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sabaton                       foot-covering as part of suit of armour

sabbatarian                   one who keeps the sabbath strictly

sabbulonarium                 a gravel pit, or money paid to someone who digs gravel

sabelline                     sable fur

sabaism                       the worship of the stars

sabin                         unit of acoustic absorption of one square foot of a perfect absorber

sable                         black; dark; of a black colour in heraldry

sabliere                      sand pit

sabot                         1. attachment to guide projectile through bore of firearm

sabot                         2. wooden shoe; clog

sabrage                       the act of opening a bottle, usu. champagne, with a sabre

sabretache                    satchel suspended from cavalry officer's belt

sabulous                      sandy; gritty; growing in sandy places

saburration                   application of hot sand as medical treatment

saccade                       1. the rapid movement of the eyes in looking quickly from one thing to another, as in reading

saccade                       2. the act of checking a horse with a strong tug of the reins

saccade                       3. a sudden strong pressure of the violin bow that causes two or more strings to sound at once

saccadic                      jerky; twitching

sacchariferous                bearing sugar

saccharimeter                 instrument for measuring amount of sugar in a solution

sacciferous                   bearing a sac or sacs

sacciform                     shaped like a sac

saccular                      sac-like

sacculiform                   shaped like a small sac

sacerdotal                    priestly; pertaining to priestly interests

sacerdotalism                 belief that priests are necessary mediators between God and mankind

sacerdotophrenia              clerical stage fright

sachem                        an Indian chief; a Tammany leader

sachet                        mall plastic envelope holding liquid or cream

sack                          dry white wine or sherry from Spain

sackbut                       early wind instrument resembling the trombone

sackbut                       medieval trombone

sacralgia                     pain in the sacrum

sacralized                    prepared to be used in sacred ceremonies

sacramentarianism             belief that sacraments have unusual properties

sacrarium                     place where sacred objects are kept

sacring                       hallowing; consecration

sacristan                     church official in charge of vessels and the sacristy

sacristy                      room in church where sacred objects are kept

sacrum                        a triangular bone made up of five fused vertebrae and forming the posterior section of the pelvis

sadisdiction                  saying enough; enough said

sadogue                       fat; easy-going person

saeculum                      astronomical or geological age

saffron                       orange-yellow

sagathy                       light blend of silk and cotton or wool

sagene                        fishing-net; network

sageship                      state or quality of being a sage

saggar                        clay box in which pottery is packed for baking

saginate                      to fatten animals

sagination                    the act of fattening, or state of being fattened

sagittal                      shaped like an arrow

sagittary                     centaur; archer

sagittiform                   shaped like an arrowhead

sal                           salt

salacious                     indecently erotic; lecherous

salamandroid                  like a salamander; able to withstand fire

salami technique              an old term for embezzlement where small amounts of money are put under a fake ID and transferred out of many customer's accounts into that one fake ID account

salariat                      salary-earning class collectively

salebrosity                   uneven roughness

saliferous                    salt-bearing

salify                        to impregnate with salt

saliniform                    like salt

salinometer                   instrument for measuring amount of salt in a solution

salmagundi                    potpourri

salmagundi                    stew of many mixed ingredients; a medley or miscellany

salpiform                     shaped like a barrel

salpinx                       fallopian tube

salsa                         fast Latin American jazz-influenced dance

salse                         mud volcano

salsipotent                   ruling the salt seas

salsitude                     saltiness; brackishness

salsuginous                   salty; brackish; growing in salty soil

saltant                       leaping; dancing

saltarello                    lively Italian dance

saltation                     jumping or leaping; abrupt variation

saltationism                  punctuation in evolution

saltativeness                 ability to jump

saltern                       salt-works

saltigrade                    progressing by leaps

saltire                       X-shaped cross

saltus                        breach of continuity; jump to a conclusion

salubrious                    favourable to or promoting well-being; beneficial, healthful

salutary                      producing good effects; beneficial

salutatorian                  the second best student in a graduating class, whose job it is to give an introductory speech

salutiferous                  conducive to health or well-being

salvific                      having the purpose or intention of saving

samara                        propeller-like winged fruit

samarra                       flame-decorated cassock worn by those condemned by the Inquisition

samel                         underburnt

samentale                     agreement

Samhain                       the first day of November, celebrated by the ancient Celts as a festival marking the beginning of winter and of the new year according to their calendar

samhainophobia                a fear of Halloween

samite                        rich and heavy silk, sometimes interwoven with gold or silver

sanable                       capable of being healed or cured; susceptible of remedy. Hence, sanability

sanative                      healing or restorative

sanatory                      producing health

sanbenito                     yellow or black sackcloth garment worn by heretics prior to execution

sanctanimity                  holiness of mind

sanctiloquent                 speaking of something which is holy or sacred

sandapile                     a coffin

sangfroid                     coolness; composure; self-possession or imperturbability especially under strain

sanguiferous                  bearing blood

sanquinolency                 being addicted to bloodshed

sanguinary                    bloodthirsty; murderous

sanguine                      optimistic; having a bright complexion

sanguineous                   bloody; of, like or pertaining to blood; blood-red

sanguinivorous                a blood sucker

sanguinolent                  containing blood; bloodthirsty

sanguinopurule                full of blood and pus

sanguisugent                  blood-sucking

sanguivorous                  one who drinks blood

sanies                        watery foul discharge from wounds or sores

sansculotte                   strong republican; democrat or violent revolutionary

sapid                         having a perceptible or decided taste; savoury; agreeable

sapience                      discernment; judgement

sapiential                    providing wisdom

saponaceous                   being soapy or slippery; being ingratiating; a slippery, evasive individual

saponaceous                   slippery, elusive; soapy

saponifiable                  able to be converted into soap

saponify                      to convert into soap

sapor                         property of substance of taste; flavour

saporific                     flavorful

saporine                      of, like or pertaining to the sense of taste

Sapphism                      homosexuality in women

saprobic                      characterized by decaying organic matter

saprodontia                   tooth decay

saprogenic                    producing decay or putrefaction

saprogenous                   growing on decaying material; causing putrefaction

saprophagous                  one who eats dead or decaying animals

saprophilous                  living in rotting waste

saprophyte                    plant living on dead or decaying matter

saprostomous                  having foul-smelling breath

sapsago                       hard green Swiss cheese

sapwood                       soft tissue beneath bark of tree

saraad                        a fine levied by ancient Welsh courts which were paid in cattle

sarabande                     a stately court dance of the 17th and 18th centuries, resembling the minuet

sarangousty                   waterproof stucco

sarcle                        to dig up weeds

sarcoid                       flesh-like

sarcoline                     flesh-coloured

sarcology                     the study of soft, fleshy parts of the body

sarcophagic                   pertaining to something which eats flesh

sarcophagous                  feeding on flesh; carnivorous

sarcotic                      promoting growth of flesh

sarcous                       of flesh or muscle

sarculate                     to hoe, weed (also sarcle); hence sarculation, hoeing

sarculation                   weeding using a rake

sard                          deep orange chalcedony

sardanapalian                 being luxuriously effeminate like the Byron hero Sardanapalus

sardoodledom                  mechanically contrived plot structure and stereotyped or unrealistic characterization in drama; staginess, melodrama

sargasso                      gulf-weed; also a mass or a species of this; fig. esp. in sense a confused or stagnant mass

sarmassophobia                the fear of love play, especially in women

sarment                       long weak twig

sarmentum                     vine, long twig or runner

saros                         a cycle of 6585.32 days in which eclipses of the sun and moon occur in same sequence and at the same intervals as in the previous such cycle

sarrusophone                  double-reeded musical instrument resembling the bassoon

sarsen                        one of the numerous large boulders or blocks of sandstone found scattered on the surface of the English chalk downs

sarsenet                      fine and soft silk; soft or gentle

sartorial                     of, like or pertaining to a tailor or tailored clothes

sarwan                        a person who rides and guides a camel

sastruga                      long parallel ridges of snow that form on windy plains

satanology                    study of devil

satanophany                   an appearance of the devil; possession by the devil

satanophobia                  the fear of the devil

satara                        ribbed lustred wool

sateen                        glossy cotton or wool

satinet                       thin silk satin or imitation thereof

satisdation                   provision of security

satisdiction                  saying enough

satisfice                     to aim for or achieve that which will suffice

sative                        cultivated

satrap                        ruler, henchman

satrapess                     an official who acts like a petty tyrant

saturnalian                   wild and unrestrained, usually referring to a riotous party

saturnine                     cold and steady in mood, of a gloomy or surly disposition, having a sardonic aspect

saturnism                     lead poisoning

satyrism                      uncontrolled licentiousness

satyromania                   abnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasis

saudade                       yearning, longing

saulie                        one paid to attend a funeral as a mourner

saurian                       any of a group (Sauria) of reptiles, lizard like

saurophagous                  eating lizards

sauterelle                    mason's tool for making angles

sautoir                       long necklace or pendant

savernapron                   a table napkin

saw                           saying or proverb

sawder                        to flatter

sawney                        fool, simpleton

saxatile                      pertaining to rocks; rock-dwelling

saxicavous                    rock-boring

saxicolous                    living in or among rocks

saxifragous                   breaking stone

saxify                        to turn into stone, to petrify

saxigenous                    growing in rocks

saxony                        fine soft woollen fabric

say                           delicate woollen fabric

scaberulous                   somewhat scabrous or rough

scabious                      of, like or pertaining to scabies or scabs

scabrous                      1. rough to the touch; covered with roughened, unwholesome patches

scabrous                      2. difficult, knotty

scabrous                      3. salacious, naughty

scacchic                      pertaining to the game of chess, or to chess pieces

scaffmaster                   steward

scagliola                     stone-like plasterwork for interior decoration

scalariform                   shaped like a ladder

scalary                       formed with steps or rungs

scalawag                      1. rascal, scamp, reprobate

scalawag                      2. an undersized or ill-conditioned animal

scaldabanco                   a preacher who delivers a fiery sermon

scallion                      onion with a slim bulb; leek

scallom                       rod with thin or spliced end used to form base or frame of baskets

scalpeliform                  shaped like a scalpel

scalpriform                   shaped like a chisel

scalpture                     art of engraving on metal or stone

scamander                     to take a winding course; to meander; to wander about

scambling                     haphazard meal

scammony                      plant root used as strong purgative

scandent                      climbing

scanderoon                    homing pigeon

scansorial                    climbing; adapted for climbing

scantling                     dimensions of a cross-section of timber; a small amount

scapegrace                    a man or boy of reckless and disorderly habits; an incorrigible scamp - often used playfully

scapegrace                    scoundrel; incorrigible man or boy

scaphion                      kind of sundial

scaphism                      a quaint old Persian method of executing criminals by covering them with honey and letting the sun and the insects finish the job

scaphoid                      boat-shaped

scapiform                     shaped like a stalk

scapigerous                   having a scape

scapple                       to work smoothly, without smoothing to a finish

scapular                      badge of monastic order worn on the shoulders

scapulimancy                  fortunetelling involving a shoulder blade which has been charred or cracked from a fire

scarabaean                    of, like or pertaining to scarabs

scaramouch                    a cowardly buffoon; ruffian; scoundrel

scarfskin                     surface skin

scarify                       to scratch or scar

scarious                      thin and tough

scarlatina                    scarlet fever

scarlet                       fine cloth

scarp                         to make steep

scarper                       to run away

scarpetti                     climbing shoes with hemp soles

scarpines                     instrument of torture for the feet

scarpology                    the science of determining characteristic traits by examining a persons shoes

scatch                        a stilt

scatebrous                    flowing or bubbling out; abounding with springs

scatophagy                    the religious practice of eating excrement

scatology                     study of excrement or obscene literature

scatomancy                    fortunetelling using excrement

scatophagous                  habitually feeding on dung; coprophagous

scatophobia                   the fear of excrement

scatoscopy                    fortunetelling by studying excrement; scatomancy

scattery                      dispersed; sparse

scaturient                    gushing forth, overflowing; effusive

scaturiginous                 abounding with springs

scauper                       semicircular gouging chisel

scavage                       refuse scavenged from the roads

scavager                      officer in charge of keeping streets clean

scazon                        limping verse

scelerat                      villain

scelerophobia                 the fear of evil men, such as burglars or muggers

scelestic                     wicked; villainous

scelotyrbe                    disease causing hesitation in walking

scenography                   representation of an object in perspective

scepsis                       philosophic doubt

scevity                       bad luck

schadenfreude                 taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others

schediasm                     impromptu action; an extemporized work

schematomancy                 fortunetelling using the appearance of people

schematonics                  art of using gesture to express tones

schesis                       deriding opponent's argument by referring to his way of thought

schetic                       of a disease, not deeply rooted in the body

schiller                      bronze lustre

schistaceous                  slate-colored, blue-gray

schistous                     formed of schist

schizocarp                    the winged seed pod of maple trees

schizogenesis                 reproduction by division

schizothemia                  digression by means of a long reminiscence; repeated interruptions of a conversation by the speaker introducing other topics

schizothymic                  a schizoid (split personality) tendency remaining within the bounds of normality

schizotrichia                 splitting of hair

schiztic                      of, like or pertaining to or marked by splitting

schlimmbesserung              making something worse through an attempt to make things better

schlub                        a worthless person, a jerk, an oaf

schmegeggy                    1. a contemptible person; an idiot

schmegeggy                    2. baloney; hot air; nonsense

schnorrer                     beggar; esp one who wheedles others into supplying his wants

schoenabatic                  of, like or pertaining to rope walking

schoenobatist                 a tightrope walker

schola                        church choir led by a cantor

scholaptitude                 a natural ability to perform scholarly achievements

scholarch                     head of a school

scholasticate                 preparatory college for those intending to enter Catholic order

scholiast                     commentator; writer of marginal notes

scholion                      annotation to an argument written in margin

schorl                        tourmaline

schottische                   old polka-like round dance

schrecklichkeit               frightfulness

schryari                      old and very loud double-reed wind instrument

schwa                         the inverted e used to symbolized a relaxed vowel sound which is neither short nor long

schwärmerei                   sentimental enthusiasm; wild devotion

schwerpunkt                   point where main effort of a military attack is directed

sciagraphy                    art of shading

scialytic                     dispelling shadows

sciamachy                     a futile battle with an imaginary foe; fighting with a shadow

sciamachy                     to fight with a shadow, or shadow boxing

sciaphobia                    the fear of shadows

sciapodous                    a fabulous people of Libya having immense feet which they used as sunshades; having very large feet

sciatheric                    of, like or pertaining to measurement of time by shadows

sciatic                       of, like or pertaining to the hip

scibility                     the power of knowing

scible                        that which is knowable

scientaster                   petty scientist

scientintically               a ludicrous nonce-word formed by blending scientifically and tint

scientism                     belief that the methods of science are universally applicable

scilicet                      to wit; namely

scincoid                      of or resembling a skink

scintilla                     hint; trace; spark

scintillant                   sparkling

scintillation                 the twinkling of stars or small bursts of light

scintillescent                twinkling

scintillometer                instrument measuring scintillation of star

scintilloscope                instrument for measuring gamma rays emitted by a radioactive body

sciolism                      superficial pretensions to knowledge

sciolist                      a superficial pretender to knowledge; a conceited smatterer

sciomancy                     fortunetelling by talking to the dead

sciophilous                   thriving in or loving shady conditions

scioptic                      of, like or pertaining to formation of images in darkrooms

sciosophy                     system of knowledge without basis in science

scissel                       metal clippings; scrap metal

scissile                      able to be cut; readily splitting

scission                      cutting; division; splitting

scissure                      a cleft; a splitting; fissure; rupture

sciurine                      of, like or pertaining to squirrels

sciuroid                      of, like or pertaining to squirrels or chipmunks

sclerodermous                 hard-skinned

scleroid                      hard; hardened

sclerometer                   instrument measuring hardness

scobberlotcher                an idler

scobiform                     resembling sawdust

scodgy                        one who works hard at a menial, unpleasant or boring job

scofflaw                      someone who contemptuously breaks the law, especially a law that is hard to enforce

scoleciphobia                 the fear of worms

scolecophagous                worm eating, as a bird

scoliograptic                 marked by oblique lines

scoliometer                   instrument measuring curvature

scolionophobia                the fear of school

scolopacine                   of, like or pertaining to snipes

sconce                        small protective fortification or earthwork

scop                          Anglo-Saxon poet and harpist

scopate                       brush-like

scopic                        visual

scopolagnia                   the pleasure gained by a voyeur

scopophilia                   obtaining sexual pleasure from seeing erotic things; voyeurism

scopperloit                   rude or rough play

scoptophobia                  the fear of being looked at

scopula                       little tuft of hairs

scopulate                     brush-like

scorbutic                     of or suffering from scurvy

scoria                        dross or slag from metal-smelting; slag-like mass of lava

scorify                       to reduce to slag

scorpioid                     scorpion-like; curved at the end

scorse                        barter, exchange

scortation                    fornication

scortatory                    pertaining to or consisting in, fornication or lewdness

scot                          money assessed or paid

scotch                        a block of wood or a brick used under vehicle wheels to prevent rolling

scotograph                    instrument for writing without seeing

scotoma                       dizziness with headache and impairment of vision

scotomaphobia                 the fear of scotoma, (having spots before your eyes)

scotophilia                   admiration for Scotland or the Scots

scotophobia                   the fear of darkness or of the night

scotopia                      vision in dim light or darkness

scotoscope                    instrument for detecting objects in darkness

scranch                       to crunch

scrannel                      harsh, unmelodious; thin; meagre; squeaking

scree                         loose rock debris; a slope at the base of cliff of loose debris

screed                        lengthy discourse; informal piece of writing

scribable                     capable of being written upon

scribacious                   given to, or fond of, writing

scribbleomania                obsession with scribbling

scride                        to crawl on all fours

scrim                         durable plain-woven cotton fabric

scrimshank                    to shirk duty; one who shirks duty

scrimshander                  a man who decoratively carves bone or ivory

scrimshandrix                 a woman who decoratively carves bone or ivory

scrimshaw                     the decoration of bone or ivory objects, such as whale’s teeth or walrus tusks, with fanciful designs

scrimure                      fencer

scriniary                     keeper of archives; archivist

scripophily                   collection of bond and share certificates, not as an investment but as a work of art

scrippage                     your baggage and personal belongings

scriptophobia                 the fear of writing or of the written word

scriptorium                   a room in a monastery set aside for the copying, writing, or illuminating of manuscripts and records

scriptory                     by, in or pertaining to writing

scripturient                  having an overwhelming urge to write

scrivello                     an elephant's tusk of small size (less than 20 pounds?), once commonly used to produce billiard balls

scrivener                     a professional or public copyist or writer; scribe; notary public

scrobiculate                  pitted

scrobiculus                   small depression or pit

scrofulous                    having a diseased appearance, morally contaminated; morally degenerate; corrupt

scrolloping                   characterized by or possessing heavy, florid, ornament

scroop                        the rustle of silk

scrotiform                    shaped like a pouch

scrow                         a scroll; writings

scrump                        to steal fruit (esp. apples) from trees; hence, scrumping

scrumpy                       strong apple cider as made in western England

scruple                       unit of weight used by apothecaries equal to 1/24 of an ounce

scrutate                      to search out; to investigate; hence, scrutation

scrutator                     a close examiner or inquirer

scruto                        stage trap door

scry                          descry; to practice crystal gazing; hence, scrying

scud                          to move or run swiftly esp as if driven forward; to run before a gale

scud                          to sail swiftly before a gale

scullion                      mean; contemptible person

scumble                       1. to make (as color or a painting) less brilliant by covering with a thin coat of opaque or semiopaque color

scumble                       2. to apply (a color) in this manner

scumble                       3. to soften the lines or colors of (a drawing) by rubbing lightly

scumble                       4. to soften or subdue

scuncheon                     inner part of a door jamb or window frame

scunner                       to be in a state of disgusted irritation

scupper                       hole allowing water to drain from ship's deck

scurriour                     scout

scurryfunge                   1. to scrub, scour

scurryfunge                   2. to wriggle about

scutage                       tax on a knight's fee

scutal                        of, like or pertaining to shields

scutch                        to beat out impurities from flax or wool

scutellate                    shaped like a platter

scutellation                  arrangement of scales or plates on an animal's body

scutiferous                   1. being covered in scales like a reptile

scutiferous                   2. carrying a shield or armor

scutiform                     shaped like a shield

scutiger                      squire

scutigerous                   bearing a shield or scales

scuttlebutt                   cask of drinking water aboard a ship; rumour, idle gossip

scuttles                      portholes on a ship

scyphiform                    shaped like a cup

scytodepsic                   of, like or pertaining to tanning leather

seacock                       bold sea rover

seahog                        porpoise

sealine                       the sea horizon

sebaceous                     oozing slime or grease; of or like tallow

sebastomania                  religious insanity

sebiferous                    bearing fatty matter

secateurs                     a kind of pruning shears with crossed blades

secco                         painting on dry plaster

secern                        to discriminate or distinguish; to secrete

secodont                      having cutting teeth

secque                        lightweight clog

secreta                       products of secretion

secretagogue                  substance inducing or stimulating secretion

secretaire                    writing desk

secretum                      private seal

sectile                       capable of being cut easily with a knife

secund                        on one side only

secundine                     afterbirth

secundogeniture               being the second born son; any property inherited by the second son

secundum                      according to

securiform                    shaped like an axe

securigerous                  bearing an axe

secus                         otherwise

sedent                        seated

sederunt                      sitting of a court; gathering; long discussion

sedigitated                   six-fingered

sedilia                       stone seats for clergy in wall of chancel

sedimentology                 study of sediment

sedulous                      involving or accomplished with careful perseverance; diligent in application

seel                          to sew up the eyelids of; to blindfold

seely                         foolish, simple; pitiable especially because of weak physical or mental condition; frail

seersucker                    a light, thin fabric, such as cotton or rayon, with a crinkled surface and a usually striped pattern

seg                           stud or metal plate in sole of a shoe to prevent wear

segnity                       sluggishness; slothfulness

segregant                     having a genotype derived from segregation

seguidilla                    Spanish folk dance

seicento                      style of art in Italy in the seventeenth century

seiche                        periodic side-to-side fluctuation of body of water

seidel                        a large glass for beer

seigneurial                   relating to a man of rank or authority

seine                         large vertical fishing net

seisin                        freehold possession of land in a feudal system

seism                         an earthquake

seismicity                    degree of vulnerability to earthquakes

seismograph                   instrument for recording earthquakes

seismology                    study of earthquakes

seismometer                   instrument for measuring earthquake intensity

seismoscope                   instrument for detecting earthquakes

seismotherapy                 medical therapy using vibrations

seismotic                     causing earthquakes

seity                         self; selfhood; personal identity

sejant                        sitting (especially of a heraldic animal)

sejugate                      to separate, disjoin

sejunction                    separation; disjunction

sejungible                    able to be disjoined

selachian                     of, like or pertaining to sharks or rays

selachostomous                shark-mouthed

selacophobia                  the fear of sharks

selaphobia                    the fear of flashing lights or strobe lights

selcouth                      strange; unfamiliar; marvelous; rare; marvelous

selcouth                      unusual, strange

selenic                       of, like or pertaining to the moon

selenocentric                 one whose life revolves around the moon (a "space cadet")

selenodesy                    study of the shape and features of the moon

selenography                  the science of geography of the moon

selenolatry                   worship of the moon

selenology                    study of the moon

selenomancy                   fortunetelling by studying the moon

selenophobia                  the fear of the moon

selenoscope                   instrument for viewing the moon

self-agglandize               to make oneself more attractive by artificial means

self-determinism              doctrine that the actions of a self are determined by itself

sellate                       having a saddle

selliform                     shaped like a saddle

selvage                       border, edge

selvage                       differently finished edging of cloth

semanteme                     word expressing an idea, such as a noun

semantics                     study of meaning

semantology                   science of meanings of words; study of meaning; semantics

sematic                       serving for recognition, attraction or warning

sematography                  writing in signs rather than letters

semblable                     having a resemblance; suchlike; seeming; apparent

semelincident                 occurring only once in the same individual

semelparous                   reproducing only once in its lifetime

semese                        half-eaten

semestral                     half-yearly

semic                         of, like or pertaining to a sign or signs

semilunate                    shaped like a half-moon

seminative                    producing growth

seminivorous                  seed-eating

seminule                      small seed or spore

semiography                   description of signs or symptoms

semiology                     study of signs and signals

semiopathy                    the tendency to read signs and translate it humorously into inappropriate or sarcastic meanings

semiotician                   a philosopher of signs and symbols

semiotics                     the study of signs and symbols

semioviparous                 bringing forth young in incomplete developmental state

semiquaver                    a 1/16 note in music

semiquote                     single quotation mark (` or ')

semitaur                      mythical half-man; half-bull

semiterete                    half-cylindrical

semolina                      hard grains of wheat that resist grinding

semon                         sub-element of a grammatical unit of meaning

semordnilap                   a word, phrase or sentence that spells a different word, phrase or sentence when reversed; e.g., desserts <> stressed

semovedly                     separately

sempect                       extremely elderly Benedictine monk

semper                        always

sempervirent                  evergreen; always fresh

sempiternal                   of never-ending duration; eternal

sempiternity                  the property of being perpetual

sempiternum                   durable wool

sempster                      one who sews

senary                        involving or based on six; having a numerical base of six

sendal                        thin silk or linen

senectitude                   old age

senectuous                    very old

senescent                     growing old

sengilbond                    any encircling band

senicide                      killing of old men

sennet                        a trumpet call used for formal stage entrance or exit

sennight                      the space of seven nights and days, week

sennit                        plaited straw or rope

senocular                     having six eyes

sensationalism                belief that ideas originate solely in sensation

sensibilia                    whatever may be perceived by the senses

sensifacient                  producing or converting into sensation

sensiferous                   conveying sensation

sensile                       sentient; capable of affecting the senses

sensitometer                  instrument for measuring sensitivity of photographic material

sententia                     opinion; aphorism

sententious                   full of meaning; aphoristic; tending to moralize

sepal                         division of the calyx of a flower

separatrix                    solidus; separating line

sepelible                     that may be buried

sepelition                    burial

sephiroth                     ten essences of God emanated into the physical world

sepia                         fine brown

sepian                        inky

sepicolous                    living in a bush or hedge

sepiment                      hedge; fence; barrier

seplasiary                    a perfumer

sepometer                     instrument for measuring septic matter in the air

seposit                       to set aside; to give up

sept                          division of a tribe; clan

septarchy                     government by seven rulers; heptarchy

septate                       partitioned; having a septum

septemfid                     split into seven

septemfluous                  in seven streams

septemplicate                 one of seven exact copies

septenary                     in seven portions; grouped in seven; of base seven

septentrional                 northern; of, like or pertaining to the north

septiferous                   having barriers

septiform                     shaped like a partition

septimal                      of, like or pertaining to or based on the number seven

septimanal                    weekly

septimanarian                 a monk who is given a week of duties to perform

septophobia                   the fear of decay or decaying matter

septum                        division; partition; barrier

sepulchral                    funereal; gloomy; dismal

sepulchre                     receptacle in an altar for holding religious relics

sepultre                      interment

sequacious                    subservient, tractable; intellectually servile; disposed to follow others in a slavish or unquestioning way

sequela                       after-effect of any trauma; consequence or result

sequestrate                   to confiscate; to set income aside to meet claims

serac                         pillar of glacial ice

seraglio                      a large harem; a palace of a sultan

seral                         of, like or pertaining to the development of ecological communities

seraphic                      serene; blissful; angelic

sere                          threadbare; withered

serein                        fine tropical rain falling from cloudless night sky

serendipity                   the faculty of accidentally making happy, unexpected discoveries

serge                         strong twilled worsted

seriate                       in rows

seriatim                      in succession; one after another

seric                         silken

sericate                      silky

sericeous                     silky; covered with soft silky hairs

sericterium                   silk spinning glands

sericulture                   breeding of silkworms

serific                       silk-producing

serigraphy                    silk-screening

serimeter                     instrument for testing quality of silk

seriocomic                    partly serious and partly humorous

serment                       oath

sermocination                 1. talk, conversation; a discourse, sermon

sermocination                 2. a form of prosopopoeia in which the speaker, having made a remark or put a question, immediately answers it herself

sermuncle                     short sermon

serology                      study of serums

seron                         crate or hamper

serotinous                    flowering late

serous                        of, like or pertaining to serum; watery

serpentcleide                 musical instrument like an ophicleide with a wooden body

serpenticide                  killing or killer of a snake

serpentiferous                bearing a snake; abounding in snakes

serpentise                    to wind; to cause to wind

serpentry                     serpents collectively

serpette                      pruning knife

serpigo                       ringworm

serpivolant                   mythical flying serpent

serratic                      like a saw

serratiform                   saw-shaped; serriform

serried                       close-set; packed together without gaps

serriform                     saw-shaped

serrurerie                    wrought iron work

sertule                       scientific collection of plants

servilism                     system of slavery or serfdom

servitor                      one who serves; clerk or assistant; adherent

sesquialter                   in a ratio of three to two

sesquialteral                 having a ratrio of one to one and a half

sesquiduplicate               having a ratio of five to two

sesquipedalian                a long word; given to the use of long words; polysyllabic

sesquipedalophobia            the fear or hatred of long words

sesquiplicate                 of or as the square roots of cubes

sesquitertial                 having a ratio of four to three

sessile                       stalkless, sedentary, fixed or stationary

seta                          bristle or bristle-like organ

setaceous                     having the form of a bristle; bristly

setiferous                    bearing bristles

setiform                      shaped like a bristle

setigerous                    bearing bristles

setline                       fishing line suspended between buoys

seton                         thread passed under skin acting as channel for discharge

setose                        bristly

settee                        long seat with a back

setulous                      covered with small bristles

severalty                     separateness; separate ownership of property

severy                        compartment of vaulted ceiling

sevocation                    a calling apart or aside

sevum                         tallow

sexenary                      six-fold

sexology                      study of sexual behaviour

sexotropic                    constantly thinking about sex

sext                          prayer service held at noon

sexton                        church caretaker or bellringer

sferics                       study of storms using electronic detectors

sgiomlaireached               the habit of dropping in at mealtimes

sgraffito                     scratching surface of pottery to reveal different colour

sgriob                        the itchiness that comes upon the upper lip just before taking a sip of whiskey

shabrack                      saddle cloth

shaconian                     a person who believes Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare's works

shag                          dance where participants hop energetically

shagreen                      green dyed untanned leather

shail                         to shamble; to stumble

shake                         unit of one hundred millionth of a second used to measure nuclear processes

shakos                        the hat usually worn by members of a marching band

shalloon                      light twilled wool or worsted; coat-lining material

shallop                       light river boat with sail and oars

shallot                       onion with garlic-flavoured bulbs

shamal                        the hot, dry, north-westerly wind blowing across the Persian Gulf, usually causing sandstorms

shambles                      a butcher's shop; a street or district for butchers

shambolic                     chaotic, disorderly, undisciplined

shambrough                    heraldic depiction of a boat or ship

shammel                       platform of boards for shovelling unrefined ore upon

shammes                       1. the sexton or caretaker of a synagogue

shammes                       2. a detective, a policeman; a 'private eye'

shammes                       3. a sycophant, a hanger-on

shammes                       4. an informer; stool-pigeon

shammes                       5. the ninth candle of the Chanukah menorah, used to light the others

shanachie                     an Irish storyteller

shandry                       light cart on springs

shandrydan                    a chaise with a hood; a rickety vehicle

shantung                      plain rough silk or cotton

shapka                        the fur covered, brimless hat worn by many Russians in the winter

sharkskin                     smooth durable wool or worsted fabric

sharoosed                     taken aback, surprised; disappointed, disgusted

shaugh                        thicket

shawm                         double-reeded wind instrument

sheading                      administrative division on the Isle of Man

shearling                     one-year-old sheep

shebeen                       an unlicensed or illegally operated drinking establishment (Scottish. and S. African)

sheer                         fore-and-aft curvature of a ship from bow to stern

shenango                      a casually employed dock worker

shend                         to destroy; to ruin; to disgrace; to corrupt

sheol                         hell; place where the dead live a shadowy existence

shetland                      lightweight loosely twisted wool fabric

sheveled                      disheveled

shibboleth                    slogan, catchword; a custom or usage regarded as a criterion for distinguishing membership

shide                         piece of wood split off from a timber

shillaber                     a shill

shilpit                       (of persons) pale and sickly-looking; weak, feeble, puny; (of liquor) insipid, weak, thin

shimmy                        jazz dance featuring rapid shaking of the body

shindle                       wooden roofing tile; shingle

shipoopi                      a woman; the girl who's hard to get

shistaceous                   slate colored or livid, especially pertaining to skin

shivaree                      noisy mock serenade for newlyweds

shlimazel                     an unlucky person; one with perpetual bad luck

shlump                        untidy person, slob

shlumperdik                   shlump, untidy person, slob; unkempt, sloppy, dowdy

shmata (or shmatteh)          a rag; hence, anything worthless

shmendrik                     nincompoop; an inept or indifferent person

shoat                         a worthless young fellow, originally a young hog

shoddy                        woollen fabric made from rags

shofar                        ram's horn trumpet used in Jewish ceremonies

shoful                        counterfeit money

shonky                        of poor quality, shoddy; inferior

shopocracy                    government by shopkeepers

shot-clog                     an unwelcome companion tolerated only because he pays the shot, or reckoning, for the rest

shrieval                      of, like or pertaining to a sheriff

shrike                        the only predatory songbird

shrive                        to hear a confession from and give absolution

shroff                        to test money to detect impurities

shrouds                       ropes supporting the mast of a ship

shtook                        a problem situation

shtoom                        silent, speechless, dumb; esp. in phrase, to keep (or stay) shtoom; to be quiet, to shut up

shuftiscope                   instrument used to explore interior of dysentery case

shunamitism                   rejuvenation of an old man by a young woman

shurocracy                    a government based on consensus

sial                          outer part of the earth's surface

sialagogic                    promoting the flow of saliva

sialic                        of, like or pertaining to saliva

sialogogue                    anything that stimulates flow of saliva

sialoquent                    spraying saliva when speaking (hence, sialoquence)

siamese                       to join pipes in a way suggestive of Siamese twins

siblicide                     killing or killer of a sibling

sibylline                     oracular, occult, mysterious

sic                           thus

sicarian                      murderer; assassin

siccaneous                    dry; arid

siccar                        sure; certain; firm

siccative                     drying; a drying agent

siccimeter                    instrument for measuring liquid evaporation

sicilienne                    ribbed silk

sicker                        secure, safe; dependable

sidelight                     1. coloured lights on side of a ship under way at night

sidelight                     2. lamp or light above or at the side of a door

sideral                       sent from the stars; omenous or evil

siderate                      to blast or strike down (as with lightning)

sideration                    use of green manure

sidereal                      relating to, or expressed in relation to stars or constellations; astral

siderism                      1. a phenomenon similar to animal magnetism (or mesmerism) formerly supposed to result from the bringing of iron or other inorganic bodies into contact with the human body

siderism                      2. the doctrine of a sidereal influence upon terrestrial things or events

siderization                  addition of iron to alloy

siderodromophobia             fear of railroads or trains

siderognost                   instrument measuring magnetic intensity

siderography                  art of engraving on steel

sideromancy                   foretelling the future by studying the stars or by using straw burned on hot metal

siderophobia                  the fear of stars

sideroscope                   instrument using magnets to detect presence of iron

siderose                      like or containing iron

siderurgy                     metallurgy of iron and steel

sideslip                      oblique offshoot

siege                         seat or throne

siemens                       unit of electrical conductance equivalent to one ampere per volt

siffilate                     1. to talk in a whisper

siffilate                     2. to whistle

siffleur                      a professional whistler

sightworthy                   worth looking at

sigillary                     of, like or pertaining to a seal

sigillate                     to cover with official stamps and seals

sigillative                   tending to form scars

sigillography                 study of seals

sigillum                      seal of the confession

sigla                         abbreviations, symbols and signs

sigmate                       shaped like an S or a sigma

sigmoid                       S-shaped

sigmoidoscope                 instrument for examining the interior of the rectum and sigmoid colon

signary                       system of symbols; alphabet

signate                       distinct; distinguished

significs                     science of meaning

silage                        any green crop stored for use as animal fodder

silential                     performed in silence or pertaining to silence

silentiary                    any official who calls for silence

silentium                     a place in which silence is enforced

silenus                       tipsy person

silesia                       thin twilled cotton or linen

silicicolous                  1. growing in silicate or sandy soil

siliciferous                  2. bearing or containing silica

silkaline                     soft light cotton fabric resembling silk

sillograph                    one who writes satires

sillometer                    instrument measuring speed of ship

silva                         assemblage of trees in a region

silverskin                    fine skin of a coffee bean

silvicide                     substance that kills trees

silvicolous                   living in woods

silvics                       study of tree's life

silviculture                  growing of trees

simian                        of, like or pertaining to apes

similative                    indicating similarity to

similiter                     in a similar manner

similize                      to liken; to compare

simillimum                    remedy chosen for symptoms it emulates

simity                        state of being pug-nosed

simnel                        sweet fruit cake covered with marzipan and eaten at Easter

simoniac                      one who practices simony, or the buying and selling of church offices and preferments

simony                        the buying or selling of a church office or ecclesiastical preferment

simous                        having a very flat or snub nose, with the end turned up

simphobia                     the fear of speaking straight forwardly and in simple terms

simplex                       figure with minimum number of vertices

simpliciter                   simply; not relatively; unconditionally

simplism                      affected simplicity; oversimplification

simpliste                     simplistic; naïve

simular                       counterfeit; feigned

simultanagnosia               inability to experience perceptions as components of a whole

sinal                         of, like or pertaining to the sinuses

sinapise                      to sprinkle; to powder

sinciput                      the forehead

sindon                        fine linen

sindonology                   the study of the shroud of Turin

sine                          without

sinecure                      a position that requires little or no work, but provides income

singillatim                   singly

singspiel                     semi-dramatic play in dialogue and song

singult                       a sob

singultous                    hiccuping; suffering from hiccups

sinister                      of or on the left side of a heraldic shield

sinisterity                   1. sinister character; perversity; dishonesty

sinisterity                   2. lack of skill or dexterity; clumsiness, awkwardness

sinisterity                   3. use of the left hand; skill in this

sinistrad                     towards the left

sinistration                  moving to the left

sinistromanual                left-handed

sinistrophobia                the fear of the left side or things on the left side

sinistrorse                   rising spirally and turning from right to left

Sinology                      study of China

Sinophile                     one who admires China or the Chinese

sinopia                       preparatory drawing for a fresco; reddish-brown colour

sinter                        1. deposit from hot springs; iron dross

sinter                        2. to form a coherent mass by heating without melting

sinuate                       having a wavy edge or margin; winding; sinuous

sipe                          to percolate or ooze through

siphonic                      of, like or pertaining to a siphon

siphoniform                   shaped like a siphon

siphonogamous                 reproducing by seeds

sipid                         having a taste or flavor; savory

sipidity                      savour; flavour

sippet                        morsel of bread to be eaten with soup

sirenize                      to bewitch, allure or enchant

siriasis                      sunstroke

siserary                      a scolding; a blow

siskin                        small finch-like songbird

sisyphean                     laborious, endless and futile

sith                          since

sitiomania                    morbid aversion to food

sitiophobia                   the fear of food

sitology                      dietetics

sitooterie                    a summerhouse or gazebo; generally, a place to sit and contemplate

sitophobia                    the fear of food or eating

situative                     indicating comparison of two things

situla                        a holy bucket

situs                         position; normal position of an organ in the body

Sitzfleisch                   the ability to endure or persist in some activity

skainsmate                    a messmate, a companion

skald                         ancient Scandinavian bard

skaw                          low cape or headland

skean                         dagger

skeg                          part of ship connecting the keel with the bottom of the rudderpost

skelder                       to beg; to swindle; to cheat

skeletogenous                 producing a skeleton

skelic                        of, like or pertaining to the skeleton

skellum                       villain; rascal; scoundrel

skelp                         1. to hustle

skelp                         2. slap, strike

skep                          straw beehive

skerrick                      a small amount; a small fragment; the slightest bit

skerry                        small rocky island

skeuomorph                    an archeological object made of wood or clay and is disguised to resemble bronze

skewbald                      bearing patches of white and some other colour

skiagram                      shadow picture or photograph

skiagraphy                    telling time by sundial

skiamachy                     sham fight; shadow boxing

skiascope                     instrument for measuring eye's refraction from movement of shadows

skinker                       one employed to dispense liquors in a bar; tapster

skintle                       to separate and rotate half-dry bricks to permit drying to complete

skippet                       flat box for protecting documents

skirl                         a piercing sound such as produced by the high notes of a bagpipe

skive                         1. to avoid work by absenting oneself, to play truant

skive                         2. to pare or split leather

skookum                       first rate or the best (from Chinook jargon)

skoptsy                       the act of self castration

skosh                         a small amount; a tad

skothending                   rhyme in which final consonant is same but preceding vowel differs

skybal(d)                     one that is worthless; good-for-nothing

skyhookery                    an imaginary hook suspended in air to bootstrap a process; the abandonment of reason

skysail                       sail above the royal sail

skyscraper                    triangular sail on a ship above the royal

slade                         little valley or dell

slangrel                      a long, lean thing or person

slangwhang                    to assail with violent or abusive language

slangwhanger                  a noisy or abusive talker or writer; a ranting partisan; also, slangwhanging

slantindicular                slanting; oblique

slate                         dull dark blue-grey

slatternly                    slovenly

slaughterman                  one whose occupation it is to kill for food

slaunchwise                   slanting, oblique, crooked; diagonally, obliquely, crookedly

slavocracy                    a government formed of slave owners

Slavophile                    one who admires the Slavs

sleathy                       slovenly

sleech                        slimy mud; a mudflat

sley                          weaver's reed

slickenside                   smooth; polished rock surface produced by friction

slidikins!                    an exclamation meaning "by God's eyelids"

slipe                         skip or sledge

slipshoddity                  carelessness, slovenliness

slipway                       ramp sloping into water for supporting a ship

slobberknocker                two or more big guys beating the hell out of each other

sloff                         to eat greedily or untidily

sloken                        to quench one's thirst

sloven                        a person of low character or manners; a knave, rascal

sloyd                         1. skilled work (usually manufacturing) which requires dexterous use of tools

sloyd                         2. Swedish system of teaching manual skills through woodcarving

slubber                       1. stain, sully

slubber                       2. to perform in a slipshod fashion, do carelessly

slubberdegullion              a filthy, boorish, slobbering person

slug                          unit of gravitational mass of approximately 32.174 pounds

slugabed                      one who stays in bed out of laziness; broadly; sluggard

slughorn                      a trumpet

slumberous                    inviting or causing slumber

slumgullion                   a watery meat stew

slummock                      to move slowly and awkwardly

slurt                         to squirt; to blurt (out)

slurvian                      speech characterized by slurring

slype                         covered passage between walls, or between transept and chapterhouse

smallage                      wild celery

smalt                         deep blue

smalto                        piece of coloured glass used in mosaic

smaragdine                    relating to emeralds; an emerald-green color

smatchet                      a small nasty person or a nasty child

smectic                       purifying; cleansing

smeddum                       fine powder; spirit

smegmatic                     like soap; cleansing

smellfeast                    one that is apt to find and frequent good tables; an epicure; a parasite

smellfungus                   a person who finds faults with everything

smeuse                        hole in a hedge or wall

smifligate                    to put (an animal) to death; destroy, put down, spifflicate

smirch                        besmirch (to a lesser degree)

smithereens                   fragments or splintered pieces

smoot                         a narrow passage; a unit of measurement

snaffle                       1. jointed bit for horses

snaffle                       2. to steal, purloin; to obtain by devious means, snatch

snafu                         snarled or stalled in complete confusion

snallygaster                  mythical monster of Maryland, invented to frighten freed slaves

snarf                         1. to fall asleep with your clothes on

snarf                         2. the act of laughing while drinking and expelling the fluid through one's nose

snarf                         3. to consume quickly or greedily eg. snarfed down some pizza

snarfle                       1. to sniff or snort; to make snuffling noises

snarfle                       2. to use or consume in large amounts; to eat greedily

snarge                        1. the Feather Identification Lab at the Smithsonian Institution has coined this term for the goop that remains of a bird after it collides with an airplane

snarge                        2. a person nobody likes; a total jerk

snark                         a fictional animal, the quarry for a hunting party comprising some highly unlikely characters in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark

snaste                        the wick of a snuffed candle; to snuff a candle

snath                         the long bent handle on a scythe

snead                         the long bent handle of a scythe

sneap                         to nip; pinch; put down; repress; snub

sneckdraw                     a sly, crafty person trying to worm his way in; a cozener, a cheat

snell                         1. quick; keen; sharp

snell                         2. short line used to attach fish-hook to main fishing line

snift                         to sniff; to blow out steam

snifty                        having a pleasant or agreeable smell; haughty, disdainful

snipocracy                    the tailoring profession or its leading members

snipsnapsnorum                a type of card game

snoach                        to speak through the nose

snobocracy                    government by snobs

snollygoster                  a shrewd unprincipled calculatingperson, esp. a politician

snollygosters                 sleazy politicians or lawyers

snood                         1. ornamental hair band or hair net

snood                         2. the fleshy appendage on the beak of a male turkey

snook                         a derisive gesture, thumb to nose with fingers spread, usu. in phrase to cop a snook

snooperscope                  instrument for viewing infrared radiation

snooter                       to harass, bedevil; to snub

snootitude                    the state of mind of a snoot ie. a person regarded as arrogant and annoying

snotty                        naval midshipman

snuggery                      a snug cozy place; especially a small room

snup                          to buy something of value which some ignorant person has discarded or sold cheap

snurge                        in schools, an informer; one who curries favor, a toady; an obnoxious person

snurl                         to turn up one's nose in scorn

snurt                         to expel mucus when sneezing

snuzzle                       to poke around with one's nose, as dogs do

snye                          natural channel bypassing rapids or body of river

soboliferous                  bearing shoots or suckers

sobornost                     a unity of persons in a loving fellowship in which each member retains freedom and integrity without excessive individualism

sobriquet                     nickname

socage                        feudal land tenure by fixed service

soceraphobia                  the fear of parents in law

sociable                      four-wheeled open carriage with side-seats

sociative                     indicating association with the subject

sociobiology                  study of biological basis of human behaviour

sociocracy                    government by society as a whole

sociogenesis                  origin of human societies

sociophobia                   the fear of society or friendship

socius                        member; associate; companion

sockdolager                   a heavy knock-down blow, a finisher; something sensational or exceptional

socle                         moulded member at base of pedestal

sodality                      an association or organized group; a fellowship or fraternity

soffit                        ornamented underside of a stair or archway

soi-disant                    self-proclaimed, self-styled; so-called

soigne                        dressed, adorned, tended, or prepared with great care and attention to detail; well-groomed

soilure                       stain; pollution

solacious                     giving solace

solander                      box in the form of a book

solarimeter                   instrument for measuring solar radiation

solarise                      to expose to sunlight

solarism                      excessive use of solar myths in explaining mythology

solation                      liquefaction of a gel

solatium                      compensation given as solace for suffering or loss

soldatesque                   soldierlike

solecism                      1. a nonstandard usage or grammatical construction

solecism                      2. a violation of etiquette; an impropriety, mistake, or incongruity

soleiform                     slipper-shaped

solemnsides                   excessively solemn or serious

solenoid                      cylindrical wire coil acting as a magnet when charged

solfatara                     a volcanic area or vent that yields only hot vapors and sulfurous gases

solfeggio                     a singing exercise using the syllable do,re,mi,fa,so,la,ti

solferino                     purplish red

solidary                      marked by solidarity; joint and several

solidum                       large moulding along base of a pedestal

solidus                       diagonal, or forward slash "/"  a.k.a. virgule

solidus                       stroke, oblique or slash "/"

solifidian                    one who holds that faith alone without achievement or personal merit is sufficient to insure salvation

solifidianism                 doctrine that faith alone will ensure salvation

soliform                      sun-like; resembling the sun

soligenous                    produced by the sun

soliloquacious                prone to giving soliloquies

solipsism                     the belief that the self is all that exists

solisequious                  following the course of the sun, as the sunflower

solitarian                    a recluse, a hermit

soliterraneous                of, like or pertaining to the joint effect of the sun and earth

solivagant                    wandering all alone

solive                        joist or beam of secondary importance

solleret                      a metallic pointy toed shoe worn by knights

sollevation                   insurrection

solmisate                     to sing; to set to musical notation

solmization                   the use of syllables to denote the tones of a musical scale  (do... re... mi...)

solonist                      wise man

solum                         ground; soil; piece of ground

solus                         alone

solvolysis                    decomposition of dissolved substance

somatasthenia                 weakness of the body

somatism                      materialism

somatogenic                   caused from within the body or by the cells of the body

somatognosis                  diagnosis of bodily conditions

somatology                    1. science of the properties of matter

somatology                    2. the science of using a person's physical features to determine their personality

somatopsychic                 1. concerning a person's bodily self-image

somatotrophic                 2. promoting growth of the body

somedeal                      somewhat

somewhither                   to some place; somewhere

sommelier                     butler; wine steward

somnambulate                  to walk in one's sleep

somnambulist                  a sleepwalker; noctambulist

somnial                       of, like or pertaining to dreams

somniate                      to dream

somnifacient                  sleep-inducing

somnifugous                   something which drives away sleep

somniloquence                 talking in one's sleep

somniloquent                  speaking in one's sleep

somnipathy                    sleep produced by hypnotism or mesmerism

somnolence                    sleepiness; drowsiness

somnolescent                  half-asleep

somnorific                    causing sleep; soporific

sonance                       sound; a sounding of an instrument

sondage                       trial bore or excavation; sounding out of opinion

sondation                     sounding of the earth by boring

sone                          unit of loudness on a scale based on subjective or perceived loudness

soniferous                    producing sound

sonification                  act of producing sound

sonograph                     instrument for recording and analysing sound

sonorescent                   emitting sound under influence of radiation

sonsy                         having pleasing curves; buxom, comely

soodling                      moving slowly; to walk slowly

sooth                         truth; reality; in truth

soothfast                     truthful; honest; faithful

soothly                       in truth; truly

sophianic                     of, like or pertaining to wisdom

sophic                        full of wisdom; learned

sophiology                    science of ideas

sophism                       an argument apparently correct in form but actually invalid; esp. such an argument used to deceive

sophist                       a person who uses deceptive reasoning to win debates

sophister                     one who makes use of fallacious arguments; a specious reasoner; sophist

sophistry                     deceptively subtle reasoning or argumentation; an argument used to deceive

sophomania                    delusion that one is incredibly intelligent

sophomoric                    bombastic

sophophobia                   the fear of knowledge, wisdom or learning

sophrosyne                    the quality of wise moderation or discreet good sense

sopite                        to dull; lull; put to sleep; put an end to

sopitive                      causing sleep

soporiferous                  causing or tending to cause sleep; soporific

soporific                     tending to produce sleep

soporose                      sleepy

sorbefacient                  promoting absorption

sorbile                       able to be sipped or drunk

sord                          flock of mallard

sordine                       a cone-shaped mute for a trumpet

sordor                        refuse; foul matter

soricident                    having teeth like a shrew's

soricine                      shrewlike; of, like or pertaining to shrews

sorites                       string of statements where end of one is subject of next

sorn                          to impose in order to obtain hospitality; sponge

soroche                       mountain sickness

sorocide                      the killing of one's own sister

sororal                       of or pertaining to or characteristic of a sister or sisters; sisterly

sororate                      the marriage of a man to his wife's sister

sororicide                    killing of one's own sister

sorosis                       women's club

sorrel                        reddish-brown; light chestnut; a horse of this colour

sortation                     sorting out

sortilege                     the act or art of fortune telling by lots; sorcery, witchcraft, enchantment

sortition                     casting of lots; assignment by casting of lots

sostenuto                     a musical term - n a manner that is sustained as long as or beyond a note's full value

sot                           a foolish or stupid person

soterial                      pertaining to salvation

soteriology                   the doctrine the salvation can only be granted by Christ

sottage                       foolishness, folly, stupidity

sottise                       a silly remark or saying; a foolish action

sottish                       drunken (or stupid)

sottisier                     collection of jokes, quotes, or ridiculous remarks

sottoportico                  covered passage or alley under the overhanging first floor of a building

soubrette                     1. a lady's maid in comedies who acts the part of an intrigante; a maidservant

soubrette                     2. an actress who plays such a part; in extended use, a woman playing a role or roles in light entertainment

sough                         1. drain; sewer; adit

sough                         2. to sigh or murmur as the wind does

sounder                       herd of pigs; young boar

soupçon                       hardly perceptible quantity; dash

soutache                      narrow braid used for trimming

soutane                       priest's cassock

souteneur                     prostitute's pimp or bully

souterrain                    underground chamber; earth-house

sovenance                     remembrance; memory

sowl                          to pull by the ears; to drag about  

sozzled                       drunk, intoxicated

spadassin                     a duelist; a fighter, a bully; a swordsman

spadiceous                    1. chestnut-coloured

spadiceous                    2. shaped like a palm branch

spadix                        fleshy spike of flowers

spado                         castrated or impotent person or animal

spaghettification             the stretching of objects into long thin shapes in a very strong gravitational field, as by extreme tidal forces

spaghettified                 1. heavily Italianized; incomprehensible

spaghettified                 2. in physics, stretched into a long thin shape, or torn apart by the tidal forces of a strong gravity field such as a black hole

spagyric                      alchemical

spagyrist                     alchemist

spall                         to splinter or split; to chip

spalpeen                      a common laborer; a scamp, a rascal, a young boy

spanandry                     extreme scarcity of males in a biological population

spancel                       to tie or hobble; fetter

spandrel                      1. design in corner of postage stamp

spandrel                      2. space between curve of an arch and mouldings

spaneria                      a place with few or no men

spang                         to a complete degree; totally; in an exact or direct manner; squarely

spanghew                      to cause a frog or toad to fly up in the air

spaniolate                    to hispanicize

spanker                       sail on the mast nearest the stern of a square-rigged ship

spanogyny                     a place with few or no women

spansule                      time-release capsule

spar                          any ship's mast, boom, yard, or gaff

sparable                      small headless shoemakers' nail

sparagmos                     ritualized tearing apart of a person prior to rebirth or renewal

sparble                       to scatter; to disperse

sparge                        1. sprinkle, bespatter; esp. spray

sparge                        2. to agitate (a liquid) by means of compressed air or gas via a pipe

sparge                        3. to wash out all soluble products from beer mash prior to boiling

spargefaction                 the moistening of something by sprinkling it with water

spargosis                     swelling

sparrow-blasting              being blighted by some mysterious power of whose existence one is skeptical

sparsim                       here and there

spartle                       to flounder and flail about

sparver                       canopy for a bed

spasmatomancy                 fortunetelling by twitching or convulsions of the body

spatchcock                    to insert into a text too hurriedly or inappropriately

spatialism                    doctrine that matter has only spatial, temporal and causal properties

spatiate                      to ramble; to saunter

spatilomancy                  fortunetelling using animal droppings

spatiography                  scientific description of outer space

spatiotemporal                of, like or pertaining to time and space

spattee                       protective outer stocking

spatulamancy                  fortunetelling involving the shoulder blades of animals

spatulate                     shaped like a spatula

spavin                        hard bony tumour on a horse's leg

spavined                      lame; broken down; decrepit

spawling                      spitting

specie                        coined money

speciocide                    destruction of an entire species

specious                      apparently good but not actually so; superficially plausible

spectocloacaphobia            the fear of one's eyeglasses falling in the sewer

spectrofluorimeter            instrument for measuring and recording fluorescence spectra

spectrograph                  instrument for viewing a spectrum

spectroheliograph             instrument for taking pictures of the sun

spectroheliokinematograph     a special camera used to film the Sun

spectrohelioscope             instrument for viewing solar disc in light of a single wavelength

spectrology                   study of ghosts

spectrometer                  instrument measuring wavelengths of light of a spectrum

spectrophobia                 the fear of looking in a mirror

spectrophotometer             instrument for measuring speed of different parts of light spectrum

spectroscope                  instrument for forming spectra by dispersing rays of light

spectroscopy                  study of spectra

specular                      mirrorlike; by reflection; visual

speculum                      mirror; reflector; coloured patch on a bird's wing

speed                         prosperity; success

spelaeothem                   depositional features found in caves

spelean                       cave-dwelling

speleology                    study and exploration of caves

speleothem                    structure in a cave formed by deposition of minerals in water

spelter                       zinc

speluncar                     of, like or pertaining to caves

spelunking                    the hobby or practice of exploring caves

speos                         ancient Egyptian cave temple

spermatic                     of, like or pertaining to sperm

spermatogenesis               producing sperm

spermatorrhoea                frequent and involuntary ejaculation

spermiogenesis                producing sperm

spermologer                   a gatherer of seeds; a gossiper; a collector of trivia

spermology                    study of seeds

spermophile                   member of family of seed-loving rodents

spetch                        piece of undressed leather used in making glue

sphacelate                    to cause or affect with gangrene or mortification

sphacelated                   necrosed; dark and shrunken

sphagnicolous                 living in peat moss

sphagnology                   study of peat moss

sphairistic                   tennis-playing

sphallolalia                  flirtatious talk that leads nowhere

sphecoid                      wasp-like

spheksophobia                 the fear of wasps

sphenic                       wedge-like

sphenogram                    cuneiform character

sphenoid                      wedge-shaped

spheristerion                 place for exercise in ball-play

spheromancy                   fortunetelling using a crystal ball

spherometer                   instrument measuring curvature

spheropygian                  having full and rounded buttocks

spheterize                    to make one's own; to appropriate

sphingal                      of, like or pertaining to sphinxes

sphingine                     sphinx-like in character

sphragistic                   of, like or pertaining to seals and signets

sphragistics                  the science and history of seals and stamps

sphygmic                      of, like or pertaining to the pulse or heartbeat

sphygmodic                    pulsating

sphygmograph                  instrument for recording pulse

sphygmology                   study of the pulse

sphygmomanometer              instrument for measuring arterial blood pressure

sphygmometer                  instrument for measuring arterial blood pressure

sphygmophone                  instrument for hearing the pulse

sphygmoscope                  instrument for making arterial pulsations visible

sphygmus                      the pulse

sphyrelaton                   metalwork done with hammers

spicaceous                    shaped like a spike

spicate                       spiked; spikelike

spicigerous                   bearing spikes

spicula                       prickle or splinter

spiculate                     to sharpen to a point

spider                        light high-wheeled carriage

spifflicated                  intoxicated, drunk

spiflicate                    to overcome or dispose of by violence; beat

spikenard                     sweetly scented ointment

spile                         device for tapping sap from maple trees

spilikins                     the wooden pegs used in the game of cribbage

spiloma                       birthmark; nevus

spindrift                     the ocean spray which is blown by the wind

spinescent                    developing spines; developing into a spine

spiniferous                   bearing spines

spiniform                     like a thorn or spine

spinigerous                   bearing spines

spinnaker                     large triangular sail opposite the mainsail

spinnbar                      capable of being drawn into strands

spinneret                     silk-spinning organ of an insect or spider

spinney                       copse or small clump of trees

spinosity                     thorniness

spinthariscope                instrument for visually detecting alpha particles

spintherism                   seeing of sparks before the eyes

spintrian                     of, like or pertaining to orgies or male sexual deviance

spinulate                     furnished with small spines

spinuliferous                 bearing spinules

spiracle                      breathing hole; orifice; vent

spiraculate                   having air-holes

spiraliform                   shaped like a spiral

spiralism                     advancement through a spirally structured career

spirate                       voiceless

spiration                     act of breathing

spiritualism                  belief that nothing is real except the soul or spirit

spirketting                   inside planking between ports and waterways of a ship

spirograph                    instrument recording movements of breathing

spirometer                    instrument measuring lung capacity

spirulate                     spirally arranged

spissated                     thickened

spissitude                    density

spiv                          one who lives by his wits without regular employment; slacker

spizzerinctum                 ambition; the will to succeed

splanchnic                    visceral; intestinal

splanchnology                 1. study of the entrails or viscera

splanchnology                 2. the study of the internal organs of humans

splat                         thin strip forming upright middle part of the back of a chair

splendent                     glossy; brilliant

splenetic                     marked by bad temper, malevolence or spite

splenial                      splint-like

splenic                       of, like or pertaining to the spleen

spleniculus                   small detached part of the spleen

splenitive                    fiery; ill-tempered

splenium                      surgical bandage

spodium                       bone charcoal; powder obtained from calcination of substances

spodogenous                   caused by waste matter

spodomancy                    fortunetelling using ashes

spokeshave                    plane or knife used to round spokes

spoliate                      to spoil or despoil; to rob or deprive of something

spoliative                    serving to take away or diminish

spondulicks                   available money; funds

spondulix                     cash, money

spondyle                      vertebra

spongology                    study of sponges

sponsal                       spousal

sponsalia                     espousals

sponsion                      act of becoming surety for another

sponson                       platform jutting from ship's deck for gun or wheel

sporicide                     killing of spores

sporiferous                   bearing spores

spork                         a proprietary name for a piece of cutlery combining the features of a spoon and a fork

sporogenesis                  reproduction by means of spores

sporran                       ornamental pouch worn in front of kilt

sportulary                    relying on charity or the generosity of patrons

sporulation                   formation or production of spores

sprachgefühl                  innate feel for essential character of a language

sprag                         a block of wood or a brick used under vehicle wheels to prevent rolling

spraints                      otters' dung

sprauncy                      smart; dapper

spreagh                       cattle raid; foray

sprent                        sprinkled

sprezzatura                   ease of manner, studied carelessness; the appearance of acting or being done without effort; spec. of literary style or performance

springald                     active young man; youth

springe                       snare with noose and spring

sprit                         spar crossing a fore-and-aft sail diagonally

spritsail                     sail extended by a sprit

sprunt                        anything that is short and will not easily bend

spruntly                      vigorously; youthfully; smartly; gaily; neatly

spuddle                       to work feebly or ineffectively; to perform shallow agricultural ploughing

spumescene                    foaminess; frothiness

spumescent                    foamy; frothing

spumid                        frothy; foamy

spunkie                       a pale light sometimes seen at night over marshy ground; an illusion that misleads

spurcidical                   foul-mouthed; speaking dishonestly or foully

spurge                        1. to cleanse, clear or purify; purge

spurge                        2. to emit foam, to froth

spurge                        3. a plant of genus Euphorbia, usually having a milky juice which yields powerful emetic and cathartic (purgative) products

spuria                        spurious works

spurion                       any hypothetical subatomic particle used to facilitate calculations

spurrier                      one who makes spurs

sputative                     given to excessive spitting

sputum                        matter spat out

squab                         fat; clumsy; unfledged; newly hatched

squabash                      to crush esp. with criticism; lambaste

squabbish                     somewhat fat or squat

squadoosh                     something that is missing, absent, or forgotten; zero, nil, nothing

squadrism                     control of government by armed squadrons of loyalists

squaliform                    shaped like a shark

squaloid                      of, like or pertaining to sharks

squamate                      scaly

squamation                    scaliness

squamiform                    shaped like a scale

squamoid                      like a scale

squamous                      covered with scales

squamulose                    covered with very small scales, as in snakes

squandermania                 irrational propensity for spending money wastefully

squarrose                     having scales sticking out at right angles

squarson                      clergyman who is also a land-holding squire

squarsonocracy                government by landholding clergymen

squassation                   form of torture involving hanging weights and shaking or whipping victim

squattocracy                  government by squatters

squeamy                       squeamish; queasy

squidger                      the huge disc, or wink, used to propel other winks in the game of Tiddly-Winks

squidgy                       unpleasantly damp; clammy

squiffed                      intoxicated, drunk

squiffy                       intoxicated; drunk; askew

squill                        sea-onion

squinancy                     quinsy

squinch                       arch across the corner of a room

squintifego                   one who squints a lot

squirage                      the landed gentry

squirearchy                   rulership by the landed gentry or squires

stabile                       stationary

stack                         old unit of measure for firewood equal to 108 cubic feet

stactometer                   pipette with hollow bulb for counting drops

staddle                       support for a haystack

stadial                       of, like or pertaining to a stage

stadiometer                   instrument for measuring the length of a curved line

staffage                      decorative accessories or additions to work of art

stagiary                      a student of law

stagmometer                   instrument for measuring number of drops in volume of liquid

stagnicolous                  living in stagnant water

stalactiform                  shaped like a stalactite or icicle

stalagmometer                 instrument for measuring surface tension by drops

stalko                        a poor man who pretends he is rich

stallenger                    keeper of a stall

stamagast                     a great and sudden disappointment, an unpleasant surprise

staminiferous                 bearing stamens

stammel                       coarse woollen fabric, usually dyed red; bright red colour

stampomania                   obsession with stamp-collecting

stanchion                     upright beam, bar or support

standpipe                     vertical pipe for conveying gas or water to a higher level

stang                         stake; pole

stanhope                      light open one-seated carriage

stanjant                      heraldic animal in profile with head towards the viewer

stannary                      tin-mining district

stanniferous                  bearing tin

stapediform                   shaped like a stirrup

staphyline                    like a bunch of grapes

staphylorrhaphy               surgical closure of a cleft palate

starbolins                    sailors of the starboard watch

starets                       Eastern Orthodox spiritual advisor

starveling                    starving, weak, hungry or pining person

stasiarch                     ringleader in sedition

stasibasiphobia               the fear of standing and walking

stasimorphy                   structural modification by arrested development

stasiology                    study of political parties

stasiphobia                   the fear of standing (for fear of falling)

statant                       heraldic animal standing in profile with all feet on the ground

statics                       study of bodies and forces in equilibrium

statim                        immediately; at once

stative                       indicating a state rather than an action

statocracy                    government by the state alone, without ecclesiastical influence

statolatry                    worship of the state

statolith                     small calcareous stone used by invertebrates to maintain equilibrium

statoscope                    instrument for measuring small changes in atmospheric pressure

statuary                      of, pertaining to or suitable for sculpture

statuminate                   to support; to prop up

statuvolism                   mesmerism; hypnotism

staurolatry                   worship of the cross or Christ on a cross

staurophobia                  the fear of crucifxes

stauroscope                   instrument for studying structure of crystals with polarised light

stay                          large rope used to support a mast

staysail                      fore-and-aft sail hoisted on a stay

steading                      range of building surrounding a farmhouse

stearin                       hard fat

steatite                      soapstone

steatogenous                  producing fat

steatopygia                   an excessive development of fat on the buttocks, esp. of females

steatopygic                   having a fat buttocks

steatopygous                  fat-buttocked

steatorrhoea                  excretion of fat through the bowels

steen                         to line with stone

steeve                        1. angle of elevation in relation to the horizontal

steeve                        2. to set a ship's bowsprit at an upward inclination

steganograph                  cryptogram

steganographer                cryptographer; one who works with ciphers

steganography                 cryptography; the art of concealing a message, image, or file within another message, image, or file

stegmonth                     period of recuperation after childbirth

stegnosis                     constipation

stegophilist                  one who climbs buildings for sport

stellate                      star-shaped; starry

stelliferous                  having many stars

stelliform                    shaped like a star

stellify                      to turn into a star; place among the stars

stellion                      lizard with starry spots

stellionate                   the unauthorized sale of a piece of property

stelliscript                  writing in the stars

stellular                     star-like; having star-like spots

stelography                   practice of writing inscriptions on columns or pillars

stemma                        scroll; garland; pedigree; family tree

stemmatology                  study of relationships between texts

stemson                       supporting timber of a ship

stenometer                    instrument for measuring distances

stenopaeic                    with a narrow opening

stenophobia                   the fear of narrow places

stenosis                      narrowing of an orifice

stenotopic                    able to tolerate only small environmental changes

stentor                       loud-voiced person

stentorian                    pertaining to very loud and resonant sounds

stentorophonic                having a loud, powerful voice or making a loud sound

stephane                      diadem or coronet worn by soldiers or statues of ancient deities

stepney                       spare wheel

stercomancy                   fortune-telling by studying seeds in dung

stercoraceous                 of, like or pertaining to feces

stercoranism                  belief that the consecrated Eucharist is digested and evacuated

stercoranist                  a disparaging nickname given to one who holds that the consecrated elements of the Eucharist undergo digestion in and evacuation from the body of the recipient

stercorate                    to shit

stercoration                  the act of spreading manure; generally, the excrement of animals

stercoricolous                living in dung or filth

stercovorous                  feeding on dung or excrement

sterculius                    a God who rules over feces and dung

stereobate                    substructure; foundation; basement

stereochromy                  colourful wall painting

stereognosis                  deducing the weight of an object by handling it

stereometer                   instrument for measuring specific gravity

stereometry                   measurement of volumes of solid figures

stereophony                   reproduction of sound

stereopsis                    stereoscopic or three-dimensional vision

stereoscope                   instrument for viewing special three-dimensional photographs

stereotaxis                   reaction of organism to contact with a solid body

stereotomy                    cutting of stone or other solid materials

steric                        of, like or pertaining to the organization of atoms in a molecule

stern                         back part of a ship

sternpost                     main member at stern of a ship extending from keel to deck

sternutate                    to sneeze

sternutation                  the act, fact or noise of sneezing; a sneeze

sternutatory                  something which causes sneezing

sternway                      movement of a ship backwards

sterquilinian                 of, like or pertaining to a dunghill

sterquilinous                 pertaining to a dung heap

stertor                       a heavy snoring sound

stertorous                    characterized by a harsh snoring or gasping sound; marked by snoring

stet                          to restore after marking for deletion

stethometer                   instrument measuring chest expansion during breathing

stevedorage                   fee levied for loading and unloading cargo

stevedore                     dock worker who loads and unloads ships

steven                        outcry; loud call

sthenia                       strength

sthenic                       strong; robust; morbidly active

stibadium                     semicircular couch

stibial                       of, like or pertaining to antimony

stibialism                    antimony poisoning

sticharion                    vestment like an alb worn by Orthodox priests

sticheron                     short hymn

stichology                    metrical theory

stichomancy                   fortunetelling using random lines from a book or the Bible

stichometry                   numbering or counting lines in books or documents

stichomythia                  a mode of dialogue in drama, poetry, and disputation in which two actors deliver alternating lines

stichomythia                  dialogue in alternate lines

stickit                       unfinished; having failed esp in an intended profession

stiction                      frictional force occurring when surfaces set together

stifle                        joint above the hock of a horse

stigmatic                     giving infamy, stigma or reproach, marked or branded

stigmatiferous                bearing stigma

stigmatophilia                obsession with tattooing or branding

stigmeology                   the art of proper punctuation

stillage                      frame or stand for keeping things off the floor

stillatim                     drop by drop

stillatitious                 issuing in drops; falling in drops

stillatory                    still; distillery

stillicide                    a succession of drops of water, esp. falling from the eaves of a house

stillion                      cask stand

stilp                         to walk with stilts or crutches

stime                         glimmer, glimpse

stingo                        strong ale or beer; zest or zip

stipe                         a stalk

stipiform                     shaped like a stalk

stirious                      shaped like an icicle

stirk                         yearling ox or cow; pasture for yearlings

stirpiculture                 selective breeding

stirps                        branch of a family; pedigree

stithy                        blacksmith's forge or anvil

stiver                        a Dutch coin worth a penny or two; something of little value

stochastic                    of, like or pertaining to a sequence of random events

stocious                      drunk, intoxicated

stockinette                   soft elastic cotton fabric

stodge                        to cram, stuff or gorge with food

stodgy                        of a thick, semi-solid consistency; of food; thick, glutinous; (of a meal) heavy, hard to get through

stoichiology                  science of elements of animal tissues

stoichiometry                 measurement of proportions of chemical reactions

stoicism                      belief in indifference to pleasure or pain

stokehold                     ship's furnace chamber

stole                         narrow ecclesiastical vestment or scarf

stolisomancy                  fortunetelling by observing how one dresses oneself

stolon                        runner or shoot from base of a plant

stoloniferous                 bearing or having runners

stomacher                     armour for the chest; covering or ornament for the chest area

stomachous                    resentful; haughty; spirited

stomatiferous                 having an orifice or mouth

stomatolalia                  speech produced with clogged nostrils

stomatology                   study of the mouth

stomp                         jazz dance featuring heavy stamping of the feet

stonk                         a heavy concentration of military fire

stonker                       1. to hit hard; knock unconcious

stonker                       2. to baffle completely; outwit, foil

stonking                      impressively large; an intensifier eg a stonking good time

stoop-gallant                 a disease or illness

stope                         steplike excavation in mining

storge                        natural or parental affection

storiate                      to decorate with historical designs

storiated                     decorated with elaborate ornamental designs

storiology                    the study of folklore and legends

stoss                         side of a hill facing upstream

stotious                      drunk

stoup                         vessel for holding holy water

stoush                        to thrash or beat (a person); to fight; fighting; a brawl or fight, a scrap

stover                        fodder

strabismometer                instrument measuring degree of squinting

strabismus                    squint

strabometer                   instrument for measuring strabismus in the eyes

strabotomy                    surgical removal of a squint

stradometrical                of, like or pertaining to the measurement of streets and roads

strahl                        flow of beams of electrons from the sun to earth

strait                        strict; rigorous; constricted

strake                        1. continuous band of plates on side of a ship

strake                        2. trough for washing ore

stramash                      disturbance, racket; crash, smashup

stramineous                   consisting of or relating to straw; worthless; straw-colored; dull pale yellow

strapontin                    folding seat in a theatre

strappado                     form of torture in which victim is left dangling from a rope

strass                        paste for making false gems

stratarchy                    rulership over an army

stratephrenia                 a neurosis caused by serving in the military

strathspey                    reel-like Scottish dance of moderate tempo

straticulate                  composed of parallel strata

stratiform                    layered; forming a layer

stratigraphy                  study of geological layers or strata

stratocracy                   a government formed of the military; despotism

stratography                  art of leading an army

stratonic                     of an army or armies

stratous                      in layers

stravage                      saunter, stroll, wander

strepent                      noisy

strephosymbolia               visual disorder where letters are mirror image

strepitant                    clamorous, noisy, boisterous (strepitous found chiefly in musical criticism)

strepor                       noise; clamour

strepsis                      twisting

stretcher                     brick placed lengthwise in masonry

striated                      striped; with fine lines

strickle                      tool used to sharpen a scythe; template

stridor                       harsh shrill sound

stridulate                    to make a chirping or scraping sound

stridulation                  the shrill sound produced by crickets and other insects

stridulous                    squeaky

striga                        flute of a column

strigate                      bristled; streaked

strigiform                    shaped like an owl

strigil                       an instrument used by ancient Romans/Greeks for scraping the skin esp. after the bath

strigilation                  scraping

strigine                      owl-like; of, like or pertaining to owls

strikhedonia                  the pleasure of being able to say to hell with it

strobic                       like a spinning top; appearing to spin

stroboscope                   instrument for studying motion using flashes of light

strombuliferous               bearing spirally coiled organs

strombuliform                 shaped like a spinning top; spirally twisted

strophosis                    twist; turn

stroppiness                   obstreperousness, unruliness, rebelliousness

stroppy                       touchy, belligerent

struldbrug                    the appellation given to the immortals in Gulliver's Travels who were incapable of dying but continued to exist in a state of miserable decrepitude

strumpetocracy                a government formed of prostitutes

struthiform                   ostrich-like

struthious                    like an ostrich

stulm                         adit; draining-shaft

stultiloquence                foolish or senseless talk; babble; twaddle

stultiloquent                 speaking senselessly or babbling idiotically

stumer                        1. a bad check; counterfeit money; a sham

stumer                        2. something which is worthless; a failure, a flop, a dud

stumer                        3. a state of agitation; a sweat or 'stew'

stummel                       bowl and adjacent part of a pipe

stunsail                      light auxiliary sail to the side of principal sails

stupe                         medicated cloth used to treat fever

stupefacient                  narcotic; stupefying

stupent                       astounded; dumbfounded

stupex                        a fool

stupiditarian                 one whose ruling principle is stupidity

stuprate                      to ravish; to violate; to rape

stupulose                     downy

stygian                       relating to the river Styx; extremely dark; infernal, gloomy; inviolable

stygiophobia                  the fear of hell

styliferous                   bearing a bristle

styliform                     shaped like a bristle

stylite                       monk who spends much time on tops of pillars

stylobate                     continuous pedestal supporting a row of columns

stylogalmaic                  of, like or pertaining to figures serving as columns or pillars

stylography                   mode of writing or engraving with a pen

stylometer                    instrument for measuring columns

stylometry                    studying literature by means of statistical analysis

stymie                        to thwart, stump, or obstruct

styptic                       drawing together; astringent

stythe                        choke-damp

suable                        that may be sued

suasible                      capable of being persuaded; easily persuaded

suasion                       persuasion

suaveolent                    fragrant

suaviloquent                  speaking in a sophisticated manner

subact                        to work up; to subdue

subaerial                     in open air

subalary                      beneath the wings

subaltern                     ranked quantitatively but not qualitatively; subordinate

subarrhation                  mode of betrothal where gift given by man to woman

subboreal                     extremely cold

subderisorious                ridiculing with moderation

subdolous                     crafty, cunning, sly

subduct                       to withdraw; to take away

subduple                      in the ratio of one to two

subduplicate                  expressed by a square root

suberous                      of, like or having the appearance of cork; pertaining to cork

subessive                     indicating location under or below

subfocal                      of which one is only dimly aware

subfusc                       dusky; somber; drab; dirty

subhastation                  sale by public auction

subhumerate                   to place the shoulders under; to bear upon the shoulders

subindicate                   to hind

subinfeudate                  to grant to another land held by another feudal lord

subintelligitur               implication understood though not stated

subitaneous                   sudden; hasty; hastily made

subitize                      to perceive number of items in a group without counting

subito                        at once; immediately

subjacent                     underlying

subjectivism                  doctrine that all knowledge is subjective

subjoin                       to add at the end or afterwards

sublate                       to deny; to contradict; to resolve a contradiction

sublative                     indicating movement towards the top of

sublineation                  act of underlining

sublunary                     under the moon; of this world; earthly; terrestrial

subluxation                   state of being almost dislocated

subnascent                    growing up from beneath

subniveal                     under snow

subnubilar                    under clouds

suborn                        to bribe or procure to commit an unlawful act

subreptary                    adapted to crawling

subreption                    a deliberate misrepresentation, or an inference drawn from it

subreptitious                 fraudulently obtained; surreptitious; so, subreptiously

subrident                     smiling

subrogate                     to substitute for another with regard to a legal right or claim

subsecive                     remaining over; spare

subserve                      to be useful to; to promote

subsidiarity                  state of being subsidiary; secondary importance

subsolar                      beneath the sun; between the tropics

substantialism                belief that there is a real existence underlying phenomena

substractor                   detractor

substratose                   imperfectly stratified

substruct                     to build beneath; to lay as a foundation

subsultive                    moving by leaps and starts; twitching

subsultus                     convulsive movement

subtend                       to be opposite to or to extend under

subternatural                 less than natural

subtopia                      suburbs of a city

subtrist                      somewhat sad

subtrude                      to push in stealthily

subturbary                    beneath turf

subulate                      awl-shaped

subumber                      to shelter

subungual                     beneath a nail or hoof

suburbicarian                 of, like or pertaining to suburbs

subvention                    granting of money in aid

succedaneous                  serving as a substitute

succedaneum                   a thing which replaces or serves in place of another; a substitute

succentor                     bass soloist in a choir

succenturiate                 to supply what is lacking; to supplement

succiduous                    ready to fall; in the process of falling; tottering

succiferous                   bearing or producing sap

succinctorium                 band or scarf worn from the Pope's girdle

succinic                      of, pertaining to or derived from amber

succiniferous                 bearing or producing amber

succise                       appearing to have the lower part cut off

succorrhoea                   excessive secretion

succubus                      a demon assuming female form to have intercourse with men in their sleep

succubus                      female devil who seduces men and copulates with them in their sleep

succursal                     subsidiary; branch or subsidiary establishment

succus                        juice extracted from plant

succuss                       to shake up

succussatory                  characterized by up-and-down vibrations of short amplitude eg. of an earthquake

sucrier                       table vessel for sugar

suctorial                     designed for sucking or adhering

sudarium                      cloth for wiping away sweat

sudation                      sweating

sudatorium                    a sweat room in a bath

sudatory                      inducing sweat

sudd                          mass of floating weed blocking the Nile River

sudiform                      shaped like a stake

sudor                         sweat

sudoral                       sweaty

sudoriferous                  inducing or secreting sweat

sudorific                     causing or inducing sweat; diaphoretic

sudoriparous                  secreting sweat

sudorous                      sweaty

suede                         light beige

suffibulum                    veil worn by vestal virgins prior to their sacrifice

suffisance                    1. sufficiency; plenty; abundance; contentment

suffisance                    2. excess of self-confidence, conceit

sufflaminate                  to check; to obstruct; to block

sufflate                      to inflate

suffonsified                  used in phrases to politely refuse more food at a meal; full; e.g., I am sufficiently sophonsified!

suffragan                     assistant bishop

suffrutescent                 having a woody base

sugent                        designed for sucking

sugillate                     to beat until black and blue

suicidology                   study of suicide

suidian                       of, like or pertaining to pigs

suilline                      like a pig; pertaining to pigs

suine                         1. mixture of margarine and lard

suine                         2. pig-like, porcine

suint                         dried sheep perspiration

sulcal                        of a sulcus; grooved; furrowed

sulcalize                     to furrow

sulcate                       with grooves or furrows

sulciform                     having the shape of a groove

sulcus                        groove, furrow or fissure

sulky                         light two-wheeled, one-person horse-drawn carriage

sullage                       filth; refuse; sewage; scum; silt

sulphorous                    of, like or pertaining to hellfire; infernal; blasphemous

sulphureous                   bright yellow

summa                         comprehensive treatise

summate                       to add together

sumph                         a dunce, a blockhead

sumpsimus                     correct expression that replaces popular but wrong one

sumpter                       pack horse; beast of burden

sumptuary                     of, like or pertaining to expense or extravagance

sundog                        bright spot or halo appearing on either side of sun; parhelion

suoid                         like a hog

supellex                      furnishings; apparatus for an experiment

superannuate                  to become retired; to become antiquated; to discharge as being too old

superbious                    proud and overbearing

superbity                     haughtiness, arrogance

supercalender                 to give a high polish to

supercargo                    ship's official in charge of business affairs

supercherie                   deception; hoax; fraud

superchery                    deceit; fraud; foul play

superciliary                  of, on or near the eyebrow

supercrescent                 parasitic

supererogation                the act of performing more than is required by duty, obligation or need

supererogatory                observed or performed to an extent not enjoined or required; exceeding what is needed; superfluous

superessive                   indicating location upon or on top of

superfetate                   to conceive during pregnancy

superfetation                 superabundant production or accumulation

superficies                   surface layer; surface with length and width only

superfuse                     to pour over

superhumeral                  ecclesiastical garment worn over the shoulders

superhumerate                 a spurious word

superincumbent                resting on top; overlying; overhanging

superinduce                   to bring as addition

superjacent                   lying above or upon; overlying

superlunary                   otherworldly; above the moon

supernacular                  very good; first rate

supernaculum                  to drink to the last drop

supernal                      1. being or coming from on high; heavenly, ethereal

supernal                      2. located in or belonging to the sky

supernatant                   floating on the surface

supernumerary                 above the stated, usual or necessary number

superscribe                   to write at the top or at the head

supersensible                 beyond physical perception; spiritual

supersolid                    magnitude of more than three dimensions

supervenient                  extraneous, additional or unexpected

supeter                       armour for the feet

supinate                      to lie on one's back; to make to lie on the back

supine                        lying flat on the back

supinity                      supineness; inertness; sluggishness

suppalpation                  coaxing; wheedling

suppedaneum                   the block of wood supporting the feet of a crucified person

suppletion                    addition; supplement

suppliant                     supplicating; entreating

suppositious                  conjectural; hypothetical

suppurate                     to discharge pus; fester

supputation                   an act of calculating or computing; a method of reckoning; calculation, computation, reckoning

supra                         above; earlier in a text

supralapsarianism             the belief that, in the divine decrees, the predestination of some to eternal life and of others to eternal death was antecedent to the creation and the fall

supraliminal                  conscious

supralunar                    beyond the moon; very lofty

surah                         soft twilled silk or rayon

sural                         of, like or pertaining to the calf of the leg

surbate                       to bruise from walking; to make footsore

surcease                      to stop or cease

surcingle                     girth or strap for holding saddle to animal's back

surculation                   pruning; cutting off shoots to propagate them

surculigerous                 producing suckers

surculose                     having or producing suckers

surd                          1. lacking sense; irrational

surd                          2. voiceless

surd                          3. deaf; senseless

surdaster                     deaf person; a little deaf

surdimutism                   state of being both deaf and dumb

surdomute                     deaf-mute

suresby                       one to be sure of, or to be relied on

suretyship                    responsibility assumed by one person on another's behalf

surexcitation                 excessive excitedness

surfactant                    substance which reduces surface tension

surfeit                       excess; state of being full

surfeitigo                    the sudden feeling of being stuffed by food, friends, or invitations

surficial                     of, like or pertaining to the surface of the earth

surfle                        a face wash or cosmetic

suriphobia                    the fear of mice or rats

surnominal                    of, like or pertaining to surnames

surplice                      loose-fitting ankle length overgarment worn by clerics

surquedry                     arrogance; haughty pride; presumption

surrey                        light four-wheeled carriage with two seats

sursaut                       all of a sudden; to attack suddenly

surseance                     cessation or suspension (of hostilities), peace; quiet

suscept                       host of a parasite

suscipient                    recipient of a sacrament

suscitate                     to excite; to rouse

suspercollate                 to hang

suspiration                   sighing

suspire                       to sigh

sussultatory                  characterized by up-and-down vibrations of large amplitude eg. of an earthquake

sustentacular                 supporting

sustentative                  sustaining

sustention                    an act or instance of sustaining; the state or quality of being sustained

susurrate                     to whisper

susurration                   whispering, murmuring, or rustling

susurrus                      murmuring; whisper; rustling

sutile                        accomplished by stitching or sewing

sutler                        a person who follows the army in order to sell provisions to the soldiers

sutor                         cobbler

sutorian                      of, like or pertaining to cobbling or sewing

suttee                        the act of a Hindu widow willingly being cremated on the funeral pyre of her husband

suzerain                      an overlord

suzerainty                    the dominion of a suzerain; overlordship

svedberg                      unit of time used to measure sedimentation velocity

swacked                       drunk, intoxicated

swag                          looping hanging down bit of fabric over a window or door

swage                         groove; grooved shaping tool

swale                         marshy hollow or depression; meadow

swallet                       place where water disappears underground

swansdown                     heavy napped cotton flannel

swanskin                      soft napped fabric resembling flannel

swape                         beam with which water is raised to irrigation ditches

sward                         a portion of land covered with grass

swarf                         the metallic dust that accumulates after sharpening or grinding metal

swartrutter                   a member of any of various 16th and 17th century marauding bands in the Netherlands who blackened their faces and wore black garb

swasivious                    agreeably persuasive

swedge                        to leave without paying

sweven                        vision seen in sleep; a dream

swingeing                     whopping, capital

swingometer                   instrument for measuring swing in votes during an election

swink                         to labor, toil, work hard; to exert oneself, take trouble

swinkful                      full of toil or trouble; disastrous; troublesome, irksome; painful, distressing

swinophobia                   the fear of pigs or swine

swipple                       striking part of a flail

swissing                      ordinary calendering of cloth

swith                         1. strongly, forcibly; extremely, excessively

swith                         2. instantly, quickly

swive                         to enjoy conjugal intimacy with a female personage; to fuck a chick

swivet                        a state of extreme agitation; tizzy

swoopstake                    in an indiscriminate manner

sybarite                      a person who is devoted to a life of luxury and sensual pleasure

sybaritic                     devoted to luxury

sybil                         female prophet; hag; witch

sybilline                     like an oracle or prophet; mysterious

sybotic                       of, like or pertaining to a swineherd

sycomancy                     fortunetelling using figs or fig leaves

sycophant                     one who attempts to gain a personal advantage by servile flattery

sycosis                       inflammation of the hair follicles or beard

syllabatim                    syllable by syllable

syllabub                      anything frothy or insubstantial

syllepsis                     figure where word related to two others differently

syllogism                     argument in which two premises lead to a logical conclusion

syllogomania                  compulsive hoarding

sylph                         a slender graceful woman or girl

sylvatic                      belonging to or found in woods

sylvestral                    of, like or pertaining to trees

sylviculture                  forestry

symblepharon                  adhesion of the eyelid to the eyeball

symbolaeography               drawing up of legal documents

symbolatry                    undue worship of symbols

symbology                     study of symbols

symmachy                      fighting jointly against a common enemy

symmetrophobia                the fear of symmetry

symmography                   string art

sympatric                     occupying the same regions but not interbreeding

symphilism                    the state of being in a symbiotic relationship

symphily                      living together for mutual benefit

symphonia                     old name for the hurdy-gurdy or other musical instruments

symphoric                     accident prone, clumsy

sympiesometer                 instrument for measuring pressure of a current

symploce                      repetition of word at start of one and end of next clause

symposiarch                   a master of ceremonies; leader of a conference

symposiast                    participant at a conference

symptomatology                study of symptoms of illness

symptosis                     emaciation

synaeresis                    running together of vowels into a diphthong

synaesthesis                  harmony of differing impulses from a work of art

synallagmatic                 mutually or reciprocally obligatory; bilateral

synaloepha                    contraction of two syllables into one by omitting a vowel

synanthy                      growing together of two flowers

synaphea                      metrical continuity between verses in a system

synaposematism                warning coloration common to many species in region

synarchy                      joint sovereignty

synartesis                    close junction

synastry                      comparison of horoscopes of two or more people

synaxarion                    account of a saint's life

syncategorem                  a word which cannot be used by itself as a term, but only in conjunction with another word or words

syncategorematic              meaningless or unable to form a term without other words

synchoresis                   concession made for the sake of more effective retort

synchronoptic                 two or more things seen at the same time by one person

synchroscope                  instrument for detecting whether two moving parts are synchronized

synchysis                     confusion of meaning due to unusual arrangement

synclastic                    curved in all directions towards a single point

syncline                      downward fold in geology

syncope                       omission of a sound from middle of a word

syncrasy                      combination

syncretic                     brought about by fusion of forms of belief/practice

syncretism                    1. reconciliation or union of conflicting beliefs or an effort intending such

syncretism                    2. flagrant compromise in religion or philosophy

syncretism                    3. the union or fusion of two or more originally different inflectional forms

syndactylic                   with digits joined together

syndetic                      connective

syndeton                      phrase whose parts are joined by a conjunction

syndicalism                   doctrine of direct worker control of capital

syndyasmia                    the proper term for an open marriage in which either partner may live with other people

syndyasmian                   marked by a loose temporary pair-bonding or one-night stand

syne                          since; since then; ago

synecdoche                    substituting a more inclusive term for a less inclusive one or vice versa

synecdochial                  broadened or narrowed in interpretation

synechiology                  continuity or union of all things

synechthry                    cohabitation of hostile species

synecology                    study of ecological communities

synectics                     study of processes of invention

synedrion                     judicial assembly

syneidesis                    conscience as passing judgement on past acts

synergism                     belief that human will and divine spirit cooperate in salvation

synergy                       combined action of two or more forces

synesis                       syntax having regard to meaning rather than form

syngamy                       free interbreeding between organisms

syngenesis                    sexual reproduction

syngraph                      writing or contract signed by both or all parties

synizesis                     movement of one part causing movement in another part

synod                         ecclesiastical assembly or council

synodical                     of, like or pertaining to conjunction

synoeciosis                   rhetorical figure of coupling opposites

synoecism                     uniting of several towns under a single capital city

synoecize                     to unite in one community or city-state

synoecy                       association of species with benefit to one species only

synonymicon                   thesaurus

synoptic                      1. affording a general view of some subject; spec. depicting weather conditions over a broad area eg. a synoptic study of polar air masses

synoptic                      2. chacterized by a comprehensive mental view of something eg. the synoptic genius of Einstein

synoptic                      3. giving an account of events from a common viewpoint eg. the synoptic Gospels

synorthographic               spelled in the same way

synsemantic                   of a word, having no meaning outside a specific context

syntagm                       organized body, system or group

syntectic                     having the quality of melting or dissolving

synteresis                    that part of conscience which serves as a guide for conduct; conscience as directive of one's actions

syntexis                      liquefaction; melting; wasting

synthronus                    joint throne for an Orthodox bishop and his presbyters

syntomy                       brevity; conciseness

syntrierarch                  an ancient Greek citizen charged with equipping a trireme

syphilology                   study of syphilis

syphilomania                  pathological belief that one is afflicted with syphilis

syphilophobia                 the fear of syphilis

syringadenous                 of, like or pertaining to sweat glands

syrinx                        rock-cut tunnel; pan pipes

syrt                          quicksand

syrtic                        of, like or pertaining to quicksand

syssitia                      ancient Greek custom of eating chief meal together in public

systaltic                     alternately contracting and dilating; pulsating

systatic                      bringing together

systematology                 study of systems

systyle                       having columns separated by a distance of twice their thickness

syzygy                        alignment of three or more celestial bodies





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