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iamatology                    study of remedies

iamb                          poetic foot consisting of short then a long syllable

ianthine                      violet-coloured

iatraliptic                   treating diseases with lotions and friction

iatramelia                    medical negligence

iatrapistia                   a lack of faith in the medical system

iatrarchy                     government by physicians

iatrochemistry                application of chemistry to medical theory

iatrogenic                    pertaining to medical problems caused by a doctor's treatment

iatrology                     treatise or text on medical topics

iatromathematics              archaic practice of medicine in conjunction with astrology

iatromisia                    the dislike of doctors

iatrophobia                   the fear of going to the doctor

ibidem                        in the same place

icarian                       1. flying beyond a safe height

icarian                       2. unable to execute an ambitious project

iceblink                      glare in the sky caused by light reflected off ice

ichneumous                    parasitical

ichneutic                     of, like or pertaining to a tracker or tracking

ichnite                       fossilized footprint

ichnogram                     a footprint

ichnography                   art of drawing ground plans

ichnology                     the study of fossilized footprints

ichnomancy                    fortunetelling using footprints

ichor                         an ethereal fluid taking the place of blood in the veins of the Greek gods

ichthyic                      of, resembling or pertaining to fish

ichthyoid                     fishlike

ichthyolatry                  the worship of fish

ichthyology                   study of fish

ichthyomancy                  fortunetelling by inspecting fish entrails

ichthyomorphic                shaped like a fish

ichthyophagous                feeding on fish

ichthyopolist                 fish seller

icker                         a single ear of corn

iconoclasm                    attacking of established beliefs

iconodule                     one who worships or serves images, iconodulist

iconoduly                     the worship of images

iconography                   study of drawing symbols

iconolagny                    sexual stimulation from pictures or statues

iconolatry                    image-worship

iconology                     study of icons; symbols

iconomancy                    fortunetelling using icons

iconomania                    obsession with icons or portraits

iconomatic                    using pictures to represent sounds of words

iconometer                    instrument for finding size of object by measuring its image

iconophilism                  a taste for pictures and symbols

iconoplast                    one who makes images or icons

iconostasis                   screen or partition in eastern churches with tiers of icons

icosahedron                   a polyhedron having 20 plane faces

icterical                     of, like or pertaining to or suffering from jaundice; tinged with yellow

icterine                      of, like or pertaining to orioles and related birds

icterine                      yellowish or marked with yellow

icteritious                   jaundiced; yellow

icthyophobia                  the fear of fish

ictus                         stress or accent in poetry or verse

idempotent                    quantity which does not change when squared

ideogenous                    being of mental origin

ideogeny                      study of origins of ideas

ideogram                      symbol that stands for a concept rather than a word

ideophone                     word that is spoken but not written

ideopraxist                   one who is impelled to carry out an idea

ides                          in the ancient Roman calendar, the eighth day after the nones, i.e. the 15th of March, May, July, October, and the 13th of the other months

idiochromatic                 having unique or distinctive coloration

idiocrasis                    intrinsic peculiarity or unique feature

idioglossia                   private language developed between children

idiograph                     private mark; trademark

idiolalia                     a language invented and spoken by only one or a very few people; often the private language of twins; idioglossia; the use of a language invented by one's self

idiolect                      distinctive individual form of speech

idiologism                    personal speech peculiarity

idiomology                    study of idiom, jargon or dialect

idiomorphic                   having a unique or distinct form

idiopathic                    1. disease particular to an individual

idiopathic                    2. from an unknown cause

idiophone                     percussion instrument made of naturally resonant material

idiorhythmic                  self-regulating

idiothermous                  warm-blooded

idioticon                     a dictionary of a dialect; vocabulary of a particular district

idolomancy                    fortunetelling using idols

idolomania                    obsession or devotion to idols

idolothyte                    sacrifice presented to an idol

idolum                        mental image; logical fallacy

idoneous                      suitable; appropriate

ifsoever                      if ever

igarape                       a stream wide enough for a canoe

iggry                         Hurry up!  also as n. in phrase to get an iggri on

ignavia                       laziness; laxity

ignescent                     capable of emitting sparks; of a volatile mood

ignicolist                    fire-worshipper

ignify                        to burn

ignipotent                    having control of or power over fire

ignis fatuus                  deceptive goal or hope; light from marsh gas

ignivomous                    vomiting or spewing forth fire

ignominy                      deep personal humiliation and disgrace; disgraceful or dishonorable conduct, quality or action

ignoratio elenchi             the fallacy of ignoring the point in question and arguing the wrong point

ignoscency                    forgiveness

ignotarian                    a person who avoids or limits the acquisition of (new) information

ignotism                      a mistake due to ignorance

ignotum per ignotius          the unknown (explained) by means of the more unknown; an annoyingly obscure explanation

ikebana                       the Japanese art of formal flower arrangement

ilastical                     propitiatory; expiatory

iliac                         of, like or pertaining to the loins

ilicic                        of, like or pertaining to holly

ilke                          kind or nature

illapse                       to glide in

illaqueable                   capable of being ensnared

illaqueate                    to entangle, entrap, ensnare

illaqueation                  the act of entangling in a snare; esp. an entangling argument

illation                      the act of inferring or drawing conclusions

illative                      indicating movement into or toward

illatration                   the act of barking at someone or something

illaudable                    not praiseworthy

illecebrous                   alluring, enticing, attractive, pretty

illeism                       the practice of referring to oneself as "he" or "she", or by one's name

illeist                       one who refers to oneself in the third person

illimitable                   limitlessly infinite

illinition                    act of rubbing against or on

illiquation                   the melting of one thing into another

illision                      the act of striking against something

illocution                    an act which is performed by speaking words

illth                         being poor or miserable (the opposite of wealth)

illude                        to trick

illuminati                    people claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject

illuminism                    belief in an inward spiritual light

illusionism                   belief that the external world is philosophy

illutation                    mud bath

illuvium                      material dissolved in water and deposited in layers

illyngophobia                 the fear of vertigo

illywhacker                   a small time Australian confidence trickster

imagism                       doctrine of use of precise images with unrestricted subject

imago                         idealized mental image of a person

imbibition                    the absorption of a liquid by a solid or gel

imbonity                      the absence of good qualities, want of goodness

imborsation                   an Italian mode of election in which the names of the candidates were put into a bag to be drawn by lot

imbreviate                    to enroll

imbricate                     to lay overlapping one another

imbrication                   an overlapping of edges (as of tiles)

imbroglio                     confusing or disturbing situation; confused mass or heap

imbrue                        to wet or moisten

imbrute                       to degrade to the state of a brute

imburse                       to put in a purse; to pay

immanation                    flowing in

immane                        huge; monstrous in character

immanent                      inherent; permanently pervading the universe

immanentism                   belief in an immanent or permanent God

immanitous                    monstrous in size or strength; immane

immarcescible                 unfading; imperishable

immaterialism                 the doctrine that there is no material substance

immeability                   state of being impassable or impermeable

immelmann                     a turn in which an airplane in flight is first made to complete half of a loop and is then rolled half of a complete turn

immerge                       to immerse; to dip into water

immeritous                    undeserving

imminution                    lessening; decreasing

immiseration                  progressive impoverishment or degradation

immission                     insertion; infusion

immix                         to commingle

immoralism                    rejection of morality

immorigerous                  obstinate, disobedient; rude, uncivil

immortelle                    everlasting dried flower

immunifacient                 causing immunity

immunogenetics                study of genetic characteristics of immunity

immunogenic                   producing an immune response

immunopathology               study of immunity to disease

immure                        to imprison; to shut in

impacable                     not able to be quieted or appeased

impanate                      embodied in bread

imparidigitate                having an odd number of fingers on each limb

imparlance                    delay in pleading for amicable adjustment

imparlibidinous               relating to an unequal state of desire between two people

impaste                       to lay paint or colours thickly on

impavid                       fearless; undaunted

impeccant                     without sin; faultless

impecunious                   without money; penniless

impedimenta                   things that impede; baggage

impedimentary                 hindering; obstructing

impennate                     featherless; wingless

impercipience                 lack of perception

imperdible                    incapable of being destroyed or lost; indestructible, impregnable

imperscriptible               not recorded; unwritten

imperscrutable                not capable of being searched out; inscrutable

imperseverant                 lacking the power to perceive

impest                        to infest with plague or pestilence

impeticos                     any word written in a dialogue with the intention of making its presenter look foolish

impetrate                     to obtain by entreaty, request or prayer

impignorate                   to place in pawn; to pledge or mortgage; pledged, pawned, mortgaged

impigrity                     quickness; diligence

impigrous                     quick; dilligent

impinguate                    to make fat; to fatten

impleach                      to intertwine

impletion                     filling; fullness; fulfilment

implex                        not simple; involved; complicated

implodent                     an implosive sound

implumous                     without feathers

imponent                      that which imposes an obligation

importune                     to press or urge with repeated requests

impostume                     abscess

imprecate                      call down by prayer; to curse; to invoke evil on

imprecation                   the act of cursing; to invoke evil upon

imprescriptible               not subject to prescription; inalienable; also, absolute

imprest                       a loan or advance of money

imprimatur                    official license to print a book; sanction, approval

imprimis                      in the first place

imprimitive                   not primitive

impropriate                   to appropriate for private use

improvident                   lacking foresight; thoughtless

impudicity                    immodesty, shamelessness

impugn                        to oppose; to attack by words or arguments

impuissant                    powerless

impulregafize                 to strain

imputation                    attribution of fault to

imsonic                       onomatopoetic

inadequation                  want of equivalence or exact correspondence

inamorata                     a woman with whom one is in love or has intimate relations

inamorato                     a male lover

inaniloquent                  speaking foolishly or saying silly things

inanition                     emptiness; starvation; lethargy

inappetent                    lacking desire or appetite

inapt                         unfit or unqualified

inaurate                      gilded; golden

inbeing                       inherence; inherent existence

inboard                       inside the line of a ship's bulwarks or hull

incalescence                  growing warm or ardent

incalescent                   growing warm

incanous                      covered with soft white hair

incardination                 acceptance by a diocese of clergyman from another diocese

incarnadine                   flesh-colored; red, esp. blood red

incatenation                  harnessing; chaining together

incede                        to advance majestically

incendivity                   the power of causing ignition

incentivize                   to be given an incentive

incept                        to take into the body; ingest

inceptive                     marking the beginning or formation

inchoate                      undeveloped; just begun

incicurable                   that which cannot be tamed

incipient                     beginning; in an early stage

incivism                      neglect of duty as a citizen

inclinometer                  instrument for measuring inclination to the horizontal of an axis

incogitable                   impossible to accept or believe; unthinkable, inconceivable

incogitancy                   lack of thought or of the power of thinking; thoughtlessness

incommiscible                 unable to be mixed or intermingled

incommode                     to cause trouble or inconvenience to

incommutable                  that cannot be commuted or exchanged

incompossible                 not possible together; wholly incompatible or inconsistent; hence, incompossibility

incompt                       lacking grace and eloquence; messy

inconcinnity                  lack of suitability or congruity; inelegance

incondite                     not well put together; poorly constructed

inconscient                   unconscious; abstracted

inconsonance                  lack of harmony; disagreement

incoronate                    crowned

incorpse                      to incorporate

incrassate                    to thicken or to swell

increscent                    waxing

incubus                       an evil spirit that lies on [women] in their sleep; a nightmare

inculcate                     1. implant in by persistent urging

inculpate                     2. to blame; to incriminate

incult                        uncultivated; coarse

incunabula                    a book which was printed before 1500 AD, in the dawn of publishing

incunabulist                  one who collects early books

incunabulum                   1. a book printed from movable type before 1501

incunabulum                   2. artifact of an earlier age

incuse                        impressed or stamped upon

indagate                      to search out; to investigate

indagatrix                    a female searcher or investigator

indehiscent                   not splitting open at maturity; indehiscent fruit; hence, indehiscence

indevirginate                 unsullied (not devirginate)

indicia                       indicating marks or symptoms

indifferentism                the belief that all religions are equally valid

indigence                     poverty; state of being needy

indigeneity                   the quality of being indigenous or native; indigenousness

indign                        unworthy, undeserving; shameful, disgraceful

indigo                        deep blue-violet colour; a blue-violet dye

indiscerptible                not able to be separated

indite                        to compose

individualism                 belief that individual interests and rights are paramount

indocible                     incapable of being taught; unteachable; hence indocibility, indocibleness

indocile                      unwilling to be taught or disciplined; intractable

indoles                       inherent disposition

induciae                      peace treaty or armistice

indue                         to supply; to endow

indulgence                    former Catholic pardon granted for remission of punishment for sins

indult                        special temporary dispensation granted by the Catholic church

indumentum                    total body covering of hair, fur or feathers

indurate                      1. to harden

indurate                      2. to inure

indurate                      3. to make callous

induviae                      withered leaves which persist on plants

indwell                       to exist within as a guiding force

ineffable                     unspeakable, indescribable

ineluctable                   against which it is useless to struggle; inevitable

inenarrable                   incapable of being narrated; indescribable

inerrancy                     exemption from error; infallibility

inescatory                    of, like or pertaining to baiting; adapted to bait

inesculent                    inedible

inessive                      indicating location within

ineunt                        entering

inexpiable                    that which cannot be expiated or atoned for

inexpugnable                  impregnable, unassailable, invincible; not able to be attacked or captured

inexpungible                  ineffaceable, indestructible

infandous                     too horrible to mention, unspeakably awful

infantocracy                  government by an infant

infarction                    necrosis; tissue dying due to lack of blood flow

infaust                       unlucky; ill-omened

infelicific                   that which makes unhappy

infelicitous                  inappropriate in application or expression

inferiae                      offerings to the spirits of the dead

infibulation                  the act of fastening with ring, clasp or stitches to prevent sexual intercourse

inficete                      unfacetious; not witty; dull, unfunny, deadly serious, humorless

infixation                    the act of inserting (as a sound or a letter) as an infix

inflorescence                 process of producing flowers; flowering

influencive                   influential

influous                      when you see your horoscope and ignore it; to avoid "astral influence"

infomania                     excessive devotion to accumulating facts

infonesia                     the inability to remember where one saw a piece of information

infovore                      a person who indulges in and desires information gathering and interpretation

infra                         below; later in a text

infracaninophile              one who supports or defends the underdog

infrangible                   not able to be broken or violated

infrendiate                   to gnash the teeth

infructuous                   not fruitful

infucate                      to apply cosmetics; to use makeup. to paint your face

infucation                    the act of painting the face

infumate                      smoky; blackened

infundibular                  having the form of a funnel or cone

infundibuliform               having the form or shape of a funnel or cone

infuscate                     clouded or tinged with brown; obscured; cloudy brown colour

ingannation                   deception

ingate                        inlet for molten metal in founding

ingeminate                    to reiterate; to redouble

ingeminate                    to repeat, reiterate (a word, statement, etc.), usually for the purpose of being emphatic or impressive

ingenuous                     showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness; lacking craft or subtlety

ingerence                     intrusion; interference

ingle                         a fire in a room; a fireplace

inglenook                     alcove by a large open fire

ingluvies                     a crop or craw of birds

ingravescence                 a worsening or increase in severity

ingravescent                  growing worse or more severe

ingressant                    entering, ingoing

ingression                    pronounced with inhalation rather than exhalation

inguinal                      of, like or pertaining to the groin

ingurgitate                   to swallow; to guzzle

inhaust                       to drink in

inhebetate                    to make something dull or blunt

inhere                        be inherent

inhumation                    burial; act of depositing in the ground

inhumist                      referring to a society that burns its dead

inimical                      hostile; unfriendly; harmful, adverse

inimicitious                  inimical

iniquitous                    characterized by gross injustice or wickedness; vicious

iniquity                      wickedness; gross injustice

inkhorn                       1. ostentatiously learned; pedantic; affected

inkhorn                       2. portable case for ink

inkhornism                    pedantic word or expression

inlagation                    pardoning of an outlaw

inlapidate                    to petrify

inly                          inwardly; thoroughly

innitency                     state of leaning or resting upon something

innominate                    having no name

innoxious                     harmless

innubilious                   cloudless

inoperculate                  without an operculum or lid

inopinate                     not thought of; unexpected

inosculate                    to join together with ducts or openings; to blend or combine

inquiline                     living with another; dwelling in another creature's lair

inquinate                     to corrupt or defile

inquirendo                    authority to inquire into something

inquisiturient                eager to act as an inquisitor

inquorate                     not making up a quorum

insalubrious                  not conducive to health; unwholesome

insangelous                   to be equal to the angels

inscenation                   staging; setting

inscient                      having little or no knowledge

insculp                       to engrave, to cut or carve from something

insectifuge                   insect repellent

insectivorous                 eating insects

insectology                   study of insects

insessorial                   adapted for perching

insidiate                     to conspire against; to betray

insipience                    lack of wisdom or intelligence; stupidity

insolate                      to treat by exposure to the sun's rays

insouciance                   indifference; apathy

insouciant                    lighthearted and unconcerned

inspan                        to bring or force into service

inspissate                    to thicken or condense

instauration                  1. renovation, restoration

instauration                  2. an act of starting or establishing something

institorial                   of, like or pertaining to an agent or factor

instructive                   indicating means whereby

instrumental                  indicating means by which

instrumentalism               doctrine that ideas are instruments of action

insufflate                    to blow on or into; to disseminate by blowing

insulse                       lacking wit; dull; stupid; insipid

intaglio                      a figure engraved into a gem or another substance

integument                    an external covering or coating

intellection                  act of thinking; exercise of the intellect

intellectualism               belief that all knowledge is derived from reason

intemerate                    pure; undefiled; unspoiled

intempestive                  unseasonable; untimely; inopportune

intenerate                    to make tender; to soften

intenible                     not capable of holding or retaining

interactionism                belief that mind and body act on each other

interamnian                   between two rivers

intercalary                   interpolated; inserted between other things

intercalate                   to insert (as a day) in a calendar

intercalation                 interpolation; insertion between others

interciliary                  between the eyebrows

intercipient                  intercepting

interclude                    to block; to enclose; to cut off

intercolline                  lying between hills

intercostal                   between the ribs

intercrural                   within or pertaining to the area between the legs

interdigitate                 to interlock in the manner of locked fingers

interdine                     to eat together

interfenestration             spacing of windows; the art of placing windows

interferometer                instrument for analysing spectra of light

interfluve                    area between two rivers that flow in the same direction

intergrade                    to merge or shade by means of intermediate steps

interim                       meanwhile

interjacent                   intervening; situated between two things

interjaculate                 to ejaculate in interruption

interlacustrine               situated between lakes

interlaminate                 to insert between layers

interlocutor                  one who converses; interpreter; participant in conversation

interlucation                 thinning of a forest to let some light in

interlunation                 dark time between old moon and new

intermure                     to wall in

internecine                   causing (mutual) destruction ; confliction within a group

internecion                   mutual destruction, slaughter, massacre

internesia                    the inability to remember either the location of or information contained on a web site  

internuncio                   messenger between two parties; low-ranking papal legate

interosculant                 possessing attributes common to different groups

interpellate                  to question formally concerning an official action or policy or personal conduct

interpellation                question raised during the course of debate

interpilaster                 space between two pilasters

interpunction                 insertion of punctuation marks in writing

interramification             interweaving of branches

interregnum                   the time during which a throne is vacant between two reigns; a lapse in a continuous series

interrex                      one who rules during an interregnum; regent

interrobang                   a punctuation mark {?!} designed for use esp. at the end of an exclamatory rhetorical question

interscribe                   to write between

intersidereal                 between stars

interstice                    a gap or break in something generally continuous

interstitial                  of, like or pertaining to the space between things

intertesselation              complex interrelationship

intertie                      short timber binding together upright posts

intertrigo                    skin rash due to friction of two moist surfaces

intertwingularity             the complexity of interrelations in human knowledge

intervallum                   between the ramparts

intervenient                  coming in incidentally or extraneously; intervening; intermediary

intervolve                    to roll up or entwine with one another

intinction                    administering communion by dipping bread into wine

intitule                      to endow or furnish with a title

intorted                      twisted inwards; involved

intrados                      undersurface of an arch or vault

intrant                       entering; penetrating

intrapreneur                  a company employee who is not bound by rules or policies and who is free to refine products

intrigante                    a woman who intrigues; a busybody

intrinsicate                  intricate, involved, entangled

introessive                   indicating motion into

introit                       psalm or hymn sung at beginning of church service

intromit                      to introduce; to admit; to insert

introrse                      turned or facing inward

introspectionism              doctrine that knowledge of mind must derive from introspection

introuvable                   immpossible to find; specif. of books

introvenient                  coming in

intuitionism                  belief that the perception of truth is by intuition

intumesce                     to enlarge; to swell; to bubble

intussusception               movement of one part of a thing into another

inumbrate                     to cast a shadow upon; to shade

inunct                        to apply ointment to someone or something

inunction                     anointing, smearing or rubbing with ointment

inurbanity                    lack of manners or deportment; incivility

inusitate                     unwonted, unusual, out of use, unfamiliar

inusitation                   disuse; disrepair

inustion                      burning in; cauterization

invaginate                    to sheathe; to draw in; to enfold

inveigh                       to make an attack in speech or writing

inveigle                      to entice; to wheedle

invenit                       invented it

inverecund                    shameless; unabashed

inveterate                    long-established; confirmed

invictive                     insurmountable; undefeatable

invidious                     likely to excite indignation against the performer

invigilate                    to keep watch; to supervise students at an examination; supervise, monitor

invigilator                   someone who watches examination candidates to prevent cheating; proctor

invination                    presence of Christ's blood in sanctified wine

inviscate                     to entrap with sticky material

invitatory                    psalm or anthem sung before prayer during church service

invultuation                  the making of an image for use in witchcraft

inwit                         conscience; reason, intellect, understanding; wisdom

iophobia                      the fear of poison or being poisoned; the fear of rust

ipsedixitism                  the practice of dogmatic assertion

ipsedixitist                  a dogmatic person

ipseity                       selfhood; state of being oneself

iracund                       inclined to become angry

iracundulous                  somewhat inclined to become angry

irascent                      becoming enraged or angry

irenic                        conducive to or working toward peace, moderation or conciliation

irenology                     the study or science of peace

iridian                       having or suggestive of the colours of a rainbow

iridic                        of, like or pertaining to the iris of the eye

iridize                       to make iridescent

iridology                     the study of the iris as a basis for diagnosis

iriscope                      instrument for exhibiting the prismatic colours

irpe                          a fantastic grimace, or contortion of the body

irradicate                    to fix firmly

irrecusable                   that cannot be rejected

irredentism                   advocating return of what is now foreign land to the former occupants

irrefragable                  that cannot be refuted; unanswerable

irrefrangible                 incapable of refraction

irremeable                    which cannot be returned; irrevocable

irreption                     the irreption of pseudoclassical plurals in technical language

irreptitious                  characterized by creeping in, esp. into a text; 

irriguous                     watered; wet; irrigating

irrision                      the act of laughing at another

irrisory                      mocking; derisive

irroration                    watering a plant with discharge of a sick person

irruption                     1. a forcible or violent rush; a breaking in

irruption                     2. of a natural population; a sudden upsurge in numbers

irruption                     3. eruption

isabelline                    greyish yellow

isabnormal                    line connecting points of equal deviation from mean temperature

isacoustic                    line connecting points of equal acoustic quality

isagoge                       academic introduction to a subject

isagogic                      introductory

isallobar                     line connecting points of equal change in barometric pressure

isanemone                     line connecting points on map having same wind velocity

isapostolic                   equal to or contemporary with the apostles

isatis                        Arctic fox

iscariotic                    traitorous, treacherous

ischaemia                     lack of blood in a part of the body due to an obstruction

ischial callosities           the leather-like pads on a monkey’s bum

ischiatic                     of or pertaining to the ischium or hip

ischiorrhogic                 of an iambic line, having spondees in the second, fourth or sixth place

ischuretic                    diuretic

ischuria                      retention of urine

iseidomal                     line connecting points of equal visibility of a spectacle

isentropic                    line connecting points of equal entropy

isepiptesis                   a line on a map or chart connecting localitites reached at one date by different individuals of a species of migratory bird (an isochronal line)

ishan                         prehistoric Iraqi mound

ishies                        hip-joints

ising                         meat sausage

isinglass                     firm semitransparent substance used to make jellies

islandic                      of or pertaining to an island

islesman                      inhabitant of a group of islands

islomania                     craze or obsession for islands

ismatic                       addicted to "isms" or faddish theories

isness                        the fact of being; essence

isobar                        line connecting points of same atmospheric pressure

isobase                       line connecting points of equal land upheaval

isobath                       line connecting points of equal underwater depth

isobathytherm                 line connecting points of equal temperature and depth underground

isobront                      line connecting points of simultaneous storm development

isocephaly                    arrangement of figures in art so that their heads are at the same height

isochar                       line connecting points of similar distinguishing characteristics of plant life

isochasm                      line connecting points of equal frequency of aurorae

isocheim                      line connecting points of same average winter temperature

isochlor                      line connecting points of equal chlorine concentration

isochor                       line connecting points of varying conditions under constant volume

isochrone                     line connecting points of equal time difference or simultaneous occurrence

isochronous                   having the same duration; recurring at equal intervals

isochroous                    having a uniform colour

isoclinal                     line connecting points of same magnetic dip

isocracy                      a government in which everyone has equal power

isocryme                      line connecting points of equal winter temperature

isodiabatic                   having equal transmission of heat

isodose                       line connecting points that receive equal doses of radiation

isodynamic                    line connecting points of equal magnetic intensity

isoflor                       line connecting points of equal number of plant species

isogam                        line connecting points of equal acceleration due to gravity

isogen                        line connecting points of equal birthrates

isogeny                       sameness or similarity of origin

isogeotherm                   line connecting points of equal subterranean temperature

isogloss                      line connecting points of similar regional dialect

isoglossal                    having similar speech patterns or language

isogonal                      1. having equal angles

isogonal                      2. line connecting points of equal magnetic declination

isograd                       line connecting points of similar conditions during geological metamorphism

isogram                       line connecting points on a map having some similar feature

isograph                      line connecting points of same linguistic usage in some respect

isohaline                     line connecting points of equal salinity

isohalsine                    line connecting points of equal ocean salinity

isohel                        line connecting points of equal sunlight

isohyet                       line connecting points of equal rainfall

isokeraunic                   line connecting points of equal occurrence of thunderstorms

isolex                        line connecting points of same vocabulary usage

isoline                       line connecting points on a map having some similar feature

isomagnetic                   line connecting points of equal magnetic induction

isometric                     line connecting points of equal variations of pressure

isomorph                      line connecting points of same linguistic morphological forms

isonephelic                   line connecting points of equal cloud cover

isonomy                       equal law; rights or privileges

isonym                        word having the same derivation or form as another

isopach                       line connecting points of equal thickness of geological strata

isophene                      line connecting points of the same phenotype or seasonal variation

isophote                      line connecting points of equal light intensity from a given source

isopiestic                    line connecting points of equal pressure but varying temperature and volume

isopiptesis                   line connecting points of same arrival date of migratory species

isopleth                      line connecting points of equal aspect of climate

isopolity                     reciprocity of rights of citizenship in two communities

isopor                        line connecting points of equal annual change in magnetic field

isopsephic                    equal in number

isopterophobia                the fear of termites

isopycnic                     line connecting points of equal density

isorithm                      line connecting points of equal population density

isorropic                     of equal value

isoseismal                    line connecting points of same earthquake intensity

isostasy                      condition of equilibrium in the earth's crust

isostere                      line connecting points of equal specific volume of a substance

isotac                        line joining points where the ice melts at the same time of year

isotach                       line connecting points of the same wind speed

isothere                      line connecting points of equal summer temperature

isotherm                      line connecting points of equal temperature

isothermobath                 line connecting points of equal temperature at a given ocean depth

isotherombrose                line connecting points of equal ratio of summer rainfall to annual rainfall

isotropic                     having the same properties in every direction

isovol                        line connecting points of equal ratio of fixed to volatile carbon in coal

issles                        sparks; embers

issuant                       issuing from; in heraldry, emerging from the bottom of a chief

ist                           one who holds to an 'ism'

isthmian                      living on or situated on an isthmus

isthmoid                      resembling an isthmus

istle                         coarse tough Central American fibre used to make cords and nets

itacism                       pronunciation of the Greek letter eta as 'ee'

itai-itai                     disease caused by cadmium poisoning and resulting in back pain

italiot                       person of Greek descent dwelling in ancient Italy

italomania                    obsession with Italy or Italians

item                          likewise; also

iter                          circuit; path; road or line of travel

iterant                       repeating; echoing

iteration                     repetition

iterum                        again; afresh; anew

ithand                        to be busy, diligent or uninterrupted

ithomiid                      tropical South American butterfly

ithyphallic                   obscene; lewd; indecent; salacious; lustful

itinerarian                   traveller

itinerarily                   in the course of wandering

ition                         the action of going

itis                          bodily condition or disease

iulan                         of the first growth of the beard

iulus                         millipede

ivi                           Tahitian chestnut tree

ivoride                       imitation ivory

ivorine                       white and smooth like ivory

ivorist                       one who carves ivory professionally

ivresse                       drunkenness

iwis                          surely; certainly

ixia                          South African beautiful flowering plant

ixiodic                       of, like or pertaining to ticks

ixora                         tropical evergreen shrub with white flowers

izard                         goatlike antelope found in the pyrenees

izles                         any sparks or embers which rise from a chimney

izzard                        archaic name for the letter z

izzat                         public esteem; honour; prestige; reputation





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