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fabaceous                     bean-like

fabiform                      shaped like a bean

fabulist                      a creator or writer of fables; a teller of tales; a liar

faburden                      harmony in thirds and sixths

face-cord                     unit of wood measurement equal to a stack four by eight feet in volume

facetiae                      term for books of inappropriate or lewd nature

facia                         nameplate or sign above shop

facinorous                    atrociously wicked

facticity                     the quality or state of being a fact; factuality

factious                      turbulent; given to faction; seditious

factitious                    produced by humans or artificial forces; contrived; artificial

factitive                     signifying making or causing something to be

factive                       indicating causation

factotum                      lackey; person employed to do various jobs; a general servant

facture                       workmanship; the products of making

facula                        unusually bright spot on sun's surface

facultative                   optional; incidental; conferring privilege

facund                        eloquent

facundity                     eloquence; effective communication in speech

fadiddy                       a word used euphemistically instead of an immoral word...the air was as cold as a witch's fadiddy

faff                          to spend your time doing a lot of unimportant things instead of the thing you should be doing

fagin                         an adult who instructs others in crime, esp. children

fagottist                     bassoon player

faience                       glazed coloured earthware

faille                        shiny closely woven silk, cotton or rayon fabric

fain                          happy; inclined; pleased

fainéant                      puppet ruler; do-nothing; idle person

faineantise                   do-nothing-ness; indisposition to do anything; indifference, inactivity

fairlead                      ring through which rope is led to change its direction without friction

faitour                       a cheat, an imposter, especially one who shams illness or tells fortunes

fakement                      a contrivance or device used to deceive

falcade                       motion of a horse throwing itself on its haunches

falcate                       resembling a sickle

falciform                     curved, hooked, shaped like a sickle

falconine                     of, like or pertaining to falcons or hawks

falderal                      nonsense; meaningless refrain of a song

faldstool                     desk from which the litany is read at church service

faleste                       a form of capital punishment inflicted upon a malefactor by laying him bound upon the beach sands until high tide carries him away

fallibilism                   the doctrine that empirical knowledge is uncertain

falsidical                    conveying a meaning that is false

famicide                      one who destroys another's reputation; slanderer

famigerate                    to divulge or disseminate

familic                       pertaining to a family; domestic

familism                      the tendency of a family to cohere as a group

familistery                   house for communal living

famulus                       an assistant to a scholar or magician

fanal                         lighthouse or beacon

fandango                      lively Spanish dance performed by a couple

fane                          flag or banner; weather-cock

fanfaron                      an empty boaster

fanfaronade                   grandiose trumpet blast; empty boasting, bluster

fanion                        1. cloth worn on priest's arm and used for handling holy vessels

fanion                        2. small flag used in surveying

fantassin                     infantry soldier

fantasticate                  to fantasize over something

fantigue                      anxiety or irritation

fantod                        a state of irritability and tension; an emotional outburst; fit

fantods                       a state of nervous irritability; the fidgets; the willies

fap                           intoxicated, fuddled

farad                         unit measuring electrical capacitance

farandine                     silk and wool cloth

farandole                     lively Provençal dance in which men and women hold hands

farb                          a reenactor of (esp. U.S. Civil War) battles who is not authentic

farblondjet                   lost; mixed up

farcinate                     to cram, fill, stuff a place with something or the stomach with food

farctate                      the state of being stuffed with food (overeating)

fard                          to paint (esp the face) with cosmetics; gloss over

fardage                       wood placed in bottom of ship to keep cargo dry

fardel                        anything cumbersome or irksome

farinaceous                   having a mealy or powdery texture; containing or rich in starch

farinose                      resembling or yielding flour

farolitos                     candles set in brown paper bags filled with sand

farouche                      marked by shyness or a lack of polish; wild

farraginous                   disordered; jumbled; miscellaneous

farrago                       confused mass of objects or people; disordered mixture

farrier                       one who shoes horses or cares for horses

farris                        female blacksmith

farrow                        to give birth to piglets

farruca                       Spanish gypsy dance with sudden tempo and mood changes

fartlek                       a training technique, used esp. among runners, consisting of bursts of intense effort alternating with less strenuous activity

fasces                        bundle of rods with an axe used to symbolise authority

fascia                        board over a shop-front

fascicle                      1. a small or slender bundle (as of pine needles or nerve fibers)

fascicle                      2. one of the divisions of a book published in parts

fascine                       a long cylindrical faggot of brush or other small wood, firmly bound together at short intervals, used in filling up ditches, the construction of batteries

fascine                       bundle of brushwood used to fill ditches

fash                          to vex, to annoy, to trouble

fashimite                     someone who is a slave to fashion

fasti                         record or register

fastigiate                    pointed; conical

fastigium                     roof; peak; gable

fastuous                      haughty, arrogant; ostentatious, showy

fatalism                      doctrine that events are fixed and humans are powerless

fathometer                    instrument for measuring underwater depth using sound

fatidical                     prophetic; having the power to foretell the future

fatiferous                    fate-bringing; deadly, destructive

fatigable                     subject to fatigue; easily tired; defatigable

fatuous                       silly; purposeless

fatwa                         an Islamic religious decree issued by the ulama

faugh                         used to express contempt, disgust or abhorrence

faunch                        to display angry excitement; rant and rave

faust                         happy, lucky

fauteuil                      enclosed seat in theatre

favela                        a settlement of jerry-built shacks lying on the outskirts of a Brazilian city

faveolate                     honeycombed

faviform                      shaped like a honeycomb

favillous                     resembling ashes

favonian                      of, like or pertaining to the west wind; mild and favourable

feague                        to whip; to perplex

feak                          lock of hair

feaque                        a dirty, lazy man

feat                          a dangling curl of hair

featous                       shapely; well-made; handsome; neat

feazings                      the frayed and unraveled ends of a rope

febricant                     causing fever

febricity                     feverishness

febrifuge                     something which reduces fever

febrile                       feverish

febriphobia                   the fear of fever

februate                      to purify

februation                    a ceremonial purification or cleansing; a sacrifice

fecalith                      stony heap or mass of feces

feck                          1. efficacy; force; value

feck                          2. large amount/quantity; greater or larger part

feckful                       efficient, effective; vigorous; powerful

feckless                      weak, ineffective; worthless, irresponsible

fecklessness                  worthlessness due to being weak and ineffectual

feckly                        for the most part; almost, nearly

feculent                      1. filthy, scummy, muddy or foul

feculent                      2. of the nature of containing waste matter

fecundity                     fertility; fruitfulness; intellectual fruitfulness; creativity

fedifraction                  a breach of faith or covenant

fedifragous                   faithless, perfidious

feeze                         a state of alarm or excitement; rush

fefnicute                     a hypocrite; a parasite, a hanger-on; a sneak

felicide                      killing of a cat

felicific calculus            a method of determining rightness of an action by balancing probable pleasures and pains that it would produce

felicificative                tending to make happy

feliform                      having a catlike form or shape

felinophobia                  the fear of cats

fell                          barren or rocky hill or moor

fellmonger                    a person who deals in animal skins or hides

felloe                        circular rim of a wheel

felly                         the outer wooden rim of a wheel

felo-de-se                    one who deliberately kills himself; an act of deliberate self-destruction, suicide

felsenmeer                    flat Arctic area covered with angular boulders

femerall                      outlet for smoke in a roof

femicide                      killing of a woman

femtosecond                   one quadrillionth part of a second

fenestella                    recess in church wall for storing communion vessels

fenestral                     of, like or pertaining to windows

feracious                     producing abundantly; prolific, fruitful; fecund

feretory                      shrine for relics during a procession or for a funeral bier

feria                         weekday of a church calendar on which no holiday falls

feriae                        days in the ancient roman culture in which all people, including slaves, got a holiday

ferial                        of or relating to a weekday on which no feast is observed

feriation                     taking time off of one's work to relax or to travel

ferity                        state of savagery or barbarism

fermi                         unit of length equal to one quadrillionth of a metre

fernticle                     a freckle

ferriferous                   bearing iron

ferroequinologist             one whose hobby is railroads or model railroads; a railroad enthusiast, railfan

ferronière                    jewel held on the forehead by a chain

ferruginous                   of the nature of iron or rust; rust-colored; reddish-brown; impregnated with iron

ferula                        flat piece of wood

ferulaceous                   like a cane or reed

ferule                        1. an instrument used to punish children; specif; a flat piece of wood (as a ruler)

ferule                        2. cane or rod used for punishment

fescennine                    marked by the use of vulgarity or obscene language; scurrilous; licentious

fescue                        a small stick used to point out letters to a child learning to read

fess                          broad horizontal bar across heraldic field

festilogy                     treatise on ecclesiastical festivals

festinate                     to accelerate; to quicken

festschrift                   a volume of writings by different authors presented as a tribute or memorial esp. to a scholar

festuceous                    like a straw

fetial                        heraldic; ambassadorial

feticide                      killing of a fetus

fetlock                       tuft of hair immediately above horse's hoof

fettler                       a person skilled at repairing tools or machinery

fettling                      loose material thrown on furnace hearth for protection

feu de joie                   the firing of guns as a symbol of joy; a bonfire

feuilleton                    1. the entertainment section of a European newspaper

feuilleton                    2. something printed in a feuilleton

feuilleton                    3. a novel printed in installments; a work of fiction catering to popular taste

feuilleton                    4. critical article at the bottom of a newspaper page

feuilletonist                 a writer of regularly appearing critical or familiar essays or of a column

fewmets                       deer droppings

fewterer                      a keeper of dogs, esp. greyhounds; manager of a kennel

fiacre                        hackney coach; cab

fiberscope                    instrument using fiberoptics to examine inaccessible areas

fibriform                     shaped like a fibre

fibrilliform                  shaped like a small fibre

fibula                        brooch in the shape of a safety pin

ficelle                       a trick, artifice, (stage) device

ficiform                      shaped like a fig

fico                          a contemptibly worthless trifle, fig

fictile                       capable of being moulded; of, like or pertaining to pottery

fictor                        sculptor; one who makes images from clay

fid                           conical wooden pin used to splice strands of rope

fiddley                       iron framework around hatchway opening

fideism                       doctrine that knowledge depends on faith over reason

fidging                       restless, fidgety; eager and twitching with excitement

fidicinal                     of, like or pertaining to stringed musical instruments

fidimplicitary                that which puts implicit faith in another's views

fido                          a coin having a minting error

fiduciary                     held in trust; depending on trust

fie                           expression of disgust or disapproval

figgum                        a juggler's trick(s); conjuring; the fire-spitting trick of a carnival performer

figuline                      of, like or pertaining to earthenware

figurant                      ballet dancer who dances only in groups

figuration                    the act of giving figure or form

figurehead                    ornament or (usually female) bust attached to the bow of a ship

filaceous                     composed of threads

filatory                      machine for forming or spinning threads

filature                      drawing out of threads

filemot                       of the color of a dead or faded leaf; dull brown

filibeg                       kilt

filicide                      killing of one's own child

filiciform                    shaped like a fern or frond

filiferous                    thread-bearing

filiform                      shaped like a thread

filiopietistic                the practice of worshipping one's ancestors

filipendulous                 hanging or having the appearance of hanging by a thread

fillip                        1. a blow or gesture made by the sudden forcible straightening of a finger curled up against the thumb

fillip                        2. a short sharp blow; buffet

fillister                     groove in window pane into which glass is set

filose                        threadlike; having a threadlike end

filoselle                     coarse floss silk

filty                         a Somersetshire term for combustible gases; also called fire-damp

fimblefamble                  an excuse, particularly a phoney one; a lying answer

fimbriate                     fringed; having a narrow border

fimetic                       of, like or pertaining to dung

fimicoloud                    living in a dung heap

fimicolous                    living in dung

fin de siecle                 relating esp. to its climate of sophistication, world-weariness and fashionable despair

finalism                      belief that an end has or can be reached

fingent                       moulding; shaping

finial                        decoration on the top of a gable or spire

finical                       excessively precise in trivial matters

finific                       a limiting element or quality

finiteless                    without bounds, unlimited

finjan                        the handleless coffee cup which fits within a zarf

finnimbrun                    a trifle, a gimcrack; a knicknack; a trinket

fipple                        plug in the mouthpiece of a wind instrument

firkin                        a small cask measuring 9 gallons (1/4 barrel)

firkytoodle                   to pet, caress

firnification                 the process whereby snow is changed to firn, or névé

firstfoot                     1. the first person entering a house on New Year's day, such a person being popularly believed to bring good luck to the household

firstfoot                     2. the first person met on the way to a special event (as a christening or wedding)

fissicostate                  having divided ribs

fissilingual                  having a forked or cleft tongue

fissility                     ability to be split

fissiparous                   tending to break up into parts; divisive; factious

fissiped                      animal with separated toes

fistula                       long narrow passage or duct

fistuliform                   shaped like a pipe

fitch                         brush made from hair of polecat

fittie-lan                    the near horse of the hindmost pair pulling a plough

fixity                        fixed state; stability; permanence

fizgig                        a flighty, frivolous female

flabbergastation              the state of being flabbergasted

flabellation                  the act of fanning or cooling something, as of a fractured limb

flabelliform                  shaped like a fan

flacon                        scent-bottle

fladge                        pornographic literature

flaffer                       to flutter around like a bird

flagellantism                 the practice of whipping oneself or another

flagelliferous                bearing a whip or flagellum

flagelliform                  shaped like a whip

flagellomania                 abnormal enthusiasm for flogging

flageolet                     small flute or recorder with two thumb holes

flagitate                     to entreat or importune; ask with passion; beg

flagitious                    grossly wicked; guilty of heinous crimes

flagstaff                     flag pole at stern of a ship

flambeau                      flaming torch

flambuginous                  a sham, deception, ficticious

flamen                        pagan priest

flamfew                       1. a gewgaw, trifle, trinket

flamfew                       2. moonlight reflected on water

flammeous                     flame-coloured

flammiferous                  producing flame

flammulated                   ruddy

flammulation                  flamelike marking

flammule                      little flame

flane                         to saunter, to laze

flânerie                      idling; strolling about aimlessly

flaneur                       an idle man-about-town; a lounger, gossiper

flapadosha                    an eccentric, showy, superficial person

flapdoodle                    gross flattery; nonsense

flappable                     lacking self-assurance and self-control; easily upset

flaskisable                   pliable, inconstant, changeable

flatulopetic                  1. pertaining to gas production in the bowels

flatulopetic                  2. pretentious, pompous, inflated

flaught                       snowflake

flaughter                     to flutter or flicker; to strip or skin

flavescent                    yellowish or turning yellow

fleam                         surgical instrument

flèche                        narrow wooden spire on church roof

fleechment                    flattery; persuasive talk that's not necessarily true

fleer                         to mock; to jeer; to make faces in contempt

flench                        to cut up the blubber of; to flay

fleshling                     a sensualist

fletcherize                   to chew each piece of food at least thirty times

fleuret                       ornament resembling a small flower

flews                         the pendulous corners of the upper lip of certain dogs, such as the bloodhound

flexanimous                   mentally flexible

flexiloquent                  pertaining to someone who speaks ambiguously

flexion                       a bend; a fold

flexuose                      full of windings and turnings; undulating

flibbertigibbet               a silly, flighty or gossipy person; hence, flibbertigibbety

flinders                      bits; fragments; splinters

flinty                        unyielding; stern

flirt-gill                    a woman of light or loose behavior

flivver                       a small, cheap, usually old automobile or aircraft

floatant                      agent causing flotation

floccify                      to set nought by; to consider worthless

floccillation                 the delirious picking at bedclothes by a sick person

floccinaucinihilipilification the categorising of something that is useless or trivial

floccose                      woolly

flocculate                    to collect or mass together in tufts or masses

flocculent                    1. of the character of wool; woolly (flocculent cloud masses)

flocculent                    2. made up of loosely aggregated particles or soft flakes

floricide                     killing or killer of flowers

floricomous                   crowned or topped with flowers

floriferous                   bearing flowers

floriform                     shaped like a flower

florilegium                   anthology of writings, especially of church fathers; a portfolio of flower pictures

florimania                    craze for flowers

floriscope                    instrument for inspecting flowers

floristry                     the art of cultivating and selling flowers

florisugent                   sucking honey from flowers

floromancy                    belief that flowers have feelings

floruit                       dates of a person's birth and death

flosculous                    flowery; like flowers

flounce                       to move impatiently or abruptly

flowmeter                     instrument for measuring properties of flowing liquids

fluctisonant                  having the sound of rolling waves

fludgs                        quickly

fluffer                       an off-stage person who keeps male porn stars "presentable"

flug                          dust or lint that collects in pockets, under beds, and in similar places

fluke                         part of an anchor that fastens in the ground

flumen                        right to direct excess rain water to neighbour's yard

fluminous                     having many rivers or streams

flummadiddle                  something foolish or worthless; trash; bauble; frill

flummer                       to get around (a person) especially by coaxing or flattery; beguile, humbug

flummery                      something poor, trashy, or not worth having; empty compliment or foolish deceptive language

fluorimeter                   instrument for measuring fluorescence

fluoroscope                   instrument using x-rays to examine internal structure of opaque object

flustrate                     fluster

fluvialist                    one stressing the role of rivers in explanation

fluviology                    study of watercourses

fluxional                     variable; inconstant

flyndrig                      an impudent or deceiving woman

flype                         to strip back; to turn partially inside out

flysch                        sandstone deposit

flyting                       a dispute or exchange of personal abuse in verse form

fly-tipping                   the illegal dumping of garbage in an unauthorized place

fnese                         to breathe heavily; to snort; to sneeze

focimeter                     instrument for measuring focal length of a lens

fodgel                        plump and solidly built; buxom

fodient                       a burrowing animal; pertaining to digging  

foehn                         dry wind that blows down from mountaintops

foeticide                     killing a fetus

foetiferous                   bearing or carrying a fetus

foetor                        an offensive odor; stench

fogram                        an antiquated or old-fashioned person; fogy; antiquated, old-fashioned

foin                          to thrust with a sword or spear

foinery                       fencing; swordplay

foison                        1. physical energy or strength

foison                        2. plenty; plentiful yield

foliaceous                    bearing leaves; leaf-like

foliate                       to cover with leaf metal; to number the leaves of

foliferous                    bearing leaves

foliform                      shaped like a leaf

foliophagous                  eating leaves; eating folios of books

folkloristics                 study of folklore and fables

foma                          harmless untruths; useful and harmless bullshit

fomentation                   the application of warm substances to diseased parts

fontinal                      growing near springs

foo fighter                   used in WWII to describe various mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over Europe and the Pacific theatre

foof                          to howl and whine like a wounded dog

foofaraw                      1. a great fuss over a trifling matter

foofaraw                      2. an excessive amount of decoration or ornamentation

fooliaminy                    collective term for fools

foolocracy                    government by fools

foolscap                      a sheet of writing or printing paper measuring approximately 13 by 16 inches; a fool's cap

foothot                       hastily; immediately; on the spot

footlambert                   unit of luminance of a surface emitting one lumen per square foot

footle                        to waste time; to speak or act foolishly

footling                      lacking judgment or ability, inept; lacking use or value, trivial

footpad                       a highwayman who robs on foot

footy                         insignificant; shabby; Austral. football

foozle                        to manage or play awkwardly; bungle

foraminate                    to pierce

foraminated                   perforated or pierced with small holes

foraminiferous                bearing foramina

foraneous                     of, like or pertaining to forums

forbysen                      an example, a parable, a proverb or a token

forby                         past; near

forcipate                     of, like or pertaining to forceps

forcipiform                   shaped like forceps

fore                          at an earlier time or period

forebitt                      post for fastening cables at a ship's foremast

forecabin                     cabin in fore part of ship

forecastle                    short raised deck at fore end of ship; fore of ship under main deck

forecome                      to come early; to come before

forefoot                      foremost end of ship's keel

forel                         parchment for covering books

foremast                      mast nearest the bow of a ship

foresail                      lowest sail set on the foremast of square-rigged ship

foreshots                     first liquid to come out of a still

forestay                      stay leading from the foremast to the bow of a ship

forfaiting                    export finance where debts on goods are transacted

forfend                       to ward off or avert

forfex                        a pair of scissors or pincers

forficate                     shaped like scissors; deeply forked

forficulate                   1. like scissors

forficulate                   2. to have a creeping sensation, as if a forficula {earwig} was crawling over one's skin

forfoughten                   worn out (from fighting); exhausted

forinsecal                    foreign; alien; extrinsic

forisfamiliate                to emancipate from parental authority

forjeskit                     jaded; worn out

formant                       anything that limits, determines or defines

formate                       to join or fly in a formation

formic                        of, like or pertaining to ants

formicate                     resembling an ant

formication                   an abnormal feeling like the sensation of ants crawling on the skin

formicide                     a substance used for killing ants

formicine                     of, like or pertaining to ants

formivorous                   eating ants

fornicate                     vaulted or arched

fornication                   a vaulting or arching; vaulted construction (as of a cloister)

forsooth                      in truth; indeed

forswink                      to exhaust by labour

fortalice                     fortress; small outwork of a fortification

forthwith                     immediately

fortuitism                    belief in evolution by chance variation

foss                          ditch, moat, trench or canal

fossarian                     one of the clergy of the 4th century who dug graves

fosse                         ditch; moat

fossick                       to search for gold in abandoned claims or to rummage around for anything valuable

fossiliferous                 bearing fossils

fossor                        grave-digger

fossorial                     adapted for digging

fossulate                     grooved; pitted

fou                           drunk

foudroyant                    sudden and overwhelming in effect; dazzling; thundering

fougade                       piece of improvised artillery

foulard                       soft lightweight plain-woven or twilled silk fabric

foulé                         light woollen fulled cloth

foumart                       polecat

fourberie                     trickery, deception

fourchette                    anything forked

fourgon                       baggage-wagon

foursquare                    forthright

fouter                        to mess about with aimlessly

fovea                         depression or pit

foveate                       pitted

foveiform                     shaped like a depression or pit

foziness                      the quality of being fozy

fozy                          1. (of a vegetable)  spongy and light-textured; overripe

fozy                          2. (of a person)  a) fat and bloated; obese; dull-witted and insipid; fatheaded

frabjous                      fabulous and joyful, splendid, magnificent

fractionalism                 the state of consisting of discrete units

fractious                     troublesome, unruly; irritable; quarrelsome; peevish

fragor                        a crash

frampold                      sour-tempered, cross, disagreeable, peevish

francomania                   craze or obsession with France and the French

francophile                   one who loves France or the French

francophobia                  the fear of France or the French

frangible                     breakable; easily broken

frangulin                     a yellow crystalline dye extracted from buckthorn

franion                       a gay reckless fellow, a gallant, paramour;a pleasure seeker or hedonist

frankalmoign                  land tenure requiring religious obligations on part of tenant

frankenfood                   food that contains genetically altered ingredients

frankenword                   a portmanteau word; formed by combining two words — the term used in linguistics is blend

frantling                     mating call of a peacock

frap                          to draw tight (as with ropes or cables); frap a sail

frass                         debris or excrement produced by insects

fratultery                    an affair between a man and his brother's girlfriend or fiancé

frazil                        ground-ice; ice in small spikes in streams

freck                         to move quickly or nimbly; keen for mischief; ready for trouble

freeboard                     distance between waterline and main deck of a ship

freestone                     building stone difficult to split into layers

fremd                         foreign, unfamiliar, strange; not belonging to one's own family; unrelated

fremescence                   the grumbling sound of an unhappy mob of people

fremescent                    murmuring, growing noisy and indignant

fremitus                      vibration; rumbling

frescade                      a cool walk; cool or shady place

fresnel                       unit of optical frequency equal to one terahertz

fretum                        strait

freudenschade                 dissatisfaction, unhappiness, or pain as the result of someone else's good fortune

friable                       easily crumbled or pulverized eg. soil

fribble                       trifle, dodder; to trifle or fool away

fricandeau                    thick slice of veal or similar meat

friendorphobia                the fear of forgetting a password

frieze                        rough heavy woollen cloth

friggle                       to fuss over trifles; putter

friggling                     trifling about

frigiferous                   bearing or bringing cold

frigolabile                   susceptible to the cold

frigorific                    causing cold; freezing; chilling

fringillaceous                of, like or pertaining to finches

fringilliform                 resembling a finch

fringilline                   of, like or pertaining to finches

fripperous                    gaudy; ostentatious

frippery                      finery, esp. something showy, tawdry or nonessential; affected elegance; ostentation

frippish                      tawdry

friscalating                  (of dusklight) shimmering on the horizon at sunset

frisson                       a shudder of excitement that courses through the body; an emotional thrill

frist                         delay or respite, as for debt repayment

frit                          material from which glass is made

frith                         peace; sanctuary

fritiniency                   the noise of insects

frivol                        to act frivolously, to trifle

frogmarch                     to carry (a prisoner) face downwards; now usually, to march a person against his will by any method after seizing him from behind

frondescence                  the condition of unfolding of leaves; leafing

frondescent                   springing into leaf; expanding into fronds

frondeur                      1. a member of the Fronde (the name given to the party which rose in rebellion against Mazarin and the Court during the minority of Louis XIV)

frondeur                      2. a malcontent, rebel

frondiferous                  bearing or producing fronds

frondose                      having or like leaves

frontal                       cloth hanging over front of altar

frontogenesis                 creation of a weather front by meeting of air currents

frore                         intensely cold, frosty; frozen

frostification                the process of becoming frosty

frostwork                     delicate figures and patterns in which frost forms on surfaces

frottage                      1. the technique of taking a rubbing from an uneven surface, by rubbing graphite over paper laid on top of the rough texture

frottage                      2. the practice of obtaining sexual gratification by rubbing against someone, both parties usually being clothed

frotteur                      the active participant in frottage

frou-frou                     1. a rustling esp. of a woman's skirts

frou-frou                     2. showy or frilly ornamentation

froward                       turned away; self-willed; unreasonable; perverse; adverse

frowst                        to luxuriate in hot stuffiness and stupefaction

frowsty                       musty; having a slovenly or uncared-for appearance; frowsy

frowzy                        ill-smelling, musty; also, slovenly, unkempt

frowy                         (of wood)  spongy, brittle; stale, rancid; spoiled

fructiferous                  bearing fruit;feeding on fruit

fructuary                     person enjoying the fruits of anything

fructuation                   coming to fruit or bearing of fruit

fructuous                     fruitful

frugivorous                   feeding on fruit, as birds or other animals; fruit-eating

frumentaceous                 resembling wheat or other grain

frustling                     the shaking and showing of feathers by birds, or the strutting around of someone with fancy clothing

frustraneous                  unprofitable and completely useless

frutescent                    like or resembling a shrub

fruticose                     shrubby

fruzz                         to rub hair the wrong way, as when petting a dog from tail to head

fub                           to put off; to fob

fubsy                         being chubby and somewhat squat

fucivore                      one who eats seaweed

fucivorous                    eating or subsisting on seaweed

fucoid                        resembling sea weed

fud                           the backside or rump; the tail of a hare or rabbit

fuddle                        to confuse, muddle

fudgeon                       a fussy person

fuero                         code or body of laws; a constitution

fug                           the heavy air of a closed room; a stuffy or malodorous emanation

fugacious                     fleeting, transitory; difficult to capture; lasting a short time; evanescent

fugacity                      lack of enduring qualities; transience

fugation                      a chase; a royal hunt

fugle                         1. to act as a model or guide

fugle                         2. to make signals

fugleman                      a leader (esp political); the lead soldier for a company

fuji                          plain spun silk fabric

fulcible                      capable of being propped up

fulciform                     shaped like or resembling a prop

fulciment                     a prop; specifically a fulcrum

fulcrate                      supported with fulcrums

fulgent                       dazzlingly bright; radiant

fulgent                       shining; bright

fulgid                        flashing

fulgorous                     flashing

fulgour                       splendour

fulgural                      of, like or pertaining to lightning

fulgurant                     flashing like lightning; brilliant

fulgurate                     to flash like lightning

fulgurating                   flashing or sudden, like lightning (a fulgurating pain)

fulgurous                     resembling lightning

fulham                        a loaded dice

fuliginous                    sooty; obscure; murky; having a dark or dusky color

fuligo                        soot

fuliguline                    of, like or pertaining to sea ducks

fullage                       refuse, street-sweepings, filth

fullonical                    of, like or pertaining or belonging to a fuller

fulminate                     express loudly; explode violently

fulminating                   1. hurling denunciations or menaces

fulminating                   2. explosive

fulminating                   3. coming on suddenly with great severity

fulmination                   a loud and violent explosion, either literally or figuratively

fulmineous                    of, like or pertaining to thunder and lightning

fulsome                       1. copious; generous in amount

fulsome                       2. aesthetically, morally or generally offensive

fulsome                       3. exceeding the bounds of good taste; overdone

fulsome                       4. excessively complimentary or flattering; effusive

fulvous                       dull yellow; tawny

fumage                        hearth-tax

fumarole                      a hole in a volcanic region from which hot gases and vapors issue

fumatorium                    a place for smoking

fumet                         the scent of game when high

fumid                         smokey, vaporous

fumidity                      smokiness

fumiduct                      smoke vent; smokestack

fumifugist                    something or someone which expels smoke

fumosity                      condition of fuming; an exhalation

funambulism                   tightrope walking; show of mental agility

funambulist                   a tightrope walker; one who is (mentally) agile

functionalism                 doctrine emphasising utility and function

fundiform                     shaped like a sling

fundus                        the bottom of anything

funebral                      of, like or pertaining to a funeral

funest                        lamentable; doleful; dire

fungible                      1. one part may be replaced by another equal part or quantity in the satisfaction of an obligation (oil, wheat, and lumber are fungible commodities)

fungible                      2. interchangeable

fungiform                     shaped like a fungus

fungous                       of or like fungus; soft; spongy

fungy                         a type of deep dish blueberry pie

funicular                     a cable railway ascending a mountain; pertaining to a string or cable

funipendulous                 hanging by a rope or cord

funkify                       to run away in fear

furacious                     given to thieving; thievish

furbelow                      a ruffle on a garment; small piece of ornamentation

furcate                       forked

furciferous                   bearing a forked appendage; rascally; acting like a brat; mischievous

furcular                      shaped like a fork

furfur                        dandruff or scurf

furfuraceous                  covered with scales or dandruff flakes

furfuration                   a flaking off, such as dandruff

furibund                      raging; furious; frenzied

furnicular                    hanging from a rope or cable

furphy                        a false report or rumor; an absurd story

furrahin                      the right-hand hindmost horse that walks in the furrow in plowing

furr-ahin                     the hindmost horse on the right pulling a plough

furuncular                    of, like or pertaining to boils

furunculoid                   like a boil

fusain                        fine charcoal used in drawing

fuscoferuginous               having a dark rusty colour

fuscous                       of any or several colours averaging a brownish gray; brown; tawny; dingy

fusee                         1. a friction match with a large head capable of burning in a wind

fusee                         2. a colored flare used as a warning signal for trucks and railroad trains

fusee                         3. a cone-shaped pulley with a spiral groove, used in a cord- or chain-winding clock to maintain even travel in the timekeeping mechanism

fusee                         4. a combustible fuse for detonating explosives

fusee                         spindle in a watch on which the chain is wound

fusiform                      shaped like a spindle

fusillation                   death by shooting

fustian                       1. coarse twilled cotton

fustian                       2. pretentious or banal writing or speech

fustigate                     to criticize severely

fustigate                     to cudgel

fustilarian                   a low fellow; a stinkard; a scoundrel; a term of abuse

fustilugs                     a ponderous clumsy person, esp. a fat and slovenly woman

futhark                       the runic alphabet

futilitarian                  one who believes that human striving is futile

futtock                       one of the curved timbers scarfed together to form the lower part of a compound rib of a ship

futurition                    future existence; time to come

futurology                    study of future

futz                          to fart around; to fool around, waste time; to mess with; to tinker or trifle with

fuzzle                        to intoxicate, make drunk, confuse, muddle

fyerk                         to flick away using one's finger and thumb

fysigunkus                    someone who is totally devoid of curiosity






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