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nabocklish                    an Irish expression meaning "leave it alone!"

nacarat                       bright orange-red

nacelle                       structure on wing of airplane containing engine

nacket                        1. snack; light lunch

nacket                        2. a man who is impertinent and rude

nacre                         mother-of-pearl

nacreous                      of or resembling mother-of-pearl

naevus                        birthmark

naff                          worthless, useless; tacky, tasteless, unfashionable; hence, naffly

naffin                        one who is almost an idiot

naffling                      stealing, shop lifting, thieving, robbing

naiant                        swimming horizontally

nail                          old measure of two and a quarter inches

nainsook                      fine cotton fabric

naissant                      nascent, rising or coming forth

nanism                        the condition of being dwarfed or being a dwarf

nanization                    artificial dwarfing

nankeen                       buff-coloured; durable buff-coloured cotton

nannicock                     hogwash, nonsense

nanocephalous                 having an extremely small head

nanophilia                    an attraction to short people

naology                       study of church or temple architecture

naos                          temple; inner cell of a temple

napaea                        nymph that inhabits wooded dells

napiform                      shaped like or resembling a turnip

nappe                         sheet of water flowing over a weir

napper                        one who naps cloth after it is fulled

naprapathy                    the process of massaging ligaments to cure illness

narcohypnia                   numbness experienced upon awakening

narcokleptocracy              rulership by drug dealers with ties to politicians and the military

narcolepsy                    pathological drowsiness

narcomancy                    fortunetelling using sleep

narcomania                    uncontrollable craving for narcotics

narcose                       experiencing a hallucinogenic stupor

nares                         the nostrils

narial                        of, like or pertaining to the nostrils

naricorn                      horny termination of a bird's nostril

nariform                      shaped like the nostrils

narquois                      mocking; malicious

narthex                       small entrance or porch to a church

nary                          not a one; not at all

nasard                        organ mutation stop

nascent                       immature; in process of birth

nasicornous                   having a horn on the nose, such as the rhinoceros

nasology                      study of the nose

nassology                     the science of stuffing animals for display, also called taxidermy

nasute                        keen-scented; critically discriminating; having a big nose

nasutiform                    shaped like a nose

natable                       able to float; able to be sailed

natalitial                    of, like or pertaining to a birthday

natalitious                   pertaining to someone's birthday

natation                      swimming

natatorium                    an indoor swimming-pool

nates                         the buttocks

natheless                     nevertheless; notwithstanding

natiform                      shaped like the buttocks

nativism                      belief that the mind possesses inborn thoughts

natricine                     of, like or pertaining to water-snakes

natron                        sodium bicarbonate

natuary                       hospital maternity ward

naturalism                    belief that the world can be explained in terms of natural forces

naturism                      communal nudism

naufragate                    to wreck something

naufragous                    causing shipwrecks

naumachia                     an ancient Roman spectacle representing a naval battle

naumachy                      mock sea-battle

naupathia                     sea sickness

nauscopy                      the alleged ability to spot land or ships at sea from far away

nauseant                      producing nausea

nautch                        an entertainment in India consisting chiefly of dancing by professional dancing girls

nautics                       art of navigation

navalism                      cult of naval supremacy or seapower

navarchy                      rulership over the seas

nave                          largest part of church where congregation sits

navette                       pointed oval shape; jewel cut in this shape

navicular                     resembling a boat; boat-shaped

naviform                      boat-shaped

naze                          headland or cape

neanic                        of, like or pertaining to the adolescent period; young

neanilagnia                   an attraction to teenagers

neanimorphic                  looking younger than one's years

neanimorphism                 looking younger than one actually is

neap                          tidal period of least difference between high and low tides

nearomatria                   being a young mother

neatherd                      a herdsman; cowherd

nebbish                       a timid, meek or ineffectual person

nebulaphobia                  the fear of clouds or fog

nebulize                      to reduce to spray

nebulochaotic                 the state of being hazy and confused

necessarianism                theory that actions are determined by prior history; fatalism

necessarium                   a toilet, lavatory

necrogenic                    deriving from dead animals

necrographer                  obituary writer

necrolatry                    worship of the dead

necrological                  relating to, or having the nature of a necrology

necrologist                   a person who writes obituaries or eulogies

necrologue                    obituary

necrology                     an obituary

necromancy                    the practice of communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future

necromania                    sexual obsession with dead bodies; necrophilia

necromimesis                  feigning death; the delusion of being dead

necrophagous                  feeding on the dead

necrophobia                   the fear of corpses

necropoliphobia               the fear of cemeteries

necroponent                   a person who temporarily runs a household following a death in the family

necropsy                      post-mortem examination

necrotic                      undergoing death of part of the body

nectareal                     of or like nectar

nectariferous                 producing nectar

nectarivorous                 feeding on nectar

nectarous                     sweet-tasting

nectopod                      limb used for swimming

necyomancy                    fortunetelling by summoning Satan

needlecord                    thinly ribbed cotton

needledom                     the world of sewing

needs                         of necessity; necessarily

nef                           ornamental stand in shape of ship for holding salt or cutlery

nefandous                     unspeakable, unmentionable

negrophile                    one who is sympathetic towards black people

negrophobia                   the fear of blacks

nekton                        assemblage of swimming organisms in a body of water

nelipot                       someone who walks barefoot without shoes

nelophobia                    the fear of glass

nemaline                      of or like a thread

nematology                    the study of nematodes

nembutsu                      buddhist invocation chanted to achieve enlightenment

nemophilist                   one who is fond of forest or forest scenery; a haunter of the woods

nemoral                       of a wood or grove

nemoricolous                  living in forests or groves

nemorous                      wooded

neoblastic                    of, like or pertaining to new growth

neocracy                      government by new or inexperienced rulers

neogenesis                    producing regeneration of tissue

neolagnium                    puberty

neolatry                      worship of novelty

neologist                     one who makes up new words

neologization                 the coining of new words or phrases

neomenia                      period of the new moon

neomorphic                    developed suddenly and not inherited

neonate                       newly born child

neonaticide                   killing or killer of a newborn infant

neonatology                   study of newborn babies

neonomianism                  theory that the gospel abrogates earlier moral codes

neopharmaphobia               the fear of new medicines or drugs

neophile                      one who loves novelty and trends

neophillia                    the love of novelty

neophobe                      one who fears change or novelty

neophobia                     the fear of anything that is new

neophrastic                   of, like or pertaining to neologisms (new words or phrases)

neorama                       view of interior of building

neossology                    study of nestling or young birds

neoteinia                     a state of prolonged immaturity

neoteinic                     pertaining to a prolonged adolescence

neoteric                      of recent origin; modern

neoterism                     introduction of new things, especially words

neovitalism                   theory that total material explanation is impossible

nepenthe                      a drug used by the ancients to give relief from pain and sorrow; hence anything soothing and comforting

neper                         unit for expressing ratio of two currents or voltages

nephalism                     total abstinence from alcoholic drinks

nepheligenous                 discharging smoke in clouds; producing clouds of tobacco smoke

nephelococcygia               cloud cuckooland; the act of finding shapes in clouds

nephelognosy                  observation of clouds

nepheloid                     cloudy

nephelometer                  instrument for measuring cloudiness

nephelometry                  measurement of cloudiness of liquids

nephogram                     photograph of clouds

nephograph                    instrument for photographing clouds

nephologist                   one who studies clouds

nephology                     study of clouds

nephology                     the scientific study of clouds; the branch of meteorology that deals with clouds

nephophobia                   the fear of clouds

nephoscope                    instrument for observing direction and velocity of clouds

nephric                       of, like or pertaining to the kidneys

nephroid                      kidney-shaped

nephrolith                    kidney stone

nephrology                    study of the kidneys

nepiomania                    the desire of a woman to have a child

nepionic                      of, like or pertaining to the embryonic period of development

nepotal                       of, like or pertaining to one's nephew

nepotation                    riotous behaviour; profligacy

neritic                       belonging to the shallow waters near land

nervine                       quieting; soothing nervous excitement

nervure                       vein of a leaf

nescience                     lack of knowledge or awareness; ignorance; the doctrine that nothing is truly knowable

nescio                        taken into thieve's jargon; a claim not to know; I do not know

nesh                          soft; delicate; tender

nesiote                       living on an island

nestitherapy                  medical treatment by reducing food intake

neuralgiform                  like or shaped like a nerve

neurergic                     of, like or pertaining to the function or action of the nerves

neurism                       "nerve-force" acting on evolution

neurobiology                  study of anatomy of the nervous system

neurogenesis                  production or generation of nerves

neuroid                       like a nerve

neuromancer                   one who tells the future by reading a person's neurons

neuropath                     one who believes in nervous origin of most diseases

neuropsychology               study of relation between brain and behaviour

neurypnology                  study of hypnotism

neuston                       minute organisms floating or swimming on water's surface

neutrosophy                   study of the origin and nature of philosophical neutralities

névé                          granular snow; field of granular snow

nevus                         birthmark

newel                         upright column in middle of circular staircase; post at end of stairs

nexum                         a form of loan (in ancient Rome) in which the creditor could enslave and flog the debtor if he failed to make a payment

nexus                         a bond; a linked group

niaiserie                     simplicity; foolishness

niccolic                      made of, like or pertaining to nickel

nicitate                      to close and open the eyelids rapidly, as in a blink

nickeliferous                 bearing nickel

nicotian                      of, like or pertaining to tobacco

nictate                       to wink or blink

nictitate                     to wink

nidamental                    nest-forming

nidatory                      of, like or pertaining to nests

niddering                     one who shows shameful fear or timidity

nidicolous                    reared in a nest; sharing a nest

nidificate                    to construct a nest

nidification                  the act, process or technique of building a nest

nidifugous                    leaving the nest soon after hatching

nidify                        to build a nest

nidology                      study of nests

nidor                         the savory aroma of cooked food, especially meat

nidorosity                    belching with the taste of undigested meat

nidulation                    nest-building

nidus                         1. a nest in which small animals deposit their eggs

nidus                         2. a breeding place for germs

nidus                         3. a source or origin; a place where some quality or principle is fostered

niello                        ornamenting metal by placing black compound in engravings

nieve                         hand or fist

niff                          an unpleasant smell

niggardly                     stingy; scanty

nigh                          nearly; almost

night-foundered               distressed for want of knowing the way in the night

nightpiece                    work of art describing a night scene

nightwhat                     nearly or almost

nigrescence                   blackness; dark colouring or pigmentation

nigricant                     of a blackish colour

nigrine                       black

nigrities                     exceptionally dark coloration

nigroglobulate                to blackball

nigrosine                     blackish coal-tar colour dye

nihil                         certification of a book by an official censor; official approval

nihilarian                    a person who deals with things of no importance; someone with a meaningless job

nihilartikel                  a deliberately erroneous entry in a dictionary or other reference book

nihilification                the action of setting aside or slighting

nihilism                      1. the belief that existence is senseless

nihilism                      2. the belief that conditions are so bad as to make destruction desirable; terrorism

nihility                      nothingness; a mere nothing

nikhedonia                    the pleasure caused by anticipating good fortune or success

nill                          to refuse; to be unwilling

nilometer                     an instrument for measuring the height of water in the Nile during flood

nim                           to steal; to pilfer

nimbose                       cloudy

nimfadoro                     an effeminate fellow who is well-dressed and popular with women

nimiety                       excess, redundancy

nimious                       overmuch, excessive; inordinate

nimonic                       of alloys used in high-temperature work

nimrod                        1. a hunter

nimrod                        2. a stupid or contemptible person; an idiot

nincompoopery                 the action(s) of a fool or simpleton

ninguid                       snow-covered

ninnyhammer                   a fool, simpleton; a blockhead

ninon                         silk voile or other thin fabric

nipperkin                     a measure or vessel of small capacity used for liquors

nippitatum                    exceptionally good and strong ale

nipter                        ecclesiastical ceremony of washing the feet

niramiai                      period of stamping and glaring to cow sumo opponent

Nissen hut                    a prefabricated shelter with a semicircular arching roof of corrugated iron sheeting and a concrete floor

nisus                         a mental or physical effort to attain an end; striving

nitency                       brightness; lustrousness

nithing                       infamous person; abject coward; traitor

nitid                         bright; shining; merry

nittiness                     being full of air bubbles

nitriary                      artificial bed of animal matter used to produce nitre

nitrometer                    instrument for measuring nitrogen and its compounds

nitrophilous                  flourishing in or preferring locations with abundant nitrogen

nival                         of or relating to a region of perennial snow

nivellate                     to level or plane

niveous                       of or relating to snow, relating to snow; snowy

nivial                        growing among snow

nobiliary                     of, like or pertaining to nobility

nobilitate                    to ennoble

nobodaddy                     a derisive name for the Christian God

nocency                       guilt

nocent                        causing injury; harmful

noceur                        a person who stays up late

nociceptive                   sensitive to pain; causing pain

noctambulation                sleep-walking

noctambulist                  a sleepwalker; somnambulist

noctidiurnal                  comprising one day and one night

noctiflorous                  flowering at night

noctilucent                   1. luminescent at night or in the dark; glowing in the dark

noctilucent                   2. a cloud that appears luminescent at night; specif. a silvery or bluish-white cloud occasionally seen in summer at high latitudes

noctilucous                   hining at night, phosphorescent

noctivagant                   wandering in the night or on one’s sleep

noctuary                      a journal of nocturnal incidents or thoughts

noctuolent                    of a flowering plant; more strongly scented at night than during the day

nocuous                       hurtful; noxious

nodality                      knottedness; state of being nodal

nodated                       knotted

nod-crafty                    he ability to nod with an air of great wisdom

noddy                         plain two-wheeled horse-drawn cart

noddypeak                     fool; imbecile

nodose                        having knots or nodules; knotty

nodosity                      knottiness; a knotty swelling

nodus                         a knotty point; difficulty; complication

noegenesis                    production of knowledge

noesis                        intellectual activity; purely intellectual perception

noetic                        based on purely intellectual apprehension

noetics                       laws or rules of logic

noils                         short pieces of fibre separated from longer ones by combing

noisette                      small piece of lamb cut off the bone and rolled

noisome                       noxious, unwholesome; offensive to the senses, esp; smell

noli me tangere               do not touch me

nolition                      adverse action of will; unwillingness

nolleity                      unwillingness

nomancy                       fortunetelling by examining letters of name

nomatophobia                  the fear of names

nomenclator                   lexicon; word-list; one who assigns names

nomiatrist                    lawyer specializing in medical cases

nomic                         customary; conventional

nominalism                    doctrine that naming of things defines reality

nominative                    indicating subject of a verb

nomism                        view that moral conduct consists in observance of laws

nomistic                      based on law or a sacred book

nomocentrism                  centered in the law

nomocracy                     government based on legal system; rule of law

nomogeny                      origin of life according to natural law

nomographer                   a writer of laws

nomology                      the science of the laws; especially of the mind

nomothete                     lawgiver or legislator

nomothetic                    relating to law; based in general laws

nomothetical                  giving laws; legislative

nonage                        legal infancy; minority; time of immaturity

nonce-word                    a word occurring, used, or made only once or for a special occasion

nones                         prayer service held at 3 p.m.

nonesuch                      a person or thing without an equal

nonpareil                     thing of unequalled excellence; paragon

nonparous                     not having given birth

nonpathogenic                 not causing disease

noogenesis                    evolution of the mind

noology                       science of the intellect; study of intuition and comprehension

noometry                      mind-measurement

nooning                       a rest taken an noon; a lunch break; a midday meal

noosphere                     sum of human intellectual activities

nootropics                    cognitive enhancers; mind drugs

normalism                     state of being normal

norsel                        short piece of line for fastening fishing nets and hooks

nosebag                       food bag hung over a horse's head

nosegay                       bouquet of fragrant flowers

nosism                        use of royal "we"; assumption of role of group mouthpiece

nosocomephrenia               a depression caused by any extended stay in the hospital

nosocomial                    of, like or pertaining to a hospital

nosocomium                    hospital

nosocomology                  the study of hospital management

nosography                    description of diseases

nosology                      the study of diseases

nosomania                     delusion of suffering from a disease

nosomaniaphobia               the fear of suffering from an imaginary disease

nosophobia                    the fear of disease or becoming ill

nostology                     the study of senility

nostomania                    abnormal desire to go back to familiar places; overwhelming homesicknes

nostopathy                    the fear of returning to familiar places

nostophobia                   the fear of returning home

nostrification                acceptance of foreign university degrees on par with native

nostrum                       secret or quack medicine; a panacea

notabilia                     notable sayings; things worthy of notice

notalgia                      back pain

notandum                      something to be specially noted or observed

notaphilist                   a person who studies notaphily; a collector of banknotes

notaphily                     collecting of bank-notes and cheques

notarikon                     making words from letters taken from throughout a sentence

nothingarian                  person who has no particular belief

nothosonomia                  the act of calling someone a bastard

nothous                       spurious; bastard

notitia                       roll, list or register

notophile                     one who collects bank notes

notonectal                    swimming on the back

noumenalism                   belief in existence of noumena

noumenon                      object whose reality defined by reason rather than perception

nouniness                     the (excessive) use of nouns or nominal constructions

nouny                         having or using many nouns; noun-like

nous                          pure intellect or reason

novalia                       lands newly brought under cultivation

novantique                    both new and old through repair or imitation

novation                      substitution of a new obligation for an existing one

novena                        series of Catholic church services held on nine successive days

novenary                      of, like or pertaining to the number nine

novendial                     festival lasting nine days

novercal                      of or like a stepmother; cruel, malicious, hostile

novercant                     having characteristics attributed to a stepmother; hostile

novercaphobia                 the fear of one's stepmother

novio                         sweetheart; lover

novity                        innovation; newness

nowanights                    at night [after nowadays]

nowise                        not at all

noxal                         of, like or pertaining to wrongful injury by object or animal of another

noyade                        a mass execution carried out by drowning; to execute by mass drowning

nubecula                      a cloudiness

nubiferous                    cloud-bringing

nubiform                      cloudlike

nubigenous                    cloud-born

nubilate                      to obscure

nubilous                      cloudy

nubivagant                    passing through the clouds

nucal                         of, like or pertaining to nuts

nucamentaceous                pertaining to a nut

nucha                         the nape of the neck

nuchal                        of, like or pertaining to the nape of the neck

nuciferous                    nut-bearing

nuciform                      shaped like a nut

nucivorous                    nut-eating

nucleomitophobia              the fear of atomic energy or nuclear weapons

nucule                        a nutlet

nudation                      the act of making bare

nudiustertian                 pertaining to the day before yesterday

nudzh                         one who persistently pesters, annoys, or complains; to annoy persistently; pester

nugacious                     unimportant; trifling; trivial

nugatory                      inconsequential; inoperative; futile; trifling

nugiperous                    given to inventing trifles

nullibicity                   the condition or attribute of being nowhere; non-existence; can’t be found

nullibiety                    the state of being nowhere

nullibilism                   denial that the soul exists in space

nullibiquitous                existing nowhere

nullifidian                   one of no faith or religion; a skeptic in matters of religion; one who lacks faith; a disbeliever; skeptic

nullipara                     a woman with no children

nulliparous                   having not borne children

nullity                       the state of being null or void

nulliverse                    universe devoid of any plan or organizing principle

numen                         presiding deity

numenism                      belief in local deities or spirits

numerophobia                  the fear of numbers

numinous                      of, like or pertaining to a deity; suffused with religious awe

numismatics                   study of coins

numismatist                   a coin collector

nummamorous                   money-loving

nummary                       of, like or pertaining to coins or money

nummet                        light meal or luncheon

nummiform                     shaped like a coin

numquid                       an inquisitive person

nunciative                    bearing messages

nuncio                        one who brings tidings; high-ranking papal legate

nuncius                       messenger

nuncupate                     to declare publicly or solemnly; to proclaim formally

nuncupative                   not written; oral, as in nuncupative will

nundinal                      of, like or pertaining to a fair or market place

nundination                   an act or instance of bartering; sale; trading; mercantile commerce

nunnation                     addition of a final n in the declension of nouns

nuppence                      no money; to be paid nothing

nupson                        fool, simpleton

nuptiality                    marriage-rate

nuque                         nape of the neck

nutant                        nodding; drooping

nutarian                      a vegetarian whose diet is based on nut products

nutation                      the involuntary nodding of one's head; fluctuation or nodding in movement of earth's pole

nutrication                   nourishment

nutrice                       nurse

nutricial                     of, like or pertaining to nurses

nuzzing                      the sound made by camels

nyaff                         a diminutive, insignificant, or contemptible person; often as wee nyaff

nychthemeral                  of, like or pertaining to a nychthemeron or 24-hour period

nychthemeron                  the full period of a night and a day

nyctalopia                    night-blindness; the inability to see in low light

nyctanthous                   flowering at night

nycterent                     a hunter who hunts at night

nyctinastic                   relating to or caused by nyctinasty

nyctinasty                    plant movement associated with diurnal changes of temperature or light; e.g. the shutting of the petals of a flower at night

nyctograph                    device for recording ideas at night or when not fully awake

nyctophobia                   the fear of the night or darkness

nymphean                      of, like or pertaining to a nymph

nympholepsy                   emotional frenzy, as that inspired in men by nymphs

nymphology                    study of nymphs





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