave and squat elsewhere

absterge                      wipe clean; expunge; purge; purify

abstergent                    cleansing or scouring

abstersive                    serving to cleanse or purge

abstupiate                    to greatly esteem riches

absurdism                     doctrine that we live in an irrational universe

abterminal                    going from the end inwards

abthane                       monastic region of the old Irish church

abulia                        abnormal lack of ability to act or to make decisions

abuna                         Ethiopian patriarch

abusion                       misuse; outrage; deception

abutment                      masonry on a wall that supports an arch

abvolt                        unit of electrical potential equal to one hundred millionth of a volt

aby                           to make amends; atone; pay a penalty

abyssopelagic                 of, like or pertaining to the depths of the ocean

academicism                   doctrine that nothing can be known

acalculia                     the inability to do simple arithmetic or work with numbers

acanaceous                    bearing prickles or thistles; prickly

acantha                       prickle

acanthous                     spiny; prickly

acapnia                       lack or deficiency of carbon dioxide

acapnotic                     non-smoker; non-smoking

acariasis                     irritating itching; insect infestation

acaricide                     a substance for killing mites and ticks

acarine                       of, like or pertaining to ticks or mites

acarology                     study of mites

acarophobia                   the fear of itching or of insects causing itching

acarpous                      sterile; not bearing fruit

acatalectic                   having complete or full number of syllables in a poetic line

acatalepsy                    the unknowableness of all things to a certainty

acataleptic                   incomprehensible;  a person who suspends judgment in the belief that certainty is impossible

acatamathesia                 inability to understand data presented to the senses

acates                        provisions that have been purchased

acatour                       provisioner; quartermaster

acaudate                      tailless

acaulescent                   having a very short stem or lacking a stem

accelerometer                 instrument for measuring acceleration or vibrations

accend                        to kindle

accensor                      acolyte; Roman Catholic

accentor                      songbird

acceptilation                 remission of debt or liability through fictitious repayment

accessit                      prize for students in second place; honourable mention

acciaccatura                  very short note played before a longer one

accidence                     grammar book; science of inflections in grammar

accidentalism                 theory that events do not have causes

accidie                       sloth; physical torpot; apathy, boredom

accidious                     accidia, heedlessness, torpor, slothful

accinge                       to gird up one's loins, apply oneself

accipiter                     bandage worn around the nose

accipitral                    like a bird of prey; rapacious

accipitrine                   of, like or pertaining to falcons and hawks

accismus                      a form of irony, a pretended refusal of something one desires

accite                        to cite; to summon

acclinate                     sloping upwards

acclivity                     upward slope

accloy                        to hobble with a horseshoe nail

accolade                      curved architectural moulding; vertical line joining two musical staves

accolent                      neighbouring

accosted                      in heraldry, two figures placed side by side

accouchement                  a confinement during childbirth; a lying-in

accoucheur                    male midwife

accoucheuse                   female midwife

accourage                     to encourage

accourt                       to entertain

accoy                         to subdue; to pacify; to soothe

accrementition                increase or growth by adding similar material

accrescent                    in botany, growing larger even after flowering

accretion                     accumulation; addition of parts to form a whole

accubation                    the practice of eating or drinking while lying down

accubitum                     crescent-shaped couch

accumbent                     in botany, (of plants) lying against something

accusative                    indicating direct object of a verb

acedia                        a condition leading to listlessness and want of interest in life; apathy, boredom

acediast                       a person who is slothful or wickedly lax when it comes to spiritual or religious matters

aceldama                      a field of bloodshed

aceldama                      site or scene of violence or bloodshed

aceology                      therapeutics

acephalist                    the balky maverick who acknowledges no head or superior or authority

acephalous                    lacking a head or a leader; lacking the first syllable or foot (of a hexameter)

acequia                       irrigation ditch

acerate                       of, like or resembling a needle

acerbate                      to embitter; to irritate

aceric                        pertaining to the maple

acerophobia                   the fear of sourness

acerose                       like a needle

acerous                       lacking horns or antennae

acersecomic                   a person whose hair has never been cut

acervate                      heaped; clustered

acervation                    heaping up

acervuline                    like or in small mounds or heaps

acescence                     becoming sour; souring; turning of milk

acetabulum                    small anatomical cup or hollow on hipbone to receive thighbone

acetarious                    referring to plants that are used in salads

acetimeter                    instrument for measuring strength of vinegar

acetometer                    instrument measuring strength of acetic acid or vinegar

achaenocarp                   any dry indehiscent fruit

achar                         a kind of hot pickles

acharné                       furious or desperate (of a battle)

Achates                       a loyal friend

achene                        small one-seeded fruit or naked seed of plant

acherontic                    dark, gloomy, forbidding

achlamydeous                  having neither petals nor sepals

achloropsia                   colour-blindness with respect to green

achluophobia                  the fear of darkness or of the night

acholous                      lacking bile

achondroplasia                condition where cartilage does not develop normally, resulting in dwarfism

achor                         eruption on scalp or scab on the head

achromatic                    refracting light without dispersion; not readily colored; neutral; diatonic

achromatopsia                 colour-blindness, where only white, grey and black are visible

achromia                      pallor; unnatural lack of colour in the skin

achroous                      colourless

acicular                      a needle-shaped prickle, spine or crystal

acidaemia                     undue acidity of blood

acidimeter                    instrument for measuring concentration of acids

acidophilic                   easily stained by acid dyes; thriving in acid environment

acidulous                     sharp or bitter-tasting

acierage                      a process of steel-plating

acierate                      to turn into steel

aciform                       needle-shaped

acinaceous                    full of kernels

acinaciform                   scimitar-shaped

aciniform                     haped like cluster of grapes; full of seeds, like a grape

acinous                       containing small seeds or drupes

acinus                        berry which grows in clusters

acipenser                     sturgeon

ackamarackus                  pretentious nonsense; something intended to deceive; humbug

ackman                        a maritime robber and murderer

aclastic                      non-refractive

aclinic                       having no inclination or magnetic dip

acock                         defiantly

acoemeti                      ancient monastic order which maintained eternal choir service

acology                       study of medical remedies

acolous                       limbless

acolouthic                    of, like or pertaining to an after-image or other after-sensation

acomia                        baldness

aconite                       the monk's-hood or wolf's-bane plant

aconitine                     poisonous alkaloid obtained from aconite

acopic                        curing or relieving fatigue

acor                          stomach acidity

acoria                        a pathologically great appetite

acosmism                      disbelief in existence of eternal universe distinct from God

acotyledon                    plant without differentiated seed lobes

acouasm                       a ringing noise in the head

acoumeter                     instrument measuring keenness of hearing

acoumetry                     the measurement of the keenness of hearing

acousma                       a simple auditory hallucination, such as buzzing or ringing

acousticophobia               the fear of noise

acquest                       object which is acquired

acquittance                   ayment of, or release from, debt; full receipt

acracy                        government by none; anarchy

acraein                       foul-tasting butterfly's juice

acrasia                       lack of self-control; when you act against your better judgment

acrasy                        anarchy, disorder

acratia                       impotence

acre-breadth                  old unit of length of 22 yards

acritochromacy                colour-blindness

acroamatic                    abstruse, pertaining to deep learning; esoteric; told only orally

acroatic                      pertaining to profound learning

acrocephalic                  having a pointy head

acrocephalous                 having a pointed or peaked skull

acrodont                      a tooth which is fused with the jaw; having such teeth

acrography                    the art of making wood blocks in relief

acrolith                      wooden statue with stone head and extremities

acrologic                     of, like or pertaining to initials

acromegaly                    glandular disorder causing gigantism of extremities

acromonogrammatic             applied to verse in which each line begins with letter with which preceding line ended

acronical                     occurring at nightfall or sunset

acronychal                    happening at sunset, especially of star whose rising is at sunset

acronym                       word formed from initial letters of another word

acronyx                       ingrowing nail

acropathy                     disease or illness of the extremities

acrophobia                    the fear of heights

acrophonic                    using a symbol for the initial sound of a thing

acrophony                     the use of a picture symbol of an object to represent phonetically the initial sound of the name of the object

acropodium                    pedestal upon which a statue rests

acroscopic                    looking or moving towards the apex

acrospires                    the first real shoot developing in a germinating grain seed

acroteleutic                  phrase or words at the end of a psalm

acroteric                     pertaining to or affecting the extremities

acroterion                    pedestal or ornament at the angle of a pediment

acrotic                       pertaining to the surface

acrotism                      absence of pulse

actamer                       a substance preventing the growth of bacteria in cosmetics and soaps

actinism                      property of solar radiation of causing chemical change

actinograph                   instrument used to calculate time of photographic exposure

actinoid                      star-shaped; like rays

actinology                    science of chemical effects of light

actinometer                   instrument for measuring incident radiation

actinomorphic                 having symmetrically radiated shape

actinomycosis                 parasitic disease in men and cattle resulting in inflammation of jaw; 'lumpy jaw'

actinophone                   instrument in which sound is produced by actinic rays

actinotherapy                 use of ultraviolet rays as medical therapy

actuate                       communicate motion to; cause

aculeate                      prickly; pointed; stinging; a stinging insect

aculeiform                    shaped like a thorn

acultomancy                   fortunetelling using needles

acuminate                     tapered; pointed; to sharpen

acuminulate                   very sharply pointed; ending in minute point

acushla                       term of address or endearment; darling

acutiator                     sharpener of weapons

acutorsion                    twisting artery with needle to stop bleeding

acyanopsia                    colour-blindness with respect to blue

acyesis                       female sterility

acyrology                     incorrect speech, pronunciation or use of language

ad baculum                    to the rod; appealing to or suggesting the use of force to settle the question

ad captandum                  to capture the affection or suit the taste of the crowd

ad hominem                    appealing to a person's feelings or prejudices rather than his intellect

adactylous                    lacking fingers or claws; congenital lack of toes or fingers

adamantine                    unbreakable; impenetrable

adamantive                    immovable, impregnable; adamantine

adamitism                     nakedness for religious reasons

adaxial                       next to or towards the axis

addax                         spiral-horned African antelope dwelling in North Africa

additament                    thing added or appended; heraldic ornament

addititious                   of, pertaining to or resulting from addition

addle                         putrid; barren; muddled

addlepate                     a confused person

addorsed                      turned back to back in heraldry

adduce                        cite as proof or instance or as an example

adeciduate                    evergreen; coniferous

adeem                         to cancel a bequest by destruction of the object

adelaster                     provisional name for a plant whose flowers are unknown

adelphepothia                 an incestuous desire for one's sister

adelphirexia                  an incestuous desire for one's nephew

adelphithymia                 an incestuous desire for one's niece

adelphogamy                   sharing of a wife by two or more brothers

ademonist                     someone who denies the existence of demons or the Devil

ademption                     revocation of donation by donor

adenalgia                     painful swelling of a gland

adenia                        glandular swelling

adeniform                     shaped like a gland

adenitis                      inflammation of gland

adenography                   descriptive work on the glandular system

adenoid                       of, like or pertaining to or like a gland

adenology                     study of glands

adenoma                       usually non-lethal tumour of gland

adenotomy                     removal or excision of gland

adephagous                    gluttonous

adequate                      to make equal, to be equal to

adequation                    the result of making equal

adespota                      anonymous works

adespoton                     anonymous saying, poem, etc

adessive                      indicating place where or proximity to

adevism                       denial of Gods of mythology and legend

adfenestrate                  to enter surreptitiously through a window

adfenestration                act of entering through a window

adharma                       unrighteousness

adhibit                       to attach; to admit; to administer

adhocracy                     government in an unstructured fashion; an unstructured organization

adiabatic                     without loss, gain or transference of heat

adiabolist                    someone who denies the existence of the devil

adiactinic                    not transmitting actinic rays

adiaphanous                   not translucent or opaque (not diaphanous)

adiaphoresis                  absence of perspiration; inability to perspire

adiaphorism                   doctrine of theological indifference or latitudinarianism

adiaphoristic                 theologically indifferent

adiaphoron                    tenet or belief on which a theological system is indifferent

adiaphorous                   doing neither good nor harm; neutral; neither right nor wrong; neither deleterious nor salubrious

adiapneustia                  defective perspiration

adiathermancy                 impermeability to radiant energy

adiathermic                   impervious to heat

adient                        tending to expose an organism to, or turn it towards, a stimulus or situation

adipescent                    becoming fat or fatty

adipic                        of, like or pertaining to fatty substances

adipocere                     fatty substance occurring in corpses left in moist areas

adipose                       of or relating to animal fat; fatty

adiposity                     a tendency to fatness

adipsia                       absence or lack of thirst

adipsy                        lack of thirst, quenching thirst

adit                          a nearly horizontal shaft to the surface in a mine

adjectitious                  added, thrown in

adjudge                       to decide; to award

adjutage                      nozzle

adjutant                      enormous Indian stork

adjutor                       helper; assistant

adjuvant                      serving to aid or contribute; auxiliary; assisting in the prevention, amelioration, or cure of disease

adjuvant                      substance added to make vaccine more effective

admanuensis                   one who takes an oath on a religious book

admaxillary                   connected to or near the jaw

admeasurement                 the act of measuring or apportioning

adminicle                     that which supports or aids, especially evidence

adnascent                     growing on some other thing

adnate                        closely attached; related; grown together especially unusually

adnominal                     indicating adjective used as a noun

adnomination                  punning

adnoun                        adjective serving or used as a noun

adonise                       to adorn oneself

adoptionism                   belief that Christ was the adopted and not natural son of God

adoral                        near the mouth

adosculation                  impregnation by contact alone or by wind

adoxography                   fine writing on a trivial or base subject

adoxography                   skilled writing on an unimportant subject

adoxy                         beliefs that are neither orthodox nor heterodox

adpress                       to press together

adrectal                      close to the rectum

adrenergic                    released or activated by adrenalin

adrogation                    adoption of a boy or girl before adolescence

adscititious                  not inherent or essential; derived from something extrinsic; added

adscript                      attached or feudally bound to the soil or earth

adsorb                        to attract and stick to the surface

adsum                         I am present

adumbral                      shadowy

adumbrate                     to foreshadow vaguely; to suggest or disclose partially

adunc                         hooked

aduncate                      shaped like a hook or crook

aduncous                      hook-shaped; crooked

adust                         burnt; scorched; dried up by heat; gloomy, sad

advection                     horizontal movement of an air mass, causing temperature changes

advehent                      bringing inwards

advenient                     due to outside causes

adventitious                  accidental; casual

adventive                     a thing or person coming from outside

adversaria                    miscellaneous notes; commonplace books; collection of notes and comments

adversative                   word or phrase expressing opposition

advert                        refer to in speech or writing

advertorial                   advertisement presented as if it were editorial material

advesperate                   darken; become late

advocaat                      liqueur containing rum and raw eggs

advowson                      right of presentation to church living

adynamia                      helplessness; lack of strength

adynamic                      lacking strength; causing weakness

adynaton                      magnifying or exaggerating an actual event by reference to something impossible

adytum                        sacred part of a temple or church; church chancel

adzebill                      prehistoric flightless bird of New Zealand

aedile                        magistrate in charge of games, markets or buildings; head of ancient Roman office of works

aedoeology                    science or study of generative organs

aegagrus                      mountain goat of Asia Minor

aegilops                      stye in inner corner of eye

aegir                         a tidal bore, or a high wave caused by tidal flow

aegis                         protection, defense; patronage, sponsorship

aegrotat                      medical certificate of illness excusing student's sickness

aeneous                       shining bronze colour; like brass

aenos                         use of erudite words or allusions to appeal to the learned

aeolian                       marked by a moaning or sighing sound or musical tone produced by or as if by the wind

aeolipyle                     hollow ball that turns through steam escaping through valves

aeolist                       a pompous windy bore who pretends to have inspiration

aeolistic                     long-winded

aeolotropic                   having different physical properties in different positions or directions

aeolotropy                    variation in physical properties on basis of position

aeonian                       lasting for an immeasurably long period of time

aepyornis                     gigantic extinct flightless bird of Madagascar

aerenchyma                    respiratory tissue

aeriform                      of the form or shape of gas; gaseous; lacking substance, unreal

aerious                       of the nature of air; airy

aerobe                        organism requiring oxygen to survive

aerobiology                   study of airborne organisms

aerodonetics                  science or study of gliding

aerogenesis                   forming or generating gas or air

aerogenic                     derived from air; gas-forming

aerography                    descriptive work on the atmosphere

aerolite                      stone that falls from the sky; meteorite

aerolith                      stone that falls from the sky; meteorite

aerolithology                 study of aerolites; meteorites

aerology                      study of physical properties of atmosphere, especially meteorological

aeromancy                     fortunetelling by means of the weather or the state of the air

aeromechanics                 science of mechanical properties of gases

aerometer                     instrument for measuring weight or density of gas

aeropause                     level above surface of earth above which ordinary aircraft cannot fly

aerophagia                    neurotic habit of swallowing air

aerophane                     thin crinkled semi-transparent fabric

aerophilately                 collecting of air-mail stamps

aerophobia                    the fear of flying or draughts

aerophore                     instrument used to inflate stillborn child's lungs

aerophyte                     plant obtaining all nourishment from the air; epiphyte

aeropleustic                  of, like or pertaining to aerial navigation

aeroscopy                     observation of varying air conditions

aerose                        brassy

aerospace                     the Earth's atmosphere and space beyond it

aerosphere                    the entire atmosphere surrounding the Earth

aerostat                      any lighter-than air craft; balloon

aerostatics                   science of air pressure; art of ballooning

aeruginous                    of, like or pertaining to copper-rust or verdigris

aerugo                        rust, especially of copper and brass; verdigris

aesc                          letter used in old English for 'ae'

aesculaceous                  pertaining to or like horse-chestnut; belonging to the horse-chestnut family of plants

aesculapian                   of or relating to the medical profession (or a staff with one snake curling around it)

aesopian                      conveying meaning only to those in a secret movement

aesthesia                     sensibility ; sense perception

aesthesiogenic                producing or causing a sensation

aestheticism                  doctrine that beauty is central to other moral principles

aestival                      of, like or pertaining to summer; sleepiness in animals during summer

aestivate                     to pass the summer in a state of torpor

aethrioscope                  instrument for measuring temperature variations due to sky conditions

aeviternal                    everlasting; endless

aeviternity                   eternal existence

afebrile                      not suffering from fever

affabulation                  moral of a fable

affeer                        to assess; to reduce to a fixed sum

afferent                      bearing, bringing or carrying towards

affiance                      to trust; to betroth

affiche                       poster; placard

affinal                       related by marriage

affine                        a relation by marriage

affined                       closely related; connected

afflated                      inspired

afflatus                      inspiration; divine breath

afflux                        flowing towards or together

afforce                       to strengthen a jury by adding skilled people

afforest                      to cover with forest; to convert into hunting grounds

affranchise                   to free from slavery or similar obligation

affray                        an attack or assault; an alarm or fright

affrayer                      disturber of the peace

affreightment                 hiring of a ship to carry freight; such a contract

affreux                       frightening

affricate                     consonant that begins as a plosive and ends as a fricative; rub; grate on

affronté                      of two heraldic animals, facing one another

affusion                      pouring on; as of baptismal water

afore                         before

afreet                        in Arabian mythology, an evil spirit or giant monster

afrormosia                    a dense tropical hardwood resembling teak, used for furniture and panelling

afterclap                     unexpected damaging or unsettling after-effect

afterdamp                     poisonous gas (mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen) remaining after explosion of fire-damp in mine

afterdeck                     deck behind a ship's bridge

after-dream                   a depressive letdown, as after a period of drug-induced euphoria; a muddled state upon wakening from a vivid dream

aftergame                     rematch; means employed after first turn of affairs

afterguard                    men who work the aft sails on the quarterdeck and poop deck

afterings                     last milk drawn when milking a cow

afterpiece                    minor piece after a play

aftershaft                    second shaft coming out of the quill of a feather

afterwil                      locking of the barn after the cows have been let out

afterwit                      knowledge gained too late to do any good (the locking of the barn door after the cows have got away)

aftosa                        foot-and-mouth disease

agacerie                      allurement; coquetry

agalactia                     failure or inability to produce milk

agalloch                      eaglewood

agamic                        non-sexual

agamist                       one who opposes marriage

agamogenesis                  reproduction by non-sexual means

agamous                       to be unmarried; non-sexual

agamy                         lack of marriage or sexual reproduction

agape                         selfless Christian love; a feast in celebration of such love

agapeistic                    characterized by Christian love

agapet                        lover of women

agapetae                      churchwomen who live platonically with celibate men

agapism                       ethics of love

agastopia                     admiration of a particular part of someone's body

agatewear                     type of ceramic resembling agate stone

agathism                      belief in ultimate triumph of good despite evil means

agathist                      an adherent of the doctrine that all things tend toward ultimate good

agathocacological             composed of both good and evil

agathodaimon                  one's good genius; the good part of one's conscience

agathokakological             composed of good and evil

agelast                       a person who absolutely never laughs

agenesis                      incomplete development of body or part of body

agenhina                      a guest at an inn who, after having stayed for three nights, was considered one of the family by Saxon law

agenhina                      a guest at an inn, who is considered to be one of the family

agennesic                     sterile; impotent

agenocratia                   opposition to birth control

agentive                      indicating agent performing an action

ageotropic                    moving or turning away from the earth

agerasia                      the state of looking younger than one actually is

agersia                       quality of not growing old

ageusia                       damage to the sense of taste

ageustia                      absence of sense of taste

agger                         artificial mound or elevation for military use, especially Roman

aggeration                    a heaping up; an accumulation; mound raised by prehistoric people

aggerose                      full of heaps; formed in heaps; piled up

aggerwator                    locks of hair that frame the face

aggiornamento                 modernization of ideas of the Catholic church

agglomerate                   collect, especially into a mass; rock comprised of angular volcanic fragments

agglutinate                   join firmly; thicken; make like glue; coagulate; make compound words by additions

aggrade                       to raise level of a surface through depositing detritus

aggrandize                    increase power or rank of; make greater

aggrate                       to gratify or please

aggry                         type of West African glass beads

agible                        feasible; practicable

agio                          premium paid on foreign currency exchange; charge made when cash is given for paper currency

agiotage                      playing the stock market; speculation

agist                         to care for and feed cattle, horses, for payment

agistment                     land tax assessed for cattle pasturing

agita                         acid indigestion; a feeling of agitation or anxiety

aglet                         metal point or plastic tip attached to the end of a shoelace or string

agliff                        to be frightened

aglossal                      lacking a tongue

aglutition                    state of being unable to swallow

agma                          symbol or sound for the velar nasal consonant "ng"

agminate                      grouped

agnail                        sore, corn or hangnail on the toe or foot

agname                        name over and above the ordinary name and surname

agnate                        having same male forefather

agnatic                       related on the father's side

agnation                      kinship

agnize                        to acknowledge or confess

agnogenic                     of unknown cause

agnoiology                    the philosophical study of ignorance

agnomen                       additional name; surname; nickname

agnosia                       loss of perception; an inability to recognize familiar things or faces

agnosic                       unable to recognize familiar objects due to brain damage

agnosticism                   doctrine that we can know nothing beyond material phenomena

agnosy                        ignorance; especially ignorance shared by the whole human race

agoge                         tempo or sequence in melody in ancient Greek music

agogic                        accenting a musical note by slightly dwelling on it

agomphious                    toothless; edentulous

agomphosis                    looseness in the teeth

agon                          the dramatic conflict between the chief characters in a literary work

agone                         ago

agonic                        making no angle; applied to line drawn through all places where magnetic north is the same as true north

agonism                       competition; effort; striving

agonist                       a struggler; a person who is contending against an opponent for an athletic prize

agonistarch                   one who trains combatants for games; a coach

agonistes                     someone in the grip of inner conflict

agonistic                     combative; strained for the sake of effect

agonistic                     of, like or pertaining to or being aggressive or argumentative

agonistics                    art and theory of prize-fighting

agonous                       struggling

agoraphobia                   the fear of open spaces

agouti                        tropical rabbit-sized rodent

agowilt                       sudden sickening and unnecessary fear

agraffe                       1. hooked clasp used by masons to hold blocks together

agraffe                       2. the wire cage holding down the cork in a bottle of champagne

agrammatist                   an unlearned, illiterate man

agrapha                       sayings of Jesus not found in the canonical gospels

agraphia                      inability to write

agravic                       having no gravity; pertaining to the condition of zero-gravity

agreemony                     agreeableness

agrestial                     growing in country, fields (especially of weeds)

agrestic                      of or relating to the fields or country; rustic, unpolished, uncouth

agriology                     the comparative study of customs of primitive peoples

agrize                        to horrify; to disfigure

agrizoiatry                   medicine specializing in wild animals

agrizoophobia                 the fear of wild animals

agrobiology                   study of plant nutrition; soil yields

agrology                      study of agricultural soils

agromania                     intense desire to be in open spaces

agronomics                    study of productivity of land

agroof                        flat on your face

agrostography                 writing about grasses

agrostology                   science or study of grasses

agrypnia                      wakefulness; sleeplessness; insomnia

agrypnotic                    anything taken to aid wakefulness

aguardiente                   Spanish or Portuguese brandy

agyiophobia                   the fear of crossing busy streets

agynary                       lacking female genitals

ahimsa                        principle of non-violence towards any living creature, in Hinduism and Buddhism

ahull                         with sails furled and helm lashed to the lee-side

ahypnia                       insomnia

ai                            a South American three-toed sloth

aibohphobia                   the fear of palindromes

aichmophobia                  the fear of sharp or pointed objects

aichmorhabdophobia            the fear of being beaten with a pointed stick

aichurophobia                 the fear of being touched by a pointed object

aiger                         tidal wave occurring in rivers; tidal bore

aigrette                      a spray of jewels; ornamental feather plume; an egret

aiguille                      sharp; needle-like peak of rock

aileron                       flap on airplane wing for lateral balance

ailette                       plate of armour worn on shoulder

ailuromancy                   fortunetelling by watching cats' movements

ailurophile                   one fond of cats

ailurophilia                  love of cats

ailurophobe                   one with a dread of cats

ailurophobia                  the fear of cats

aînè                          elder, senior

aioli                         garlic-flavoured mayonnaise

airmonger                     one who is attracted to visionary ideas and projects

airscrew                      aircraft propeller

aischrolatry                  worship of filth, dirt, or smut

aisling                       a vision or dream

ait                           small island in lake or river

aitchbone                     rump bone of cattle; rump cut of beef

aiué                          elderly; senior

akathisia                     an inability to sit down because of intense anxiety

akeratophorous                not horned

akimbo                        of the arms, with the hands on the hips and elbows bent outward

akinesia                      loss of ability to move

ala                           membranous outgrowth on a plant or animal; wing- shaped projection

alabamine                     alternate name for the element astatine

alack                         expression of sorrow or regret

alalia                        loss of ability to speak

alameda                       public walkway between rows of poplar trees

alamodality                   the quality of being a la mode, or of following the fashion of the time; fashionableness

alamort                       half-dead; dejected

alannah                       term of endearment used with one's child

alar                          of, like or pertaining to the wing or shoulder

alastrim                      mild form of smallpox

alate                         1. lately

alate                         2. winged; state of having wings; disposition of wings in insect

alation                       state of having wings; position of wings on a creature

alaudine                      of, like or pertaining to skylarks

alb                           long white robe worn by priests

albarello                     cylindrical jar used to hold drugs

albata                        variety of German silver

albedo                        whiteness, as of a celestial object

albescent                     becoming white; whiteness

albicant                      whitish; becoming white; formation of white patches in plants

albificative                  able to whiten or be whitened

albiflorous                   having white flowers

albion                        medieval astronomical device for finding positions of planets

albocracy                     government by white people

albolith                      white cement formed from magnesia and silica

albophobia                    the fear of white people

alborado                      morning song

albugineous                   like the white of an eye or an egg; white-coloured

albuminuriaphobia             the fear of kidney disease

alcahest                      alchemical universal solvent

alcatote                      silly elf

alcine                        of, like or pertaining to elks; of, like or pertaining to auks

alcoholometer                 instrument for measuring proportion of alcohol in solutions

alcovinometer                 instrument to measure strength of wine

aleatoric                     depending on contingencies or chance

aleatory                      dependent on chance; pertaining to gambling or luck

aleberry                      beverage made from ale, spices, and dried bread

aleconner                     an official appointed to look to the goodness of ale and beer

alecost                       costmary, an herb used in flavouring ale

alectormancy                  fortunetelling by sacrificing a rooster

alectryomachy                 1. cock-fighting

alectryomancy                 2. fortunetelling by watching a rooster gather corn kernels

alee                          on or toward the lee

alegar                        vinegar made by turning ale sour; malt vinegar

aleger                        in good spirits, happy

alektorophobia                the fear of chickens

alembic                       ancient distilling apparatus; purifying or transforming apparatus

alembicated                   over-refined

alembication                  distillation; overrefinement, precosity

aleph                         first letter of the Hebrew alphabet

alepine                       mixed wool and silk or mohair and cotton fabric

alethiology                   the doctrine of truth, that part of logic which treats of truth

aleuromancy                   fortunetelling using flour or meal

alevin                        young fish, especially salmon just hatched

alexia                        inability to read

alexipharmic                  having the quality or nature of an antidote to poison

alexipyretic                  drug for curing fever

alexiteric                    resisting poison; obviating the effects of venom

alfet                         a test in which an accused person plunges his hand into vat of boiling water

alfin                         bishop in game of chess

alforge                       wallet or leather bag

algedonic                     pertaining to pain, especially in association with pleasure

algedonica                    the science of pleasure and pain

algefacient                   cooling

algerining                    prowling around with the intent to commit burglary

algetic                       causing or producing pain

algicide                      killer of algae

algid                         chilly, especially during fever

algific                       making cold

alginuresis                   painful urination

algivorous                    feeding on algae

algogenic                     producing pain; reducing body temperature

algolagnia                    a perversion characterized by pleasure and especially sexual gratification in inflicting or suffering pain

algolagnia                    sexual pleasure derived from inflicting pain

algology                      study of algae

algophilia                    a morbid pleasure in inflicting or suffering pain

algophilist                   one who enjoys pain

algophobia                    a morbid fear of pain

algor                         coldness; shivering fit

algorism                      the Arabic, or decimal system of numeration; hence, arithmetic

algous                        pertaining to algae

algraphy                      art of printing from aluminum plates

alible                        nourishing

alidade                       revolving index on astrolabe or other instrument for reading gradations; instrument used in surveying & navigation

alieniloquent                 speaking discursively or straying from one's point

alieniloquy                   talking wide of the purpose, or not to the matter at hand

alienism                      study of mental disease

aliferous                     having wings

aliform                       wing-shaped

aligerous                     winged

aliment                       food; nourishment

alimentotherapy               treatment by dieting

aliped                        having wings on the feet

aliphatic                     of, like or pertaining to fat or fats in general

aliquant                      number dividing into another with a remainder; not aliquot

aliquot                       number dividing into another without leaving a remainder

aliter                        requiring a different law or rule to be applied

alk                           sap or resin from turpentine trees

alkahest                      the universal solvent sought by alchemists

alkalify                      change into alkali

alkalimeter                   instrument for measuring strength of alkalines

alkanet                       reddish plant-based dye

allagrugous                   grim and ghastly

allantiasis                   food poisoning resulting from inadequate preservation; sausage poisoning

allantoid                     shaped like a sausage

allative                      indicating movement towards

allegresse                    joy, gladsomeness

allemain                      enormous pudding out of which acrobats leap

allemande                     courtly baroque dance in which the arms are interlaced

alliaceous                    having the smell or taste of garlic or onions

allicient                     attracting something else

alligation                    attaching or being attached

allision                      intentional collision of two ships

alliumphobia                  the fear of garlic

allocatur                     amount allowed for costs

allochiria                    a condition in which a sensation is referred to a point other than the true one

allochromatic                 pertaining to change of color; variable in color

allochroous                   changing in color

allochthonous                 formed or produced elsewhere or externally; foreign

allocution                    authoritative or exhortatory address; formal papal address to College of Cardinals

allodic                       not subject to a superior

allodium                      property under absolute ownership; freehold

allodoxaphobia                the fear of other people's opinions

allogamy                      cross-fertilization

allogeneous                   different

allograph                     writing especially signature, for another; opposite of autograph

allography                    writing another individual's signature

allolalia                     speech disorder featuring randomly spoken words

allonge                       paper attached to commercial bill requiring signatures or endorsements

allonym                       other person's name used by an author; work published under an allonym

allophone                     any of several speech sounds regarded as variants of a given phoneme

allopoiesis                   the process whereby an organization produces something other than itself

allosematic                   having imitative protective coloration

allotheism                    belief in or worship of strange Gods

allotriophagy                 craving for strange foods

allotropy                     of an element, having more than one form

alluvion                      effect of water impacting on shoreline; flood; alluvium

almacantar                    circle of altitude, parallel to the horizon

almagest                      textbook or handbook, especially dealing with astronomy; the treatise of Ptolemy

almandine                     violet-coloured garnet

almira                        furniture for storing, eg cupboard or chest

almoner                       giver of alms; social worker in a hospital

almuce                        cloth or fur hood

alnager                       inspector of cloth

alnico                        permanent magnet alloy of aluminium, nickel and cobalt, with some iron and sometimes copper

alogia                        speech defect due to brain lesion

alogism                       illogical statement; absurdity; unreasonableness

alogotrophy                   excessive nutrition to any one part of the body resulting in deformity

alomancy                      fortunetelling using salt

alopecia                      loss of hair; baldness

alopeciaphobia                the fear of going bald

alopecist                     a person who claims to prevent baldness

alopecoid                     of or resembling a fox

alow                          below

alpaca                        fine wool made from alpaca hair

alpenglow                     reddish glow appearing at sunrise or sunset in mountains

alpenstocker                  mountain climber

alpestrine                    of, like or pertaining to alpine regions

alphamegamia                  the marriage between a young woman and an older man

alphenic                      sugary candy used in medicine

alphitomancy                  fortunetelling using loaves of barley

alphonsin                     instrument used to extract bullets from bodies

alphosis                      lack of skin pigmentation

alsike                        pink-flowered clover, grown as forage

alsinaceous                   like or pertaining to chickweed; belonging to chickweed family of plants

alt                           high musical tone

altarage                      payment to priest for mass; offerings at altar

altazimuth                    instrument measuring altitude and azimuth of heavenly bodies

alterity                      the state of being other or different; diversity, otherness

alternatim                    alternately

alterocentric                 someone whose life revolves around other people

altiloquence                  pompous or high-sounding speech

altiloquent                   speaking pompously or in a high flown manner

altisonant                    lofty or pompous; high-sounding; loud

altitudinarian                aspiring to great heights

altivolant                    flying high

altophobia                    the fear of heights or high places

altricial                     having young requiring care for a lengthy period

aludel                        pear-shaped pot used in sublimation

alula                         part of a bird's wing, corresponding to thumb

aluminiferous                 bearing aluminum

alveary                       1. beehive

alveary                       2. area of the ear where wax collects

alveary                       3. word-list

alveolate                     of or like a honeycomb; having many deep cavities

alveromancy                   fortunetelling using sounds

alviducous                    purgative

alvine                        pertaining to the belly or intestines

alychiphobia                  the fear of failure

ama                           a Japanese pearl-diver

amadelphous                   outgoing; gregarious

amain                         to a high degree; exceedingly; at full speed

amandine                      albumin in sweet almonds; cold cream composed of that substance

amanous                       lacking hands

amanuensis                    one employed to take dictation or to copy manuscript; secretary

amaranth                      imaginary flower reputed never to fade

amaranthine                   immortal; undying; eternally beautiful; unfading; everlasting ; deep purple-red colour

amarthritis                   arthritis of several joints

amaryllis                     belladonna lily; any of several similar plants; poetic name for country girl

amasesis                      inability to chew

amasthenic                    focusing light rays to a single point

amathophobia                  the fear of dust

amative                       amorous

amatol                        explosive composed of TNT and ammonium nitrate

amatorculist                  an insignificant or hypocritical lover

amaxophobia                   the fear of riding in a car

amazia                        absence of breasts dating back to one's birth

ambages                       windings; roundabout ways; delays; circuitous path or approach

ambagious                     roundabout, circuitous; periphrastic; devious

ambatch                       spongy wood, often used for rafts

ambeer                        juice from chewing tobacco

ambergris                     a waxy substance found floating in or on the shores of tropical waters, believed to originate in the intestines of the sperm whale, and used in perfumery

amberjack                     spiny-finned Atlantic sport fish

ambiguphobia                  the fear of being misunderstood

ambilevous                    left-handed on both sides, as it were; ambisinistrous

ambisinister                  clumsy (or incompetent) with both hands; with two left hands

ambisinistrous                clumsy, maladroit (the opposite of ambidextrous); ambilævous

ambit                         1. a circuit, compass, or circumference

ambit                         2. a space surrounding a house, castle, town, etc.; the precincts, verge; confines, bounds, limits of a district

ambit                         3. scope, limits

ambivert                      someone who is both extroverted and introverted

amblysia                      phrasing in such a way as to forewarn or to cushion a dire announcement, but sometimes thereby alarming in itself

ambo                          early Christian raised reading desk or pulpit

ambry                         recess for church vessels; cupboard or niche

ambsace                       1. bad luck; a low score

ambsace                       2. snake eyes dice roll; bad luck; smallest amount or most worthless thing

ambulatory                    aisle down the east end of a church

ambulomancy                   fortunetelling by taking a walk

ambulophobia                  the fear of walking

ambustion                     burn or scald

âme damnée                    lost soul; dupe; tool; devoted follower

amende                        fine or reparation paid for dishonour

ament                         a person who fails to develop mentally

amentia                       temporary insanity or a dazed trance

amerce                        to punish by a fine, the amount of which is left to the discretion of the court

ametropia                     abnormal optical refraction

ami de cour                   a fairweather or foul-hearted friend

amice                         strip of fine linen worn as cloak or wrap by priest at mass

amicicide                     murder of a friend

amicron                       one of the smallest microscopically detectable particles

amidships                     midway between the bow and stern of a ship

ammeter                       instrument for measuring electrical current

ammophilous                   sand-loving; preferring to dwell in sand

ammotherapy                   medical treatment by sand bath

amnicolist                    one who lives near a river

amniomancy                    fortunetelling by examining afterbirth

amomaxiaphobia                the fear of making love in an automobile

amorce                        percussion cap for a toy pistol

amoret                        love sonnet or song

amoretto                      a cherub or spirit of love

ampelidious                   of, like or pertaining to vines

ampelography                  the study of grapevines; scientific description of the vine

ampere                        unit for measuring amount of electrical current

ampherotokous                 having both male and female offspring

amphibiolith                  fossilized amphibian

amphibolic                    able to turn both backwards and forwards; double-jointed; ambiguous

amphibology                   ambiguity in language; dual grammatical meaning

amphibolous                   ambiguous; doubtful; capable of two meanings

amphicyrtic                   with both sides convex

amphigean                     occurring in both hemispheres of the brain or body; found or occuring throughout the world

amphigony                     sexual reproduction

amphigory                     a seemingly profound poem which is actually nonsense

amphilogism                   circumlocution; indirect ways of expressing things

amphimixis                    interbreeding; intermixing of two individuals' genetic matter

amphipneust                   animal with both lungs and gills

amphipodous                   having both walking and swimming feet

amphiprostyle                 building with columns at each end but not at sides

amphirhinal                   having two nostrils

amphisbaena                   mythical two-headed serpent or lizard able to move in both directions

amphiscian                    inhabitant of tropics, whose shadow falls in different ways according to the time of year

amphiuma                      aquatic American salamander with two pairs of small feet

amphivorous                   both carnivorous and herbivorous

amphoric                      having a hollow sound as if produced by blowing across the mouth of a bottle

amplexus                      the mating embrace of frogs and toads

ampliative                    supplemental; additional

amplivagant                   stretching far; having a great scope

ampollosity                   bombastic; pompous style

ampulla                       vessel for holy oil or wine for coronations or rituals

ampullosity                   swollen or pretentious inanity; turgidity of language, bombast

amrita                        Hindu ambrosia bestowing immortality

amurcous                      stinking; filled with dregs

amuse-bouche                  a small complimentary appetizer offered at some restaurants

amychophobia                  the fear of being scratched

amyctic                       irritating; abrasive

amygdala                      an almond-shaped mass of gray matter in the anterior portion of the brain's temporal lobe, concerned with the control of motivation and aggression

amygdaloid                    almond-shaped; of, like or pertaining to tonsils

amyloid                       containing or pertaining to starch; starchy

amyotonia                     deficiency of muscle tone

amyous                        lacking muscle

an                            if

ana                           1. a collection of memorable sayings or anecdotes of a person

ana                           2. in equal quantities

anabasis                      1. a military advance; a difficult and dangerous military retreat

anabasis                      2. journey leading upwards; first phase of an illness

anabatic                      upward moving, rising

anabiosis                     return to life after apparent death

anablepophobia                the fear of looking at high places

anacampserote                 something which can bring back a lost love

anacamptic                    reflecting or reflected light; sound or water

anacardic                     pertaining to the cashew nut

anacathartic                  a drug causing vomiting or expectoration

anachoric                     foreign or geographically absurd relating to a country

anachorism                    something out of place or unsuited to its location; a geographical incongruity

anachronic                    out of chronological order; out of date

anaclastic                    refractive; of, like or pertaining to refraction

anaclitic                     dependent on other phenomenon or ability

anacoluthon                   moving to new topic of discussion before finishing current one

anacreontic                   drinking song or light lyric; convivial or amatory in tone or theme

anacrisis                     interrogation accompanied by torture

anacrusis                     syllable prior to the normal rhythm of a verse

anacusic                      completely deaf

anadem                        wreath, fillet or band

anadiplosis                   repeating last word of clause at beginning of next clause

anadipsia                     excessive or abnormal thirst

anadipsic                     pertaining to excessive thirst

anadromous                    ascending rivers from the sea for breeding eg salmon

anaerectic                    medically destructive

anaesthesiology               study of anaesthetics

anagalactic                   coming from or existing beyond our own galaxy

anagapesis                    lack of interest in former loved ones

anaglyph                      ornament in low relief

anaglyptics                   art of carving in bas-relief

anaglyptography               art of engraving so as to give the subject an embossed appearance

anagnorisis                   recognition leading to denouement or outcome of a play

anagogig                      relating to things spiritual and mystical; occult; gnostic

anagogy                       mystical interpretation of words (esp. Scripture)

anagraphy                     art of constructing catalogues

analects                      1. crumbs that fall from the table

analects                      2. selected miscellaneous written passages

analemma                      a plot of the position of the sun in the sky at a certain time of day (as noon) at one locale measured at regular intervals throughout the year

analemma                      sundial

analgia                       inability to feel pain

anallagmatic                  in mathematics, unchanged in shape by inversion

analphabet                    an illiterate, or one who is literally ignorant of the abc's

anamnesis                     reminiscence; prayer recalling death and resurrection of Jesus

anamnestic                    reminiscent; aiding the memor

anamorphic                    changing to a more complex form

anamorphose                   to represent by anamorphosis; to distort into a monstrous projection

anamorphosis                  distorted image only recognisable if viewed through appropriate device

anandrious                    impotent

ananias                       a teller of untruths; liar

ananthous                     having no flowers

ananym                        name written backward; often used as synonym eg. Oprah and Harpo

anapeiratic                   caused by excessive use

anapest                       two short metrical syllables followed by one long one

anaphalantiasis               falling out of the eyebrows

anaphia                       loss of sense of touch

anaphora                      repetition of a word at beginning of successive phrases for emphasis, eg "a sure man,a sure alternative, a sure vote!"

anaphrodisia                  absence of sexual desire

anaphrodisiac                 a drug reducing sexual desire

anaphroditic                  asexually produced

anapnea                       recovery of one's breath; restoration of breath

anapodictic                   undemonstrable

anaptyxis                     insertion of a vowel between two consonants for ease of pronunciation

anasarkas                     a condition in which a person is so swollen that they appear to have no muscles

anastasic                     convalescent

anastrophe                    inversion of the usual syntactical order of words for rhetorical effect

anastrophe                    reversing or inverting word order as rhetorical device

anathematize                  to pronounce a curse upon, to denounce; execrate

anatidaephobia                the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you

anatine                       of, like or pertaining to ducks

anatocism                     compound interest

anatreptic                    overcoming; overturning; defeating; refuting

anaudia                       loss of voice

anautarchia                   perpetual unhappiness

anbury                        soft fleshy tumour in horses

anchorite                     one who lives in seclusion usually for religious reasons

ancilla                       a sidekick who helps another to accomplish or master something difficult or complicated

ancillary                     auxiliary; secondary

ancipital                     having two faces or edges; double-headed; twofold

ancipitous                    two-edged and flattened

ancistroid                    hook-shaped

ancon                         elbow; one of a pair of brackets supporting a cornice

anconoid                      of, like or pertaining to the elbow

ancoral                       of, shaped like or resembling an anchor

ancress                       female religious recluse

andabate                      one who is hoodwinked; in the dark or virtually blind to the realities of a situation

andiron                       iron bar used to support the end of a log in a fire

andragogy                     science of teaching adults

androcentric                  revolving around men; regarding the male sex as primary

androcephalous                having a human head

androcracy                    government by men

androgyne                     hermaphrodite; effeminate man; masculine woman androgynism

androlepsia                   governmental kidnapping for political purposes

andromania                    nymphomania

androphagous                  cannibalistic

androphagy                    cannibalism

androphilic                   preferring the male sex, of humans rather than animals

androphobia                   dread or hatred of men

androphonomania               homicidal mania

androphorous                  having male organs

androsphinx                   figure with man's head and lion's body

aneabil                       single; unmarried

anechoic                      free from echoes and reverberations; sound-absorbent

anele                         to administer extreme unction to

anemochord                    kind of pianoforte having strings vibrated by air currents

anemocracy                    government by the wind or by whim

anemograph                    instrument for measuring pressure and velocity of wind

anemography                   treatise on the winds

anemology                     study of winds

anemometer                    instrument for measuring wind velocity

anemophilous                  pollinated by wind

anemophobia                   morbid dread of high winds, hurricanes, etc

anemoscope                    any instrument indicating direction of wind

anencephalic                  lacking a brain

anent                         about; concerning

anenterous                    lacking intestines or a stomach

anergia                       failure of immune system; loss of energy

anergy                        absence of energy; loss of immunity

aneroid                       instrument measuring atmospheric pressure by recording the movements of the surface of an air-tight box

anesis                        in music, tuning to a lower musical pitch; (med) abatement of symptoms

aneuria                       lack of nervous energy

anfractuous                   full of twists and turns; winding; tortuous

angary                        the right of a belligerent to seize neutral property

angelocracy                   government by angels

angelolatry                   worship of or belief in angels

angelology                    study of angels

angelus                       prayer said in morning, at noon and at sunset

anginophobia                  the fear of choking or suffocating

angiogenesis                  production of blood vessels

angioid                       like blood or lymph vessel

angiology                     study of blood flow and lymphatic system

anglewitch                    a worm used as bait in fishing

anglomania                    craze or obsession with England and the English

anglophilia                   love or fondness for England or the English

anglophobia                   the fear of England or the English

angora                        silk-like fabric made from wool of angora goats

angostura                     Brazilian tree and its bark; tonic fluid extracted from the bark

angstrom                      unit of one ten-billionth of a meter

anguiform                     shaped like a snake

anguilliform                  shaped like an eel

anguine                       of, like or pertaining to snakes

anhedonia                     the inability to feel pleasure or be happy

anhedral                      denoting the angle at which the main planes of an aircraft are inclined downwards to the lateral axis

anhelation                    shortness of breath

anhidrosis                    absence of perspiration

anhinga                       long-necked fish-eating tropical American bird

aniconic                      portrayed symbolically rather than representationally

anicular                      like an old woman; weak; feeble-minded

anidian                       (of an embryo) shapeless

anile                         imbecilic; senile; like a very old, doddering woman

anililagnia                   sexual desire for older women

aniline                       poisonous substance obtained from indigo, nitro-benzene, etc, used in manufacture of dyes

animadversion                 hostile criticism; critical or censorious remark

animadvert                    to comment critically on; to censure; to take notice; to observe

animastic                     spiritual; animate

animism                       attribution of soul to inanimate objects

anion                         negatively charged ion

aniseed                       dried fruit of anise; cordial made from i

anisosthenic                  being of unequal strength

anker                         liquid measure of 8 1/2 gallons

anklyosis                     the stiffness of immobility of a joint

ankus                         elephant goad with hook and spike

ankylophobia                  the fear of joint immobility

ankylostoma                   lockjaw

ankyroid                      hook-shaped

anlace                        short two-edged dagger

annatto                       reddish dye used for coloring foodstuffs; tropical American tree from seeds of which it is obtained

anneal                        to heat and cool metal gradually to temper

annectent                     connecting; linking, especially of species

annihilationism               doctrine that the wicked are utterly destroyed after death

annodated                     shaped like the letter s

annomination                  pun; play on words

annosity                      fullness of years, length of life; agedness

annotine                      one-year-old, especially bird after first moult

annuent                       nodding or moving of the head

annulet                       small ring around a classical column

annulism                      ringed structure

annulose                      ringed; composed of rings

anoa                          small wild ox of Indonesia

anobiid                       one of the family of beetles which includes the deathwatch and the furniture beetle

anocathartic                  emetic; causing vomiting or expectoration

anode                         positive terminal; electrode by which current enters, or to which electrons flow

anodon                        hingeless and toothless bivalve; freshwater mussel

anodontia                     toothlessness

anodyne                       serving to assuage pain; a drug that allays pain; something that soothes

anoegenetic                   not producing new work or original knowledge

anoesia                       imbecility

anoesis                       sensation not accompanied by understanding of it

anoestrus                     period between two periods of sexual activity in animals

anoetic                       unthinkable

anogenic                      formed from below or beneath; plutonic

anole                         arboreal American lizard with ability to change colour

anolyte                       portion of electrolyte about anode

anomalistic                   interval between two perigees of moon; interval between two perihelion passages of Earth

anomaloscope                  device for testing for color blindness

anomia                        a difficulty in finding the right words or the inability to remember names

anomic                        in a state lacking social order and norms

anomie                        1. a state of being characterized by disorientation, anxiety and isolation

anomie                        2. condition of lacking accepted social values or standards

anomphalous                   without a navel

anon                          at once; immediately

anonym                        person whose name is not given; pseudonym

anonymuncle                   a petty anonymous writer

anonymuncule                  an insignificant anonymous writer

anopheles                     kind of mosquito which carries malaria

anopheline                    of, like or pertaining to malarial mosquitoes

anophelosis                   a morbid state brought about by extreme frustration

anopisthographic              bearing writing or inscription only on one side (usually paper)

anopisthography               the practice of writing on one side of the paper

anopsia                       upward squint; also anoopsia

anorchous                     lacking testicles; gutless

anorthography                 inability to write correctly due to imperfect muscular co-ordination

anosmia                       lack or loss of sense of smell; also anosphresia

anosognosia                   the lack of interest or belief in the existence of one's disease

anotic                        lacking ears

anourous                      lacking a tail, especially applied to frog

ansate                        having a handle or hand-like shape

anschauung                    intuition; sense awareness of perception

anserine                      characteristic of a goose; silly, foolish, stupid

anta                          pier produced by thickening wall at one end

Antaean                       of very great size; mammoth; possessed of superhuman strength with suggestions of earthiness

antalgic                      alleviating or relieving pain

antanaclasis                  repetition of key word of phrase as a play on words

antapex                       in astronomy, a point 180° from that to which the sun is moving

antapology                    response to an apology

antarchy                      opposition to government; anarchy

antarthritic                  drug used against gout

ante mortem                   before death

anteambulo                    usher

antecedaneous                 before in time

antechapel                    anteroom to a chapel or church

antechinus                    carnivorous mouselike Australian marsupial

antediluvian                  before the Flood

antefix                       ornament at end of classical building, hiding ends of roof tiles

antejentacular                before breakfast

anteloquy                     a preface

antelucan                     before dawn or daylight

antemetic                     drug preventive of vomiting

antemosaic                    being before the time of Moses

antemundane                   before one's own birth; before the creation of the world

antenatal                     before birth

antenniferous                 bearing antennae

antenuptial                   before marriage

antepaschal                   before Easter or the Passover

antepast                      foretaste, especially a first course

antependium                   covering or cloth over pulpit or altar

antepenultimate               third from last

antephialtic                  preventing nightmares

antepone                      to put before; to prefer

anteprandial                  before dinner

antevenient                   preceding

antevert                      to displace a body organ forwards

antevocalic                   immediately preceding a vowel

anthelion                     luminous ring seen on a cloud opposite the sun

anthelminthic                 destroying or expelling worms

anthelmintic                  remedy used against intestinal worms

anthemion                     flat cluster of leaves or flowers as ornament in classical art

anther                        in botany, male, pollen-bearing organ of flower

anthesis                      full bloom; process or period of flowering

anthimeria                    the using of one part of speech for another for a strking effect

anthomancy                    fortunetelling using flowers

anthomania                    obsession with flowers

anthophagous                  feeding on flowers

anthophilous                  loving or frequenting flowers

anthophobia                   the fear of flowers

anthophorous                  flower-bearing

anthorism                     counter-definition

anthracoid                    resembling anthrax; resembling carbon, coal or charcoal

anthracomancy                 fortunetelling using burning coals

anthrophobia                  the fear of humans

anthropobiology               study of human biology

anthropogenesis               origin of human beings; also anthropogeny

anthropogenic                 pertaining to the effect of human beings on the natural world

anthropogeography             study of geographical distribution of human beings

anthropoglot                  animal with human tongue; animal capable of speech; parrot

anthropolatry                 worship of human beings

anthropolite                  petrified human remains

anthropolith                  fossilized human skeleton

anthropomancy                 fortunetelling using human entrails

anthropometry                 the study of human body measurement for use in anthropological classification and comparison

anthropopathy                 ascription of human feelings to god or inanimate object

anthropophaginia              a cannibal

anthropophagous               man-eating; feeding on human flesh

anthropophagy                 cannibalism

anthropophobia                fear of meeting people; fear of society

anthropophuism                the ascription of human nature to God or to the gods

anthropopsychism              ascribing human-like soul to nature

anthroposcopy                 the art of determining personality or character from physical features

anthroposociology             study of effect of environment on race, and vice versa

anthroposophy                 knowledge of the nature of humanity; human wisdom

anthropotheism                belief that Gods are only deified men

anthropotomy                  human anatomy

antibasilican                 opposed to monarchic principle

antiblastic                   providing natural immunity against harmful substances

antibrachial                  pertaining to forearm

antibromic                    causing the elimination of odors; deodorizing

anticholinergic               blocking nerve impulses, in order to control intestinal spasms

antichresis                   possession and enjoyment of mortgaged property by mortgagee in lieu of interest payments

antichthon                    hypothetical second earth on the opposite side of the sun

anticlastic                   having transverse and opposite curvatures of surface

anticline                     upward geological fold

anticryptic                   in zoology, having protective resemblance to environment

antidisestablishmentarianism  doctrine opposed to removing church of England's official religion status

antifebrile                   a preventive or curative of fever

antigalactic                  preventing the secretion of milk

antigodlin                    lopsided, out of line; askew; at an angle; crosswise, diagonal(ly)

antigropelos                  waterproof leggings

antilapsarian                 person denying the doctrine of the fall of Man

antilapsarianism              denial of doctrine of the fall of humanity

antilegomena                  books of the new testament not part of early Christian bible

antilogarithm                 number of which logarithm is a power of 10 or other base

antilogism                    statement of three propositions containing contradiction

antilogous                    contrary; inconsistent

antilogy                      self-contradictory statement

antimacassar                  a cover to protect the back or arms of furniture

antimetabole                  repetition of words or ideas in different order

antimnemonic                  damaging the memory; eliminating memories

antimony                      brittle, bluish-white metallic element

antinomian                    one believing that belief in Christ frees someone from normal legal and moral obligations

antinomianism                 doctrine of the rejection of moral law

antinomy                      an inconsistency, or built-in contradiction; opposition of one law to another

antiodontalgic                drug used against toothache

antiorgastic                  sedative

antipedobaptism               denial of validity of infant baptism

antipedobaptist               a person denying validity of infant baptism

antiperistasis                opposition; resistance; denying an inference while admitting the fact on which it is based

antiphlogistic                a drug used against inflammation

antiphon                      a response said or sung as part of the liturgy; a psalm etc sung alternately by two choirs

antiphrasis                   rhetoric use of a word in the opposite sense to its usual one, for humorous or ironic purposes

antipodal                     situated at the opposite side of the earth or moon; diametrically opposed

antipruritic                  a drug alleviating itching

antipsychiatry                a treatment of mental illness not relying on drugs, etc

antipudic                     concealing private parts of the body

antiscian                     pertaining to those who live on the same meridian, but on the opposite side of the equator, so that their shadows at noon fall in opposite directions

antispast                     metrical foot comprising an iambus followed by a trochee

antistasis                    the defense of an action that prevented something worse from happening

antistrophe                   stanza answering strophe in Greek chorus, recited during movement from left to right

antithalian                   disapproving of festivity and laughter

antithesis                    contrast of ideas by means of parallel arrangement of words or clauses

antithrombin                  substance in blood preventing coagulation of blood

antitoxic                     neutralizing poison antitoxin, antibody, especially obtained from infected animal

antitropic                    in zoology, symmetrically reversed, as right and left hands

antitypy                      resistance to penetration or alteration

antlophobia                   the fear of floods or flooding

antoecial                     applied to places in opposite hemispheres but in same latitude and longitude

antonomasia                   use of descriptive phrase or epithet instead of proper name eg. using Kleenex to refer to all tissues

antre                         cave

antrorse                      in biology, turning upward and forward

anuptaphobia                  the fear of staying single

anuresis                      inability to urinate

anuria                        inability to produce urine

anurous                       lacking a tail, especially applied to frog

anxiolytic                    serving to reduce tension or stress

anzactile                     army biscuit

aolist                        a person who claims to be inspired, expressing simple past time with no continuance

apaesthesia                   numbness or loss of sensation in a limb

apaetesis                     the angry putting aside of a matter to be taken up later

apagoge                       proof by showing the falsehood of the opposite

apagogic                      pertaining to a proof by reductio ad absurdum; an indirect demonstration of a proof

apanage                       privilege of office; especially one given to younger offspring

apanthropia                   the fear of people

apanthropy                    dislike of being with people; love of solitude

apantomancy                   fortunetelling using objects at hand

apatetic                      having protective imitative coloration or shape

apay                          to satisfy

apeirophobia                  the fear of infinity

apercu                        a quick, penetrating insight; immediate impression,intuition, or estimate

aperient                      gently moving the bowels; laxative

aphaeresis                    cutting off beginning of a word

aphagia                       1. inability to eat or swallow

aphasia                       2. inability to use or comprehend words

apheliotropic                 growing away from the sun

aphemia                       loss of ability to produce articulate speech

aphephobe                     a person who doesn't like being touched

aphephobia                    the fear of touching or being touched

apheresis                     taking away a sound or syllable at the beginning of a word

aphesis                       loss of initial unaccented vowel from beginning of a word

aphicide                      killer of aphids

aphidicide                    killer of aphids

aphilophrenia                 the feeling that one is unloved or unwanted

aphis                         plant-louse; member of genus Aphis which includes greenfly

aphnology                     science of wealth

aphologistic                  flameless

aphonia                       loss of voice aphonic; voiceless

aphotic                       without light

aphrasia                      inability to speak, or to make intelligible phrases

aphrodisiomania               abnormal sexual interest

aphthong                      silent letter

aphylly                       absence of leaves

apiaceous                     parsley-like; belonging to plant family including carrot, parsley, etc

apian                         of, like or pertaining to bees

apiarian                      of, like or pertaining to bees or beekeeping

apical                        of or at the apex

apical                        at the summit or tip; Phonetics, pertaining to a consonant formed with help of tip of tongue

apiculate                     of leaves, having short point at tip

apiculture                    bee-keeping

apiculturist                  bee-keeper

apikoros                      a Jewish person who does not follow Jewish law

apiology                      the study of bees

apiophobia                    the fear of bees

apistia                       faithlessness in marriage

apivorous                     eating bees

aplanat                       free from spherical aberration aplanatism, n

aplanatic                     a lens free of spherical aberration

aplasia                       in medicine, incomplete development

aplotomy                      simple surgical cut

apocalypticism                doctrine of the imminent end of the world

apocarteresis                 1. suicide by starvation

apocatastasis                 2. final restitution of all things at the appearance of the Messiah

apocentre                     point in orbit opposite centre of attraction

apocope                       cutting off the last sound of a word

apocrisiary                   papal secretary; a person appointed to give answers

apocrisis                     replying on one's own arguments

apocynthion                   point in an orbit of the moon which is farthest from the moon's centre

apodal                        lacking feet

apodeictic                    evident; demonstrable; incontrovertible

apodiabolosis                 diabolical treatment

apodictic                     absolutely certain or necessarily true; uncontestable

apodixis                      indisputable evidence or proof

apodosis                      main clause in a conditional sentence

apodyopsis                    the act of mentally undressing someone

apodysophilia                 feverish desire to undress; exhibitionism

apodysophiliac                an exhibitionist

apogaic                       pertaining to the apogee

apogamy                       interbreeding in a separated group which has no characteristic differentiating it from parents

apogenous                     loss of reproductive function

apogeotropic                  in botany, bending up or away from the ground apogeotropism, n

apograph                      exact copy; facsimile

apolaustic                    devoted to seeking enjoyment; self-indulgent

apolaustic                    given to enjoyment; self indulgent

apologetics                   defense and proof of Christianity or other doctrine

apologue                      parable, moral tale

apolune                       point in the orbit of body revolving round the moon that is farthest from the centre of the moon

apomecometer                  instrument measuring height and distance

apomixis                      non-sexual reproduction

apomnemonysis                 quoting an approved authority

aponeer                       a shopkeeper or tradesman

aponia                        painlessness

apopemptic                    pertaining to dismissal; valedictory  

apophasis                     a figure of speech which alludes to something specific by denying that it will be mentioned

apophasis                     rhetorical device of emphasizing a fact, by pretending to ignore or deny it

apophoret                     a gift given to celebrate a new year

apophthegm                    brief saying; proverb; epigram

apophyge                      in architecture, curve between shaft and base, or between shaft and capital, in a column

apophysis                     offshoot; projecting part, especially of bone

aporia                        professing to be at a loss as to what to say, where to begin, or how to express something

aposematic                    being conspicuous and serving to warn (applied to coloration of animals)

aposiopesis                   1. leaving a thought incomplete

aposiopesis                   2. suddenly stopping in the middle of a speech for emphasis

apositia                      dislike of or distaste for food

apostasy                      defection

apostasy                      renunciation of former beliefs; desertion from religion or similar body

apostate                      committing apostasy; change in one's religious allegiance; forsake one's principles

apostil                       comment; note in margin

apostrophe                    addressing of a personified thing rhetorically

apotelesm                     fulfillment; result; in astrology, the casting of a horoscope

apothegm                      a concise formulation of a truth; an aphorism, a short, instructive saying or formula

apothem                       perpendicular from centre of regular polygon to any of its sides

apotheosis                    elevation to divine status; a perfect example

apothesis                     the setting of a broken limb

apotropaic                    averting or combating evil

apotypic                      differing from type

appanage                      perquisite; provision, such as land or office, for younger son(s) of king or high official

apparitor                     herald; harbinger; officer executing order of ecclesiastical court

appendant                     attached to; hanging from; adjunct

apperception                  perception of inner meaning, and of relation of new facts to facts already known

appersonation                 irrational belief that one is another person eg. Elvis Presley

appetence                     strong desire; craving; powerful instinct

appetible                     desirable appetition; yearning

applanate                     flat; flattened; compressed

apport                        to transport objects without material agency

appose                        to place in juxtaposition or proximity

appose                        to place things side by side or next to each other

apposite                      appropriate, fitting, apt, suitable

apposition                    juxtaposition; putting two nouns or phrases together as attributive or adjunct terms

approbation                   approval; consent

apprompt                      to borrow

appropinquate                 to come near to; to approach

appropinquity                 nearness

appui                         to support militarily

appulse                       act of striking against; the close approach of two celestial objects

appurtenance                  a subordinate or adjunct part of

apraxia                       impaired ability to execute complex muscular movements

apricate                      to bask in the sun; to expose to sunlight

aprication                    basking in the sun

apricity                      warmth in the sun

aprique                       sunny

aprosexia                     an abnormal inability to focus one's attention

apse                          rounded extension at end of building, especially at east end of church

apselophesia                  loss of sense of touch

apsidal                       shaped like an apse

apsidal                       having shape of apse; pertaining to apsides

apsis                         point at which heavenly body is most or least distant from centre of attraction higher apsis, most distant point lower apsis, least distant point

apteral                       having columns at front or back only; lacking aisles

apterous                      lacking wings

apterygial                    wingless; finless

aptotic                       uninflected; indeclinable

aptronym                      a name befitting the occupation, role or nature of a person or character, eg Doctor Sawbones

aptyalism                     absence of or deficiency in secretion of saliva

apyretic                      without fever apyrexy, absence or abatement of fever

apyrexy                       period of intermission in a fever

apyrous                       non-inflammable

aqua regia                    'royal water'; mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids which dissolves some metals

aquamanile                    ewer in the form of a human or animal figure for ceremonial handwashing

aquaphobia                    the fear of water

aquarelle                     method of painting in transparent water-color

aquarist                      person who studies aquatic life; owner of an aquarium

aquatint                      print made by a method of etching having effect of water-color drawing

aquifer                       a rock formation containing water

aquiform                      watery; liquid

aquiline                      of, like or pertaining to eagles; hooked like an eagle's beak

araba                         wheeled middle eastern carriage

arachibutyrophobia            the fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth

arachnivorous                 feeding on spiders

arachnology                   study of spiders

arachnophagous                eating spiders

arachnophobia                 the fear of spiders

araneid                       a spider; a pertaining to spiders

araneidan                     of, like or pertaining to spiders

araneiform                    shaped like a spider

araneous                      transparent; delicate; like a spider's web

araphorostic                  seamless

aration                       ploughing

arbalest                      cross-bow with mechanism for drawing string

arboraceous                   pertaining to or like a tree; wooded

arboreous                     having many trees

arborescent                   approaching the size of a tree; branching like a tree; tree-shaped

arborical                     pertaining to trees

arboricole                    living in trees

arboricolous                  growing on or living in trees

arboriform                    shaped like a tree

arborize                      take on or give tree-like shape

arborous                      pertaining to trees; composed of trees

arbrolatry                    worship of start

arbuscle                      dwarf or shrub-like tree

arbuscule                     tuft of hairs

arbustum                      orchard; copse of trees

arbustum                      copse; orchard

arbutus                       strawberry tree

arcadian                      idyllically pastoral; idyllically innocent, simple, or untroubled

arcanna                       red chalk used to mark trees

arcate                        shaped like a bow

arc-boutant                   flying buttress

archaeolatry                  worship of archaic things or old customs

archaeozoic                   living in the earliest geological era

archecentric                  pertaining to archetype

archelogy                     the study of first principles

archeolatry                   worship of archaic customs, expressions, etc

archet                        violin box

archididascalian              of, like or pertaining to headmasters

archididascalos               headteacher of school, school principal

archiepiscopal                pertaining to an archbishop

archil                        dye obtained from certain lichens; lichens yielding this

archimage                     a great magician, wizard, or enchanter

archimandrite                 superior of large monastery of Greek Church; abbot

archimime                     chief buffoon or mimic

architectonic                 pertaining to architecture, or to the systematization of knowledge; resembling architecture; structural

architrave                    a beam resting directly on columns; epistyle; moulding at head and sides of window or doorway

archivolt                     curved moulding on face of arch

archizoic                     pertaining to the earliest living things

archology                     science of the origins of government

archon                        a chief magistrate of ancient Athens

arcifinious                   having a frontier which forms a natural defence

arciform                      shaped like a bow or arch

arcology                      the fusion of architecture with ecology

arctician                     one skilled in navigating Arctic regions

arctogeal                     pertaining to the region including Europe, Africa, Asia and North America

arctoid                       bear-like

arctophile                    person who loves or collects teddy bears

arctophilist                  a collector of teddy bears

arctophily                    study of teddy bears; the collecting of teddy bears

arcuate                       arched; bow-shaped

arcus senilis                 whitish ring round iris in eyes of old people

ard                           plough used to scratch top surface of soil

ardass                        fine silk

areca                         several palm trees, especially the betel areca nut, betel-nut

arefy                         to dry up; to wither

arenaceous                    like, growing in or consisting of sand

arenicolous                   living in sand

arenilitic                    pertaining to sandstone

arenoid                       sandy; like sand

arenose                       sandy; containing much sand

areography                    description of surface of planet Mars; descriptive biogeography

areology                      study of the planet Mars

areometer                     instrument used for measuring specific gravity

areopagitic                   of, like or pertaining to tribunals or courts

areopagus                     highest legal tribunal in ancient Athens

aret                          to assign or allot

aretaics                      the science of virtue

aretalogy                     relation of wonderful deeds of a god or hero

arête                         a sharp-crested ridge in rugged mountains

argali                        large-horned Asian wild sheep

argand                        gas or oil lamp

argent                        silver; silver-like

argentiferous                 bearing silver

argentocracy                  government by money

arghness                      cowardice, pusillanimity, timidity

argil                         clay, especially used in pottery

argillaceous                  clayey; of or resembling clay

argle-bargle                  disputatious argument, bandying of words, wrangling

argol                         1. crust formed on wine kept too long or improperly

argol                         2. dried cow dung used as fuel

argosy                        a large merchant ship; a rich supply

arguria                       silver poisoning

Argus                         monster with a hundred eyes; careful watcher

argutation                    cavilling, cavil, quibble; subtle disputation

argute                        quick; sharp; shrill; astute; subtle

argyll                        silver gravy dish

argyrocephalous               with silvery or shining head

arietate                      to strike with a battering ram or to butt like a ram

arietine                      of, like or pertaining to rams

arietinous                    shaped like a ram's head

arietta                       short aria

aright                        right; correctly

ariolation                    fortunetelling in general

ariose                        characterized by or like melody

aristarch                     a severe critic

aristarchian                  extremely critical

aristarchy                    government by the best

aristology                    the science or art of dining

aristophren                   a person possesing a superior intellect

aristophrenia                 condition of having a superior intellect

arithmancy                    fortunetelling using numbers

arithmocracy                  government by simple majority

arithmogram                   number composed of numerical values of letters in a word

arithmomania                  obsessive preoccupation with numbers

arithmophobia                 the fear of numbers

armamentarium                 collective equipment available to a doctor

armiferous                    carrying weapons or arms

armiger                       armour-bearer; knight's squire; person bearing heraldic arms

armigerous                    entitled to bear arms

armillary                     like or composed of rings; pertaining to bracelets or hoops

armipotent                    having strong weapons; militarily potent

armisonant                    resounding with noises of battle or the clash of arms

armomancy                     fortunetelling by examining one's shoulders

armsaye                       the armhole in clothing

armure                        twilled woollen or silk fabric

arnica                        genus of plants including the mountain tobacco; tincture obtained from mountain tobacco used for bruises, etc

aroint                        to drive away by or as if by an exclamation or curse; begone!

arpent                        unit of land area slightly smaller than an acre

arpenteur                     land surveyor

arquebus                      ancient hand gun supported on a tripod

arra                          a wall hanging or tapestry; a curtain or wall hanging, esp. one of Flemish origin

arrant                        1. downright; unmitigated

arrant                        2. thoroughgoing, confirmed; notoriously or outstandingly bad

arras                         tapestry covering a wall

arrasene                      embroidery fabric of wool and silk

arrect                        attentive; erect; raised up; attentive

arrendator                    one who rents or farms at a yearly rent

arreptitious                  ecstatic; frantic; hasty; hurried; liable to raptures; mad

arrestant                     substance causing an insect to stop moving

arrha                         pledge; earnest money

arrhenophobia                 the fear of male offspring

arrhenotokous                 having only male offspring

arrhenotoky                   to only give birth to boys

arrhizal                      lacking roots

arrière-ban                   summoning by king of his feudatories and their vassals to military service; vassals so called

arrière-pensée                hidden meaning; ulterior motive; mental reservation

arris                         sharp edge formed by two angled surfaces, especially edge of fluting on column

arriviste                     one who is bent on arriving; a pushy or ambitious person

arrogate                      to claim unduly as one's own or claim beyond one's rights

arrondissement                largest subdivision of a French department

arrosive                      gnawing; chewing; corroding

arsinotherium                 rhinoceros-like fossil mammal

arsle                         to move backwards or to retreat rapidly

arsy-versy                    heels-over-head, topsy-turvey

arthralgia                    pain in a joint

arthrology                    study of joints

arthroscope                   instrument for examining interior of a joint

articular                     pertaining to joints

artuate                       to tear limb from limb

arum                          large-spathed plant, called 'cuckoo-pint' or 'lords and ladies' arum lily, calla lily

arundiferous                  bearing or producing reeds

arundinaceous                 like or having the properties of a reed

arval                         of, like or pertaining to ploughed land

arvicoline                    living in the fields or countryside

arviculture                   cultivation of fields

ascesis                       the practice of disciplining oneself; asceticism

asceticism                    doctrine that self-denial of the body permits spiritual enlightenment

ascham                        box for keeping bows and arrows dry

ascian                        one without a shadow: applied to the inhabitants of the torrid zone, where the sun is vertical at noon for a few days every year

ascidian                      the sea-squirt

aseismic                      free from earthquakes; designed to withstand earthquakes

aseity                        self-origination

ashlar                        squared stone used in building walls

ashplant                      walking stick

asinine                       of, like or pertaining to asses; stupid

asitia                        lack of appetite

askefise                      one who blows on ashes to bring them to flame

askesis                       asceticism

asomatous                     lacking a body; incorporeal; immaterial

asonia                        deafness to specific pitches of sound

asparaginous                  pertaining to, like or eaten like asparagus

aspectabund                   having an expressive face

asperate                      rather rough; to make rough

asperge                       sprinkle; Roman Catholic ceremony of sprinkling holy water

aspergil                      Roman Catholic, brush-like implement used to sprinkle holy water

aspergilliform                shaped like a brush

aspergillum                   vessel for sprinkling holy water

asperity                      roughness of surface or sound, acrimony

asperse                       slander; disparage

aspersorium                   Roman Catholic vessel holding holy water

aspersory                     vessel for holding holy water

asperulous                    in botany, rather rough

asphalia                      emphatic guaranteeing of what one is saying, as by assuring others, wagering about the truth of something

aspheterism                   doctrine that there should be no private property

asphodel                      kind of liliaceous plant; daffodil

aspidate                      shield-shaped

aspidomancy                   fortunetelling by sitting and chanting within a circle

asportation                   removal, especially crime of removing property

assanka                       the number ten to the sixty-third power

assart                        to reclaim for agriculture by clearing away trees

assecuration                  marine insurance

assentaneous                  acquiescent

assentation                   insincere or glib assent

asseverate                    to state positively, emphatically

asseveration                  positive or earnest affirmation

assibilate                    pronounce with sibilant sound or hiss

assiduity                     unremitting care; unflagging or obsequious attention

assizer                       officer or judge in charge of weights and measures

assocative                    indicating association with or accompaniment by

assoil                        pardon; absolve; acquit; release

assot                         to befool; to besot

assuefaction                  hbituation

assuetude                     accustomedness; habit

assumpsit                     suit for breach of contract

assurgent                     ascending; in botany, upward-curving

astacology                    the science of crayfish

astasia                       inability, due to imperfect muscular co-ordination, to keep erect

astatic                       unstable; in neutral equilibrium

astatine                      radioactive element of the halogen group

asteism                       an ingeniously polite insult; handsome way of deriding another

astereognosis                 the loss of the ability to recognize shapes by touch

asteria                       gem cut so as to show star-like reflection

asterial                      starlike; a fossil starfish

asteriated                    having star-like rays

asterism                      constellation of stars; three asterisks used to direct attention to a passage; appearance of star-like reflection by certain crystals

astern                        at the stern of a ship

asthenia                      debility; weak; of slender build; weakening

asthenic                      being lean and frail

astheniology                  study of diseases of weakening and aging

asthenophobe                  the circumspect stoic, the stiff-upper-lip afraid to admit to weakness of any sort

asthenophobia                 the fear of weakness

asthenopia                    muscular weakening of the eyes

asthenosphere                 hypothetical layer of fluid matter below rigid surface of earth's crust

astichous                     not in rows

astomatal                     having no stomata

astragal                      ankle-bone; rounded beading or moulding on column

astragalomancy                fortunetelling using dice or knucklebones

astrakhan                     closely-curled black or grey fur from fleece of karakul lambs: cloth resembling this

astraphobia                   morbid fear of thunder and lightning or the fear of being struck by lightning

astrapophobia                 the fear of thunder and lightning

astrict                       astringe astriction

astriction                    binding obligation

astringe                      to draw together; to tighten; bind; brace; restrict; constipate

astrionics                    electronics as applied to space flight

astrobleme                    scar on the earth's surface from meteorite impact; eroded meteorite crater

astrobolism                   sun-stroke

astrogate                     guide (spaceship, etc); to navigate in space

astrogeology                  study of extraterrestrial geology

astrognosy                    the knowledge of fixed stars

astrogony                     the theory of the origin of the stars

astroid                       star-shaped

astrolatry                    the worship of stars

astrolithology                the study of meteorites

astrologaster                 a foolish or petty astrologer

astromancy                    fortunetelling using stars

astrometeorology              study of effect of stars on climate

astronomical unit             unit of distance equal to the distance from the earth to the sun

astrophile                    person fond of learning about stars or interested in astronomy

astrophobia                   the fear of stars

astroseismology               study of star oscillations

astrut                        protrudingly; distendedly

astucious                     having keen perception; of astute and penetrating discernment

astunomologist                policeman

astylar                       in architecture, lacking columns

asymptote                     line approaching a curve but meeting it only at infinity

asynartetic                   having two members with different rhythms

asyndetic                     not connected by conjunctions eg.I came, I saw, I conquered

asyndeton                     a figure which omits the conjunctions that ordinarily join coordinate words or clauses e.g., I came, I saw, I conquered

asynergy                      in medicine, lack of co-ordination, especially of muscles

asyngamy                      in botany, failure to effect cross-fertilization due to asynchronous development of flowers

atactic                       asyntactic; irregular; pertaining to ataxy

ataraxia                      tranquility; freedom from anxiety; stoicism

ataraxic                      freedom from anxiety or emotional disturbance; calm and imperturbable

ataraxy                       tranquillity of mind; imperturbability, (drug) able to calm or tranquillize

atavism                       throwback; recurrence due to genetic recombination; reversion to early or ancestral type

ataxaphasia                   inability, due to imperfect muscular co-ordination, to speak sentences

ataxiophobia                  the fear of disorder

ataxy                         inability to co-ordinate muscles; lack of order

ateknia                       childlessness

atelectasis                   incomplete dilatation or collapse of lungs

atelier                       artist's studio or workshop

ateliosis                     imperfect development; developmental irregularity; dwarfism

atelophobe                    the driven perfectionist, one with a morbid fear of having things less than perfect

atelophobia                   the fear of defects or imperfections

atephobia                     the fear of rivers

athanasia                     immortality, deathlessness

athanasy                      deathlessness

athanor                       an alchemist's furnace designed to maintain uniform heat

atheling                      Anglo-Saxon noble; prince, especially heir apparent

athenaeum                     literary or scientific association

athermanous                   impervious to radiant heat

athermic                      lacking heat

athetesis                     rejection of a passage as spurious

athetise                      to spurn or reject

athetosis                     the nervous twitching of the fingers and toes

athrepsia                     complete debility in children

athwart                       across; in opposition to; sideways; transversely

athymia                       melancholy

athymy                        melancholy

atimy                         loss of honour; disgrace

atlantes                      in architecture, male figures used as columns

atlas                         rich satin fabric

atmatertera                   great-grandfather's grandmother's sister

atmogenic                     of atmospheric origin

atmology                      the study of the laws of watery vapour

atmolysis                     method of separating gases of different densities

atmometer                     instrument measuring rate of evaporation into atmosphere

atocia                        female sterility

atokous                       lacking offspring

atomism                       belief that the universe consists of small indivisible particles

atomy                         1. very small creature; skeleton

atony                         2. muscular weakness

atpatruus                     great-grandfather's grandfather's brother

atrabilarian                  a gloomy hypochondriac

atrabiliary                   melancholy; hypochondriac

atrabilious                   melancholy; splenetic; acrimonious; hypochondriac

atrament                      very dark liquid; ink; black dye

atresia                       absence or irregular closure of a passage in the body

atrichia                      baldness

atrous                        jet black

attainder                     loss of civil rights, formerly result of outlawry, high treason or death sentence

attaint                       disgrace; sully; infect; taint

attemper                      to adapt or alter quality by adding to something

attemporator                  apparatus for moderating temperature

attenuate                     make thin; reduce in value

atticism                      expression characterized by conciseness and elegance

attingent                     touching, in contact

attollent                     lifting up; raising

attorn                        to transfer to another

attrahent                     attracting; drawing towards or forward

attrist                       to sadden

attrite                       repentant through fear of punishment

attuition                     operation between sensation and perception

atychiphobia                  the fear of failure

au fait                       'to the fact'; having complete and up-to-date knowledge; conversant

aubade                        a song or poem greeting the dawn or about lovers parting at dawn

aubergine                     eggplant

aubin                         horse's gait between an amble and a gallop

auceps                        hawker or bird-tender

auctorial                     pertaining to an author

aucupate                      to hunt birds; to pursue prey with vigilance; bird-watching

audile                        person more attuned to sound than the other senses

audiogenic                    caused by sound waves, especially of high frequency

audiology                     study of hearing

audiometer                    instrument for measuring acuity of hearing

audiophile                    one who loves accurately reproduced recorded sound

augean                        extremely formidable or difficult and occasionally distasteful; filthy

augend                        number to which another number is added

aught                         at all

augury                        fortunetelling using bird's flight

aularian                      of, like or pertaining to a hall in a university

aulete                        flautist

aulic                         courtly; ceremonious; genteel

aulophobia                    the fear of flutes

auncel                        crude balance for weighing

aurantiaceous                 of, like or pertaining or pertaining to oranges or orange trees

aurated                       gilded

aureate                       1. pertaining to the fancy or flowery words used by poets

aureate                       2. golden-colored; ornate

aureity                       property of being golden in colour or substance

aureole                       radiant light around head or body of holy personage; ring around a woman’s nipple

aureomycin                    an antibiotic drug extracted from a soil mould, used in treatment of infections, especially of eyes, skin, etc

aureous                       golden-colored; ornate

auric                         pertaining to, like or composed of gold

auricle                       external ear; ear-shaped appendage; upper cavity of heart

auricomous                    having golden hair; making hair golden

auricular                     of, like or pertaining to the ear; spoken secretly

auricular                     1. pertaining to hearing, or to the ear; spoken secretly

auricular                     2. the little finger

auriculate                    having ears or ear-shaped outgrowths; lobed; ear-like

auriferous                    bearing or containing gold

aurifex                       goldsmith

aurification                  working on or with gold; turning into gold

auriform                      shaped like an ear

aurify                        change into gold; producing gold; working with gold

aurigation                    charioteering

aurilave                      instrument for cleaning the ear

auriphrygia                   gold embroidery

auriscope                     instrument for examining the ear

aurist                        specialist on the ear and its diseases

aurivorous                    gold-devouring, feeding on gold

aurochs                       extinct wild ox

aurophobia                    the fear of gold

aurous                        containing, or made of gold

aurulent                      gold-coloured

auscultate                    in medicine, listen to sounds in human body; examine in this manner

auscultation                  listening to sounds arising within organs

auslaut                       final sound of a word or syllable

auspicate                     1. to indicate in advance as though by an omen; portend, auger

auspicate                     2. to begin or inaugurate with a ceremony intended to bring good luck

austringer                    keeper of goshawks

austromancy                   fortunetelling using wind

autarchia                     perpetual happiness

autarchic                     marked by autocratic rule

autarchy                      absolute sovereignty

autarchy                      government by an absolute ruler

autarkic                      self-sufficient; independent

autarky                       self-sufficiency, independence; specif; national economic independence

autecology                    study of ecology of one species

autoangelist                  one who does his own communicating

autocephality                 ecclesiastical self-government

autochthon                    one sprung from the ground he inhabits, aborigine , native

autochthonous                 native, aboriginal, indigenous

autoclesis                    introducing an idea or subject by seeming to refuse discussion of it, thereby arousing interest

autocoprophagy                eating one's own feces

autocracy                     government by one individual

auto-da-fe                    burning of a heretic

autodeist                     one who believes they are a god

autodidact                    a self-taught person

autodysomophobia              the fear of one's own body odour

autogamy                      self-fertilization

autogenesis                   spontaneous generation

autogenous                    self-generated

autognosis                    knowledge of self, especially the appreciation of one's own emotional conflicts

autohagiographer              one who speaks or writes in a smug fashion about their own life and accomplishments

autointoxication              poisoning due to toxins produced in body

autokinesis                   voluntary movement; a visual illusion where a light can appear to move when stared at in the dark

autolatry                     the worship of one's self

autolatry                     self-worship

autological                   self-descriptive, or being a word that exemplifies what it means, eg "english" is english, "polysyllabic" is polysyllabic

autology                      scientific study of oneself

automagically                 computer jargon automatically, esp. in a way that seems ingenious or inexplicable; as if by magic

automorphic                   formed after its or one's own pattern

automorphism                  ascription to others of one's own characteristics

automysophobia                the fear of being dirty

autonym                       a writer's real name; work published under writer's own name

autophagy                     feeding on body's own tissues

autophanous                   self-luminous

autophobe                     the socializer who does not like to be alone

autophobia                    the fear of solitude

autophoby                     the fear of referring to yourself. The fear of using the pronouns "I" or "Me"

autophony                     apparent distortion of one's own voice due to infection or stoppage of ears

autopisty                     self-authentication

autoplasty                    grafting tissue from patient's own body

autopoiesis                   the process whereby an organization produces itself; literally, self-production

autopoietic                   running by itself

autoschediasm                 anything extemporized; improvisation

autoschediastic               impromptu, offhand, slight, hasty, not fully considered; on the spur of the moment

autosoterism                  belief that one can obtain salvation through oneself

autostrada                    Italian motorway

autotelic                     having a purpose in and not apart from itself; intrinsically rewarding

autothaumaturgist             a coy or cagey person whose mission is to appear mysterious or quite remarkable

autotheism                    belief in self-subsistence of God the Son; deification of oneself

autotheist                    the individual who is not only self-centered but self-deifying, or at least self-worshipping

autotomy                      reflex loss of part of the body to save the whole (in lizards, etc)

autotonsorialist              one who cuts their own hair

autotropic                    growing in a straight line

autotype                      facsimile; true copy autotypy, process of producing such copies

autovoxiphillia               love of one's own voice

auxanometer                   instrument measuring rate of growth of plants

auxesis                       1. increase in size; hyperbole

auxesis                       2. an ordering of thoughts expressed in a sequence of ascending importance

auxin                         substance increasing growth of plants; plant hormone

auxograph                     instrument recording variations in volume

auxology                      the science of growth

auxometer                     instrument for measuring magnifying power

auxotonic                     according or due to growth

aval                          of, like or pertaining to a grandparent

avalement                     allowing knees to flex while skiing

avatrol                       a bastard

avaunt                        away; hence

avaunt                        to boast

avellaneous                   hazel coloured

avenaceous                    pertaining to or like oats

avenage                       oats paid to a landlord when the tenant could not pay the rent

aveniform                     shaped like oats

avenous                       lacking veins

aventurine                    glass containing golden or green flecks; quartz containing mica flakes

avernal                       infernal, chthonic

averruncate                   to ward off; to uproot

averruncate                   avert; weed out

averruncator                  an instrument (on a pole) for pruning trees

aviatophobia                  the fear of flying

avicide                       the killing of birds

avicular                      of, like or pertaining to birds

aviculture                    the rearing of birds

avidulous                     somewhat greedy  

avifauna                      the birdlife of a region

avigation                     aerial navigation

avinosis                      air sickness

avionics                      the science of electronic devices for aircraft

avirulent                     of bacteria, not virulent

avital                        ancestral

avizandum                     private consideration of a case by a judge

avocet                        long-legged wading bird with upward-curving bill

avolate                       to fly away, escape, exhale, evaporate

avolitional                   involuntary

avulse                        to pluck or tear away by force

avulsion                      the act of pulling away part of body, either by injury or surgery

avuncular                     suggestive of an uncle, esp in kindliness or geniality

awn                           beard or similar bristly growth on stalk of grain

axenic                        free of parasites and similar forms of life; surgically sterile

axifugal                      centrifugal

axil                          upper angle between leaf and stem, or branch and trunk

axilla                        armpit; under the wing of a bird

axiniform                     shaped like an axe-head

axinomancy                    fortunetelling using an axe or hatchet

axiology                      the science of the ultimate nature of values

axiopisty                     the quality that makes something believable; trustworthiness

axolotl                       salamander dwelling in mountainous lakes

axonometry                    method of representing three-dimensional object in two-dimensional drawing

axunge                        medicinal lard or grease

aye-aye                       nocturnal lemur of Madagascar

azimuth                       arc of the horizon

azoic                         lacking life, especially of geological period

azoth                         alchemists' name for mercury; Paracelsus' postulated panacea

azulejo                       brightly colored tile of Near East, Spain and Holland

azuline                       blue

azure                         light or sky blue; the heraldic colour blue

azygous                       unpaired; odd

azym(e)                       unleavened bread; Passover cake, feast of such bread

azymous                       unleavened





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