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habanera                      slow and seductive Cuban dance

habergeon                     sleeveless mail coat

habilable                     capable of being clothed

habilatory                    of, like or pertaining to clothes or dressing

habile                        dexterous; adroit

habiliment                    attire

habilitate                    to equip or finance; to qualify

haboob                        a hot, violent wind which causes duststorms or sandstorms, esp. of the Sahara in Sudan

habromania                    insanity featuring cheerful delusions

habromanic                    euphoric

hachure                       shading or lines showing a slope on a map

hackbut                       harquebus; a matchlock gun invented in the 15th century

hackette                      a jocular or disparaging term for a female journalist

hackle                        comb for flax or hemp

hackney                       four-wheeled two-horse carriage

hadal                         of, relating to or being parts of the ocean below 6000 meters

hadeharia                     the practice of constantly using the word "hell" in speaking

hadiwist                      the awareness that, if only one had known, one must have acted otherwise; a vain regret, or the heedlessness or loss of opportunity which leads to it

haecceity                     that which gives something its unique quality; thisness

haemal                        of, like or pertaining to blood

haemataulics                  the study of movement of blood through blood vessels

haemathermal                  warm-blooded

haematic                      blood-coloured

haematogenesis                production of blood

haemophilia                   hereditary disease causing excessive bleeding

haggersnash                   a spiteful person

hagiarchy                     government by saints or holy persons

hagiocracy                    government by holy men

hagiography                   biography of saints; idealizing or idolizing biography

hagiolatry                    worship or reverence for saints

hagiology                     study of saints

hagiomania                    mania for sainthood

hagiophobia                   the fear of saints or holy things

hagioscope                    opening in wall to enable viewing of altar

hagseed                       the offspring of a hag

ha-ha                         a ditch with a retaining wall used to divide lands without defacing a landscape; a sunk fence

haingle                       to amble along in a feeble and listless manner

hajj                          a pilgrimage to Mecca

hakenkreuz                    swastika

halal                         to kill an animal in the manner prescribed by Muslim law; hence, lawful food

halation                      a spreading of light beyond its proper boundaries; blurring in a photograph due to light reflection

halch                         to hug or embrace

halcyon                       golden, peaceful, happy, prosperous

halcyonine                    of, like or pertaining to kingfishers

halfpace                      landing or broad step

halibiotic                    of, like or pertaining to the entirety of life under the sea

halidom                       anything considered holy or sacred

halieutic                     of, like or pertaining to fishing

halieutics                    the study of fishing; the art or practice of fishing

haligraphy                    treatise on salt

haliography                   a description of the sea

halitosis                     bad breath

halitotic                     having bad breath

halitous                      vaporous

halitus                       vapour; breath

hallux                        the big toe

halolimnic                    of, like or pertaining to sea creatures who spend time in fresh water

halomancy                     fortunetelling or magic using salt

halophilous                   tolerant of salt or salt-water

halyard                       rope or tackle for hoisting and lowering sails

hamarchy                              government by a cooperative body of parts

hamartia                      flaw in a character leading to his/her downfall

hamartiologist                an expert on the subject of sin

hamartiology                  section of theology dealing with sin

hamartithia                   being likely to make a mistake

hamartophobia                 a fear of sin or of sinning

hamate                        hooked

hamble                        to mutilate a dog by cutting of the balls of its feet

hambo                         Swedish folk dance in three-four time

hame                          curved projection attached to the collar of a draft horse

hamiform                      shaped like a hook

hamirostrate                  having a hooked beak

hamose                        hooked

hamshackle                    to fetter; to restrain

hamular                       like a small hook

hamulate                      tipped with a small hook

hamulus                       a small hook or hook-like process

hanap                         chalice used in communion whose cover is a second chalice

hanaster                      one who paid the entrance fee for oxford's medieval merchant's guild

hand-ahin                     the back, left-hand horse of a plow team

handfast                      a firm grip; a contract

handlist                      list without detail

handsel                       1. a gift made as a token of good wishes or luck especially at the beginning of a new year

handsel                       2. something received first (as in a day of trading) and taken to be a token of good luck

handsel                       3. a first installment; foretaste

handspike                     bar used as a lever

hangdog                       shamefaced, browbeaten, or intimidated

hank                          series of rings or clips for attaching a jib or staysail to a stay

hansom                        light two-wheeled cab

hantu                         an evil spirit, a ghost

hapax                         a word which occurs only once

hapax legomenon               a word evidenced by a single citation

hapaxanthous                  flowering only once

haplography                   the inadvertent omission of a repeated letter(s) in writing (e.g. writing philogy for philology)

haplology                     the contraction of a word by the omission of one or more similar sounds or syllables (as in mineralogy for mineralology or prob-ly for probably)

haptic                        relating to the sense of touch

haptodysphoria                an unpleasent feeling caused by handling any fuzzy surface

haptometer                    instrument measuring sensitivity to touch

haptotropic                   curving in response to touch

haqueton                      stuffed jacket worn under mail

harbergery                    a place of entertainment; an inn

harbouration                  a collection of unpleasant things

hardihood                     boldness; audacity

hardparts                     skeletal parts of an organism

hardscrabble                  1. being or relating to a piece of barren or barely arable soil

hardscrabble                  2. marked by poverty

harengiform                   shaped like a herring

hariolate                     to divine; to foretell

hark                          to pay close attention; to listen

harl                          barb of feather used to make artificial fishing fly

harmonics                     study of musical acoustics

harmoniphone                  keyboard instrument with reeds

harmonograph                  instrument drawing curves representing vibrations

harmonometer                  instrument measuring harmonic relations of sounds

harn                          coarse linen

harpactophage                 a predator which feeds on insects

harpagon                      harpoon

harpaxophobia                 the fear of thieves or of becoming a thief

harridan                      an ill-tempered scolding woman; shrew

harrier                       medium-sized scenting dog for hunting hares

harry                         to plunder; to ravage; to destroy

hart                          the male of the red deer esp when over five years old; stag

haruspex                      a person who predicts the future using entrails

haruspication                 fortunetelling by inspecting animal entrails

haruspicy                     fortune-telling from the entrails of sacrificial animals

hasenpfeffer                  a well seasoned rabbit stew

haslock                       wool on sheep's throat and neck

haslot                        cooked animal entrails

hassock                       kneeling cushion in a church

hastate                       spear-shaped

hatchment                     coat of arms of a deceased person

hauberk                       long chain mail coat

haulm                         stems of plants or straw collectively

haurient                      rising as if to breathe

haussmannize                  to open out; to rebuild

haustellum                    sucking proboscis or sucking end

haustorial                    having a sucking proboscis

haut                          high; haughty

hautain                       proud; arrogant

hauteur                       haughtiness; arrogance

havelock                      the cloth that hangs from the back of a hat to protect the wearer's neck

haversack                     bag worn over the shoulder for carrying provisions

havier                        castrated deer

hawkshaw                      detective

hawse                         distance between ship's bow and its anchor

hawsehole                     the hole on a ship through which the anchor is lowered

hawser                        large rope for mooring or towing a ship

haycock                       conical pile of hay in a field

haysel                        hay season

headborough                   petty constable

headsail                      sail set forward of the foremast of a ship

headstock                     device for supporting end or head of a member

heapstead                     buildings and places around a mine shaft

hearsecloth                   cloth lain over coffin during funeral

heartsome                     exhilarating; merry

heautontimorumenos            a form of masochism; a masochist

hebamic                       of, like or pertaining to the socratic method

hebdomad                      a group of seven; a week

hebdomadal                    every week; weekly

hebenon                       anything with poisonous juices

hebephobia                    the fear of young people

hebephrenia                   form of dementia occurring at puberty

hebephrenic                   a condition of adolescent silliness

hebesphalmology               the study of juvenile deliquency

hebetate                      to make dull or obtuse

hebetation                    the state of being dull; lethargy; stupidity

hebetic                       of, like or pertaining to puberty

hebetude                      lethargy, dullness, stupidity

hecatarchy                    government by one hundred people; hecatontarchy

hecatomb                      an ancient Greek and Roman sacrifice consisting typically of 100 oxen or cattle; the sacrifice or slaughter of many victims; a large number or quantity

hecatompedon                  any building which is either 100 feet long or wide

hecatontarchy                 government by one hundred people

hector                        to intimidate or harass by bluster or personal pressure

heddle                        series of vertical cords to receive warp-thread

hederaceous                   of, like or pertaining to ivy

hederate                      to decorate with ivy

hederated                     crowned with a wreath of ivy

hederiferous                  ivy-bearing

hederiform                    shaped like ivy

hedgehoggy                    having a prickly nature, of a forbidding appearance or manner; tending to arouse aversion

hednon                        wedding present

hedonics                      the doctrine of pleasure; that part of ethics which treats of pleasure

hedonism                      belief that pleasure is the highest good

hedonometer                   an apparatus for measuring pleasure

hedonophobia                  the fear of pleasure

heeler                        a worker for a local politician or political party

hegemon                       one that exercises hegemony; a leading or dominant power

hegemony                      preponderant influence or authority over others; domination; leadership of one state within a confederacy

hegira                        a journey esp when undertaken to escape from a dangerous or undesirable situation; exodus

hegumene                      head of a nunnery

heimganger                    a person who stays at home ; a stay-at-home mother

heisenbug                     a software bug that alters its behavior or disappears when you try to isolate it or examine it

heinsby                       a wretch

hekistotherm                  plant which can grow in very cold environments

helcoid                       ulcerous

helcology                     study of ulcers

heliac                        solar; coincident with that of the sun

helicograph                   instrument for drawing spirals on a plane

helicoid                      screw-shaped; like a coil

helicon                       bass tuba

helicosophy                   geometry that deals with spirals

helictite                     twisted; branching stalactite

heliofugal                    moving away from the sun

heliograph                    instrument for measuring intensity of sunlight

heliolater                    a sun worshipper

heliolatry                    sun worship

heliology                     science of the sun

heliometer                    instrument for measuring apparent diameter of the sun

heliophilous                  preferring or attracted to the sunlight

heliophobia                   the fear of the sun or sunlight

heliosciophyte                plant that thrives in sun better than shade

helioscope                    instrument for observing sun without injury to the eyes

helioseismology               study of sun's interior by observing its surface oscillations

heliosis                      exposure to the sun; sunburn

heliotaxis                    response of an organism to the sun's rays

heliotrope                    purplish hue; purplish-flowered plant; ancient sundial; signalling mirror

heliotropism                  the tendency of plants to turn towards the sun

helix                         screw-shaped coil

Hellenologophobia             the fear of Greek terms or complex terminology

hellenomania                  obsession with Greece and the Greeks; graecomania

helliferocious                hellaciously ferocious

hellkite                      kite of infernal breed; extremely cruel person

helluation                    a devouring gluttony

helm                          ship's steering wheel

helminth                      worm

helminthiasis                 infestation with worms

helminthoid                   worm-shaped

helminthology                 study of worms

helminthophobia               the fear of becoming infested with worms

helminthous                   infested with intestinal worms

helobious                     living in marshes or moors

helotage                      the state of helots or being enslaved

helotry                       class of slaves

helve                         handle of an axe or similar tool

hemacytometer                 instrument for counting blood cells

hematology                    study of blood

hematomancy                   fortunetelling using blood

hematophagous                 one who drinks blood

hematophobia                  the fear of blood or the sight of blood

hemeralopia                   only being able to see at night

hemeraphonia                  able to speak only at night

hemerology                    calendar

hemialgia                     pain in one side of the body alone

hemianopsia                   blindness in one eye

hemidemisemiquaver            a 1/64 note in music

hemiolic                      based on the ratio of 3 to 2

hemiplegic                    paralyzed on one side only

hemipygic                     having only one buttock (sometimes referred to as half-assed)

hemistich                     half a verse line

hemitery                      congenital deformity

hendecagon                    eleven-sided figure

hendecarchy                   government by eleven people

hendecasyllabic               (a verse or poem) consisting of eleven syllables

hendiadys                     the expression of an idea by the use of two words connected by conjunction which normally would be expressed by an adjective and a substantive; e.g., grace and favor instead of gracious favor

henism                        doctrine that there is only one kind of existence

henotheism                    worship of one god, without denying the existence of others

henotic                       tending to unify or reconcile; promoting harmony

henry                         unit of electrical inductance

hent                          to grasp; to seize

heortology                    study of religious feasts

hepatic                       of, like or pertaining to or acting upon the liver

hepatology                    study of liver

hepatoscopy                   fortunetelling by examining animal livers

hephaestic                    of, like or pertaining to iron-working and blacksmiths

heptamerous                   something that has 7 parts, sides, members

heptarchy                     government by seven people

hepteris                      ship with seven rows of oars

herbarium                     collection of preserved plants and herbs

herbescent                    growing like an herb

herborize                     to gather or tend herbs

herbose                       abounding with herbs

hercogamy                     prevention of self-pollination in plants

herdic                        low-hung carriage with back entrance

hereditament                  property that may pass on to an heir

heresiarch                    the founder of a heresy or the leader of a heretical sect

heresiology                   study of heresies

heresyphobia                  the fear of heresy

hereticaster                  petty or contemptible heretic

hereticate                    to denounce as heretical

hereticide                    killing of heretics

heretofore                    until now

heriot                        payment to feudal lord upon death of tenant farmer

hérissé                       bristled

herisson                      swinging beam bearing iron spikes

herm                          head or bust of hermes with a big wang on a square base

hermeneutic                   of, like or pertaining to the interpretation of passages

hermeneutics                  interpretations of the Bible

hermetic                      1. mysterious, occult; recondite; pertaining to sorcery or alchemy

hermetic                      2. sealed airtight

heroarchy                     government by heroes

heroon                        temple to a hero; temple-shaped tomb

herpetic                      creeping

herpetiform                   resembling or shaped like a reptile

herpetoid                     of, like or pertaining to snakes

herpetology                   study of reptiles and amphibians

herpetophobia                 the fear of snakes or reptiles

herringbone                   twilled fabric woven in rows of parallel sloping lines

hesitude                      doubtfulness

hesternal                     pertaining to yesterday

hesternopothia                a pathological yearning for the good old days  

hesychastic                   1. contemplating your navel, seeing therein the Divine Light

hesychastic                   2. keeping silence; soothing or quieting

hetaera                       paramour; prostitute; concubine

hetaerocracy                  government by paramours

hetairism                     concubinage; system of communal marriage

heterarchy                    government by a foreign ruler

heterism                      variation

heterochrony                  divergence from normal time sequence

heteroclite                   a person or thing that deviates from the ordinary rule or form

heteroclitous                 irregularly inflected

heterodymus                   conjoined twins with two heads and torsos but one pair of legs

heterodyne                    a signal that's created by mixing two other frequencies together

heteroecious                  parasitism upon several hosts

heteroepy                     irregular or non-standard pronunciation

heterogenesis                 spontaneous or alternate generation

heterography                  incorrect spelling; or a spelling that different than the one in current use eg. tire and tyre

heterological                 non-self-descriptive

heterology                    differences due to different origin

heteronomous                  subject to different or foreign laws

heteronym                     word having same spelling but different sound and meaning

heteropathy                   excessive sensitivity

heterophemy                   accidental use of word different from that meant

heteropraxy                   pertaining to people who do not follow the teachings of their religion

heteroscian                   dweller of a temperate zone

heterotaxis                   anomalous arrangement of body parts

heterothermal                 taking the temperature of the surroundings

heterotrichosis               having hair of varied or mixed colours

heterotropic                  squinting

heuristic                     of or relating to exploratory problem-solving methods that utilize self-educating techniques to improve performance

hexactinal                    having six rays

hexaemeron                    the (biblical) six days of creation

hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia fear of the number six-hundred and sixty-six, hence hexakosioihexekontahexaphobiac

hexamerous                    having six parts

hexametromania                mania for writing in hexameter

hexastichal                   having six lines or rows

hexerei                       witchcraft

hexeris                       galley with six rows of oars

heyday                        expression of elation or wonder

hiant                         gaping

hibernacle                    a winter retreat (like a cabin); a hibernating animal

hibernaculum                  1. a greenhouse for wintering plants

hibernaculum                  2. a shelter occupied in winter by a dormant animal

hibernal                      of, like or pertaining to winter

hibernicism                   an Irish trait or custom

hiccius doctius               a juggler; one that plays fast and loose

hidation                      measuring or assessing land by hides

hide                          old unit of land area equal to 120 acres

hidrotic                      causing or exuding sweat

hiemal                        characteristic of or relating to winter; wintry

hieratical                    priestly; bound by religious convention

hierocracy                    government by priests or religious ministers

hierodule                     temple slave

hierofastidia                 a dislike of all holy objects

hierogram                     sacred or hieroglyphic symbol

hierography                   description of sacred things

hierolatry                    worship of saints or sacred things

hierology                     science of sacred matters

hieromachy                    fight or quarrel between priests

hieromancy                    fortunetelling by studying objects offered in sacrifice

hieromania                    pathological religious visions or delusions

hieromonach                   monk who also serves as a priest

hieropathic                   pertaining to a strong love of the clergy

hierophant                    one who shows or reveals sacred things

hierophobia                   the fear of the clergy or of holy people

hieroscopy                    fortunetelling using entrails

hierurgy                      sacred performance

higgler                       a salesperson who insists on a certain price

highbinder                    a scheming or corrupt politician

hight                         named; called; to command or call

hilasmic                      propitiatory, reconciliatory, appeasing

himation                      rectangular garment draped over left shoulder and wrapped around the body (ancient Greece)

hindermate                    companion who is a hindrance

hindforemost                  with the back part in the front place

hinnable                      able to neigh or whinny

hiplings                      with the hips foremost

hippanthropy                  the insane delusion that one is a horse

hipparchy                     rule or control of horses

hipped                        1. marked by worry, depression, or hypochondria; melancholy; peevish; offended

hipped                        2. absorbed to an extreme or unreasonable degree; obsessed

hippiatric                    of, like or pertaining to the treatment of horses' diseases

hippiatrics                   study of diseases of horses

hippic                        of, like or pertaining to horses

hippobosca                    a blood sucking fly

hippocras                     medieval hot spiced wine

hippocrepian                  horseshoe-shaped

hippocrepiform                shaped like a horseshoe

hippodamist                   horse-tamer

hippoid                       equine; of, like or pertaining to horses

hippology                     the study of horses

hippomancy                    fortunetelling using horses , or by the neighing of horses

hippomania                    obsession with horses

hippometer                    instrument to measure height of horses

hippomobile                   horse-drawn vehicle

hippophagy                    feeding on horses

hippophile                    lover of horses

hippophobe                    hater of horses

hippophobia                   the fear of horses

hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian pertaining to extremely long words

hirci                         armpit hair

hircine                       goat-like; having a goatish stench

hircismus                     having smelly armpits

hircosity                     goatishness, lewdness

hirdum dirdum                 an uproar

hirple                        to walk lamely

hirrient                      a heavy trilling sound, such as a cat purring

hirsute                       having or covered with coarse shaggy hair

hirsutophilia                 an attraction to hairy men

hirtellous                    finely hirsute

hirudine                      of, like or pertaining to leeches

hirudinean                    of, like or pertaining to leeches

hirudinoid                    like a leech

hirundine                     of, like or pertaining to swallows

hisbid                        having stubbly or being unshaven

hist                          expression used to attract attention

histogenesis                  the formation or differentiation of tissues

histology                     study of the tissues of organisms

histopathology                study of changes in tissue due to disease

historicism                   belief that all phenomena are historically determined

historicity                   1. the quality or state of being historic esp. as opposed to ficticious or legendary

historicity                   2. a condition of being placed in the stream of history; also; a result of such placement

historiography                study of writing history

historiology                  study of history

histrionic                    of, like or pertaining to the stage or actors

hither                        to this place

hithermost                    nearest on this side

hitherside                    the nearest side

hoary                         pale silver-grey colour; grey with age

hobbish                       clownish

hobbledehoy                   awkward; gawky youth

hobnail                       thick and strong nail for shoeing horses

hobohemia                     community of hoboes

hobson-jobson                 a glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases

Hobson's choice               the option of taking the one thing offered or nothing, after Thomas Hobson (1544-1630), English keeper of a livery stable, from his requirement that customers take either the horse nearest the stable door or none

hod                           v-shaped trough for carrying bricks or mortar on the shoulders

hodden                        coarse undyed woollen cloth

hoddypeak                     a fool, simpleton, blockhead

hodiernal                     of or belonging to the present day

hodometry                     measurement of distance of a sea voyage

hodophobia                    the fear of travelling

hodoscope                     instrument for tracing paths of ionizing particles

hoggaster                     young sheep, hog, or boar

hoggerel                      a young sheep

hogget                        one-year-old sheep or colt

hoggin                        sifted gravel

hogg-night                    Hogmanay or New Year's Eve

hoghenhine                    a member of one's family

hogmanay                      1. gift or cake made on new year's eve

hogmanay                      2. New Year's Eve

hodmandod                     a strange person; a scarecrow

hofles                        nnreasonable, excessive

hogshead                      a large cask or unit of capacity equal to 63 gallons

hogo                          a stink

hokey                         artificial, contrived

holagogue                     drug expelling all morbid humours

holderbat                     clamp fixed around sides of pipe

holism                        belief that fundamental universal principle is creation of wholes

holland                       coarse plain-woven cotton or linen

holluschick                   a young male fur seal

holm                          island in a river

holobaptism                   belief in baptism with total immersion in water

holobenthic                   passing entire life in the deep ocean

holocryptic                   inscrutable; undecipherable

holograph                     text written entirely in its author's handwriting

holophrase                    single word expressing sentence or phrase

holophrasis                   expression of a complex of ideas in a single word

holoptic                      having the eyes meeting in front

holosteric                    totally solid

holour                        a whoremonger

holouries                     fornicators and debauchees, usually female

holt                          woody hill or grove

holus-bolus                   all at once; altogether

holystone                     sandstone material used to scrape ships' decks

homaloidal                    of the nature of a plane; flat; plane-shaped

homarine                      of, like or pertaining to lobsters

homeomerous                   composed of similar parts

homeopape                     a futuristic (hardcopy) newspaper that has been filtered such that you see only the news which interests you

homeoteleuton                 the use or occurrence of similar endings

homichlophobia                the fear of fog

homiletical                   of, like or pertaining to homilies

homiletics                    the art of preaching

homiliary                     book of sermons

homilophobia                  the fear of sermons

hominiform                    shaped like a human

hominist                      someone who advocates equal rights for men

hommock                       ridge in an ice field

homnivorous                   eating humans

homocentric                   having the same central or focal point

homochiral                    identically shaped

homodont                      having teeth all alike

homograph                     words spelled the same but with different meaning

homoiousia                    similarity but not identicality in substance

homolegomena                  books of the bible used in early Christianity

homologate                    to confirm; to agree; to ratify

homomerous                    possessing similar parts or components

homonym                       words having the same sound but different meanings

homoousia                     identicality in substance

homophile                     one who prefers the company of the same sex; a homosexual

homophobia                    the fear of homosexuals

homophyly                     resemblance due to common ancestry

homoplasty                    resemblance due to convergent evolution

homotaxic                     arranged in a similar manner

honeyfuggle                   to dupe, deceive, swindle b) to obtain by cheating or deception

honorificabilitudinitatibus   with honorableness; also honorificabilitudinity

honorificabilitudinity        honourableness

hoodoo                        1. a body of practices of sympathetic magic traditional esp. among blacks in the southern U.S.; voodoo

hoodoo                        2. a natural column of rock in western North America, formed usu. by differential weathering; an earth-pillar, often in fantastic form

hoodoo                        3. something that brings bad luck

hookem-snivey                 petty; deceitful, sneaky

hoon                          someone, esp. a young man, who drives fast and recklessly;  an act of driving fast and recklessly

hooplehead                    a foolish, ridiculous or worthless person

hoopty                        moving quickly rolling swiftly

hooverize                     to economize on food so that all might eat; to complete a task in an efficient way

hoplarchy                     government by the military

hoplite                       a heavily armed Greek foot soldier

hoplology                     the study of weapons

hoplomachy                    fighting while heavily armoured

hopple                        to restrain by tying the feet together

hopsack                       rough-surfaced loose fabric

hora                          circle dance

horal                         of, like or pertaining to hours; hourly

horary                        of, like or pertaining to an hour; continuing for an hour; hourly

hordarian                     the treasurer of a monastery or someone who controls a lot of money

hordeaceous                   of, like or pertaining to barley

hordeiform                    like a barleycorn

horme                         goal-directed or purposive behaviour

hormephobia                   the fear of shock

hornbook                      rudimentary treatise

hornito                       low oven

hornpipe                      lively British folk dance

hornswoggle                   to get the better of; to cheat or swindle; to hoodwink, humbug, bamboozle

hornwork                      cuckoldry

horography                    art of constructing sundials or clocks

horologist                    a person skilled in the practice or theory of horology; a maker of clocks or watches

horology                      the science of measuring time or making time pieces

horometry                     time measurement

horrent                       bristled, bristling

horrescent                    expressing or showing horror

horripilate                   to get goose bumps

horripilation                 the erection of the hair of the head or body from fear or cold; process causing goose-bumps

horrisonant                   sounding horribly; of terrible sound

hors de combat                out of combat; disabled

hortatory                     giving exhortation or advice

hortensial                    of, like or pertaining to gardens

hortulan                      of, like or pertaining to gardens

hosel                         a socket in the head of a golf club into which the shaft is inserted

hospitate                     to greet; to welcome

hospitium                     hospice

hotchpot                      aggregation of property prior to equal division among heirs

houghmagandy                  sexual intercourse with someone you are not married to

houndstooth                   fabric with an irregular checked pattern

hourd                         timber gallery on summit of castle tower

housal                        1. belonging to the house

housel                        2. the eucharist; the act of taking the eucharist

howbeit                       although

howdah                        a seat or covered pavilion on the back of an elephant or camel

howff                         haunt, resort

hoxter                        the inside pocket on a suit or coat

hoy                           large one-decked boat

hoyden                        woman of saucy, boisterous or carefree behavior; tomboy

huckaback                     absorbent cotton or linen used for towels

huckery                       the business of a huckster; often used to describe a woman or moll

huderon                       a lazy or slovenly individual

huffduff                      a device for determining the direction of shortwave radio signals, enabling their source to be located when bearings are obtained by two or more such devices

hugger-mugger                 disorderly confusion; muddle; secrecy; concealment

huggery                       the action of hugging

huitain                       group of eight lines of verse

hula                          sinuous Polynesian dance with rhythmic hip movements

hulchy                        swollen

humanism                      belief that human interests and mind are paramount

humanitarianism               doctrine that the highest moral obligation is to improve human welfare

humbuggery                    deception

humdudgeon                    1. a loud complaint or noise

humdudgeon                    2. an imaginary pain or illness

humect                        to moisten; to cause to become moist

humectant                     a substance promoting  the retention of moisture

humectation                   the process of moistening or wetting; irrigation; the condition of being moistened or wet

humgruffin                    terrible person

humicubate                    to lie still, as in some forms of prayer

humicubation                  lying on the ground, especially in penitence or humiliation

humify                        to moisten

hummock                       pile or ridge of ice

humoral                       of, like or pertaining to body fluid

humpenscrump                  crude musical instrument like a hurdy-gurdy

humuhumunukunukuapuaa         a small Hawaiian fish

humongous                     enormous, huge

hustle                        lively disco dance derived from swing elements with a plus-like pattern

hwyl                          an emotional quality which inspires and sustains impassioned eloquence; also, the fervor of emotion characteristic of Welsh gatherings

hwyl                          emotional state capable of arousing intense eloquence

hyacinthine                   of a blue or purple colour

hyaline                       glassy, of or like glass, transparent

hyalography                   engraving upon glass

hyaloid                       of, like or pertaining to glass

hyalophobia                   the fear of glass

hyalopterous                  having glassy or transparent wings

hydatoid                      watery

hydragogue                    removing water or serum

hydragyophobia                the fear of mercurial medicines

hydrargyrism                  mercury poisoning

hydric                        of, like or pertaining to an abundance of moisture

hydriotaphia                  burial in an urn

hydrobiology                  study of aquatic organisms

hydrodynamics                 study of movement in liquids

hydrogenic                    caused or formed by water

hydrogeology                  study of ground water

hydrognosy                    historical account of water surfaces of the earth

hydrography                   study of investigating bodies of water

hydrokinetics                 study of motion of fluids

hydrology                     study of water resources

hydromancy                    fortunetelling using water

hydromania                    irrational craving for water

hydrometeorology              study of atmospheric moisture

hydrometer                    instrument for measuring specific gravity of liquids

hydropathy                    study of treating diseases with water

hydrophanous                  becoming transparent when placed in water

hydrophilous                  loving or preferring water

hydrophobia                   the fear of water

hydrophobophobia              the fear of rabies

hydropic                      dropsical; thirsty

hydroscope                    instrument for viewing under water

hydroscopist                  one who divines sources of fresh water

hydrospace                    regions beneath the oceans' surface

hydrotaxis                    movement towards or away from water

hydrotimeter                  instrument for measuring water hardness

hyetal                        rainy; of, like or pertaining to rainfall

hyetograph                    instrument for recording rainfall

hyetology                     science of rainfall

hyetometer                    instrument for measuring rainfall

hyetometrograph               instrument for recording rainfall

hyetophobia                   the fear of rain, dampness or liquids

hygeian                       of, like or pertaining to health; healthy

hygeiolatry                   excessive devotion to health

hygiastics                    science of health and hygiene

hygiology                     hygienics; study of cleanliness

hygric                        of, like or pertaining to water or moisture

hygrograph                    instrument for recording variations in atmospheric humidity

hygrology                     study of humidity

hygrometer                    instrument for measuring air moisture

hygrometry                    science of humidity

hygrophilous                  preferring or living where there is an abundance of moisture

hygroscope                    instrument for displaying changes in air humidity

hygrostat                     machine for regulating humidity of air

hylactic                      barking; in a barking manner

hylarchic                     ruling over matter

hyle                          matter

hylephobia                    the fear of epilepsy

hylicism                      materialism

hylobatine                    of, like or pertaining to gibbons

hylogenesis                   the origin of matter

hylomania                     excessive tendency towards materialism

hylomorphism                  belief that matter is cause of the universe

hylopathism                   belief in ability of matter to affect the spiritual world

hylophagous                   eating wood

hylotheism                    belief that the universe is purely material

hylotomous                    wood-cutting

hylozoism                     doctrine that all matter is endowed with life

hymeneal                      nuptial, of a wedding

hymnal                        collection of church hymns

hymnody                       hymns collectively; hymn-singing

hymnography                   study of writing hymns

hymnology                     study of hymns

hyoid                         having a "u" shape

hypactic                      purgative

hypaethral                    roofless; open to the sky

hypalgesia                    diminished susceptibility to pain

hypallage                     figure in which relations between words are changed

hypaspist                     shield-bearing elite soldier

hypengyophobia                the fear of responsibility

hyperacusis                   abnormally good sense of hearing

hyperalgia                    extreme sensitivity to pain

hyperanarchy                  condition of extreme anarchy

hyperaphia                    extraordinarily keen sense of touch

hyperarchy                    excessive government

hyperbaton                    rhetorical device in which word order is reversed

hyperbole                     extravagant exaggeration

hyperbolic                    of, relating to, or marked by hyperbole

hyperborean                   related to or an inhabitant of the extreme northern regions, frozen

hyperbulia                    excessive zeal for action or activity

hypercatalectic               having an extra syllable on the end of a line of verse

hypercathexis                 manic desire for a particular object

hypercorrection               a linguistic construction or pronunciation produced by mistaken analogy with standard usage out of a desire to be correct, such as "on behalf of my wife and I"

hyperdulia                    veneration of the virgin mary above saints and angels

hyperemesis                   excessive vomiting

hypergamy                     marriage of a man to a woman of lower status

hypergolic                    applied to two substances which spontaneously ignite or explode on contact

hyperhedonia                  feeling abnormally great pleasure from a humdrum act

hyperhidrosis                 excessive sweating

hypermania                    severe mania

hypermetropia                 long-sightedness

hypermiling                   attempting to maximize gas mileage by making fuel-conserving adjustments to one's car and one's driving techniques

hypermnesia                   having an exceptional memory

hypernym                      word representing a class of words or things

hyperope                      far-sighted person

hyperosmia                    very keen sense of smell

hyperphagia                   eating too much

hyperprosexia                 excessive attention to something

hyperpyrexia                  excessive body temperature

hypersnickety                 excessively over-particular

hyperthemalgesia              an increased sensitivity to heat

hyperthymia                   euphoria; excessive emotionalism (medically, considered a mild form of hypomania)

hypertrichologist             person who treats unsightly facial hair

hyperurbanism                 use of hypercorrect forms in language

hyphaeresis                   omission of sound or letter from a word

hypnagogic                    sleep-inducing; of, relating to, or associated with the drowsiness preceding sleep

hypnoetic                     of, like or pertaining to unconscious logical thought

hypnogeny                     production of the hypnotic state

hypnoid                       like sleep or hypnosis

hypnology                     study of sleep; study of hypnosis

hypnomancy                    fortunetelling using sleep or hypnosis

hypnomogia                    insomnia

hypnophobia                   the fear of sleeping

hypnopompic                   the fuzzy state between being awake and asleep

hypnosophy                    knowledge of phenomena relating to sleep

hypobole                      anticipating and refuting objections to an argument

hypobulia                     deficiency of will power; trouble making up one's mind

hypobulic                     weak-willed; lacking willpower

hypocaust                     space under floor for heating by hot air

hypocorism                    pet-name; diminutive; abbreviated or nickname

hypodynamia                   loss of strength

hypogeal                      underground

hypogeiody                    surveying underground

hypogeum                      underground chamber

hypogeusia                    diminished sense of taste

hypolimnion                   colder and deeper layer of water in a lake

hypomania                     minor mania

hypometropia                  shortsightedness

hyponychial                   underneath fingernail or toenail

hyponym                       term which is a member of a larger class

hypophobia                    the fear of not being afraid

hypophrenia                   weakness of mental facilities

hyposmia                      a disorder in which one has no sense of smell

hypostasis                    the substance or essential nature (of a person); an underlying principle

hypostrophe                   return to primary argument after digression

hypostyle                     pillar

hypotaxis                     dependent construction

hypothecary                   of, like or pertaining to mortgages

hypothecate                   to mortgage; to place as security

hypotrichosis                 hairlessness

hypotyposis                   a vivid picturesque description

hypselotimophobia             the fear of high prices

hypsiloid                     shaped like the Greek letter upsilon

hypsiphobia                   the fear of heights or high places

hypsography                   science of measuring heights

hypsometer                    instrument for measuring height of trees through triangulation

hypsophobia                   the fear of high places

hypural                       situated beneath the tail

hyrax                         shrew, rock-rabbit, dassie

hysteresis                    lagging of an effect behind its cause

hysterogenic                  causing hysteria

hysteroid                     like or resembling a womb

hysteromania                  nymphomania

hysteron proteron             figure of speech consisting of the reversal of a natural/rational order e.g., then came the thunder and the lightning

hystricine                    of, like or pertaining to porcupines





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