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gabardine                     closely woven cotton or wool twill

gabbart                       barge

gabble                        to chatter or talk inarticulately

gabbro                        granular igneous rock

gabelle                       a salt tax

gaberlunzie                   a wandering beggar or a harmless hobo, peddler or tinker

gabion                        wicker or wire basket of earth or rock

gablock                       spur attached to the heel of a fighting cock

gad                           to wander about idly or in pursuit of pleasure

gadarene                      headlong, precipitate

gadoid                        of, resembling or pertaining to the cod

gadroon                       embossed decoration or fluting on silverware

gadzookery                    the use of archaisms in literature eg. ye, thee, dost, etc

gadzooks                      mild oath

gaff                          spar on which head of fore-and-aft sail is extended

gaff-topsail                  triangular topsail with its foot extended upon the gaff

gafty                         sly; tricky; cunning; not to be trusted; mischievous

gage                          token of defiance or challenge; thing deposited as pledge of performance

gal                           unit of acceleration of one centimeter per second per second

galactic                      of, like or pertaining to or obtained from milk

galactoid                     like or resembling milk; milky

galactometer                  instrument for measuring specific gravity of milk

galactophagist                milk drinker

galactophorous                bearing or carrying milk

galanty                       shadow play

galatea                       striped cotton

galea                         a headache which covers the entire head

galeanthropy                  the insane delusion that one is a cat

galeated                      shaped like a helmet

galeiform                     shaped like a helmet

galeophobia                   the fear of sharks

galère                        group of undesirable people; unpleasant situation

galericulate                  topped by a hat-like covering

galgenhumor                   gallows-humor

galilee                       porch in front of church

galimatias                    nonsensical talk; gibberish; gobbledygook

gallet                        to fill in mortar joints with small pebbles

galliard                      1. brisk; gallant; lively

galliard                      2. sprightly Renaissance and baroque dance

galliardise                   exuberant merriment, extreme gaiety

galligantus                   a tall and awkward person

gallimaufry                   a mixture of different things; hodge-podge; medley, jumble

gallinaceous                  of or resembling pheasants and other domestic birds

gallinipper                   a large mosquito

gallionic                     marked by indifference or easygoing carelessness of irresponsibility

galliot                       small galley

gallipot                      small medicine jar

gallize                       to bring wine to standard proportions

gallomania                    craze or obsession with France and the French

galloon                       lace trim or binding material

gallophile                    one who loves France or the French

gallophobia                   the fear of France or the French

galluptious                   wonderful, delightful, delicious

galop                         lively double-time dance

galumph                       to move with a clumsy heavy tread

galvanometer                  instrument for measuring electrical current

galvanoscope                  instrument for detecting presence and direction of electric current

gambado                       bound or spring of a horse; fantastic movement

gambeson                      ancient leather or quilted coat worn as armour

gamboge                       1. an orange to brown gum resin that becomes bright yellow when powdered, used by artists as a yellow pigment and in medicine as a cathartic

gamboge                       2. a strong yellow that is redder and less strong than yolk yellow or light chrome yellow

gambrel                       1. crooked stick used by butchers for hanging carcasses

gambrel                       2. horse's hock

gambrel                       3. roof having a pentagonal gable

gambrinous                    being full of beer

gambroon                      twilled worsted and cloth

gametogenesis                 formation of gametes

gamic                         sexual; sexually produced

gamidolatry                   worship of marriage

gamin                         street urchin; precocious imp

gamine                        a homeless girl; urchin

gaminesque                    playful; impish; boyish

gamma                         unit of magnetic flux density equal to one nanotesla

gammadion                     figure comprised of capital gammas; swastika

gammer                        a rustic title for an old woman, corresponding to gaffer for a man

gammerstang                   a tall, awkward person, usually a woman

gammicism                     inability or hardship in pronouncing letters 'g' and 'k'

gammon                        to feign an action; perpetrate a hoax on

gamogenesis                   sexual reproduction

gamomania                     obsession with issuing odd marriage proposals

gamophagia                    destruction of one gamete (reproductive cell) by another

gamophobia                    an pathological fear of marriage

gamp                          a large umbrella

ganch                         to execute by impaling on stakes or hooks

gangrel                       a child who is just starting to walk

gangue                        the worthless rock or earthy matter in a mineral deposit

gangway                       either of the sides of the upper deck of a ship

ganister                      flint-like rock used to surface roads

ganoid                        having shiny smooth scales

ganosis                       reduction in shininess of marble

gantline                      rope used in single-block hoist

gantry                        shelving for barrels; shelf where drinks are displayed

gaposis                       a gap between buttoned buttons or closed snaps on a garment

gar                           mild oath

garboard                      plank on a ship's bottom next to the keel

garboil                       a confused disordered state; turmoil

garbology                     1. study of garbage

garbology                     2. the study of society or culture by examining or analyzing its refuse

garçonniere                   bachelor apartment

garderobe                     a locked-up wardrobe (or its contents); by extension, a private room, a bed-chamber; a privy, built into or extending out from a wall

gardyloo                      used as a warning cry when throwing slops from the window into the street

gargalesis                    heavy tickling

gargalesthesia                the sensation caused by tickling

gargarize                     to gargle

garner                        granary; store of anything

garnetiferous                 bearing garnets

garniture                     embellishment, trimming; a set of decorative objects

garret                        room just under the roof of a house; attic

gasbaggery                    refers to garrulous politicians

gasconade                     boasting, bravado

gasconism                     boastfulness

gasiform                      of the form or shape of gas

gasometer                     instrument for holding and measuring gases

gastriloquist                 ventriloquist

gastroenterology              the study of stomach or intestines

gastrolatry                   gluttony; excessive love of food

gastrolith                    stone ingested by an animal to aid in digestion

gastrology                    good eating; cookery

gastromancy                   fortunetelling by sounds from the belly

gastronomy                    study of fine dining

gastropod                     mollusks including snails; slugs; whelks

gastropub                     a public house which specializes in serving high-quality food (as opposed to pub-grub)

gastroscope                   instrument for examining interior of the stomach

gastrosopher                  a person skilled in matters of eating

gat                           opening or strait between two sandbanks

gatefold                      oversized page in a book

gaucherie                     awkward or socially unacceptable remark

gaud                          trick or practical joke

gauffer                       to make pleats or ripples in material

gauleiter                     overbearing wielder of petty authority

gault                         heavy clay used for bricks

gaumless                      stupid; witless; vacant

gaur                          wild ox

gauss                         unit of magnetic flux density equal to 1/10000 tesla

gavage                        introduction of material into the stomach by a tube; forced-feeding (as of poultry or infants)

gavelkind                     land inheritance by all sons in equal portion

gavotte                       moderate tempo French peasant dance

gawdelpus                     helpless person

gazar                         silk organza fabric

gazump                        to unfairly acquire a property by bidding more than an offer that has already been accepted

gazunder                      to arbitrarily reduce the offered price for a property, esp. near the date of exchange of contracts

geal                          of, like or pertaining or pertaining to the earth

geason                        rare, amazing, extraordinary, uncommon

geck                          an object or expression of scorn; a dupe

gegenschein                   the 'opposition effect,' a diffuse, faint light sometimes visible almost directly opposite the sun in the night sky, thought to be sunlight reflected by dust particles in the atmosphere - best seen in September and October

geis                          a solemn injunction, prohibition, or taboo; a moral obligation

geist                         spirit; intellectual inclination

geitonogamy                   pollination of a flower by another flower on the same plant

gelasin                       dimple in the cheek that appears when one smiles

gelastic                      of, like or pertaining to or provoking laughter

gelation                      solidification by cooling

gelid                         extremely cold; icy

gelogenic                     tending to produce laughter

geloscopy                     fortune-telling by means of laughter

gemebund                      groaning; sighing

gemeinschaft                  a spontaneous social relationship characterized by strong reciprocal bonds of sentiment and kinship within a common tradition

gemel                         twinned; occurring in pairs

gemelliparous                 producing twins

gement                        groaning, lamenting

geminate                      to double; to arrange in pairs

geminiform                    paired; double

gemma                         bud from which a new plant can grow

gemmate                       to deck with gems

gemmation                     budding

gemmeous                      of, like or pertaining to gems; like a gem

gemmiferous                   bearing gems

gemmology                     study of gems and jewels

gemutlich                     agreeably pleasant; comfortable

gemütlichkeit                 cordiality, warm friendliness

genappe                       smooth worsted yarn

genarch                       head of a family or clan

generalate                    the office of a general

genesic                       of, like or pertaining to procreation or the genitals

genesiology                   study of reproduction and heredity

genethliacon                  a poem which is written for someone's birthday

genethlialogy                 the science of calculating positions of the heavenly bodies on nativities; the act or art of casting nativities; astrology

genetrix                      mother; female ancestor

geniculate                    bent like a knee; jointed

geniophobia                   the fear of chins

genitive                      indicating possession, origin or relation

genizah                       a repository for Hebrew documents and sacred books that are no longer in use, e.g. because they are old and worn, but must not be destroyed

genoa                         large jib that overlaps the mainsail

genophobia                    the fear of sex

genouillère                   jointed knee-piece of armour

gentilitian                   belonging to a race or clan

gentrification                movement of middle class to working class area

genuflect                     bend the knee and lower the body, especially in reverence

genuphobia                    the fear of knees

geocarpy                      the production or ripening of fruit underground

geocentrism                   belief that earth is the centre of the universe

geochemistry                  study of chemistry of the earth's crust

geochronology                 study of measuring geological time

geocyclic                     of, like or pertaining to the rotation and revolution of the earth

geodesy                       earth measurement on a large scale

geofact                       rock chipped naturally that looks like an artifact

geogenous                     growing on the ground

geogeny                       science of the formation of the earth's crust

geognosy                      knowledge of the general structure of the earth

geogony                       study of formation of the earth

geoid                         figure of the earth

geolatry                      earth-worship

geology                       study of earth's crust

geomancy                      fortunetelling by casting earth onto a surface

geomorphogeny                 study of the origins of land forms

geophagy                      practice of feeding on soil; dirt-eating

geophilous                    living in or near the ground

geophone                      device for detecting sound waves underground

geophyte                      plant that grows in the earth

geoponic                      agricultural; anything that has to do with farming

geoponics                     study of agriculture

georgette                     thin silk

georgic                       of, like or pertaining to agricultural or rustic affairs; rural; agrarian

geoscopy                      examination or analysis of soil

geoselenic                    of, like or pertaining to both the earth and the moon

geostrophic                   of, like or pertaining to deflection due to effects of earth's rotation

geotaxis                      response of an organism to gravity

geotechnics                   study of increasing habitability of the earth

geothermometer                instrument for measuring subterranean temperatures

gephyrophobia                 an abnormal and persistent fear of crossing bridges

gephyrophobiac                someone who fears crossing bridges

gerascophobia                 a morbid, irrational fear of, or aversion to, growing old

gerasophobia                  the fear of old age or of growing old

geratology                    study of decadence and decay

gerdoying                     imitation sound of a crash

gerendum                      something that is to be done

gerent                        one that rules or manages

german                        of one's parents' siblings

germanophilia                 love or fondness for Germany or the Germans

germicide                     substance that kills germs

gerocomy                      study of old age

geromorphism                  appearing to be older than one's actual age

gerontic                      of or relating to decadence or old age eg. gerontic nursing

gerontocomium                 an institution designed to take care of the elderly

gerontocracy                  a government of old people (often the old boys network)

gerontogenous                 of, like or pertaining to the old world

gerontology                   study of the elderly; aging

gerontophilia                 sexual attraction towards the elderly

gerontophillia                the love of the elderly

gerontophobia                 the fear of old age or of growing old

gerrymander                   to divide electoral districts for one's own political gain

gesellschaft                  a rationally developed mechanistic type of social relationship characterized by impersonally contracted associations between persons

gesso                         plaster of paris used in painting

gest                          a tale of adventures, esp; a romance in verse; adventure, exploit

gestatorial                   of, like or pertaining to carrying

gestic                        of, like or pertaining to gestures

geta                          wooden-soled Japanese shoe

geumaphobia                   the fear of taste

gewgaw                        toy; trifling object; bauble

gharnao                       a raft made of inverted ceramic pots

ghastful                      1. full of fear, timid, scared

ghastful                      2. dreadful, frightful, terrible, ghastly

ghawazi                       egyptian dancing girls

ghost word                    an accidental word form never in established usage; especially; one arising from an editorial or typographical error or a mistaken pronunciation

giaour                        one who does not follow the islamic faith; unbeliever, infidel

giardinetto                   a jewel, usually a finger-ring, ornamented with imitations of natural flowers in precious stones

gib                           wedge-shaped piece of metal that holds another in place

gibbet                        a gallows

gibbous                       hump-backed; humped; swollen

gibus                         hat worn to the opera

gid                           brain disease suffered by sheep

gig                           light two-wheeled one-horse carriage

giganticide                   killing of a giant

gigantology                   study of giants

gigantomachize                to be at war with one's superiors

gigantomachy                  war of giants against the Gods or between giants

gigmania                      the smug obsession with attaining middle class respectability

gigot                         leg of mutton

gigue                         lively baroque dance in triple time

gilbert                       unit of magnetomotive force

gilderoy                      a proud person

gillie                        a professional fishing and hunting guide (also ghillie)

gilliver                      wallflower

gilly-gaupus                  awkward, foolish or silly person

gilravage                     to practice intemperate eating and drinking; to be noisy and boisterous in merrymaking

gimbals                       arrangement of rings allowing free motion of supported object

gimcrack                      trick; trivial mechanism

gimmal                        ring that can be divided into two or three rings

gingham                       striped cotton cloth

ginglyform                    hinge-shaped

ginglymus                     joint that permits movement in one plane only

ginnel                        narrow alley between high buildings

ginnery                       place where cotton is ginned

girandole                     branched chandelier or similar structure

girasol                       fire-opal that glows like fire in certain light

girouette                     a rooster-shaped weather vane

girouettisma                  altering one's opinions to match public trends

glabella                      the space between the eyebrows, just above the nose

glabrous                      smooth, esp. having a surface without hairs or projections

glaciology                    study of ice ages and glaciation

glacis                        a gentle slope in fortification

gladiate                      shaped like a sword

glaikery                      foolish conduct

glair                         egg white used as medium for binding paint

glaireous                     slimy; viscous

glandaceous                   yellowish-brown; acorn-colored

glandiferous                  bearing acorns or nuts

glandiform                    gland-shaped; acorn-shaped

glanduliferous                bearing glands

glareous                      gravelly; growing on gravel

glaucous                      sea-green; greyish-blue

glaver                        to talk in a deceitfully kind or pleasant manner; flatter

glebe                         1. church land granted to clergyman

glebe                         2. sod; the soil

glebous                       earthy; full of clods

gledge                        to squint the eyes

gleed                         hot coal; burning ember; a beam of light

gleek                         to joke or jest, to gibe

gleet                         mucus discharge from the urethra

gleg                          quick, sharp

glenoid                       slightly cupped; socket-shaped

gliriform                     resembling a rodent

glirine                       rodent-like; of, like or pertaining to rodents

glisk                         1. a glimpse

glisk                         2. a gleam or glimmer

glisk                         3. a brief moment; instant

glissade                      moving on snow without skis

gloaming                      period between sunset and full night; dusk

globuliferous                 bearing globules

glochidiate                   bristled; barbed

glomerate                     packed or bunched together

gloppen                       surprise, shock, astonish

glossa                        the tongue

glossator                     1. one that makes textual glosses; a commentator; spec. one of the mediæval commentators on the texts of Civil and Canon Law

glossator                     2. a compiler of a glossary

glossographer                 writer of short explanatory notes or glosses

glossoid                      like a tongue

glossolalia                   speaking in tongues

glossology                    study of language; study of the tongue

glossomachicall               given to wordy strife

glossophagine                 eating using the tongue

glossophobia                  the fear of speaking, especially in public

glottogonic                   relating to the origin of language

glottogony                    the study of the origin of language

gloze                         a note, comment or explanation in the margin of a book or written document

glozing                       flattery; deceit

gluconeogenesis               production of glucose from non-carbohydrates

glumiferous                   bearing glumes

glurge                        improbable stories with moralistic undertones, intended to tug at your heartstrings; coating a kernel of an idea with a saccharine layer of deception to make the inspiration that much easier to swallow

glutinous                     of the nature of or resembling glue; sticky

glutition                     swallowing

glutless                      insatiable

glycogenesis                  production of glycogen

glyptic                       of, like or pertaining to carving or gem-engraving

glyptography                  the art of engraving on gems

glyptology                    study of gem engravings

gnast                         a spark or a snuff of a candle

gnathal                       of, like or pertaining to the jaws

gnathion                      tip of the chin

gnathonic                     flattering

gnathonic                     obsequious, toadying, parasitical, flattering and deceitful

gnathonize                    to act the sycophant; to play the smell-feast, to flatter

gnome                         1. a short pithy statement of a general truth; a proverb, maxim, aphorism, apophthegm

gnome                         2. an ageless and often deformed dwarf who lives in the earth and usually guards treasure

gnomic                        signifying general truth; pertaining to aphorisms or proverbs

gnomology                     collection of aphorisms, proverbs and short poems

gnomon                        an object that by the length of it shadow indicates the hour of the day; upright rod of a sundial

gnomonics                     the art of measuring time using sundials

gnosiology                    study of knowledge; philosophy of knowledge

gnosis                        knowledge; especially spiritual

gnosticism                    belief that freedom derives solely from knowledge

gnotobiology                  study of life in germ-free conditions

goatish                       lustful; foolish

gobbledygook                  windy gibberish; jargon; nonsense

gobemouche                    a credulous person; esp. one who believes everything he hears

gobsmacked                    flabbergasted, astounded; speechless or incoherent with amazement

godet                         triangular piece of cloth inserted in a skirt

goditorium                    a church, perhaps a huge and gaudy one

godwottery                    1. gardening marked by an affected and elaborate style

godwottery                    2. affected use of archaic language

goetic                        of, like or pertaining to black magic

goety                         witchcraft or magic performed by the invocation and employment of evil spirts; necromancy

goitrous                      affected by or pertaining to goitre

goldenrod                     dark golden yellow

golem                         artificial man endowed with life

goliard                       wandering student

goliardy                      riotous or lustful behaviour

goluptious                    delightful; luscious

gombeen                       usury, a money-lender, usurer

gomeral                       a half-wit; dunce, fool

gomphiasis                    looseness of the teeth

gomphosis                     growth of teeth into the bone cavity

gonalgia                      a pain in the knee

gonfalon                      a flag that hangs from a crosspiece or frame

gonfalonier                   standard-bearer

gongoozler                    an idler who stares at length at activity on a canal; hence, an idle spectator

goniometer                    instrument for measuring angles between faces

gonkulator                    a pretentious piece of equipment that actually serves no useful purpose

gonoph                        pickpocket; thief

google                        to search the web with a standard search engine such as Google or Yahoo!

googol                        the figure 1 followed by 100 zeroes (10 raised to the hundredth power

googolplex                    the figure 1 followed by a googol of zeroes (10 raised to the googol power

goombah                       1. a close friend or associate - esp. among Italian-American men; a macho Italian-American man

goombah                       2. mafioso; broadly; gangster

gorbellied                    corpulent

gorgeosity                    an abundance (generosity) of gorgeousness

gorget                        piece of armour for the throat

gorgoneion                    representation of the gorgon's head

gorgonize                     to turn into stone; to paralyze with one's gaze

gork                          a patient with an unknown ailment (short for God Only Really Knows)

gormandism                    gluttony

gormandizer                   one who eats to excess

gormless                      dull,  unintelligent, stupid, brainless

gormlessness                  the state of lacking intelligence; foolishness

gormster                      someone of little sense or discernment, a fool

gorsedd                       assembly for granting awards to welsh bards

gorsoon                       boy-servant

gossoon                       a boy or male servant

gossypiboma                   a surgical sponge accidently left inside a patient's body

gossypine                     cottony

gouache                       opaque watercolour paint

gound                         the gunk that collects in the corners of the eyes during sleep

gowk                          a cuckoo; a fool

gowpen                        two hands placed together to form a bowl-shape; also, the amount that can be contained in a pair of cupped hands

grabble                       search with the hand; grope

graben                        a rift valley

gracile                       gracefully slender; graceful

gracility                     slenderness

gradatim                      step by step

gradgrind                     one who regulates things by means of statistics; one who is only interested in the cold, hard facts

gradin                        a rising tier of seats in a theatre

gradiometer                   instrument for measuring gradient of a physical quantity

gradual                       part of mass between epistle and gospel

gradualism                    belief that things proceed by degrees

graecomania                   obsession with Greece and the Greeks

grafology                     fortunetelling by studying writing

grain                         unit of weight equal to 1/7000 of a pound

graip                         pitchfork; dungfork

grallatory                    of, like or pertaining to wading birds

gramary                       magic; enchantment

gramarye                      occult learning, magic, necromancy

gramercy                      expression of gratitude or surprise

gramineous                    of, like or pertaining to grass; grassy

graminivorous                 feeding on grass or cereals

graminology                   study of grasses

grammalogue                   word represented by a single sign; logogram

grammaticaster                a person who is pedantic regarding proper grammar

grammatolatry                 the worship of letters or words; concern for the letter with disregard for the spirit

grammatology                  study of systems of writing

grandeval                     of great age; ancient

grandgousier                  one who will eat as much as possible of anything

grandiloquence                lofty or pompous eloquence; bombast

grandiloquent                 characterized by lofty or pompous eloquence; bombastic

grandiloquism                 the practice of using bombastic language

grandinous                    full of hail; consisting of hail

grandisonant                  pompous-sounding

granfalloon                   any large bureaucratic figment of people's imagination

grangerism                    the practice of illustrating a book with engravings, prints, etc. cut from other books

grangerize                    to illustrate a book with engravings, prints, etc. cut from other books

granitic                      having unyielding firmness or austere inflexibility

granivorous                   feeding on seeds

grannyisma                    characteristic or mannerism of an old woman

granuliferous                 bearing granules

grapheme                      a letter of the alphabet

graphemics                    study of systems of representing speech in writing

grapholagnia                  having an obsession with obscene pictures

graphology                    study of handwriting

graphomania                   obsession with writing

graphophobia                  the fear of writing or of the written word

graphospasm                   writer's cramp

grapnel                       small anchor used for dragging or grappling

graptomancy                   fortunetelling by studying handwriting

grassation                    an act of attacking violently; a lying in wait to attack

grassing                      bleaching by exposure on grass

graticulation                 division of design into squares when scaling

gratis                        without charge; for free

grattoir                      scraper made of flint

gratulate                     congratulate

gratulatory                   congratulatory

graunch                       to make a crunching or grinding sound

grauncher                     clumsy and incompetent mechanic

graupel                       frozen rain or snowflakes; granular snow pellets

graustark                     1. an imaginary place of high romance

graustark                     2. a highly romantic piece of writing

gravamen                      grievance; grounds of legal complaint

gravaminous                   1. grievous, annoying, distressing

gravedinous                   2. drowsy, heavy-headed

graveolent                    rank smelling, fetid

gravid                        pregnant

gravimeter                    instrument for measuring variations in gravitational fields

gravimetrical                 of, like or pertaining to measuring by weight

gravitas                      high seriousness, importance, weight

gray                          unit of absorbed dose of ionizing radiation equal to 100 rads

greave                        armour for the shin

greaves                       tallow waste

gregal                        of, like or pertaining to a flock

gregarian                     belonging to the herd or common sort; common

gregatim                      in flocks

gregger                       a rattle noisemaker

greige                        of a grey-beige colour

gremial                       intimate; pertaining to the lap or bosom

grenadine                     thin silk

gressible                     able to walk

gressorial                    adapted for walking

greyhoundy                    resembling a greyhound dog in appearance

gribble                       a small crustaceon which destroys submerged timber

gricer                        train-spotter or railway enthusiast

gridelin                      violet-grey

gridironic                    related to the game of (American) football

griffade                      sudden seizure with the claws

griffonage                    illegible or sloppy hand writing

grillage                      framework of timber

grilse                        salmon first returning to the river from the sea

grimalkin                     a cat; esp. an old female cat

grimgribber                   a lawyer; also, technical jargon or learned gibberish, as in legal matters

grimoire                      a magician's manual for invoking demons and spirits of the dead

grimpen                       a marshy area

grimthorpe                    to badly remodel a building ignoring its character or history (fter Baron Grimthorpe, English lawyer and architect, restorer of St. Alban's cathedral)

grinagog                      a perpetual grinner; a person with a big stupid grin

gripulous                     grasping; greedy

grisaille                     style of painting in grey tints

griseous                      pearl-grey or blue-grey; grizzled

grith                         protection or sanctuary provided by Old English law to persons in certain circumstances

grithbreach                   breach of the peace

grivoiserie                   lewd and lascivious behavior

groak                         to watch people eat hoping that they will offer you some of their food

grobian                       a crude, slovenly person; a lout

grobianism                    slovenly boorishness

grockle                       holiday-maker or tourist (esp. in southwest England); a summer visitor

groggery                      low public-house

grognard                      old or veteran soldier

grogram                       coarse loosely woven silk fabric

gromatic                      of, like or pertaining to surveys or surveying

gromatics                     science of surveying

groodles                      leftover food

grosgrain                     heavy close-woven corded silk

grosz                         1/100 of a Polish zloty

grotty                        wretchedly shabby; of a poor quality

grough                        deep gully in peat moor area

groundage                     a charge on a ship in port

groundling                    person of inferior taste; commoner

groundprox                    altitude warning system in aircraft

groundsel                     lowest timber of a structure

groupuscule                   small clique or faction

grout                         to root or grub with the snout

growlery                      a retreat for times of ill humour

groyne                        wooden breakwater

grue                          to shiver or shudder especially with fear or cold

grufted                       dirty; begrimed

gruine                        of, like or pertaining to cranes or similar birds

grum                          glum, morose, surly

grumous                       clotted; lumpy

gruntle                       to put in good humor

gruntled                      satisfied, pleased

gry                           anything of little value, as the paring of the nails

guaniferous                   bearing dung

guano                         seafowl (or bat) excrement used as fertilizer

guardant                      of a heraldic animal turned to side with head facing the viewer

guarish                       to heal

gubbins                       a collection of unimportant objects, the obscure internal working parts of anything

gubernate                     to govern; hence, gubernation (and gubernatorial)

gubernation                   the act of governing; governance

gubernator                    a powerful man in government

gubernatrix                   a powerful woman in government

guddle                        1. to grope for fish in their lurking places

guddle                        2. to feel one's way with the hands; grope

gudgeon                       1. a person easily cheated

gudgeon                       2. metal pin or bearing connecting rudder to a boat

gudgeons                      the slots on a hinge which hold the pin in place

gudget                        an army valet; a soldier's boy; a camp-follower; hence, a person of menial or low type

guerdon                       something that one has earned or gained; reward, recompense

guéridon                      small ornate table or stand

guérite                       chair with raised back forming a hood

guichet                       ticket window or similar small opening

guidfather                    another name for one's father in law

guidon                        pennant with rounded outer edge

guidwillie                    cordial, cheering

guignol                       something intended to horrify people

guilloche                     to decorate with intersecting curved lines

guimpe                        wide cloth covering neck and shoulders worn by nuns

guipure                       lace having no ground or mesh

gules                         heraldic name for the colour red

gulix                         kind of fine linen

gullery                       place where gulls breed

gulosity                      gluttony; greed

gulous                        gluttonous

gulpin                        credulous person; simpleton

gummiferous                   bearing gum

gummosity                     gumminess

gumnivorous                   feeding on tree saps

gump                          a complete nitwit

gumpheon                      a funeral banner

gunarchy                      government by women; gynarchy

gunge                         any messy or clogging substance, esp. one considered otherwise unidentifiable; also, general rubbish, clutter, filth

gunkhole                      a slimy bay or anchorage

gunnage                       number of guns carried on a warship

gunwale                       upper edge of the side of a ship

gurgitate                     to bubble; to boil

gurgitation                   surging

gurlet                        pickaxe with one pointed and one bladed end

gurning                       making funny, ugly or scary faces

gurry                         the parts left over after cleaning fish

guttate                       spotted; having drops or droplike markings

guttatim                      drop by drop

guttation                     release of drops of moisture

gutterblood                   1. a low-bred person; one of the rabble

gutterblood                   2. someone brought up one's immediate neighborhood, who is on equal footing as to their station

guttersnipe                   a member of the lowest class in society or a street person

guttiferous                   exuding drops

guttiform                     shaped like a drop

guttle                        to eat greedily

gutturotetany                 spasm in the throat causing stutter

guyot                         flat-topped underwater mountain

gyascutis                     a large imaginary four-legged beast with legs on one side longer than on the other for walking on hillsides

gybe                          to swing a sail from one side to another

gyle                          fermenting vat for beer

gymnasiarch                   the head of a gymnasium

gymnasiarchy                  government over a school or academy

gymnasiast                    a pupil in a gymnasium

gymnobiblism                  belief that the bible can be presented to unlearned without commentary

gymnogynomania                the urge to spy on people when they are undressing

gymnophobia                   the fear of nudity

gymnophoria                   the sensation that someone is mentally undressing you

gymnosophist                  one of a sect of naked ascetics of ancient India

gymnosophy                    deep contemplation performed while naked

gynaecide                     killing of women

gynaecocracy                  government by women; gynarchy

gynaecology                   study of women's physiology

gynaecomania                  abnormal sexual obsession with women

gynandroid                    hermaphroditic; being of or resembling both sexes

gynarchy                      government by women

gynecocracy                   a government consisting of women

gynephobia                    the fear of women

gynics                        knowledge of women

gyniolatry                    deep respect or devotion for women

gynocentric                   focused on or concerned with women

gynocracy                     government by women; gynarchy

gynonudomania                 the urge to rip off a woman's clothing

gynotikolobomassophile        one who nibbles on women's earlobes

gynotikolobomassophilia       a proclivity for nibbling on women's earlobes

gypsiferous                   bearing gypsum

gyre                          to move in a circle or spiral

gyrograph                     instrument for counting a wheel's revolutions

gyroidal                      spiral; rotatory

gyromancy                     fortunetelling involving walking in a circle until you fall down

gyron                         triangular heraldic charge

gyrose                        having a folded surface; marked with wavy lines

gyrostatics                   the study of rotating bodies

gyrovague                     a monk who begs and sponges off of other monks

gyrus                         convoluted ridge between two grooves

gyve                          to fetter; to shackle





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