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pabouche                      slipper

pabulous                      of, like or pertaining to nourishment

pabulum                       food; provender; nourishment

pacable                       able to be appeased; willing to forgive

pace                          contrary to the opinion of; in respectful disagreement with

pachycephalosaurus            a bipedal herbivorous dinosaur of the late Cretaceous, characterized by a thickened, dome-like skull

pachydermatous                thick; callous, insensitive; thick-skinned

pachydermia                   elephantiasis

pachyglossal                  thick-tongued

pachymeter                    instrument for measuring small thicknesses

pachynsis                     thickening

paciferous                    peace-bringing

pacificate                    to give peace to

pactolian                     like or having golden-hued sands

paddereen                     a rosary bead

padella                       shallow dish of fat with a wick used in illuminations

padrone                       innkeeper; employer

padronism                     system of obtaining labour through employment agents

paduasoy                      corded silk

paean                         song of thanksgiving

paedarchy                     rulership by a child or several children

paedobaptism                  doctrine of infant baptism

paedocracy                    government by children; paedarchy

paedogenesis                  reproduction by an infant or larval organism

paedology                     study of children

paedomorphism                 retention in the adult of infantile or juvenile characters

paedonymic                    name taken from one's child

paedophage                    eater of children

paedophilia                   abnormal love or sexual attraction for children

paedophobia                   the fear of children or of dolls

paedotrophy                   the art of rearing children

paginal                       of, like or pertaining to pages or pagination

pagophagia                    a folk remedy of eating a bowl of ice daily to offset iron deficiency

pagophobia                    the fear of ice or frost

pahoehoe                      lava with a smooth glassy surface (compare a'a)

paideutic                     educational method or theory

paidonosology                 study of children's diseases; pediatrics

paillette                     a spangle; an adornment

pais                          people from whom a jury is drawn

paisley                       soft wool fabric with ornamental pattern

paizogony                     necking; love-play

palabra                       a word; talk

palaceous                     spade-shaped

palaeoanthropology            study of early humans

palaeobiology                 study of fossil plants and animals

palaeoclimatology             study of ancient climates

palaeogaea                    the Old World as a biological region

palaeolimnology               study of ancient fish or ancient lakes

palaeopedology                study of early soils

palaeophile                   antiquarian

palaeosophy                   ancient learning or thought

palaestra                     wrestling school; gymnasium

palaetiology                  application of principles of causation to past events

palafitte                     prehistoric lake dwelling

palamate                      having webbed feet

palanquin                     light litter for one passenger

palatine                      having royal authority over a region

palative                      pleasing to the taste or to the palate

palatography                  recording position of tongue against hard palate during speech

palaver                       to talk profusely or idly

palaveration                  discussion

palaverous                    full of or given to palaver; wordy, verbose

paleaceous                    chaffy; like or resembling chaff

paleobotany                   study of ancient plants

paleography                   the study of ancient writings

paleo-osteology               study of ancient bones

paleozoology                  the study of prehistoric animals

palestral                     pertaining to wrestling

paletot                       loose overcoat

palette                       small plate covering the armpit joint in a suit of armour

palewise                      (of heraldic charges) oriented vertically

palfrenier                    groom

palfrey                       a saddle horse, esp. a light easy-gaited horse suitable for a woman

palification                  the act of strengthening with stakes

paliform                      shaped like a stake

palilalia                     disorder characterized by rapid repetition of words

palillogy                     repetition of a word or word or phrase

palimbacchius                 metrical foot of two long and one short syllable

palimpsest                    writing material (as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times

palingenesis                  new birth; reincarnation; second creation

palingman                     seller of fish or eels

palinode                      1. an ode or song recanting or retracting something in an earlier poem

palinode                      2. a statement retraction

palinoia                      the compulsive repetition of an act as a way to master its performance

palinspastic                  showing geological formations of an area as they existed in the past

palisade                      fence of stakes used for defensive purposes

pall                          covering cloth laid upon Communion chalice

palladian                     of, like or pertaining to wisdom or learning

pallasethesia                 sense of vibration

pallescent                    turning pale

palliament                    white robe or gown

palliasse                     straw mattress

palliate                      to ease without curing; to extenuate; to make (an offence or crime) seem less serious

pallid                        pale; wan

pallium                       white woollen band symbolising archbishop's authority

pallograph                    instrument measuring ship's vibration

palmar                        of, like or pertaining to the palm

palmarian                     pre-eminent

palmary                       principal; meritorious

palmate                       hand-shaped

palmiped                      web-footed

palooka                       a clumsy, inept, or untalented boxer; a stupid, clumsy, or obnoxious person; oaf; lout

palpate                       to examine by touch

palpation                     an examination by touch, esp. medical

palpebral                     of, like or pertaining to the eyelid

palpebration                  winking

palter                        1. to act insincerely or deceitfully; equivocate; to trifle in talk

palter                        2. to haggle, chaffer

palterer                      one who palters; a triffer; a huckster, a haggler

paltripolitan                 term of scorn applied to city-dwellers or urban life

paludal                       of, like or pertaining to marshes; marshy; malarial

paludicolous                  growing in marshes; marsh-dwelling

paludism                      marsh fever; malaria

paludose                      marshy; living in marshes

palynology                    study of pollen

palzogony                     love-play; foreplay

pam                           card game in which jack of club has highest value

pampination                   to trim vines

pampiniform                   like a tendril

panaceist                     believer in panaceas

panache                       dash or flamboyance in style; verve

panaesthesia                  totality of perception; general awareness

panaesthetism                 theory that consciousness may inhere generally in matter

panarchy                      universal rule or dominion

panary                        of, like or pertaining to bread; bread store

panatella                     long; thin cigar

panchion                      coarse earthenware pan

panchreston                   panacea

pancosmism                    theory that the material universe is all that exists

pancratic                     excelling all round in athletics or accomplishments

pandation                     warping

pandect                       treatise covering the whole of a subject

pandemian                     vulgar; sensual

pandemic                      universal; affecting majority of people in a region

pandemonism                   worship of spirits dwelling in all forms of nature

pandiculation                 stretching and yawning before going to bed or after waking up

panduriform                   fiddle-shaped

panegoism                     solipsism

panegyric                     elaborate and poetic compliment; eulogy; laudation

panegyricon                   collection of sermons for Orthodox church festivals

panegyry                      grand assembly; religious festival

paneity                       the state of being bread

panentheism                   belief that world is part but not all of God's being

paneulogism                   universal or indiscriminate praise

pangamy                       random or unrestricted mating

pangeometry                   extension of geometry to more than three dimensions

panglossian                   blindly or naively optimistic

pangram                       sentence containing all the letters of the alphabet

panhygrous                    moist in all parts

panification                  conversion into bread

panivorous                    bread-eating

panjandrum                    a powerful personage or pretentious official; the mock title of a self-important person

panmixia                      cessation of the influence of natural selection

panmnesia                     belief that all mental impressions are stored in memory

pannage                       food picked up by swine in woods; right to pasture swine

panne                         heavy lustrous silk or rayon with waxy feel

pannicle                      thin sheet-like vestment

pannier                       provision-basket; basket carried over one's back

pannikin                      small metal cup

pannose                       like felt

pannychis                     all-night vigil in preparation for Orthodox church feast

panomphaean                   all-oracular

panophobia                    melancholia marked by groundless fears

panoptic                      all-embracing; viewing all aspects

panopticon                    prison where all inmates can be watched from one point

panpharmacon                  universal remedy

panplain                      flat area consisting of several joined floodplains

panpsychism                   theory that all nature has a psychic side

panpygoptosis                 shortness of the legs

pansexualism                  theory that all thought derived from sexual instinct

pansophy                      universal knowledge

panspermatism                 belief in origin of life from extraterrestrial germs

panspermia                    the theory that microorganisms or biochemical compounds from outer space are responsible for originating life on Earth

pantagamy                     universal bachelorhood; free love

pantagruelian                 marked by extravagant and coarse satire

pantagruelism                 1. a semi-serious philosophy of laughter

pantagruelism                 2. a cynical humor

pantaloon                     a man's close-fitting garment for the hips and legs, worn especially in the 19th century

pantaphobia                   the fear of lack of fear

pantarbe                      a precious stone fabled to act as a magnet to gold; the stone of the sun

pantarchy                     government by all the people; world government

pantechnicon                  1. enclosed wagon or motortruck used for transportation of goods or animals

pantechnicon                  2. receptacle holding many miscellaneous objects

pantheism                     belief that the universe is God; belief in many gods

panticulation                 the stretching of one’s body that often accompanies yawning

pantisocracy                  government by all equally

pantler                       officer in a household in charge of bread

pantochronometer              combined sundial and compass

pantoglot                     speaker of all languages

pantograph                    1. apparatus connecting streetcar to overhead wires

pantograph                    2. instrument for copying drawing to a different scale

pantography                   general description of an object; an overview

pantology                     system of universal knowledge

pantomancer                   one who sees omens in every event

pantomnesia                   remembrance of everything ever learned

pantomorphic                  taking on all shapes

pantophagous                  eating or requiring a variety of foods

pantophagy                    omnivorousness

pantophobia                   the fear of everything

pantopragmatic                meddling in everybody's business

pantoscope                    panoramic camera

pantosophy                    universal knowledge; pansophy

panurgic                      able or ready to do anything; skilled at all kinds of jobs

panzoism                      belief that humans and animals share vital life energy

papaphobia                    the fear of the pope or the papacy

paparchy                      government by the pope

papaverous                    of, like or pertaining to poppies

paperasserie                  excessive bureaucratic procedure or paperwork; bureaucracy; red tape

papeterie                     packaged fancy stationery; stationery-case

paphian                       pertaining to elicit love; wanton

papilionaceous                like or pertaining to butterflies

papilla                       nipple-like projection

papilliferous                 bearing papillae

papilliform                   nipple-shaped

papillose                     having nipples or papillae

papillote                     1. a greased paper wrapper in which food (as meat or fish) is cooked

papillote                     2. a small triangular piece of paper used as a curl-paper for damp hair

pappus                        downy beginnings of a beard

papren                        stone passing through a wall from face to face

papulation                    the development of papillae or pimples

papule                        pimple

papuliferous                  pimply; bearing or pertaining to pimples

papyraceous                   like paper; papery

papyrocracy                   government by newspapers or literature

papyrology                    study of paper

papyrophobia                  the fear of paper

papyrotamia                   manufacture of paper flowers

parabasis                     speech where the chorus advances and addresses audience

parabiosis                    physical union of two embryos or organisms

parablepsis                   false vision; oversight

parabolanus                   layman or monk who treats contagious diseases

parabolaster                  a parabola of a higher degree

paraboliform                  shaped like a parabola

parabolist                    teller of parables

paracentral                   situated near the centre

parachronism                  an error in chronology; esp. the placing of an event later than its actual date

parachronistic                misdated, esp. dated too late

paraclete                     advocate or intercessor; the Holy Spirit acting in such a role

paracme                       decline; period following the zenith or acme

paracoita                     female sexual partner

paracoitus                    male sexual partner

paracrostic                   poem whose initial letters reproduce its first verse

paracusis                     disordered hearing

paradiastole                  a figure of speech in which a favorable turn is given to something unfavorable by the use of euphemism or partial truth

paradisiacal                  suggestive of a place or state of perfect bliss

parados                       earthworks defending against a rear attack

paradoxology                  holding or maintaining paradoxes

paradromic                    adjacent; side by side

paraenesis                    exhortation

paraesthesia                  tingling sensation on the skin

paraffle                      an ostentatious display

parage                        high birth or rank; equality of birth or status

paragenesis                   formation of minerals as a joined mass

paragnosia                    misunderstanding

paragnosis                    skill in matters immune to scientific investigation

paragoge                      addition of a sound to end of word

paragram                      play on words in which letters are changed

paragraphia                   writing of different letters and words than intended

parakinesis                   production of movement of objects by a spiritualist

paralalia                     abnormality of speech sounds

paraleipsis                   implying something more serious by deliberately concise treatment

paralian                      a person who lives near the sea

paralipomenon                 thing left out; added in supplement

paralipophobia                the fear of responsibility

paralipsis                    fixing attention on subject by pretending to neglect it

parallax                      seeming change of object position due to observer moving

parallelepiped                solid figure with each face a parallelogram

parallelism                   belief that matter and mind don't interact but relate

paralogise                    to reason falsely

paralogism                    a piece of false or erroneous reasoning; an illogical argument; a fallacy

paramatta                     worsted and cotton blend

paramedian                    near the middle line

parament                      rich decoration, hanging or robe

paramnesia                    remembering events that never happened; abnormality of memory; inability to remember meaning of word

paranatellon                  a star that rises at the same time as another star

paranym                       euphemism; word whose meaning altered to conceal evasion

paranymph                     best man; bridesmaid

paraph                        a flourish at the end of a signature

paraphasia                    disorder in which one word substituted for another

paraphilia                    any abnormal sexual attraction

paraphonia                    alteration of the voice; as at puberty

paraphrast                    one who paraphrases

paraphraxis                   inability to perform purposive movements properly

parapraxis                    A lapse of memory or a slip of the tongue, usually revealing a hidden thought; blunder; error; mistake; a Freudian slip

parapsychology                study of unexplained mental phenomena

pararthria                    incoherence

paraselene                    mock moon; bright patch on a lunar halo

parasigmatism                 inability to pronounce the sound 's'

parasitaster                  a mean or sorry parasite

parasiticide                  killing of parasites

parasitophobia                the fear of parasites

paraskevidekatriaphobia       the fear of Friday the 13th

parastatal                    indirectly controlled by the state

parastatic                    of, like or pertaining to protective mimicry of animals

parasuicide                   harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide

parasynesis                   corruption of forms of words

parasynthesis                 derivation of words using hyphenated compounds

parataxis                     organization of clauses without connectives

parateresiomania              the obsession with being a voyeur

parathesis                    apposition; compounding of words without change

paratonic                     arresting growth

paravail                      inferior; lowest; of least account

paravane                      device used to cut underwater cables

paravant                      in front; first; beforehand

paravent                      wind screen

parbreak                      to vomit

parbuckle                     sling made by wrapping both ends of rope around object

parcel                        partly

parcenary                     co-heirship

parciloquy                    laconic speech

parclose                      railing in church enclosing altar, chapel or tomb

pardie                        mild oath; certainly or truly

pardine                       of, like or pertaining to leopards

pardoner                      one who raises money for religious works by selling indulgences

paregmenon                    repetition of a word or its cognates in a series of words

paregoric                     soothing; lessening pain

pareidolia                    a type of illusion or misperception involving a vague stimulus which is perceived as clearly being something

parembole                     insertion of something related to the subject into a phrase

parenesis                     advice

parentalia                    feasts or rites in memory of deceased parents

parentelic                    related by blood

parenticide                   killing or killer of one's parents

parergon                      work undertaken in addition to one's employment

pareschatology                doctrine dealing with matters after death but before the end of the world

paresis                       omission of an element from a word

pareunia                      coitus

parfay                        by my faith; verily

parfilage                     the unravelling of gold or silver thread from laces, epaulets, tassels, etc.; fashionable as a pastime among ladies, esp. in France

parfleche                     dried buffalo skin

parget                        to plaster over; to cover with ornamental plasterwork

parhelion                     halo-like light seen in sky opposite the sun

paribuntal                    fine straw used to make hats

parietal                      of a wall or walls, especially anatomical walls

parietals                     school rules regarding inter-gender contact

parine                        of, like or pertaining to titmouses

pari passu                    a banking term, meaning at an equal rate or pace

parisologist                  a person who uses ambiguous language or evasive writing

parisology                    the deliberate use of equivocal or ambiguous words

parison                       lump of glass before it is moulded into its final shape

paristhimion                  tonsil

parisyllabic                  having the same number of syllables in all forms

parity                        condition or fact of having born children

parlous                       full of danger or risk

Parnassian                    poetic

parnel                        mistress or concubine of a priest; harlot

parochial                     local; confined to one region

parodinia                     difficult childbirth

paroemia                      a proverb, adage or saying

paroemiographer               writer of proverbs

paroemiology                  study of proverbs

paroeomiographer              a writer or collector of proverbs

paromoeon                     alliteration

paromology                    concession of opponent's point to strengthen one's own point

paronomania                   a clinical obsession with word games

paronomasia                   a play on words, pun; hence, paronomastic

paronomastic                  relating to paronomasia, punning

paronym                       word from same root or having same sound as another

parorexia                     the craving to eat strange foods

parosmia                      a disorder which causes one to smell things that are not real

parotic                       near or adjacent to the ear

parous                        bearing or having borne offspring

Parousia                      the second coming (of Christ)

parousiamania                 obsession with the second coming of Christ

paroxysm                      fit of passion; laughter; coughing; sudden violent action

paroxytone                    having an acute accent on the next to last syllable

parquet                       floor-covering of fitted wooden blocks

parr                          young salmon

parrel                        band by which a yard is fastened to a mast

parrhesia                     boldness or freedom of speech; candid speech

parrhesiastic                 able to speak freely

parricide                     killing of parent or close relative

parse                         to describe a word fully in terms of classification

parsonarchy                   government by parsons or priests

parterre                      pit of a theatre

partheniad                    a poem which honors a virgin

parthenian                    of, like or pertaining to virgins

parthenogenesis               reproduction by a virgin or by means of an unfertilized egg

parthenolagnia                the desire to make love to virgins

parthenolatry                 worship of virgins or the Virgin Mary

parthenology                  study of virgins

parthenophobia                the fear of virgins

parthophobia                  the fear of virgins

parti pris                    a preconceived opinion; prejudice

partialist                    1. one that is partial to one side; specif. a partisan

partialist                    2. a believer in or advocate of theological particularism, or exclusiveness

partible                      that may be divided up or parted

partim                        in part

partitive                     indicating a part of a larger whole

partocracy                    government by a single unopposed political party

partouse                      an orgy

parton                        a hypothetical particle that is held to be a constituent of nucleons

parturition                   the act of giving birth

parure                        a set of ornaments or jewels

parvanimity                   the state or quality of having a small or ignoble mind; pettiness; meanness

parvenu                       one that has suddenly risen to an unaccustomed position of wealth or power and has not yet gained the manner associated with it; a pretentious snob of the nouveau riche

parvenue                      a woman who is a parvenu

parvipotent                   having little power

parvis                        enclosed space at the front of a church

parviscient                   knowing little, uninformed

pascual                       growing on land used for grazing; of, like or pertaining to pastures

paseo                         leisurely stroll; march of bullfighters into arena

pashmina                      fine goat's wool fabric used for making shawls

pasigraphy                    a system of universal ideographic writing

pasilaly                      any universal language

paso-doble                    quick Spanish one-step dance

pasquilant                    lampooner

pasquin                       to lampoon

pasquinade                    a lampoon posted in a public place; satire

pasquinade                    to lampoon; a lampoon

passacaglia                   slow solemn Italian or Spanish dance

passade                       motion of horse to and fro over ground in dressage

passalorynchite               a member of an old Christian sect in which members had to take a vow of silence

passant                       heraldic animal depicted walking

passéist                      having an excessive regard for the traditions and values of the past; backward-looking; a writer who os a passéist

passement                     decorative trimming of beads or braid

passepied                     Breton dance resembling a quick minuet

passerine                     of, like or pertaining to sparrows

passible                      susceptible to or capable of suffering or of feeling

passim                        everywhere; dispersedly

passimeter                    instrument for issuing automatic tickets

passiuncle                    a petty or contemptible passion

passivate                     to coat metal with oxides to protect from corrosion

passulate                     to dry grapes

passulation                   the act of drying up and turning into a raisin

passus                        section of a poem or story

pastance                      pastime

pastern                       rope, strap or chain used to tie horse by its leg

pastiche                      medley, composed from different sources; imitative work

pastille                      small cone of charcoal burned as incense

pastinaceous                  of the nature of or akin to the parsnip

pastose                       painted thickly

pastourelle                   medieval poem between knight and shepherdess

patagium                      wing-membrane of flying mammal

pataphysics                   the science of imaginary solutions or of nonsensical philosophy

patation                      act of drinking

patavinity                    the use of local slang or expressions when writing

pate                          top of the head, usually a bald head

patefaction                   disclosure; opening; manifestation

patelliform                   shaped like a saucer or kneecap

paten                         plate; metal disk used to hold Communion bread

pateriform                    saucer-shaped

pathenophillia                the love of virgins

pathenophobia                 the fear of virgins

pathic                        passive; a passive subject

pathogenesis                  causation or production of disease

pathognomic                   indicative of a specific disease

pathomania                    moral insanity

pathophobia                   the fear of disease

pathopoeia                    excitation of passion by rhetoric or poetry

patible                       capable of suffering or being acted on; passible

patible                       capable of suffering or undergoing something; sufferable; tolerable; endurable

patibulary                    of, like or pertaining to the gallows

patibulate                    to execute by hanging

patina                        film or surface that forms on surface of metal or wood

patination                    formation of a film on copper from exposure

patootie                      suggested by sweetheart and sweet potato

patrial                       of, like or pertaining to one's native land

patrimony                     inheritance from father or ancestors

patriolatry                   excessive devotion or worship of one's native country

patrioteer                    an insincere, misguided, or false patriot; flag-waver

patroclinous                  having inherited paternal characteristics

patroiophobia                 the fear of hereditary diseases

patrology                     study of early Christianity

patronym                      name derived from father's name

patroon                       captain of a ship; coxswain of a longboat

patruity                      degree of relationship of paternal uncle

patte                         narrow band keeping a belt or sash in its place

patten                        wooden shoe; clog; base of a pillar

patulous                      expanded; gaping; a wound with patulous margins

patulous                      spreading out eg. an old tree with patulous branches

patzer                        an inept chess player  

pauciloquence                 uttering few words, speaking briefly  

pauciloquent                  using as few words as possible when speaking

pauciloquy                    brevity in speech hence, pauciloquent

pauldron                      shoulder-plate of suit of armour

paulopast                     just finished or past; just after

pavage                        charge for paving streets

pavane                        stately English Renaissance court dance

pavé                          setting of jewellery with stones close together

pavid                         afraid; timid

pavior                        one who lays down paving stones

pavis                         shield for the entire body

pavisand                      to display a formidable array of clothing and ornament; to flaunt one's appearance

pavonated                     peacock-blue

pavonian                      of, like or pertaining to peacocks

pavonine                      of, like or pertaining to peacocks

pawky                         artfully shrewd; canny

pax                           tablet decorated with sacred figure and kissed by participants in mass

paxillose                     resembling a small stake

paxophobia                    the fear of peace

pax romana                    an uneasy peace, especially when imposed by a powerful group or country on a weaker one

paynimry                      heathendom

paysage                       landscape

paysagist                     painter of landscapes

peach                         to inform against; betray; to turn informer; blab

pear-shaped                   to go badly wrong, to go awry

peatary                       region, bog or moor covered with peat

peavey                        lumberman's spiked and hooked lever

peccable                      liable or prone to sin

peccable                      liable to sin

peccadillo                    a slight offense or sin

peccaminous                   sinful

peccancy                      sinfulness; transgression

peccary                       Javelina, small wild pig found in SW USA and Central America

peccatiphobia                 the fear of sin or of sinning

peccavi                       admission of sin or guilt

peccavi                       an acknowledgment of sin

peck                          unit of dry measure equal to 8 quarts

peckerwood                    a southern US term for poor anglo-saxon protestants

pecksniffian                  selfish and corrupt behind a display of seeming benevolence; sanctimonious

pecorous                      full of cows

pectinal                      of a comb; comb-like

pectination                   comb-like structure

pectineal                     of the pubic bone

pectiniform                   shaped like a comb

pectize                       to congeal; to cause to set

pectoriloquy                  sound of patient's voice as heard through stethoscope

pecudiculture                 rearing of cattle

peculate                      embezzle

peculation                    embezzlement

peculium                      private property; especially when given by father to son

pecuniary                     of, like or pertaining to money; consisting of money

pecunious                     having a lot of money

ped                           naturally formed mass or aggregate of soil

pedagogics                    study of teaching

pedagoguery                   schoolmastering; teaching

pedalian                      of, like or pertaining to the foot or to metrical feet

pedaneous                     going on foot; pedestrian; of lowly or petty standing

pedantocracy                  government by pedants or strict rule-bound scholars

pedantrocracy                 rulership by pedants or pedagogs

pedary                        of, like or pertaining to walking or feet

pedate                        footed; having feet; like a foot

pederasty                     anal intercourse between a man and a boy

pedetentous                   proceeding slowly

pediatricophobia              the fear of having to take care of children

pedicel                       stalk of an animal organ

pedicle                       bony protrusion of the skull from which an antler grows

pedicular                     of, like or pertaining to lice

pediculophobia                the fear of lice

pediculous                    lousy, infested with lice

pediform                      shaped like a foot

pedigerous                    having or bearing feet

pediluvium                    foot bath

pedinomite                    one who lives on a plain

pedimanous                    having feet shaped like hands

pediment                      triangular structure crowning front of a Greek building

pediophobia                   the fear of children or dolls

pedipulate                    to work or knead with the feet

pedological                   of, like or pertaining to soils

pedology                      study of soils

pedomancy                     fortunetelling by examining the soles of the feet

pedometer                     instrument for measuring distance travelled on foot

pedotrophy                    the art of raising children properly

peduncle                      stem or stalk of a flower

peenging                      whining, complaining, moping; peevish

peevologist                   one who practices peevology

peevology                     the collecting and public airing of language peeves; the study of such peevish behavior

pegamoid                      artificial leather

pegomancy                     fortunetelling using the bubbles in a fountain

peignoir                      woman's dressing-gown

peirameter                    instrument measuring resistance of road surfaces to wheel movement

peirastic                     experimental; tentative

peirastically                 pertaining to attempt or experiment, tentatively

peise                         weight; burden; load

pejorate                      to make worse; depreciate

pejorism                      severe pessimism

pejorist                      one who thinks the world is getting worse

pekin                         fine soft silk

peladophobia                  the fear of people who are bald

pelage                        animal's coat of hair or wool

pelagic                       oceanic; inhabiting or carried out in the deep sea

pelargic                      of, like or pertaining to storks

pelasgic                      nomadic

pelatast                      ancient Greek shield-bearing soldier

pelecoid                      shaped like a hatchet; a hatchet-shaped geometrical figure

pelerine                      woman's fur cape

pelf                          money, riches, wealth

pelisse                       fur-lined or fur garment

pelitic                       composed of fine sediment

pellate                       to divide; to separate

pellicle                      thin skin or film

pellicule                     thin diaphanous fabric

pellucid                      admitting maximum passage of light; reflecting light evenly; completely clear; transparent

pelma                         sole of the foot

pelmatogram                   footprint

pelmet                        fringe or valance for hiding a curtain rod

peloid                        mud or other semi-solid medium used in baths

pelology                      the study of therapeutic uses of mud

pelotherapy                   treatment by mud baths

peltastiform                  shield-shaped

peltiferous                   bearing a shield

peltry                        skins of animals with the fur on them

pelurious                     furry; hairy

pelviform                     basin-shaped

pelvimeter                    instrument for measuring the pelvis

pembroke                      small four-legged table with hinged flaps

pemphigus                     skin condition characterized by watery boils on the body

penacute                      having an acute accent on the penultimate syllable; paroxytone

penanggalan                   female vampire of Malay mythology

penannular                    in the form of an almost complete ring

penates                       household gods of a Roman family

pencilliform                  paintbrush-shaped

pencil-necked                 having a pencil-neck; thin, underdeveloped; weak, effete, or excessively studious

pendeloque                    drop pendant

pendent                       hanging; drooping; dangling

pendicle                      pendant, dependency or appendage

pendular                      of, like or pertaining to a pendulum

pendulate                     to swing as a pendulum; fluctuate, undulate

penduline                     building a pendulous nest

pendulograph                  curve representing combination of musical sounds

penecontemporaneous           of geological processes occurring immediately after deposition

penectomy                     surgical removal of the penis

penelopize                    1. to create work as an excuse to deter suitors

penelopize                    2. to undo what you have earlier done, in so delaying a decision due upon completion

peneplain                     land worn down by denudation to almost be a plain

penetralia                    the innermost or most private parts, esp. of a temple or palace; hidden things or secrets

penetrometer                  instrument for measuring firmness or consistency of substances

penial                        of, like or pertaining to the penis

peniaphobia                   the fear of poverty

pennaceous                    featherlike

pennate                       winged; feathered

penniferous                   bearing feathers

penniform                     feather-shaped

penury                        a state of extreme poverty; to be very poor

penny-farthing                an old bicycle with a huge front wheel

pennyweight                   unit of troy weight equal to 24 grains

pennyworth                    a penny's worth; that which can be bought for a penny; a bargain; a small amount; a modicum

penology                      study of crime and punishment

penotherapy                   controlling prostitutes in order to eliminate the spread of disease

penphobia                     the fear of writing or of the written word

pensile                       hanging; suspended; overhanging

pensum                        task; school imposition

pentad                        set of five things

pentagamist                   person who has or has had five spouses

pentalogy                     state of being in five parts

pentamerous                   having five parts or members

pentapolis                    alliance of five cities

pentapopemptic                one who has been divorced five times

pentarchy                     government by five individuals

pentateuch                    the first five books of the Old Testament

pentheraphobia                the fear or hatred of one's mother-in-law

pentimento                    revealing of part of a painting beneath a newer one

penultimate                   next to the last

penury                        destitution; poverty

peotillomania                 abnormal compulsion for pulling on the penis

peotomy                       amputation of the penis

peotomy                       surgical removal of the penis

per                           through; according to; by means or agency of

peracute                      very sharp or violent; very acute

peradventure                  perhaps; possibly; by adventure; by chance

peragrate                     to travel over or through

percale                       closely woven lightweight cloth

percaline                     glossy lightweight cotton

percheron                     dappled cart horse

percipient                    perceiving; observant; perceptive

percoct                       well-cooked; overdone

percontation                  a questioning or inquiry, esp. one which requires more than a yes or no answer

percrebrate                   to sift; pass through a sieve

percribrate                   to sift

perculsion                    a severe shock

percunctorily                 lazily

percurrent                    running through the whole length

percussedness                 referring to a level of noisy carrying on

percutaneous                  done or applied through the skin

percutient                    striking or having the power to strike; percussive

perdicine                     of, like or pertaining to partridges

perdricide                    killer of partridges

perdu                         1. remaining out of sight; concealed

perdu                         2. a soldier assigned to extremely hazardous duty

perduellion                   treason

perdurable                    very durable; eternal

perdure                       to endure over a period of time; to continue; to survive

peregal                       fully equal

peregrinate                   having the air of one who has traveled or lived abroad; foreign

peregrination                 journey, especially on foot or to a foreign country

peregrinity                   foreignness in style, fashion, dialect, etc.; strangeness, outlandishness

perendinate                   to delay until the day after tomorrow or to delay indefinitely

perennate                     to live perennially; to survive from season to season

perequitate                   to ride through on horseback

perestroik                    to build, to restructure

perfectibilism                doctrine that humans capable of becoming perfect

perfectionism                 doctrine that moral perfection constitutes the highest value

perfervid                     marked by overwrought or exaggerated emotion; excessively fervent

perficient                    effectual; actually achieving a result

perfidious                    faithless, disloyal; treacherous

perfricate                    to rub thoroughly

perfuncturate                 to perform some task in a careless or listless manner

perfuse                       to pour or diffuse through or over

pergameneous                  like or resembling parchment

pergola                       arched framework for climbing plants

perhendinancer                a traveler, lodger

periaster                     point in orbit of a body in which it is nearest to a specified star

periblebsis                   the wild look which accompanies delirium

peribolos                     precinct; enclosing wall of a precinct

pericentral                   surrounding a centre or central body

periclinal                    sloping downwards in all directions from a point

periclitate                   to endanger; to jeopardise

pericope                      an excerpt or passage read during religious services

periculous                    dangerous

periegesis                    description in the manner of a tour; journey through

periodontics                  study of gums

perioeci                      individuals living at same latitude on opposite sides of earth

periotic                      around the ear

peripatetic                   walking about from place to place, pedestrian, itinerant

peripeteia                    a sudden or unexpected reversal of circumstances or situation, esp. in a literary work

peripetia                     sudden change of fortune

periphrasis                   using longer phrasing in place of shorter form of expression; circumlocution

periphrastic                  pertaining to circumlocution or to one who is wordy

periplus                      a voyage or trip around something

peripteral                    having a row of columns on every side

perirrhanterium               an instrument used for sprinkling holy water, esp. upon the newly baptised, or the font used for such

periscian                     1. having shadows revolving all around, as happens during the course of a summer day in the polar regions

periscian                     2. person living inside the polar circle

perispomenon                  having a circumflex accent on the final syllable

perissology                   verbiage; pleonasm; superfluity of words

perissopedics                 the special branch of pediatric dealing with gifted children

perissosyllabic               having an additional syllable

perissotomist                 knife-happy surgeon

peristalith                   ancient stone circle

peristalsis                   successive waves of involuntary contraction passing along the walls of a hollow muscular structure (as the esophagus or intestine)

peristeronic                  of, like or pertaining to pigeons

peristerophilist              one who collects pigeons

peristerophily                the art of collecting or training pidgeons

peristerophobia               the fear of pigeons

peristrephic                  moving round; revolving; rotatory

peristyle                     range of columns around a building or courtyard

peritectic                    in the state between solid and liquid; melting

periwinkle                    a bluish or azure colour; a plant with bluish flowers

perlaceous                    pearly

perlative                     indicating movement through or across

perliginous                   producing pearls

perlocution                   effect produced when a particular word is uttered

perlustrate                   to travel through and view all over; to survey thoroughly

perlustration                 1. the act of inspecting, surveying, or viewing a place thoroughly; a comprehensive survey

perlustration                 2. the act of examining documents for purposes of surveillance; specif. the inspection of posted letters, etc.

permamene                     very pleasant

permanganate                  a salt of a dark purple color

permeameter                   instrument for measuring permeability

pernicious                    destructive; ruinous; fatal

pernickety                    characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details; fussy, meticulous, persnickety

pernoctate                    to pass the night in vigil or prayer

pernoctation                  staying up all night doing work or attending a party; an all-night vigil

pernoctator                   a person who studies through the night

pernor                        one who takes or receives

peroral                       through the mouth

perorate                      to speak grandiosely or grandiloquently

peroration                    concluding part of a discourse; a highly rhetorical speech

perpend                       to weigh in the mind; to consider carefully

perpension                    careful weighing in the mind

perpession                    endurance of suffering

perpilocutionist              someone who talks through his hat

perpotation                   excessive drinking

perquisquilian                thoroughly worthless

perron                        raised platform or terrace at an entrance door

perruquier                    wigmaker

perscrutation                 a thorough examination; careful investigation

perse                         dark blue or bluish-grey; cloth of such a colour

perseity                      independent existence

perseverate                   to repeat an action continually or habitually

perseverating                 repeating something insistently or redundantly

perseveration                 continuation of something (as repetition of a word) usually to an exceptional degree or beyond a desired point

persiennes                    outside shutters with movable slats

persiflage                    banter; flippancy; idle chatter

persiflate                    to indulge in persiflage, to talk banteringly

persifleur                    a person who indulges in persiflage; one given to frivolous banter especially about matters usually given serious consideration

Persil                        a brand of laundry detergent in UK; of no interest in intelligence matters; clean

personalia                    personal details, possessions or stories

personalism                   doctrine that humans possess spiritual freedom

personalty                    personal belongings and property

perspicacious                 clear-minded; astute; perceptive; of acute mental vision or discernment

perspicuous                   simple and elegant as well as clear; easily understood; clearly expressed

perstringe                    to constrain; to touch on; to censure

pertinacious                  perversely persistent; stubbornly unyielding

pertinacity                   quality of holding unyieldingly to a position

pertuse                       punched; pierced; slit

pertussis                     whooping cough

peruke                        a frilly wig

perulate                      scaly; having scaled skin

pervicacious                  very obstinate or stubborn

pervigilation                 a careful watching; a night vigil

pervigilium                   night vigil

pervious                      permeable; accessible; open-minded

pervulgate                    to publish something

pesematology                  the science of falling; e.g., feline pesematology is the science of falling cats

pessary                       suppository inserted into the vagina

pessimal                      worst, or least ideal; maximally bad

Pessimisterian                pessimism as a state of mind

pessimize                     to take a negative view of; make the worst of; also, to act or speak in a pessimistic manner

pessimum                      point at which any condition is least favourable

pessomancy                    fortunetelling using pebbles, stones or rocks

pestiferous                   bringing plague or pestilence

pestology                     science of pests

petaflop                      a unit of computing power equal to one quadrillion operations per second

petaliferous                  bearing petals

petard                        a case containing an explosive to break down a door or gate or breach a wall; a loud firework

petarding                     the action of setting off petards

petary                        peat-bog

petaurist                     flying phalanger

petcock                       valve for draining condensed steam from engine cylinders

petrary                       contrivance for hurling stones

petrean                       of, like or pertaining to or made of rock

petrichor                     pleasant smell accompanying the first rain after a dry spell

petricolous                   living in or near rocks

petrissage                    massage by longitudinal rubbing and lateral squeezing

petrogenesis                  formation or development of rocks

petroleous                    containing or rich in petroleum

petroliferous                 bearing petroleum

petrology                     study of rocks

petrophilous                  living on or thriving in rocky areas

petrous                       stony

pettifog                      to act like a pettifogger

pettifogger                   a lawyer given to underhanded tactics

pettifogulize                 to quibble; to use contemptible tricks, hence, pettifogulizer

pettitoes                     pigs' feet as food

petulcous                     butting like a ram

pewfellow                     one who occupies the same pew as another

pexity                        roughness of the nap of cloth

phacochoerine                 of, like or pertaining to warthogs

phacoid                       lens-shaped

phacometer                    instrument for measuring lenses

phaeic                        dusky

phaeism                       duskiness

phaeton                       open four-wheeled carriage

phagomania                    insatiable hunger

phagophobia                   the fear of eating or swallowing

phakic                        (of an eye) having a crystalline lens

phalacrophobia                the fear of going bald

phalacrosis                   baldness

phalanger                     small Australian arboreal marsupials having a long tail and dense woolly fur

phalanstery                   dwelling of a communal group or phalanx of individuals

phallephoric                  carrying the penis

phallic                       of, pertaining to or resembling a penis

phallocracy                   government by men

phallocrat                    one who assumes the naturality of male dominance

phallocratic                  relating to masculine power and dominance

phanerolagniast               a psychologist who studies human lust

phaneromania                  habit of biting one's nails or picking at scabs or growths

phanerosis                    act or process of becoming visible

phanic                        visible; obvious

phanopoeia                    visual imagery in poetry

phantomnation                 appearance as of a phantom; illusion

phaometer                     old instrument for measuring light intensity

Pharisaic                     1. of or belonging to the Pharisees

Pharisaic                     2. laying great stress upon the external observances of religion and outward show of morality; self-righteous

pharisaic                     hypocritical

pharmacognosy                 study of drugs of animal and plant origin

pharmacology                  study of drugs

pharmacomania                 abnormal obsession with trying drugs

pharmacometer                 instrument for measuring drugs

pharmacophobia                the fear of medicine or drugs

pharmacopolist                drug-seller; pharmacist; apothecary

pharology                     study of lighthouses or similar signalling devices

pharos                        any lighthouse or beacon to direct mariners

pharyngology                  study of the throat

pharyngoscope                 instrument for inspecting the pharynx or upper throat

phasmophobia                  the fear of ghosts

phassachate                   lead-coloured agate

phatic                        relating to discourse that is social rather than informative

phellem                       cork

phelloid                      cork-like

phelloplastic                 a model in cork

phememe                       smallest possible linguistic unit

phemic                        of, like or pertaining to speech

phenakism                     deception or trickery; cheating

phenakistoscope               early cinematograph in which figures are viewed through a slit

phenetic                      of, like or pertaining to classification by phenotype

phengite                      bright and beautiful kind of alabaster

phengophobia                  the fear of daylight, the Sun or sunlight

phenogenesis                  origin of racial groups

phenology                     study of organisms as affected by climate

phenomenalism                 belief that phenomena are the only realities

phenomenology                 study of phenomena

pheon                         the barbed head of a dart or arrow in heraldry

pheretrer                     keeper of a shrine

phialiform                    saucer-shaped

phialine                      resembling a phial

phigerophobia                 the fear of choking

philalethist                  a lover of the truth

philandrist                   one who loves men

philatelist                   a stamp collector

philately                     study of postage stamps

philemaphobia                 the fear of kissing

philematology                 the act or study of kissing

philematophobe                one who dislikes kissing

philhippic                    loving or admiring horses

philiater                     a medical student

philippic                     speech or writing full of bitter condemnation

philistine                    materialistic in outlook; uncultured

phillumenist                  a collector of matchbooks or matchboxes

phillumeny                    collecting of matchbox labels

philocalist                   a lover of beauty

philocaly                     love of beauty

philocomal                    love of hair or attention to the hair

philodemic                    fond of commoners or the lower classes

philodespot                   one who loves tyranny

philodox                      one who loves his own opinions; dogmatic person

philogeant                    one who loves everything on the Earth

philographer                  a collector of autographs

philography                   the collecting of autographs

philogynist                   a lover or friend of women; one who esteems women as the higher type of humanity

philogyny                     love of women

philologaster                 an incompetent philologist; a dabbler in philology

philologist                   one who loves literature and languages

philology                     study of ancient texts; historical linguistics

philomath                     one who loves mathematics and the sciences

philomelian                   of, like or pertaining to nightingales

philomythist                  a person who loves mythology

philoneist                    one who is obsessed with trends or fads

philonoist                    one who seeks knowledge

philophobia                   the fear of love or of falling in love

philopolemical                disputatious, as of a person who loves to argue or debate

philopolemicist               a person who loves to argue or debate

philopornist                  lover of prostitutes

philoprogeneity               the love of your children

philoprogenitive              pertaining to instinctive love for offspring; to produce offspring; prolific

philosophaster                a person who pretends to know more than they do to impress others

philosophobia                 the fear of philosophy or philosophers

philosophocracy               government by philosophers

philosophunculist             one who pretends to know more than they do to impress others

philotechnical                devoted to the arts

philotherian                  an animal lover

philotherianism               love of animals

philotimia                    the love of honour

philoxenia                    hospitality

philoxenist                   a person who loves to entertain strangers

philter                       love potion; magic potion

philtrum                      the vertical groove in the middle of the upper lip

phimosis                      inability to retract the prepuce of the penis

phishing                      the practice of using fraudulent e-mails and copies of legitimate websites to extract financial data from computer users for purposes of identity theft

phiz                          face

phlebography                  description or examination of a vein

phlebotomy                    blood-letting

phlegmatic                    of a calm; unexcitable disposition

phlogiston                    nonexistent principle of flammability inherent in matter

phlogogenetic                 causing inflammation

phlyarologist                 a person who talks gibberish or nonsense

phobologophobia               the fear of words about fears

phobophobia                   the fear of being afraid

phocine                       of, like or pertaining to seals

phocomelia                    having limbs like a seal's flippers

phoeniceous                   bright scarlet-red colour

phoenicopter                  flamingo

phoenixity                    the quality of being unique

pholidosis                    arrangement of scales, as in fish and reptiles

phon                          unit of loudness of sound as heard by listeners

phonascus                     person who maintains rhythm in church choir

phonasthenia                  weakness of voice

phonation                     production of vocal sound

phonautograph                 instrument for recording sound vibrations

phonendoscope                 device which amplifies small sounds

phonesis                      production of speech sounds

phoniatrics                   study and correction of speech defects

phonomania                    pathological tendency to murder

phonometer                    instrument for measuring sound levels

phonophobia                   the fear of noise or of speaking aloud

phonophorous                  transmitting sound waves

phonus-bolonus                nonsense, exaggeration; insincerity; fraud, trickery

phorometer                    instrument used to correct abnormalities in eye muscles

phosphene                     light seen when the eyeball is pressed

phossy                        caused by phosphorus

photaesthesia                 sense of vision

photic                        light-giving; sensitive to light; penetrated by light

photism                       illusory vision of light

photoaugiaphobia              the fear of glaring lights or being in the spotlight

photobiology                  study of effects of light on organisms

photodromy                    motion towards light

photoglyph                    photographic engraving

photogyric                    turning towards light

photokinesis                  motion or activity induced by light

photolysis                    disintegration resulting from exposure to radiation

photomania                    pathological desire for light

photometer                    instrument for measuring light intensity

photon                        unit of brightness of light as received at the retina

photophile                    organism loving or thriving in light

photophilous                  preferring or thriving in lighted conditions

photophobia                   irrational fear or dislike of light

photophygous                  avoiding or disliking light

photopia                      vision in bright light

photopolarimeter              instrument for measuring intensity and polarization of reflected light

photopsia                     appearance of light flashes due to retinal irritation

photosphere                   region of space lit by the sun

phototachometer               instrument for measuring the speed of light

phototaxis                    growth or movement determined by light; growth of plants towards light

phototelegraph                instrument for transmitting drawings telegraphically

phototonus                    sensitivity to light

phraseology                   study of phrases

phratry                       clan or tribe

phreaking                     the use of a telephone network without payment; now, generally, to use an electronic device to invade some type of network or system

phreatic                      of, like or pertaining to underground water supplying or wells

phrenesis                     delirium; frenzy

phrenic                       of or near the midriff

phrenology                    the study of how the shape of one's skull determines characteristic traits

phronemophobia                the fear of thinking

phrontifugic                  helping to escape from one's thoughts or cares; relieving anxiety

phrontistery                  a thinking-place; place for study and contemplation

phthartic                     deadly; destructive

phthiriophobia                the fear of lice

phthirophagous                lice-eating

phthisiophobia                the fear of tuberculosis

phthongal                     of, pertaining to, or consisting of a sound; vocalized

phthongometer                 instrument measuring intensity of vowel sounds

phugoid                       of, like or pertaining to the longitudinal stability of aircraft

phycology                     study of algae and seaweeds

phygogalactic                 halting milk production

phylactery                    one of two small black leather boxes which contain biblical verses of Jewish law

phylactic                     defending against disease

phylarchy                     government by a specific class or tribe

phyle                         division of the people of a state into local clans

phylliform                    shaped like a leaf

phylline                      leaf-like

phyllomancy                   fortunetelling using leaves or tea leaves

phyllomania                   excessive or abnormal production of leaves

phyllophagous                 leaf-eating

phyllophorous                 leafy; bearing or having leaves

phylogenesis                  origin and history of a species' evolution

phylogeny                     evolution of the group; history or course of the development of something

physagogue                    substance causing flatulence

physicalism                   belief that all phenomena reducible to verifiable assertions

physiocracy                   government according to natural laws or principles

physiognomancy                fortunetelling by studying the face

physiognomy                   general appearance of anything, especially the face

physiolatry                   nature-worship

physiologus                   work containing descriptions of animals; a bestiary

physiophilosophy              system of knowledge concerning principles of natural history

physiosophy                   assumption of knowledge of nature

physitheism                   attribution of physical form and attributes to deities

physitism                     the worship of nature

physiurgic                    due to natural causes

phytivorous                   pertaining to the eating of vegetables; feeding on plants

phytogenesis                  origin and development of plants

phytogenic                    derived from plants

phytoid                       plant-like

phytology                     study of plants; botany

phytomania                    obsession with collecting plants

phytophilous                  fond of plants

phytosophy                    knowledge of plants

piacular                      sacrificial, expiatory; requiring expiation; sinful, heinous

pibcorn                       old Welsh instrument like a hornpipe

piblokto                      a winter-related hysteria and depression among the Inuit

pibroch                       piece of music for bagpipe

pica                          the craving for an inedible substance (such as chalk or paint chips)

picamar                       bitter oily liquid obtained from tar

picaresque                    of, like or pertaining or pertaining to rogues or roguish behaviour

picaroon                      a rogue or adventurer; a bohemian; a pirate, corsair; a small pirate ship

picayune                      1. a silver 5-cent coin struck by the U.S. mint from 1792-1873; half dime

picayune                      2. something trivial; eg. not worth a picayune

piceous                       like pitch; inflammable; reddish black

piciform                      of the form or shape of a woodpecker

picine                        of, like or pertaining to woodpeckers

pickelhaube                   the spiked helmet worn by german or prussian soldiers before World War I

pickery                       petty theft under Scottish law

picksome                      particular; picky

pickthank                     one who strives to put another under obligation; an officious person; hence, a flatterer

picktooth                     a toothpick

picot                         loop in an ornamental edging; raised knot in embroidery

picul                         Chinese unit of weight (133.33 pounds)

piebald                       of an animal, consisting of two or more colours

pied                          variegated; of various colours

pied-à-terre                  a secondary or temporary place of lodging

piedroit                      square pillar attached to wall, lacking both base and capital

pie-faced                     having a round, flat face or a blank expression; stupid

piend                         a salient angle

piepowder                     a traveling man, a wayfarer, esp. an itinerant merchant or trader

pierage                       fee paid for use of a pier

pieriansipist                 a dabbler in learning; one who learns a little about many subjects, or 'sips' from the Pierian spring (a source of knowledge and inspiration, from the Muses)

pieta                         representation of Virgin Mary with dead Christ across her knees

pietism                       unquestioning or dogmatic religious devotion

piezometer                    instrument for measuring pressure or compressibility

piggin                        small pail or bowl made of staves and hoops

pight                         to pitch

pigmentocracy                 government by those of one skin colour

pignorate                     to give or take in pledge or pawn

pigritious                    slothful; so, pigritude and pigrity - slothfulness

pig's ear                     rhyming slang for beer (UK)

pigsconce                     a blockhead

pigsney                       1. darling, sweetheart

pigsney                       2. a small eye

pilaster                      square column partially embedded in a wall

pilch                         fur or wool outergarment; rug laid over saddle

pilcrow                       the symbol used by editors to indicate a new paragraph

pile                          upside-down wedge at an acute angle on a coat of arms

pileated                      cap-shaped; crested; capped

pileiform                     shaped like an umbrella

pileum                        top of a bird's head

pileus                        umbrella-shaped portion of a mushroom

pilgarlic                     a bald head, bald-headed man; a man looked upon with humorous contempt or mock pity

pilgarlick                    poor wretch; self-pitying person

piliferous                    bearing or growing hair

piliform                      shaped like hair

pillion                       a seat for a second person on a motorcycle or on a horse

pilliver                      a pillowcase

pilliwinks                    an instrument of torture designed to crush fingers

pillory                       wooden frame with holes for head and hands used as punishment

pilose                        having scattered soft or moderately stiff hairs; covered with hair

pilosism                      excessive hairiness

pilpul                        1. casuistic argumentation especially among Jewish scholars on talmudic subjects

pilpul                        2. rabbinical dialectic; critical analysis and hairsplitting

pilpulistic                   characterized by subtle reasoning

pilule                        little pill

piment                        spiced sweetened wine

pinacotheca                   a picture-gallery

pinafore                      loose protective garment worn over a dress

pinchbeck                     cheap copper and zinc alloy; spurious or trashy; something counterfeit or spurious

pinder                        one who impounds cattle

pineal                        shaped like a pine-cone

pinetum                       a scientific collection of living coniferous trees

pingo                         cone-shaped mound with ice core

pinguefy                      to become or make fat or greasy; to make rich

pinguescence                  the process of growing fat; obesity

pinguid                       abounding in fat; unctuous, greasy, oily; (of soil) rich, fertile

pinguidity                    fatty, greasy, or oily matter; fatness, obesity

pinion                        1. small wheel with teeth

pinion                        2. wing; last joint of a wing; outermost flight feather

pinnace                       small vessel with oars and sails

pinnate                       shaped like a feather

pinniped                      seals, walruses, and other such sea mammals

pintle                        bolt or pin on which something turns, such as a hinge

piobalreachd                  a dirge played on the Highland bagpipes

piolet                        ice-axe

pipe                          unit of liquid capacity equal to two hogsheads

pipistrelle                   small reddish-brown bat

pipkin                        small pot

piqué                         stiff durable corded fabric of cotton, rayon or silk

pirogue                       a dugout canoe

piscary                       fishery

piscary                       the right of fishing; a fishing pond

piscation                     fishing

piscatology                   study of fishes; the science of fishing

piscatorial                   of, like or pertaining to fishing or fishers

piscicapture                  capture of fishes, as by angling; fishing

piscicapturist                one who catches fish; fisherman

piscifauna                    fish life of an area

pisciform                     shaped like a fish

piscina                       basin set in wall of church to drain away ceremonial water

piscine                       of, like or pertaining to fish

piscivorous                   fish-eating

pisiform                      resembling a pea in size or shape

pismire                       an ant; something or someone insignificant

pismirism                     the saving of every bit of money, such as hoarding pennies

piste                         a beaten track or trail made by an animal; more generally, any track or trail; a hard packed ski trail or course

pisteology                    science or study of faith

pistic                        exhibiting faith

pistology                     branch of theology concerned with faith

pitchometer                   instrument for measuring angles of ship's propeller blades

piteous                       arousing or deserving pity

pityroid                      bran-like

pixilated                     slightly unbalanced mentally, bemused

pizzle                        bull's penis used as instrument of punishment by flogging

placage                       covering of walls with thin marble slabs or with plaster

placebo                       a harmless substance given as medicine, usually to humor a patient

placee                        investor who is sold shares by private placement

placentiform                  cake-shaped

placentigerous                bearing a placenta

placentophagy                 eating of the placenta

placet                        vote of assent in a governing body

placitum                      decision of a court or an assembly

placket                       opening in a skirt or shirt for a pocket

placoid                       plate-like; having plate-like scales

placophobia                   the fear of tombstones

plafond                       decorated ceiling

plagate                       marked with a streak or streaks

plage                         fashionable beach

plagiary                      one who plagiarises

plagium                       the crime of kidnapping (esp. of children); an instance of this

plagosity                     the inclination or tendency to beat or flog people

plainstones                   flagstone side-pavement of a street

planation                     making level

planchet                      blank metal disc to be stamped as a coin

planchette                    board or similar tool used in interpreting spirit messages

planetesimal                  of, like or pertaining to asteroids or similar tiny celestial bodies

planetic                      erring; erratic

planetogeny                   theory of the origin of planets

planetolatry                  worship of the planets

planetology                   study of planets

plangency                     resonance; noisiness

plangent                      a deep, reverberating sound such as heavy bells ringing or thunder

plangonologist                a collector of dolls

plangorous                    mournful

planigraph                    instrument for copying drawings at a different scale

planiloquent                  talking plainly about some subject

planimeter                    instrument for measuring area of plane figures

planipennate                  having flat; broad wings

planish                       to polish; to flatten

planisphere                   sphere projected onto a plane; map of the heavens

planity                       the quality of being plane

plankwise                     in the manner or direction of a plank

planography                   cartography

planomania                    abnormal desire to wander and disobey social norms

planster                      petty or poor planner

plantar                       of, like or pertaining to the sole of the foot

plantigrade                   walking fully on the soles of the feet

plantivorous                  plant-eating

plantocracy                   government by plantation owners

plapper                       to make sounds with the lips

plash                         dash of water

plashy                        full of pools or puddles; marshy or boggy

plasmophagous                 consuming plasma

plastinated                   preserved by plastination

plastination                  an embalming and preserving technique using synthetic materials such as epoxy or polyester polymers

plastography                  a counterfeiting or false writing; forgery

plastron                      fencer's padded breast-shield; steel breastplate worn under hauberk

plataleiform                  spoonbilled; of the shape of a spoonbill

platband                      flat molding that exceeds its projection; fillet between column's flutings

plateasm                      broad speech; talking with the mouth open too wide

platilla                      fine white linen

platiniferous                 bearing platinum

platitude                     commonplace or trite remark made as if it were important

platitudinarian               one who utters platitudes

platitudinary                 characterized by or tending to use platitudes

platometer                    instrument for measuring area; planimeter

platten                       to flatten into a plate or sheet

platurous                     flat-tailed

platyopic                     having a broad flat nose

platypodia                    flat-footedness

platypussary                  building or pen where platypuses are kept

platypygous                   having broad buttocks

platysma                      broad sheet of muscle in the neck

plauditory                    issuing enthusiastic approval or applause

plaustral                     of, like or pertaining to a wagon

playa                         basin which becomes a shallow lake after heavy rainfall

pleach                        to intertwine the branches of; interlace, plait

pleasance                     pleasure; enjoyment; complaisance

plebania                      mother-church having authority over several local churches

plebeian                      of the common people or vulgar classes

plebification                 making something vulgar or plebeian

plebiscitarism                principle or practice of using plebiscites

plectile                      woven or plaited

plectrum                      pick for stringed instruments

pledget                       wad of cotton or lint used to dress a wound

plegometer                    instrument for measuring the strength of a blow

pleiomery                     condition of having more than the normal number

pleiomorphy                   occurrence of several distinct stages in the life cycle of an organism

pleionosis                    the exaggeration of one's own importance

pleistodox                    holding the opinion of the majority

plemyrameter                  instrument for measuring variations in water level

plenary                       full; entire; complete; absolute; unqualified

plenicorn                     having solid horns (as a deer)

pleniloquence                 excessive talking; fullness of speech

pleniloquent                  always talking or full of speech

plenilunar                    of, like or pertaining to the full moon

plenilune                     the time of the full moon

plenipotence                  absolute power

plenipotentiary               invested with full power; relating to a person so invested

plenitude                     fullness; completeness; abundance; sufficiency

plenum                        space completely filled with matter

pleochroic                    displaying different colours when seen from different directions

pleonasm                      the use of more words than necessary

pleonectic                    greedy; covetous

pleonexia                     avarice, greed, covetousness (regarded as mental disease)

pleroma                       fullness; abundance

plerophory                    complete assurance; full conviction

plesiosynchronous             nearly simultaneous; happening at the same time

plethysmograph                instrument for measuring change in body part size due to blood flow

pleurotropous                 laterally flattened

plevisable                    able to be bailed out

plexiform                     shaped like a network

plexor                        the small, rubber-headed hammer that physicians use to test reflexes

plexure                       network; web; interweaving

plexus                        network

plicated                      folded fanwise; pleated

plication                     the act of folding

plimsoll                      rubber-soled canvas shoe

plinth                        rectangular base of column or pedestal

pliofilm                      thin waterproof transparent sheet used for packaging

pliothermic                   of, like or pertaining to periods of above-average temperatures

plip                          the remote control for some European roadsters, such as Peugeot, Renault, MG

pliskie                       practical joke; trick

plissé                        fabric with puckered finish

ploce                         repetition of word in more expressive sense for emphasis

plodge                        to trudge through anything in which the feet sink

plongeur                      a hotel dishwasher

plonk                         cheap or inferior wine; short for earlier plink-plonk

plonker                       a foolish or inept person

plosion                       release of breath after consonant

plotz                         1. to sit down wearily, to flop; to slouch, loaf (around)

plotz                         2. to burst; usu. in fig. senses, esp. to explode in anger

plousiocracy                  government by the wealthy or elite; plutocracy

plumassier                    worker in feathers; feather-seller

plumbago                      graphite

plumbeous                     leaden; lead-coloured

plumbiferous                  bearing or yielding lead

plumbism                      lead poisoning

plumbless                     incapable of being sounded

plumeopicean                  composed of tar and feathers (alluding to the practice of tarring and feathering an obnoxious person)

plumigerous                   plumaged

plumiped                      having feathered feet

plumpendicular                perpendicular (to the ground); hanging perpendicularly

plumulate                     downy

plunderbund                   political corruption

pluperfect                    past perfect (in grammar)

pluralism                     belief that reality consists of several kinds or entities

plurennial                    lasting or surviving many years

pluriliteral                  of more than three letters

plurinominal                  having more than one name

pluriparous                   giving birth to multiple young in a single birth

pluripresence                 presence in multiple places at one time

pluriserial                   in several rows

plutarchy                     government by the wealthy; plutocracy

pluterperfect                 more than perfect

pluto                         to demote or devalue someone or something

plutocracy                    government by the wealthy

plutocrat                     a member of the wealthy ruling class

plutolatry                    worship of wealth

plutology                     political economy; study of wealth

plutomania                    an abnormal desire for wealth

pluton                        mass of rock solidified under earth's surface

plutonian                     characteristic of Pluto or the lower world; infernal

plutonic                      of deep igneous or magmatic origin; plutonic rocks

plutonomy                     economics

pluvial                       floor-length open-fronted ecclesiastical garment

pluviculture                  the science of making rain; or schemes for inducing rain

pluviograph                   self-registering rain gauge

pluviometer                   rain-meter

pluviophobia                  the fear of rain

pluviose                      marked by or regularly receiving heavy rainfall; tearful

pluvious                      rainy; heavy rainfall

pneometer                     instrument that measures respiration

pneumatics                    study of mechanics of gases

pneumatographer               one who receives and writes spirit messages

pneumatolith                  a stone in the lung

pneumatology                  theory of the existence of spirits

pneumatomachy                 denial of the divinity of the Holy Ghost

pneumatometer                 instrument for measuring quantity of air breathed

pneumatomorphic               like a spirit

pneumatophany                 appearance of a spirit; especially the Holy Ghost

pneumatophilosophy            philosophy of spirits or the spirit world

pneumatophobia                the fear of air

pneumatophony                 sound caused by a ghost or spirit

pneumatosis                   presence of gas in the body

pneumograph                   instrument for measuring and recording respiration

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis   a miner's lung disease caused by inhaling silicate dust

pnigophobia                   the fear of choking

pnyx                          ancient Athenian place of assembly

poaceous                      of, like or pertaining or pertaining to grass

pochette                      pocket notecase or wallet

pochoir                       manual colour stencilling onto a printed illustration

pocillator                    cup-bearer

pococurante                   uninterested; indifferent; nonchalant; apathetic

pococurantish                 careless or indifferent

pocosin                       an upland swamp of the coastal plain of the southeastern U.S.

poculation                    drinking of alcoholic beverages

poculent                      fit for drinking

poculiform                    cup-shaped

podagra                       gout

podagrous                     gouty

podalic                       of, like or pertaining to feet

podex                         rump; anal region

podiatry                      study and treatment of disorders of the foot; chiropody

podiform                      shaped like a pod

podobromhydrosis              having smelly feet

podocarp                      stalk that bears the fruit of a plant

podology                      study of the feet

podoscaph                     pedalled boat; canoe-shaped float attached to feet for walking on water

Podunk                        a small isolated town, region, or place that is regarded as unimportant

podzol                        acidic soil with ash-like subsurface layer

poecilomere                   part of an animal's body where colour variations first appear

poecilonym                    one of various names for the same thing; a synonym

poecilonymic                  having several names; synonymic

poecilonymy                   the use of several names for the same thing; synonymy

poêlée                        broth or stock

poephagous                    eating grass or herbs; herbivorous

poetaster                     petty poet; writer of contemptible verses; an inferior poet

poetolatry                    worship of poets

poetomachia                   contest or quarrel among poets

po-faced                      humorless; excessively priggish

pogamoggan                    wooden club with iron or stone piece on end, used by North American Indians

pogey                         unemployment or welfare benefit

pogoniasis                    excessive growth of beard

pogonip                       dense winter fog containing frozen particles formed in deep mountain valleys

pogonology                    book or treatise on beards

pogonology                    the study of beards

pogonophile                   one who loves beards

pogonophobia                  the fear of beards

pogonotomy                    shaving

pogonotomy                    the act of cutting a beard

pogonotrophy                  cultivation or growing of a beard

pogrom                        organized massacre

pohutukawa                    a New Zealand evergreen which bears clusters of red flowers in December and January; thus called the Christmas tree

poiesis                       creation

poietic                       creative, formative, productive, active

poikilitic                    mottled

poikilothermal                cold blooded

poikilothermic                cold-blooded

poimenic                      pastoral

poinephobia                   the fear of punishment

pointel                       sharp instrument

pointillism                   use of separate dots of pure colour rather than blends

poise                         unit of viscosity of liquids

poitrel                       armour for a horse's breast

poivrade                      pepper sauce

pokerish                      causing terror; uncanny

polacca                       stately Polish dance; polonaise

polarchy                      government by many people; polyarchy

polarimeter                   instrument for measuring polarised light

polariscope                   instrument for detecting polarized light

polder                        piece of low-lying reclaimed land

pole                          unit of area equal to a square rod

polemarch                     ancient Greek military and civil officer

polemic                       controversial discussion or attack

polemology                    the science and study of human conflict and war

polemomania                   mania for war

polemoscope                   telescope with angled mirrors for seeing over walls or around corners

poleyn                        piece of armour for the knee

policeocracy                  government by police

policlinic                    outpatient department of hospital

poliorcectic                  of, like or pertaining to siegecraft or besiegement

poliosis                      premature graying of the hair

politicaster                  a second rate politician or incompetent leader

politicomania                 mania for politics

politicophobia                the fear of politicians

polkamania                    craze for polka dancing

pollarchy                     government by the multitude or a mob; ochlocracy

pollard                       tree having the whole crown cut off

pollent                       strong

pollex                        the thumb

pollicitation                 promise; especially one not yet accepted

polliniferous                 bearing pollen

pollinctor                    one who prepares a dead body for cremation or embalming

pollyanna                     one who is naively optimistic

polonaise                     stately Polish dance of moderate tempo

poltophagy                    to chew food until it is the consistency of porridge

poltroon                      an abject coward; craven

poltroonery                   mean pusillanimity; cowardice

polverine                     glass-makers' potash

polyacoustic                  amplifying sounds

polyaemia                     plethora

polyandry                     marriage to several men

polyapopemptic                having been divorced numerous times

polyarchy                     government by many people

polychotomy                   division into many parts

polychrest                    thing or medicine useful in many ways

polycracy                     government by many rulers; polyarchy

polydemic                     native to several countries

polydipsia                    abnormal or excessive thirst

polyergic                     having many functions

polyethnic                    consisting of or derived from many races or ethnicities

polygenesis                   theory that humans derived from many separate origins

polygenous                    of multiple origin or composition

polygoneutic                  having several broods in each season

polygyny                      marriage to several women

polyhidrosis                  excessive perspiration

polyhistor                    person of exceptionally broad knowledge; well educated

polylemma                     argument forcing choice between contradictory statements

polylith                      prehistoric monument consisting of many stones

polylogize                    to talk excessively

polyloquent                   one who can talk about numerous subjects

polymania                     mania affecting several different mental faculties

polymath                      person possessing knowledge of many subjects

polymicrian                   compressed into a very small space

polymythy                     use of multiple plots in a single story

polynesic                     in multiple separate locations

polynya                       an area of open water amidst sea ice, as in the Arctic

polyommatous                  having many eyes

polyonym                      name consisting of several words

polyonymosity                 the use of several different names for the same person or thing

polyopia                      multiple vision

polyorchid                    a man who has at least three testicles

polyphage                     someone who eats many kinds of foods

polyphagous                   eating many types of food

polypharmacy                  treatment with many medicines

polyphiloprogenitive          very prolific, spec. of a person's talent, imagination, inventive powers, etc.

polyphloisbic                 loud-roaring

polyphloisboian               making a lot of noise or loud racket

polyphobia                    the fear of many things

polyphyletic                  descending from more than one original type

polypnea                      rapid breathing

polypod                       many-legged animal

polypragmatist                busybody

polypsychic                   having several souls

polysarcous                   obese

polysemant                    word with many meanings

polysemous                    having multiple meanings

polystachious                 having many spikes

polystichous                  arranged in many rows

polystomatous                 having many mouths

polystyle                     building having many columns

polysyllogism                 series of syllogisms where each is basis for next

polysyndeton                  rhetorical device of repeating conjunction for emphasis

polythalamous                 having many chambers

polytheism                    the belief that there are many gods

polytocous                    producing many or several at a birth

pomace                        crushed apples for cider-making

pomaceous                     of, like or pertaining to or consisting of apples

pomade                        ointment for the hair

pomander                      ball of perfumes

pomiculture                   growing of fruit

pomiferous                    bearing apples

pomiform                      shaped like an apple

pomoerium                     open space around a town within the walls

pomology                      study of fruit-growing

pompatus                      nonsense word

ponceau                       poppy red

poncey                        effeminate; snobby, ostentatious

ponderation                   weighing or weighing up

pone                          card player on dealer's right responsible for cutting cards

ponent                        western

ponerologist                  one who expounds on the evils of nature

ponerology                    theological doctrine of wickedness or evil

pongee                        thin soft fabric woven from raw silk

pongy                         having a strong, usually unpleasant smell; stinky, smelly

poniard                       small dagger

ponophobia                    the fear of overworking

pons asinorum                 critical test of ability imposed on the inexperienced or ignorant

pontage                       toll paid on bridges; tax for repairing bridges

pontifice                     bridge-work; a bridge

pontist                       bridge builder

pontlevis                     drawbridge

poodle                        coarsely looped or nubby fabric

pool-pah                      the wrath of god; a shit storm

poop                          enclosed structure at stern of ship above main deck

poophyte                      meadow plant

pootle                        to move or travel about in a leisurely manner

popination                    an outrageous drinking; a haunting of taverns

popinjay                      a talkative and conceited person

popjoy                        to amuse oneself

poplin                        corded woven silk and worsted

popliteal                     of, like or pertaining to the back of the knee

popocracy                     government by populists

popple                        to flow tumblingly; to heave choppily

poppyhead                     raised ornament on top of upright end of seats in churches

poral                         of, like or pertaining to pores

porbeagle                     shark with a pointed snout

porcellanous                  resembling porcelain

porcine                       of, like or pertaining to pigs; swinish

porculation                   fattening or feeding of swine

porge                         to make meat kosher by removing veins and sinews from hindquarters

poriferous                    having pores

poriform                      having the form of a pore

poriomania                    abnormal compulsion to wander

porism                        geometrical expression of possibility of multiple solutions

porlock                       to interrupt an artist engaged in aesthetic creation

porlocking                    irksome intrusion or interruption

pornbroker                    one who deals in pornography

pornerastic                   lecherous; bawdy; lewd

pornocracy                    government by harlots

pornogenarian                 dirty old man

pornolagnia                   desire for prostitutes

pornomania                    obsession with pornography

pornotopia                    perfect setting for the antics of pornography

porogamy                      fertilization of seed plants

poromeric                     permeable to water vapour

porometer                     instrument for measuring degree of porosity

poroplastic                   both porous and plastic

poroscope                     instrument for investigating porosity

porosis                       knitting together of broken bones

porphyrogenitic               of royal birth

porphyrogeniture              accession of 1st son born after father's accession

porphyrophobia                the fear of the color purple

porphyrous                    purple

porphyry                      beautiful and valuable purplish stone

porraceous                    leek-green

porrect                       stretched out or forth; extended, especially forward eg. porrect antennae

porriginous                   suffering from a scalp disease that causes baldness

porringer                     small dish for soup or porridge

portatile                     portable

portesse                      portable breviary

portfire                      prepared paper cylinder used to fire rockets and fireworks

portière                      curtain hung over door of a room

portmanteau                   1. traveling bag

portmanteau                   2. word formed by blending two existing words eg. brunch = breakfast + lunch

portreeve                     mayor

posada                        in Mexico, each of a series of visits traditionally paid to different friends during the days before Christmas

poshlost                      a well-rounded, untranslatable whole made up of banality, vulgarity and sham

posigrade                     auxiliary rocket on a spacecraft

positivism                    doctrine that that which is not observable is not knowable

posnet                        small cooking pot with feet and handle

posology                      the area of medicine dealing with dosages

possessive                    indicating possession; genitive case

posset                        milk curdled with alcohol used as remedy

possident                     a possessor; one who owns something

posslq                        Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters

postament                     frame; pedestal

postcenal                     after dinner

postcibal                     after a meal

postconnubial                 after marriage

postdiluvian                  after the great Flood

postern                       back door or gate; small private door

postexilic                    after exile

postface                      concluding note added to end of written work

posthetomist                  a person who performs circumcisions

postiche                      excessively and inappropriately added to a finished work

posticous                     posterior; outward; extrorse

postil                        marginal note; commentary

postilion                     someone who guides posthorses

postjacent                    posterior; behind

postliminary                  subsequent

postliminy                    right of returned exiles to resume former status

postlude                      closing piece of music at end of church service

postmodernism                 genre of art and literature and especially architecture in reaction against the philosophy and practices of modern movements that is typically marked by revival of traditional elements and techniques

postmundane                   after the end of the world

postpositive                  a modifier placed after or at the end of a word

postprandial                  following a meal, esp. dinner

postscenium                   part of stage behind the scenery

postulant                     candidate for a religious order

postulator                    official who presents case for canonization or beatification

potable                       fit to drink; drinkable

potager                       garden laid out in a decorative way

potamic                       of, like or pertaining to rivers

potamology                    study of rivers

potamophobia                  a fear of rivers

potation                      the activity of drinking

potatory                      related to excessive drinking

potentiate                    to use drugs in combination to increase their power

potentiometer                 instrument for measuring electromotive forces

pother                        noisy disturbance, fuss; choking cloud of dust/smoke; mental turmoil

potichomania                  craze for imitating Oriental porcelain

potomania                     abnormal desire to drink alcohol

potometer                     instrument measuring rate at which plants absorb water

potophobia                    the fear of drinking alcohol

potsherd                      a pottery fragment

potshop                       small public house

potter                        to busy oneself with trifling tasks

pottiness                     the state or condition of being potty

pottle                        1. small conical fruit basket

pottle                        2. unit of liquid measurement of two quarts, or one-half gallon

potty                         addlebrained

pot-valiant                   bold or courageous under the influence of alcoholic drink

pot-walloper                  a person who qualified to vote in parts of England by having boiled (walloped) his own pot for six months, thereby establishing residency

poudrin                       small ice crystals

poulaine                      pointy toed shoes such as worn by jesters

poulard                       fattened or spayed hen

poulp                         octopus

poult                         young fowl

pounce                        fine powder spread on writing paper to keep ink from running

poundage                      charge for keeping stray cattle

poundal                       unit of force that accelerates 1 pound to 1 foot / second / second

pourboire                     tip; gratuity

pourparler                    discussion prior to negotiation

poussin                       chicken raised for eating at around six weeks old

powellisation                 means of preserving timber

powfag                        to tire bodily from overwork; to become worn out in mind from care or anxiety; to work to the point of exhaustion

practive                      practical; concerned with practice

praedial                      of, like or pertaining to or connected with the land or farming

praepostor                    prefect of a school

pragmatica                    royal edict that has the force of law

pragmatism                    doctrine emphasizing practical value of philosophy

prairillon                    small prairie

pralltriller                  rapid musical trill

prandial                      of, like or pertaining to dinner

prasinous                     leek-green colour

prastuphulic                  heavyset, fat

pratal                        growing in meadows

prate                         to talk foolishly or sententiously; to tattle

pratincolous                  inhabiting meadows or fields

pravity                       wickedness; depravity

praxeology                    study of practical or efficient activity; science of efficient action

praxinoscope                  early cinematograph using series of moving drawings

praxis                        customary practice or conduct

preadamic                     before Adam

preagonal                     immediately preceding death throes

preallable                    previous; preliminary; preceding

preantepenultimate            that precedes or stands immediately before the antepenult; the last but three, defined most often as 'fourth from the last'

preaudience                   right to be heard before another

prebend                       a stipend furnished by a cathedral to a chapter canon

prebendal                     of, like or pertaining to stipends issued by a church

precative                     supplicating; expressing entreaty

precatory                     expressing entreaty, expressing a wish; also, precative

precentor                     leader of the singing of a church choir

preceptive                    concerning rules of conduct, laws or precepts

precess                       to move in or be subjected to precession

precession                    precession of the equinoxes; any motion analogous to that of the earth's axis or the earth itself in the precession of the equinoxes

preciation                    evaluation of the value or price of a thing

precibal                      before dinner

précieuse                     woman affecting a fastidious over-refinement

precipitinogenic              causing precipitation

precisian                     a person who stresses or practices scrupulous adherence to a strict standard especially of religious observance or morality; a Puritan

precisian                     overly precise person; formalist

precissive                    separating; defining; exact

precognosce                   to take a precognition of

preconcert                    to settle beforehand

preconize                     to proclaim; to summon publicly

predacean                     predatory animal

predacious                    living by prey; predatory

predella                      platform for altar; portable altar or decoration upon it

predestinarianism             belief that whatever is to happen is already fixed

predevote                     foreordained

predicant                     preaching; predicating

predicative                   indicating the predicate

prefatorial                   serving as preface or opening remarks

prefigure                     to imagine beforehand; to foreshadow

prefulgent                    extremely bright

pregustation                  foretaste

pregustator                   one who tastes meats and drinks before serving them

prehensor                     something that grasps or seizes

prelacy                       episcopal church government

prelapsarian                  belonging to the time before man's original sin

prelate                       bishop or abbot of superior rank

prelation                     preferment; promotion; eminence

prelect                       to lecture

prelibation                   foretaste; offering of first fruits

prelusive                     of the nature of a prelude; introductory

premiate                      to give a prize or premium for

premonish                     to forewarn; to give warning in advance

premorse                      ending abruptly as if bitten off

premotion                     divine impulse determining the will

premove                       to incite or prompt to action

premundane                    period before the creation of the earth

prenarial                     of, like or pertaining to or in front of the nostrils

prepense                      premeditated; intentional

prepensely                    with premeditation; deliberately, purposely

prepollence                   predominance

preponderate                  1. to exceed in weight

preponderate                  2. to exceed in influence, power, importance or numbers; predominate

prepone                       to reschedule for an earlier time

prepossess                    to bias or prejudice favourably; to impress

prepotent                     potent in a very high degree

preputial                     of, like or pertaining to the foreskin

prerupt                       broken off; steep; abrupt

presagition                   an omen, a prognostication; foresight, prevision

presbycousis                  hardness of hearing during old age

presbyophrenia                female senility marked by loss of memory

presbyopia                    the loss of sight due to old age

presbyte                      old man

presbytery                    part of church reserved for officiating clergy

prescient                     having foresight or knowledge of what will happen.

prescind                      to cut off; cut short; separate; turn aside

prescious                     prescient

prescriptivism                belief that moral edicts are merely orders with no truth value

preseminal                    before the onset of puberty; before fertility

presenium                     period of life preceding old age

presenteeism                  the fact or condition of being present, esp. at work; (a) the practice of working more hours than is required by one's terms of employment

presentient                   prescient; having a premonition

presentoir                    ornamental shallow tray or cup

presidial                     1. of, like or pertaining to a garrison

presidial                     2. presidential

presque vu                    a feeling that you are on the edge of grasping something very, very important

pressible                     able to be pressed

prest                         to loan

prestigiator                  conjurer

prestriction                  blindness; blindfolding

preterist                     one whose chief interest is in the past; someone whose main pleasure is in reliving the past

preterite                     signifying past time or a completed action

preterition                   the act of passing over or omission

preterlapsed                  past, bygone; ended, over with

pretermit                     to let pass without notice; omit; to leave undone; neglect; suspend, break off

preternatural                 existing outside of nature; nonnatural; abnormal, exceptional; inexplicable by ordinary means

preterpluperfect              more than perfect

prevenancy                    courteous anticipation of others' wishes

prevenient                    antecedent; preceding; anticipatory

prevernal                     blossoming or foliating early

prevision                     foresight; foreknowledge

prevoyant                     having foresight

Priapean                      of, like or pertaining to male reproductive power; phallic

Priapic                       phallic

Priapism                      constant erection; licentiousness; lewdness

pricket                       a small point or spike for holding a candle upright; a candlestick having such a spike

pridian                       of, like or pertaining to yesterday

prie-dieu                     prayer stool or kneeling bench in a church

prill                         nodule of metal obtained after assaying

primage                       fee paid to loaders for loading ship

primatology                   study of primates

primaveral                    of or pertaining to the earliest springtime

prime                         prayer service held at 6 a.m.

primigenial                   first or earliest formed or produced

primiparous                   having borne only one child

primitiae                     first fruits

primitial                     of, like or pertaining to first fruits; primeval

primitivism                   doctrine that a simple and natural life is morally best

primo                         in the first place

primogeniture                 rights of the first-born

primogenous                   of, like or pertaining to the earliest or first developmental stage

primrose                      pale yellow

princeps                      first; especially first edition of a book

princox                       a pert youth; coxcomb

priscan                       ancient; of early times

priscianist                   a grammarian; a person who uses grammar cleverly

prisoptometer                 instrument for measuring degree of astigmatism

prithee                       expression of wish or request

privatism                     attitude of avoiding involvement in outside interests

privative                     indicating absence, deprivation or negation

privity                       privacy; secrecy; secret or confidential conversation

pro                           in favour of; for

pro tanto                     to that extent; accordingly  [adj] commensurate, resultant

proairesis                    the act of choosing

probabiliorism                belief that when in doubt one must choose most likely answer

probabilism                   belief that knowledge is always probable but never absolute

proband                       one with a certain feature by which descendants analyzed

probang                       flexible rod put down the throat to clear an obstacle

probit                        unit of measurement of statistical probability

proboscidate                  having a proboscis or long snout

proboscidiform                having a nose like an elephant's trunk

probosciform                  shaped like a long nose

probouleutic                  for preliminary deliberation

procacious                    bold; impertinent

procacity                     pertinacity, obtrusiveness, impudence; petulence; impudence

procatalectic                 lacking the unaccented part of first foot of a line of verse

procathedral                  parish church serving as a cathedral

proceleusmatic                inciting; encouraging; exhorting

procellous                    tempestuous, stormy

procephalic                   of, like or pertaining to the front of the head

procerity                     tallness, loftiness, height

prochronism                   assigning a date to an event earlier than actual

procidence                    prolapse; falling forward or downward

procinct                      preparedness

proclisis                     pronunciation of word dependent on following word

proclivitous                  steep

procoelous                    cupped in front

procrescophobia               the fear of gaining weight

procrustean                   seeking to enforce uniformity

procrypsis                    protective coloration

proctal                       of, like or pertaining to the anus or rectum

proctalgia                    a pain in the anus

proctology                    study of rectum

proctor                       disciplinary officer at a college or university

proctoscope                   instrument for examining the rectum

procumbent                    lying or leaning forward; prone

procuratory                   authorization to act for another

procursive                    running forward

procyonine                    of, like or pertaining to raccoons

proditor                      traitor

prodnose                      to pry, to be inquisitive

prodrome                      initial symptom of a disease; introductory treatise

proeguminal                   predisposing; preceding

proem                         preface

proemial                      introductory; prefatory

proemptosis                   addition of extra day to lunar calendar every 300 years

proethnic                     of, like or pertaining to primitive races

profectitious                 derived from a parent or ancestor

proficuous                    advantageous and useful

profligate                    debauched; rashly extravagant

profluent                     exuberant; abundant

profulgent                    shining out; radiant

progeria                      second childhood; disease of premature aging

prognathic                    having a jaw that projects forward

prognathous                   having a jaw which extends past the rest of one's face

projacient                    jutting forward

projicient                    communicating between an organism and its environment

prolate                       having flattened sides due to lengthwise elongation

prolation                     utterance

prolative                     indicating motion alongside or means of motion

prolegomenon                  introductory study or treatise

prolepsis                     anticipation; device where objections are anticipated

proleptic                     pertaining to, or characterized by prolepsis or anticipation; anticipative, anticipatory

proleptical                   prehistoric

proleptically                 by prolepsis; by way of anticipation; antecedently

proleptics                    prognosis

proletaneous                  having numerous offspring

prolicide                     killing of offspring; killing of the human race

proligerous                   bearing offspring

prolix                        long-winded; garrulous; dwelling too long on particulars

prolocutor                    spokesman; speaker of the House of Lords

prolusion                     preliminary performance, activity or display

promachos                     champion or defender; tutelary god

promptuary                    repository; reference book of facts

promulgate                    make known; disseminate

pronaos                       vestibule in front of a temple

pronasale                     tip of the nose

pronation                     turning hand and forearm so that palm faces downward

proneur                       one who praises another; an extoller, eulogist, flatterer

pronk                         1. the jumping by lifting all four feet off the ground simultaneously by some African antelope eg. Springbok

pronk                         2. a weak or foolish person

pronograde                    walking with body parallel to ground

pronunciamento                a pronouncement, a proclamation, a manifesto; often applied to one issued by insurrectionists

prooemium                     preface

propadeuctic                  a preliminary study; preliminary

proper                        elements of Christian mass that are variable

prophetocracy                 government by a prophet

propination                   the action of offering drink to another in pledging; the drinking to the health of someone

propine                       to pledge in drinking; to present or offer

propinquiphobia               the fear of being too close

propinquity                   closeness

propitiate                    to render favourable; to appease

proplasm                      preliminary model or mould

propolis                      resin of tree buds collected by bees

proprioception                the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself

propugnation                  defence

prore                         prow or fore part of a ship

proreption                    creeping attack or secretive advance of troops

prorogue                      to discontinue meetings of a group without dissolving it; defer, postpone

prorrhesis                    preface

prosateur                     one who writes prose for a living

proscenium                    part of the stage in front of the curtain

prosector                     one who dissects bodies in anatomical lectures

proseuche                     place of prayer; oratory

prosilient                    outstanding; conspicuous; jumping forth

prosit                        toast to good health

prosodemic                    contagious; infectious

prosodic                      of, like or pertaining to versification

prosody                       the study of versification; esp. the systematic study of metrical structure

prosophobia                   the fear of progress

prosopic                      of, like or pertaining to the face

prosopography                 biographical sketch; description of person’s appearance

prosopolepsy                  the acceptance of people based on the appearance

prosopolethy                  the inability to remember a face

prosopopeia                   personification; representation of absent person as speaking

prosopopoeia                  a figure of speech in which an imaginary or absent person is represented as speaking or acting

prospice                      look forward

prospicience                  the act of looking foreward; foresight

prostibulous                  pertaining to a prostitute, meretricious; addicted to the company of prostitutes

prostyle                      building having columns only in the front

prosy                         prosaic; tedious

prosyllogism                  syllogism whose conclusion forms premise of another

protactic                     prefatory; preliminarily explanatory

protanopia                    colour-blindness with respect to red

protasis                      1. conditional clause of a conditional sentence

protasis                      2. introductory or explanatory portion of a play

protean                       of or resembling Proteus in having a varied nature or ability to assume different forms; displaying great diversity or variety; versatile

protean                       variable; versatile; assuming different forms

protension                    duration

protensive                    extensive in time or length

protervity                    peevishness; petulance; perversity; wantonness

protestation                  avowal or solemn declaration

prothalamion                  song or poem celebrating a coming marriage

prothonotary                  chief registrar of a court; keeper of canonisation records

protistology                  study of protists

protocolist                   registrar or clerk

protogenic                    formed at the beginning

protogenist                   inventor

protolithic                   from the earliest Stone Age

protomorphic                  primordial; primitive

protopathic                   relating to sensory nerve fibers that enable the perception of strong rather crude stimuli

protopathy                    first or direct experience

protoplast                    original ancestor; first-formed person or thing

prototrophic                  feeding directly on uncombined elements

protreptic                    exhorting; encouraging; didactic; doctrinal

provand                       allowance of food; provisions

provection                    transfer of last letter of one word to first of next

proveditor                    purveyor of supplies or goods

provenance                    source; origin

provenient                    issuing forth

providore                     steward; quartermaster

provine                       to propagate by layering

proxemics                     study of man's need for personal space

proxenete                     procurer; marriage broker

proximo                       of next month

proxysm                       close or near relationship

prudhomme                     a trustworthy citizen; a skilled workman

prufrockian                   a personality type that is timid and indecisive and full of unfulfilled aspirations

pruinose                      having a frosted look; bearing whitish dust

prunella                      strong and heavy silk or wool

pruniferous                   bearing plums

prunt                         moulded glass ornament attached to a larger glass object

prurient                      stemming from the indulgence of lewd ideas; lascivious

prurigo                       irritating skin disease causing itching

pruritus                      itching of the skin

psalligraphy                  the art of paper-cutting to make pictures

psalmodist                    singer of psalms

psalmody                      act of singing psalms in church services

psaltery                      ancient stringed musical instrument

psammite                      fine-grained rock

psammophile                   sand-loving plant

psammous                      sandy

psaphonic                     preoccupied with  planning one's rise to fame

psellism                      an indistinct pronounciation, such as produced by a lisp or by stammering

psellismophobia               the fear of stuttering

psephitic                     of, like or pertaining to pebbles

psephocracy                   government resulting from election by ballot

psephologist                  someone who pursues the scientific study of elections

psephology                    study of election results and voting trends

psephomancy                   fortunetelling by drawing marked stones from a container

pseudacusis                   mistaken or false hearing

pseudaesthesia                imaginary feeling or sensation

pseudandry                    the use of a masculine name by a woman as a pseudonym eg. Mary Ann Evans wrote as George Eliot

pseudaposematic               imitating the coloration of a dangerous animal

pseudepigrapha                spurious writings, esp. writings falsely attributed to biblical characters or times

pseudepigraphy                assignment of false authors to books

pseudepiscopy                 existence or rule of a spurious bishop

pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism  false opposition to the withdrawal of state support from an established church

pseudoautochiria              murder disguised as suicide

pseudoblepsis                 imaginary or false vision; hallucination

pseudochromaesthesia          mental association of sounds with colours

pseudochronism                error in dating

pseudodox                     false doctrine or opinion

pseudography                  unsatisfactory spelling

pseudogyny                    the use of a feminine name by a man as a pseudonym

pseudolalia                   incoherence of speech

pseudolatry                   false worship

pseudologia                   lying in speech or writing

pseudologue                   pathological liar

pseudology                    1. false speaking; the making of false statements, esp. when humorously represented as an art or system; the art of lying

pseudology                    2. the science or subject of false statements; a false or pretended science

pseudomancy                   a false or fake divination

pseudomania                   irrational predilection for lying

pseudomorph                   false or abnormal physical form

pseudomorphosis               conversion into a false or deceptive form

pseudophonia                  suicide disguised as murder

pseudopsia                    optical illusion

pseudoptics                   study of optical illusions

pseudosmia                    false perception of odours

pseudosopher                  one who pretends to hold knowledge or wisdom

pseudosophy                   pretension to wisdom

psilanthropism                the belief that Jesus was not a God, but a man

psilanthropy                  belief that Christ was not divine but divinely inspired

psilology                     the love of empty talk

psilosis                      loss of hair

psilosopher                   one with a petty or shallow philosophy

psilosophy                    shallow philosophy; limited knowledge

psilothrum                    substance causing loss of hair

psithurism                    the sound of wind in trees or rustling leaves

psittacine                    of, like or pertaining to macaws, parakeets or parrots

psittacism                    mechanical, repetitive (parrot-like) speech without thought of the meaning of the words spoken

psoas                         loin muscle

psomophagy                    swallowing food without thorough chewing

psophometer                   instrument measuring audible interference of electrical current

psychaesthesia                sensation in relation to feeling or thought

psychagogic                   attractive; encouraging

psychagogue                   conductor of souls to the underworld

psychalgia                    mental pain or distress

psychasthenia                 an incapacity to resolve doubts/uncertainties or to resist obsessions/compulsions that one knows are irrational

psychiasis                    healing of the soul or psyche

psychism                      belief in universal soul

psychobiology                 study of biology of the mind

psychodynamic                 concerning psychological motives and causation

psychofugal                   proceeding outward from a mental state

psychogenesis                 origin and development of the mind

psychogenetics                study of internal or mental states

psychognosy                   study of mentality, personality or character

psychogony                    development of the mind or soul

psychogram                    writing supposedly produced under influence of spirits

psychograph                   instrument that supposedly records spirit messages

psychomachy                   conflict between the body and the soul

psychomancy                   fortunetelling by means of spirits

psychometry                   measurement of intelligence and psychological attributes

psychomorphism                doctrine that inanimate objects have human mentality

psychopannychism              belief souls sleep from death to resurrection

psychopathology               study of mental illness

psychophobia                  the fear of the mind

psychophysics                 study of link between mental and physical processes

psychopomp                    someone who conducts spirits or souls to the afterworld, as Hermes or Charon

psychorrhagy                  separation of the soul from the body

psychosomatic                 of a physical disorder, having a psychological cause

psychosophy                   doctrine or theory of the soul

psychotaxis                   alteration of mental outlook to satisfy the personality

psychotheism                  doctrine that God is a purely spiritual entity

psychroaesthesia              sensation of cold in part of body that is actually warm

psychrolusia                  bathing in cold water

psychrolute                   one who bathes in the open air daily throughout the winter

psychrolutist                 an advocate of bathing in cold water

psychrometer                  instrument for measuring dryness of the atmosphere

psychrophilic                 thriving in cold temperatures

psychrophobia                 the fear of the cold

psychurgy                     mental function, operation or energy

ptarmic                       any substance that causes sneezing

pteric                        of, like or pertaining to the wing or the shoulder

pteridology                   the study of ferns

pteridomania                  passion for ferns

pterography                   treatise or description of feathers

pteronophobia                 the fear of being tickled by feathers

pteropine                     of, like or pertaining to flying foxes

pterospermous                 having winged seeds

pterygium                     abnormal mass of tissue obstructing vision in the eye

pterygoid                     like a wing

pteryla                       patch or clump of feathers on a bird

pterylology                   study of distribution of feathers on birds

ptilosis                      plumage or mode of feathering; plumage

ptochocracy                   government by beggars or paupers

ptochogony                    production of beggars; pauperization

ptosis                        drooping of the upper eyelid

ptyalagogue                   substance that promotes salivation

ptyalism                      an excessive flow of saliva

pubarche                      first appearance of pubic hair

puberulent                    feebly or minutely pubescent; covered with minute down

pubigerous                    hairy; bearing or growing hair

puccoon                       blood-root; dark red colour

puce                          brownish-purple; purplish-pink

pucelage                      the state of being a girl; maidenhood, virginity

pucelage                      virginity

pucelle                       maid; virgin

puckery                       astringent; tending to wrinkle

puckeroo                      useless, broken

pudendum                      external female reproductive organs

pudibund                      shamefaced; prudish

pudibundery                   prudery, bashfulness

pudicity                      modesty

pudor                         sense of shame

puellaphillist                one who loves girls

puericulture                  child-rearing

puerperal                     of, like or pertaining to childbirth

pug                           ground clay mixed with water

puggle                        to clear out or stir up by poking

puggry                        a turban worn in India; a light scarf wound around a hat or helmet to protect the head from the sun

pugil                         small handful; pinch

pugioniform                   dagger-shaped

puisne                        inferior in rank; later; junior

puissance                     power; potency; might

puissant                      powerful; mighty

pulchritude                   beauty; attractiveness

pule                          to pipe; to whimper or whine

pulicide                      flea-killer

pulicine                      of, like or pertaining to fleas

pulicoid                      like a flea

pulicose                      infested with fleas

pulicous                      abounding with fleas; fleay; so, pulicose ; infested with fleas

pullastrine                   of, like or pertaining to pigeons

pullet                        young hen

pullulate                     to swarm; to teem; to breed freely; to sprout

pullulation                   germination; a rapid and abundant increase

pulmonic                      of, like or pertaining to the lungs

pulpitum                      gigantic stone screen separating cathedral choir from the nave

pulsimeter                    instrument for measuring the pulse

pultaceous                    macerated and softened; like porridge; pulpy

pulveratricious               covered with dust; dust-coloured

pulverous                     dusty or powder

pulverulent                   consisting of or reducible to fine powder; covered or looking as if covered with dust or powder; dusty, crumbly

pulvil                        perfumed powder

pulvillar                     cushion-like

pulvilli                      pads between claws of an insect's foot

pulvilliform                  shaped like a cushion

pulvinated                    cushion-like; bulging; pillowy

pumpkinification              an apotheosis; a parody of deification; apocolocyntosis

punaluan                      marriage of brothers of one family to sisters of another

puncheon                      tool for punching or stamping

punctal                       like a point

punctate                      dotted; pitted

punctatim                     point for point

punctiform                    shaped like a point

punctilio                     minute detail of conduct; careful observance of forms

punctilious                   scrupulous and exact

punctulate                    bearing small spots or dots

punctule                      minute dot, pit or aperture

pundigrion                    a play on words; pun

punditocracy                  government by political pundits

pundonor                      a point of honor

puniceous                     bright or purplish red

punk                          dry decayed wood used for tinder

punkah                        a large fan suspended from the ceiling used esp in India

punkahwallah                  the wallah (boy, servant) who operates a punkah, large cloth fan suspended from the ceiling

punnet                        small shallow fruit basket

pupate                        to pass through a chrysalis stage

pupigerous                    bearing a puparium

pupillarity                   the state of being a pupil

purblind                      partly blind; lacking in vision, insight or understanding; obtuse

purdah                        seclusion of women from public observation among Muslims and some Hindus

purfle                        to ornament the edge of with embroidery

purfler                       one who purfles; spec. one who inlays the ornamentation in violins

puricle                       the space between thumb and extended forefinger

purificator                   cloth used to wipe Eucharist chalice

puriform                      like pus

purlicue                      curl or flourish in writing; summary of speeches

purlieu                       a person's usual haunts; neighbourhood

purline                       supporting timber stretching across rafters

purloin                       to steal; to filch

purpresture                   encroachment on public property

purpure                       heraldic colour purple

purpureal                     purple

purser                        ship's officer in charge of finances and passengers

pursuivant                    follower or attendant

pursy                         fat; characterized by arrogance arising from wealth

purulence                     the quality of being filled with pus

purulent                      containing, consisting of, or discharging pus

pushful                       energetically or aggressively enterprising

pusillanimous                 lacking courage and resolution; marked by contemptible timidity; cowardly

pustule                       pimple containing pus; lump or wart

putanism                      lewdness in women; prostitution

putative                      supposed; reputed

putcher                       wire trap for catching salmon

puteal                        wall round the top of a well

putid                         decayed; fetid

putlock                       cross-piece in a scaffolding

putois                        brush for painting pottery

putrefaction                  rotting

putrilage                     products or remnants of decay

putto                         plump naked winged boy in artwork

puture                        foresters' claim of subsistence within bounds of forest

putz                          a representation of the Nativity scene traditionally placed under a Christmas tree

puy                           small volcanic cone

puzzlepated                   having or based on confused attitudes or ideas

puzzomous                     disgustingly obsequious

pycnometer                    instrument for measuring specific gravity or density

pycnomorphous                 compact; dense

pycnosis                      thickening

pycnostyle                    having closely spaced columns

pygal                         belonging to the rump end; pertaining to the buttocks

pygalgia                      a pain in the buttocks

pygephanous                   showing one's buttocks; mooning

pygmachy                      boxing; fighting with clubs

pygophilous                   buttock-loving

pyknic                        characterized by shortness of stature, broadness of girth, and powerful muscularity

pyknometer                    instrument for measuring specific gravities

pyogenic                      pus-forming

pyoid                         purulent; pus-like

pyosis                        the formation of pus or the process through which pus is formed

pyranometer                   instrument measuring solar radiation from the sky's whole hemisphere

pyrene                        fruit-stone

pyretic                       of, pertaining to or for the cure of fevers

pyretology                    study of fevers

pyrexia                       fever

pyrexical                     feverish

pyrexiophobia                 the fear of fever

pyrgeometer                   instrument for measuring radiation from earth

pyrgoidal                     tower-shaped

pyrgology                     study of towers

pyrheliometer                 instrument for measuring heating effect of sun

pyriform                      shaped like a pear

pyritiferous                  bearing pyrite

pyroballogy                   study of artillery

pyroclastics                  ash and other material released by volcano

pyrogenation                  subjection to heat

pyrogenous                    produced by or producing heat or fever

pyrognomic                    easily made incandescent

pyrography                    the art of writing on wood or decorating wood by burning it

pyrokinesis                   ability to start fires using mind alone

pyrolatry                     fire-worship

pyromachy                     1. use of fire in combat

pyromancy                     2. fortunetelling using fire

pyrometer                     instrument for measuring very high temperatures

pyrophanous                   becoming transparent when heated

pyrophobia                    the fear of fire

pyrophorus                    substance that spontaneously combusts

pyroscope                     instrument for measuring intensity of radiant heat

pyrosis                       heartburn

pyrosophy                     knowledge of the properties of fire

Pyrrhic                       achieved at excessive cost eg. a Pyrrhic victory

pyrrhonism                    the doctrine of the impossibility of attaining certainty of knowledge; absolute or universal skepticism

pyrrhonism                    total or radical skepticism

pyrrhonist                    a skeptic who accepts nothing at face value

pyrrhotism                    state of being red-haired

pyrrhous                      reddish; ruddy

pyrrhuline                    of, like or pertaining to bullfinches

pysmatic                      always asking questions or inquiring; interrogatory

pysmatic                      interrogatory, questioning

Pythia                        the priestess of Apollo at Delphi

pythogenic                    produced by filth; causing dirt or decay

pythonic                      1. relating to divination; prophetic, oracular

pythonic                      2. relating to or like a python; huge, monstrous

pythonic                      3. relating to the Monty Python comedy group

pythonism                     possession by an oracular spirit

pyx                           1. a container which holds the wafer used in Holy Communion

pyx                           2. a box used in a Mint for deposit of sample coins

pyxis                         little box or casket for jewels or toiletries





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