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tabacosis                     tobacco poisoning

tabanid                       blood-sucking insect; gad-fly

tabaret                       striped watered silk and satin fabric

tabatière                     snuff-box

tabby                         plain-woven silk taffeta fabric

tabefaction                   wasting away; emaciation

tabellary                     auditor; carrier of letters

tabellion                     scrivener

tabernacle                    ornamental container for storing Communion bread and wine

tabernacular                  of, like or pertaining to a tabernacle

tabescent                     progressively wasting away; shrivelling

tabific                       wasting; consumptive; producing tabes

tabinet                       silk and wool watered fabric

tablature                     mental image or picture; plate-like surface or object

tablier                       apron; part of dress resembling an apron

tabloidese                    language typical of tabloid journalism

tabor                         light medieval drum buckled onto the player's chest

tabouret                      low stool; embroidery frame

tacenda                       things not to be mentioned

tacent                        silent

tach                          link

tacheometer                   instrument for rapidly measuring survey points on a map

tachism                       painting by smearing or splattering

tachistoscope                 instrument for rapidly showing images on a screen to test perception

tachograph                    instrument for recording speed of rotation

tachometer                    instrument for measuring speed of rotation

tachophobia                   the fear of speed

tachydidactic                 being taught rapidly or teaching quickly

tachydidaxy                   a short or rapid method of teaching

tachygraphy                   short hand or stenography

tachymetry                    measurement of speed

tachyphagia                   fast or hasty eating

tachyphrasia                  abnormally rapid or voluble speech

tachyscope                    early cinematograph

taction                       contact; touch

tactometer                    instrument measuring sense of touch

tactual                       of, like or pertaining to or derived from the sense of touch

tacturiency                   the desire of touching

taenia                        band; tapeworm; fillet

taeniacide                    killing of tapeworms

taeniate                      like a ribbon or tapeworm

taenioid                      of a ribbon-like shape

taffeta                       thin glossy silk

taffrail                      rail round the stern of a ship

tagmeme                       analysis of arrangement of spoken elements

tain                          tin foil used as backing for mirror; thin tin plate

talalgia                      pain in heel or ankle

talar                         ankle-length robe

talaria                       winged shoes, such as worn by Hermes

talaric                       of, like or pertaining to or reaching the ankles

taligrade                     walking on the outer edge of one's foot

talion                        punishment in kind; an eye for an eye

talionic                      pertaining to revenge in kind; retributive; like for like

taliped                       one with a club-foot

tallage                       feudal tax of a lord on tenants; any tax or toll

talliate                      to impose a tax

tallith                       the traditional prayer shawl worn by Jewish men

talpa                         mole or similar mark on the body

talus                         rock detritus or debris at the base of a slope

tambour                       sloping buttress or fortification

tamin                         thin glazed worsted

tamis                         thin wool

tammany                       any corrupt political organization (from Tammany Hall, in New York City)

tam-o-shanter                 the beret worn by Scottish higland pipers

tampion                       protective plug placed in mouth of gun or cannon

tanacles                      pincer-like instruments of torture

tandem                        two-seated carriage with horses harnessed in series

tangoreceptor                 sensory receptor responding to touch

tanistry                      succession by previously elected relative

tanquam                       a person with enough education to attend college

tanstaafl                     asserting that there is a cost, hidden or otherwise, to everything

tantalolagnia                 arousal caused by teasing

tantalism                     a teasing or torment like that of Tantalus; tantalization

tantalus                      locked case used to hold wine bottles

tanti                         worthwhile

tantième                      share of profits or royalties

tantivy                       1. a rapid gallop; headlong

tantivy                       2. the blare of a trumpet or horn, as at a fox hunt

taperer                       one who bears a taper during a religious procession

tapetless                     senseless

taphephillia                  the love of funerals

taphephobia                   the fear of graves or being buried alive

taphephobia                   the morbid fear of being buried alive

taphophile                    one who loves cemeteries and funerals

taphrogenesis                 vertical movement of the earth's crust

tapinophobia                  the fear of small things

tapinosis                     use of degrading or diminutive diction regarding a topic

tapotement                    use of light taps in massage

tappit                        crested

taradiddle                    a fib

tarantas                      four-wheeled carriage mounted on poles

tarantella                    fast violent Italian folk dance

tarantism                     a disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to dance attributed popularly to the bite of a tarantula

tarantism                     an urge to overcome melancholy by dancing

tarassis                      hysteria suffered by a man

tardigrade                    slow-moving; sluggish

tardiloquous                  slow in speech

tardis                        acronym; Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

tarlatan                      thin sheer stiff cotton

tarradiddle                   lie; falsehood; nonsense; fib

tarriance                     act of tarrying or delaying; procrastination

tarrish                       of the quality or consistency of tar

tartarean                     relating to Tartarus; infernal, hellish

tartarology                   the study of the underworld or doctrine pertaining to Hell

tartuffery                    hypocrisy

taseometer                    instrument for measuring stress in a structure

tasimeter                     instrument for measuring changes in pressure

tasse                         one of a series of armour plates that go around the hips like a skirt

tastevin                      wine taster

tath                          either cattle manure or the grass that grows in dung

tathagatagarbha               the eternal and absolute essence of all reality, according to Buddhism

tatonnement                   experimentation; trial and error

tatou                         armadillo

tatterdemalion                an unkempt person who wears rags; scarecrow-like

tatum                         the smallest perceptual time interval between successive notes in a rhythmic phrase

taupe                         brownish-grey

taurean                       of, like or pertaining to a bull

tauricide                     killing or killer of a bull

tauricornous                  having horns like a bull's

tauriform                     having the form of a bull

taurine                       bull-like; of a bull

tauromachy                    the art of bullfighting

tauromorphous                 bull-shaped

taurophobia                   the fear of bulls

tautochronous                 lasting the same amount of time

tautological                  repetition of an idea implied in a statement

tautology                     needless repetition of an idea, statement or word; a redundant (tautologous) statement

tautomerism                   possession of more than one structure by a substance

tautonym                      taxonomic name in which genus and species are the same

tautoousian                   having absolutely the same essence; being identically of the same nature

tautoousious                  being absolutely the same

tautophony                    repetition of the same sound

taw                           to prepare skins by soaking, salting, stretching and paring

tawpawkie                     a northern seabird with a triangular beak

tawpie                        a foolish or awkward young person

taws                           used for punishment

taxaceous                     of, like or pertaining to yew trees

taxeme                        a basic unit of systems of classification

taximeter                     instrument for measuring fee for hired vehicle

taxis                         movement of a whole organism

taxon                         a group of plants or animals classified according to their presumed natural relationships

taxonomist                    a specialist in taxonomy (systematics; classification)

tazza                         a shallow saucer-like dish either mounted on a stem and foot or on a foot alone

tchotchke                     a knickknack, trinket

teasel                        brush with hooked bits used in napping cloth

technocracy                   rulership by technicians or experts

technography                  description of arts and crafts

technolithic                  of, like or pertaining to stone tools

technomania                   craze for technology

technonomy                    laws of industrial arts

technophile                   one who is fond of technology

technophobia                  the fear of technology

technopole                    place where high-technology industries located

tecnology                     teaching of children

tectiform                     shaped like a roof

tectonic                      of, like or pertaining to building; structural

tectonics                     science of structure of objects, buildings and landforms

tectorial                     covering

tectosphere                   part of the earth that moves during plate tectonic activity

tectrix                       small feather of a bird's wing

ted                           to spread grass for drying

tediferous                    bearing a torch

teen                          injury; grief

teetotaciously                totally, completely, absolutely

teg                           a sheep in its second year; the fleece of such a sheep

tegestologist                 a collector of beer mugs and beer coasters

tegestology                   the collecting of beer mats or coasters; thus, tegestologist

tegmen                        covering or shell

tegmental                     of, like or pertaining to coverings or outer shells

tegminal                      covering; protecting

tegula                        tile

tegular                       of, like or overlapping like tiles or slates

tegulated                     composed of plates overlapping like tiles

tegument                      natural covering of an animal or plant body

tehuantepecer                 a violent north wind that brings an inflow of cold air to Central America and esp. to regions around the Gulf of Tehuantepec

teichopsia                    visual blurring and colours associated with migraines

teichoscopy                   observation from the perspective of a wall

teinoscope                    prism telescope

teknonymy                     the naming of the parent from the child

telaesthesia                  perception of events or objects not actually present or near

telamon                       a draped male figure used like a caryatid as a supporting column or pilaster; atlas

telarian                      creature that spins a web

telary                        web-spinning

telautograph                  telegraph that reproduces writing done with a pen or pencil

telega                        four-wheeled springless wagon

telegnosis                    knowledge of events taking place far away; clairvoyance

telegony                      influence of previous mate on offspring of current one

telematics                    transmission of computerized data over long distances

telemeter                     instrument for measuring strain or distance from observer

telenergy                     1. application of spirit energy at a distance

teleology                     2. study of final causes; analysis in terms of purpose

teleonomy                     characteristic of being governed by an overall purpose

teleophobia                   the fear of religious ceremonies

teleorganic                   vital

telergy                       physical force at work in telepathy

teleseism                     tremor due to a very distant earthquake

telesis                       making use of natural or social processes for a goal

telespectroscope              instrument for analysing radiation omitted by distant bodies

telestereoscope               instrument for viewing distant objects stereoscopically

telesthesia                   abnormal impression of objects beyond the senses

telestic                      of, like or pertaining to the mysteries

telestich                     poem where final letters of each line spell a word

teletactor                    instrument that allows deaf people to feel sound vibrations

telic                         expressing purpose; purposive; signifying intention; tending toward an end

tellograph                    signalling apparatus like a semaphore system

tellural                      of, like or pertaining to the earth

tellurian                     inhabiting the earth; an earthling; terrestrial

tellurometer                  instrument using microwaves to measure distance

telmatology                   the study of swamps and bogs

telodynamic                   of, like or pertaining to transmission of power to a distance

telos                         aim; purpose; ultimate end

teloteropathy                 telepathy between living persons

telpherage                    system of cargo conveyance using electric motor and cable

telson                        last segment of a crustacean

temenos                       place dedicated to a god; sacred precinct

temerarious                   rashly or presumptuously daring

temerity                      rash or presumptuous daring

tempera                       painting using white of egg instead of oil

temperative                   having a moderating influence

tempestive                    timely; seasonable

temporal                      indicating time when

temporaneous                  lasting only a short while

tempore                       in the time of

temporise                     to delay; to procrastinate

temulence                     intoxication

temulent                      intoxicated, drunken

tenaculum                     pincers

tenaille                      outwork in main ditch of a fortification

tendentious                   1. biased

tendentious                   2. designed to advance a cause

tenderometer                  instrument for measuring tenderness of fruits and vegetables

tenebrific                    gloomy; causing gloom or darkness; obscuring

tenebrose                     dark; gloomy

tenebrous                     shut off from the light; gloomy, obscure

tenendum                      clause in a deed defining land tenure

tenesmus                      a distressing but ineffectual urge to evacuate the rectum or bladder

teniophobia                   the fear of tapeworms

tenne                         heraldic designation for orange-brown colour

tenon                         projecting part of joint for inserting into mortise

tensimeter                    instrument for measuring vapour pressure

tensiometer                   instrument for measuring tension

tentamen                      experiment; attempt

tentation                     experiment by trial and error

tentiginous                   1. stiff or strained

tentiginous                   2. sensuous, lascivious, lustful

tentigo                       priapism; morbid lasciviousness

tenty                         attentive, watchful

tenue                         bearing; carriage; manner of dress

tepefaction                   making or becoming tepid

tephra                        ash and debris ejected by volcano

tephrochronology              dating of volcanic eruptions by studying layers of ash

tephromancy                   fortunetelling by reading ashes

tephrosis                     incineration

tepor                         state of being tepid or lukewarm

teramorphous                  of abnormal or monstrous form

teratism                      1. an anomaly of organic form and structure; monstrosity

teratism                      2. love of the marvelous; worship of monsters

teratogenic                   producing monsters or abnormal growth

teratoid                      monstrous

teratology                    study of monsters, freaks, abnormal growths or malformations

teratophobia                  1. the fear of deformed people

teratophobia                  2. the fear of monsters or of having a deformed child

terce                         prayer service held at 9 a.m.

tercel                        male hawk

tercet                        group of three rhyming lines

terdiurnal                    three times per day

terebrate                     to bore into; to pierce

terebration                   a pain that feels as though a drill is boring through some body part

terete                        smooth and cylindrical or tapering

tergal                        of, like or pertaining to the back

tergiversate                  to turn one's back on one's party or cause; also, to make evasive statements or equivocate; to change sides; apostatize

tergiversation                desertion; equivocation

teritoepiest                  bombastic

termagancy                    a scolding disposition, habitual bad temper; shrewishness

termagant                     a shrew; a hard, overbearing bullying woman

termagant                     an overbearing or nagging woman

terminative                   indicating motion up to or time until

terminism                     doctrine that there is a time limit for repentance

ternary                       in threes; having three components; having three as a base

terotechnology                use of various skills to extend life of equipment

terp                          an artificial mound or hillock, the site of a prehistoric village

terpsichorean                 of, like or pertaining to dancing

terraceous                    earthen

terracotta                    reddish-brown

terramara                     kind of earthy fertiliser

terraneous                    of, like or pertaining to the earth

terraqueous                   amphibious; consisting of land and water

terrazzo                      flooring of chips of marble

terrella                      magnetic model of the earth

terremotive                   seismic

terrene                       of the earth; earthly; worldly; mundane

terrenity                     the quality or condition of being earthy; earthy matter

terreplein                    top of a rampart where guns are mounted

terret                        swivel-ring; ring for fastening chain to

terricolous                   living in or on the soil

terriculament                 a source or object of needless dread; a bugbear

terrier                       register or roll of rents from an estate

terrigenous                   produced on land; produced by the land

terrine                       an earthenware serving dish; a ragout served in such a dish

terroir                       the situation in which wine is made

terry                         piled fabric consisting of uncut loops

tersive                       cleansing; detersive

terzain                       stanza of three lines

tesla                         unit of magnetic flux density equal to one weber per square meter

tessaraglot                   a person who is capable of speaking in four languages

tessellate                    to form into or adorn with mosaic

tessellated                   having a checkered appearance (from tessera, used in mosaics)

tessellation                  fitting together exactly; leaving no spaces

tessera                       small token or ticket; block of stone used in mosaic; password

tesseract                     figure of a cube within a cube

tesserarian                   of, like or pertaining to dice games

tesseratomy                   division into four parts

testaceous                    of or having a hard shell; brick-red

testamur                      certificate of having passed an examination

tester                        1. canopy over a bed, pulpit or altar

tester                        2. piece of armour for the head; headgear for a horse

testicond                     having the testes concealed within the body

testudinal                    relating to, or resembling a tortoise

testudinarious                of a tortoise shell

testudineous                  like the shell of a tortoise; slow, like a tortoise

testudo                       a cover of overlapping shields or a shed wheeled up to a wall used by the ancient Romans to protect an attacking force

tetanigenous                  causing tetanus

tetchous                      easily irritated or made angry; short-tempered; peevish, irritable; testy; tetchy

tetchy                        irritable

tetrabard                     a unit of vocabulary, 60,000 words; hence, a tetrabardian vocabulary is one of that size

tetrachotomous                divided into fours

tetrachromatic                concerning theory that there are four primary colours

tetradarchy                   government by four people; tetrarchy

tetragram                     a four-letter word

tetragrammaton                four-letter word spec. the Hebrew word written YHWH or JHVH, vocalized as YaHWeH or JeHoVaH; often substituted for the ineffable name of God

tetrakishexahedron            cube with pyramid erected on each face

tetralemma                    quandary with four alternatives

tetramerous                   having four parts

tetramorph                    artistic representation of the four evangelists in one figure

tetrapod                      quadruped

tetrapolis                    group of four cities

tetrapteran                   having four wings

tetraptych                    hinged painting in four parts

tetrapyloctomy                the art of splitting a hair four ways

tetrarchy                     government by four people

teuthology                    study of cephalopods

Teutomania                    obsession with Teutonic or German things

tewel                         a chimney; the rectum or anus of a horse

textology                     study of the production of texts

textophobia                   the fear of certain fabrics

textorial                     of, like or pertaining to weaving

textrine                      of, like or pertaining to weaving

textuary                      a person having extensive biblical knowledge

thaasophobia                  the fear of sitting

thagomizer                    the cluster of spikes at the end of a stegosaurus' tail

thalassian                    marine; type of sea turtle

thalassiarchy                         sovereignty of the seas; thalassocracy

thalassic                     marine; of seas; of inland seas

thalassocracy                 sovereignty of the seas

thalassography                science of the sea

thalassometer                 instrument for measuring tides

thalassophilous               living in or fond of the sea

thalassophobia                the fear of the sea or an ocean

thalassotherapy               the use of seawater (baths, voyages, etc.) in health and cosmetic treatment

thalerophagous                feeding on fresh vegetable matter

Thalian                       of the nature of comedy; comic

thalposis                     sensation of warmth

thalweg                       1. a line, as drawn on a map, connecting the lowest points of a valley

thalweg                       2. the middle of the main navigable channel of a waterway that serves as a boundary line between states

thanatism                     belief that the soul dies with the body

thanatognomonic               indicating or characteristic of death or the approach of death

thanatography                 narrative of a death

thanatoid                      dead; deathly; deadly

thanatology                   study of death and its customs

thanatomania                  belief that one has been affected by death magic, and resulting illness

thanatophilia                 an undue fascination with death

thanatophobia                 the fear of death

thanatopsis                   view of or reflection upon death

thanatosis                    gangrene; necrosis; state imitating death

thanatousia                   funeral rites

thaumatogeny                  doctrine of the miraculous origin of life

thaumatography                description of natural wonders

thaumatolatry                 worship of miracles or wonders

thaumatology                  the study of miracles

thaumatrope                   gadged showing persistence of visual impressions using spinning disk

thaumaturge                   a performer of miracles, esp a magician

thaumaturgy                   performing of miracles

theandric                     pertaining to a person who is both a human and a god

theanthropic                  simultaneously human and divine

theanthropism                 the belief in the union of the divine and human

theanthropist                 one who believes that gods can take human forms

theanthropos                  a person who is worshipped as a god

theanthroposophy              system of belief concerning Christ as god and man

theanthropy                   the belief in the union of the divine and human

thearchy                      rule by a god or gods; body of divine rulers

theatrocracy                  goverment by gathered assemblies of citizens

theatromania                  craze for going to plays

theca                         sheath; capsule

thecate                       having a sheath

theftuous                     thievish

thegosis                      tooth-grinding in order to sharpen teeth

theiform                      having the form of tea; resembling the tea plant

theism                        belief in the existence of God without special revelation

thelematic                    of, like or pertaining to will or volition; voluntary

thelemic                      allowing people to do as they wish

thelemite                     libertine

thelitis                      inflammation of the nipple

thelyotokous                  having only female offspring

thelytoky                     parthenogenetic production of females only

thenar                        the fleshy part (ball) of the thumb

theocentrism                  belief that God is central fact of existence

theochristic                  anointed by God

theocracy                     government formed by the church or by a representative of God

theocrasy                     mixture of religions; fitting other religions into own

theodemocracy                 a democracy which is controlled by divine powers

theodicy                      defense of goodness in view of the existence of evil

theodidact                    student of God; one who is taught by God

theodolite                    surveying instrument for measuring angles

theody                        hymn in praise of God

theogamy                      a marriage between gods

theogonic                     accounting for the origin or presence of gods

theoktony                     the death of God or of gods

theolepsy                     seizure or possession by a god

theologaster                  a shallow theologian, esp. one who pretends to possess great theological knowledge; a theological quack

theologaster                  petty or shallow theologian

theologicophobia              the fear of theology

theologoumenon                theological statement as opposed to divine one

theomachy                     fighting against or amongst the gods; opposition to the divine will

theomancy                     fortune-tellingby the responses of oracles supposed to be divinely inspired

theomania                     a madness in which one claims to be a god or represent God on some mission

theomastix                    a divine scourge of mortals or a disaster sent by God

theometry                     measurement or estimation of God

theomicrist                   a person who mocks God or divinity

theomorphic                   resembling a god or having godlike qualities

theonomy                      rulership by God or a government formed by God

theopantism                   belief that God is the only reality

theopathy                     emotional experience brought on by religious belief

theophagy                     the eating of a god (such as in the Christian communion)

theophany                     the manifestation of a deity on Earth

theophilanthropism            love of both God and humanity

theophilanthropist            a person who loves both God and mankind

theophile                     one who loves or is loved by God

theophobia                    a fear of Gods or the wrath of God

theophorous                   having the name of a god; derived from a god's name

theopneustic                  given by divine inspiration; divinely inspired

theopneusty                   divine inspiration, especially one that enables someone to reveal divine truths

theopsychism                  belief that the soul is of a divine nature

theorbo                       double-necked lute

theosophy                     immediate divine illumination or wisdom

theotechny                    use of the gods as primary moving force in a poem or play

theotherapy                   faith healing

theotokos                     title given to the Virgin Mary as bearer of God

therblig                      unit of work for quantifying industrial operations; pertaining to the study of time and motion

thereinto                     into that or it

thereoid                      bestial; savage

thereology                    therapeutics

thereon                       thereupon

therewith                     thereupon; forthwith

therewithal                   besides

theriac                       antidote to venomous bites

theriacal                     of, like or pertaining to antidotes

therianthropic                combining human and animal forms, such as the centaur

therianthropy                 a transformation into animal form, such as lycanthropy

theriatrics                   veterinary medicine

theriodic                     malignant

theriogenology                study of animals' reproductive systems

theriolatry                   the worship of animals as gods

theriomancy                   fortunetelling using animals or their movement

theriomaniac                  one who has a mania for hunting wild beasts

theriomorph                   animal form in art

theriomorphic                 having the form of a beast

theriomorphism                the belief that gods exist in animal form

theriomorphosis               transformation into a beast

therm                         unit of quantity of heat equal to 100,000 British thermal units

thermaesthesia                sensitivity to heat or cold

thermantidote                 apparatus for cooling air

thermic                       of, like or pertaining to heat

thermogenesis                 production of heat

thermograph                   instrument for recording changes in temperature

thermokinematics              study of motion of heat

thermolabile                  easily decomposed by heat

thermology                    study of heat

thermolysis                   decomposition caused by heat

thermometrograph              instrument for recording changes in temperature

thermonous                    of, like or pertaining to stimulation by heat

thermophilous                 preferring or thriving in high temperatures

thermophobia                  the fear of heat

thermopile                    instrument measuring minute changes in temperature

thermoplagia                  sunstroke

thermoscope                   instrument indicating change in temperature

thermotaxis                   movement influenced or controlled by heat

thermotropism                 growth of organism influenced by heat

theroid                       of, like or pertaining to a beast or wild animal

therology                     study of wild mammals

thersitical                   scurrilous; violent in manner of speech, loud and abusive

thesial                       of, like or pertaining to a thesis

thesmothete                   law-giver

thetic                        positively asserting; bearing the thesis; prescribed

theurgy                       the art/technique of compelling or persuading a god to do or refrain from doing something

thewe                         pillory for women that keeps the legs together

thewy                         muscled, brawny

thiasus                       group of worshippers gathered to dance in praise of gods

thigmotaxis                   movement of plant towards or away from an object

thigmotropism                 turning of an object in response to touch

thionic                       of, like or pertaining to or containing sulphur

thiotimoline                  a fictitious chemical compound conceived by science fiction author Isaac Asimov

thirdborough                  petty constable of a township

thirdendeal                   old liquid measure of three pints; one-third of anything

thirlable                     that which may be thirled or pierced; penetrable

thither                       to that place

thixophobia                   the fear of touching or being touched

thixotropy                    temporary reduction in viscosity when shaken or stirred

thixotropy                    the property of certain gels of becoming fluid when agitated and of reverting back to a gel when left to stand

thlipsis                      constriction; compression

thnetopsychism                belief that the soul dies with the body, to be reborn on day of judgement

thole                         1. a pin in the gunwhale of a boat to hold an oar

thole                         2. to endure; to suffer

tholing                       suffering, enduring

tholobate                     circular substructure on which a dome rests

tholoid                       dome-shaped lava extrusion plugging the vent of a volcano

tholus                        round building; dome; cupola

thooid                        like a wolf

thoracoscope                  instrument for viewing the thorax and chest wall

thoughtography                supposed technique for transferring mental images onto photographs

thrapple                      the throat, windpipe; to throttle, strangle

thrasonic                     boastful; bragging

thrasonical                   bragging, boastful

threap                        1. to rebuke, reprove, chide, scold, blame

threap                        2. to inveigh against; to argue, dispute; to quarrel, bicker, disagree; to wrangle about terms, haggle

thremmatology                 science of breeding domestic animals and plants

threnetic                     mournful

threnody                      a song of lamentation for the dead, elegy

threpsology                   science of nutrition

threpterophilia               an attraction to female nurses

threptic                      of, like or pertaining to the rearing of young

thrioboly                     fortunetelling using pebbles, stones or rocks

thrip                         to snap one's fingers

thro                          through

throat-pit                    depression between collarbones where they meet the breastbone

thrombus                      blood clot

thronal                       of, like or pertaining to a throne

thropple                      throat or windpipe of an animal

throstle                      machine for drawing, twisting and winding fibres

throstling                    a disease of bovine cattle, consisting of a swelling under the throat, which, unless checked, causes strangulation

throttlebottom                harmless incompetent person holding public office

thrum                         loose thread or fringe of a garment or cloth

thuggee                       murder and robbery by thugs

thumomancy                    fortunetelling by means of one's own soul

thurible                      the incense holder used in religious ceremonies

thurifer                      altar boy who bears censer

thuriferous                   incense-bearing

thurification                 the burning of incense

thurl                         cow's hip-joint

thyestean                     cannibalistic

thygatrilagnia                an incestuous desire for one's daughter

thylacine                     the Tasmanian Wolf, a somewhat doglike carnivorous marsupial that formerly inhabited Tasmania but is now considered extinct

thymiatechny                  use of perfumes for medicinal purposes

thymiaterion                  ancient Greek censer

thymogenic                    due to emotion

thymoleptic                   psychologically energizing

thymopathy                    mental disorder

thyrsus                       a staff tipped with a pine cone and twined with ivy, carried by Bacchus, Dionysian revelers and satyrs

thwarterous                   twisted or gnarled

tiara                         three-tiered crown worn by or carried in front of the pope

tibialoconcupiscent           having a lascivious interest in watching a women put on stockings

tibicinate                    to play on a pipe

tichorrhine                   woolly rhinoceros

tick                          cover of a mattress or pillow

ticking                       strong linen or cotton fabric used for mattress and pillow cases

tiddledies                    soft flexible ice, or chunks of floating ice

tidology                      study of tides

tierce                        the third part of a thing or group of people; the 3rd of 7 canonical hours

tiffany                       transparent silk-like gauzy fabric

tigerism                      swagger

tigrine                       of, like or pertaining to tigers

tilbury                       light open two-wheeled carriage

tilleul                       pale yellowish-green

tilly-vally!                  nonsense

tilth                         agricultural work

tiltmeter                     instrument for measuring tilting of earth's surface

timarchy                      government by the propertied class; timocracy

timbal                        kettle drum

timberhead                    top end of ship's timber used above the gunwale

timbrology                    study of postage stamps

timbromania                   craze for stamp collecting

timbromaniac                  an avid stamp collector

timbrophily                   love or fondness for stamps; stamp-collecting

timbrous                      resonant; sonorous

timenoguy                     rope stretched from place to place in a ship

timeous                       in good time; seasonable

timmynoggy                    a device the saves time and labor

timocracy                     government by the propertied class

timoneer                      helmsman

timwhisky                     light carriage for one or two people, pulled by one or two horses

tinchel                       circle of men who encircle a deer

tinction                      act of dyeing

tinctorial                    of, like or pertaining to dyeing; giving colour

tinctumutation                change of colour

tincture                      a heraldic colour or metal

tingent                       adding colour; having the ability to tinge

tinnient                      ringing; resonant

tinnitus                      a sensation of noise (as a ringing or roaring) that is purely subjective

tintinnabulate                to ring; to tinkle

tintinnabulous                of or relating to bells or the ringing of bells

tintinnabulation              the ringing or sounding of bells; a jingling or tinkling sound

tintinnabulum                 percussion instrument of many bells in succession

tippet                        long black scarf worn by Anglican clergy

tiqueur                       one who suffers from tics

tirailleur                    skirmisher; sharpshooter

tirasse                       pedal-coupler in an organ

tiretaine                     wool cloth mixed with cotton or linen

tiro                          recruit; novice; beginner

tirocinium                    early training; first experience; group of recruits; a soldier's first battle

tiromancy                     fortunetelling using cheese

tisane                        infusion of herbs or flowers

tisicky                       wheezy; asthmatic

titaniferous                  bearing titanium

titanism                      spirit of revolt or defiance against social conventions

titanomachy                   war of the Titans against the gods

titian                        red-gold or reddish-brown

titivate                      to spruce up or adorn

titivation                    the action of sprucing up or making small additions or improvements in appearance

titrimetry                    measuring by titration

tittup                        to prance mincingly; to walk in an affected manner

titubate                      to stagger; to stumble

titubation                    a nervous condition marked by staggering

titulus                       inscription on or over something

tizz(y)                       a state of nervous excitement or confusion; a dither

tmema                         segment or section

tmesis                        separation of the parts of a word by insertion of another word eg. "abso-bloody-exactly"

toadstone                     stone thought to grow inside a toad and have magic powers

tobaccophile                  one who loves tobacco

tocodynamometer               instrument for measuring uterine contractions during childbirth

tocology                      the study of obstetrics or midwifery

tocophobia                    the fear of pregnancy or childbirth

tocsin                        alarm bell; sounding of an alarm bell

tod                           old unit of weight of wool equal to 28 pounds

toey                          nervous, anxious; frisky

toft                          a small hill

tog                           unit of measurement for insulation properties of fabric

togated                       wearing a toga; dignified

toggy                         a long beaverskin coat popular among northern fur traders

tohubohu                      a state of chaos, disorder, and confusion

toile                         plain or simple twilled fabric

toison                        lamb's wool

tokoloshe                     an evil Southern African spirit; a supernatural being that does the work of witches

tolerationism                 doctrine of toleration of religious differences

tolsester                     duty of ale due to one's lord for the privilege of brewing

tolutation                    act of pacing or ambling

tolutiloquent                 pertaining to a smooth talker

tolypeutine                   of, like or pertaining to armadillos

tomalley                      a type of lobster liver that turns green when heated

toman                         myriad; ten thousand

tombac                        cheap gold-coloured alloy of zinc and copper

tombic                        holding that the Egyptian pyramids were intended as tombs

tombola                       lottery in which each entrant must win a prize

tomecide                      the act of murdering or destroying a book

tomentose                     covered with thick tangled hair

tomiparous                    of organic matter, multiplying by division

tomium                        cutting edge of a bird's bill

tomograph                     instrument for viewing section of an object using X-rays

tomography                    scan to obtain detailed image of solid structure

tomomania                     irrational predilection for performing surgery

tomophobia                    the fear of surgery

ton                           1. the fashion, vogue or mode

ton                           2. unit of cooling power equal to 12,000 BTU per hour

tonant                        thundering

tondo                         circular painting or relief carving

tonetic                       of, like or pertaining to tonal pronunciation or languages

tonetics                      study of pronunciation

tonga                         light two-wheeled carriage

tongue-shot                   speaking or talking distance, voice-range

tonish                        modish; fashionable

tonitrophobia                 the fear of thunder

tonitrous                     reverberating with the sound of thunder

tonitruone                    a device used in theater or movies to create thunder

tonitruous                    thundering, fulminating

tonitruphobia                 the fear of thunder

tonlet                        set of overlapping strips on armour skirt

tonneau                       rear extension of body of car

tonometer                     instrument measuring pitch of musical tones

tonsorial                     of, like or pertaining to a barber or a barber's work

tonsure                       the shaven crown worn by monks; a bald spot resembling same

tontine                       a financial arrangement whereby the last living member of the group gets the whole

tonus                         normal elasticity of healthy muscle at rest

topaesthesia                  determining place by sense of touch

toparch                       ruler of a district

topaz                         dark yellow

toper                         a drunkard

topgallant                    mast or sail above the topmast and below the royal mast

tophaceous                    gritty

topiary                       clipping of trees into imitative or fantastic shapes

toplofty                      high and mighty; haughty

topmast                       ship's mast above the lower mast

topology                      study of places and their natural features

topomancy                     fortunetelling using the shape of the land

toponomastic                  of, like or pertaining to place names

toponym                       place name derived from geographical feature

toponymics                    the study of place names

topophilia                    great love or affection for a particular place

topophobia                    1. a fear of performing; stage-fright

topophobia                    2. a fear of a particular place

topophone                     instrument to determine direction and distance of a fog-horn

topos                         a stock rhetorical theme or topic; a literary convention

topotype                      specimen collected in the same locality as an original

topsail                       ship's sail above the lowermost sail

toran                         arched gateway or garland of flowers

torchier                      floor lamp with bowl for reflecting light upwards

torchon                       duster or dishcloth; coarse lace or paper

torcula                       wine press

torcular                      tourniquet

tordion                       Renaissance dance similar to but slower than a galliard

tore                          surface described by rotation of conic section about a line

toreumatography               description of ancient metal sculpture

toreutics                     artistic work in metal by chasing and embossing

torfaceous                    growing in mosses or bogs

tormentum                     ancient siege engine

tornote                       having blunt extremities

toroid                        shaped like a doughnut or anchor-ring

torose                        swelling; bulging; knobby; muscular

torpedinous                   numbing; having the quality of a torpedo

torpefy                       to make numb or torpid; to paralyze

torpescence                   becoming numb or torpid

torpid                        numb; lethargic; having lost the power to act

torpillage                    electric shock therapy

torpor                        dullness, apathy; lethargy

torporific                    causing dullness or numbness

torquated                     wearing a collar or chain; formed like a torque

torr                          unit of pressure equal to 1/760 of standard atmospheric pressure

torrefy                       to scorch or parch; to dry or roast with heat

torrentine                    of, like or pertaining to a torrent; having the character of a torrent

torsade                       ornament on a hat like a twisted cord; any twisted cord

torschlusspanik               a sense of alarm or anxiety (said to be experienced particularly in middle age) caused by the feeling that life's opportunities are passing

torsel                        plate in a brick wall to support the end of a beam

torsibility                   capability of being twisted

torsiograph                   instrument for recording torsional vibrations on an object

torsive                       twisted spirally

tortfeaser                    a wrongdoer

torticollis                   a stiff neck

tortile                       wreathed; twisted; coiled

tortiloquy                    crooked talk

tortious                      committing a wrongful deed

torulose                      with small swellings at intervals

torus                         rounded swelling; lowest moulding of a column

torvity                       grimness; fierceness

torvous                       stern

tosspot                       toper, drunkard

tosticated                    fuddled; perplexed

tot                           bone or other object retrieved from garbage pile

totemism                      belief that a group has a special kinship with an object or animal

tother                        the other

totient                       number of numbers less than and prime to a given number

totipotent                    capable of developing into a complete organism or differentiating into any of its cells or tissues

totitive                      number less than and prime to another

tourbillon                    swirl; vortex; whirlwind

tournure                      contour; characteristic turn of line; grace or poise

tovarish                      comrade

tow                           bundle of untwisted natural fibres

toxicogenic                   producing or produced by poisons

toxicomania                   morbid craving for poisons

toxicophagous                 eating poison

toxicophobia                  the fear of poisoning

toxiferous                    producing or bearing poison

toxiphagous                   poison-eating

toxiphobia                    the fear of poison or being poisoned

toxophilite                   lover of archery; an archer; of, like or pertaining to archery

toxophily                     love of archery; archery; study of archery

toze                          to tease out; card; comb; draw out; elicit

trabeate                      built of horizontal beams rather than arches

trabecula                     small bar or rod

trabeculated                  transversely barred

tracasserie                   a state of disturbance or annoyance; a turmoil, bother, fuss; an embroilment, a petty quarrel, a tempest in a teapot

trachelate                    having a neck

trachyphonia                  roughness of voice

tractate                      treatise; tract

tractatrix                    a female shampooer

tractile                      ductile; able to be drawn out

traditive                     traditional

traduce                       to defame; to slander; malign

traductive                    transmitted

tragedian                     writer or actor of tragedy

tragelaph                     mythical crossbreed of a goat and stag

tragematopolist               a seller of candy

tragolimia                    in a man, an overwhelming and indiscriminate urge to have sex with any woman, regardless of her looks or age

tragomaschalia                to have smelly armpits

tragus                        the little flap of cartilage that projects over the hole in one's ear

trahison                      treachery; treason

trainspotter                  person who collects trivial information of any sort

traject                       crossing; ferry; transference

tralatition                   metaphor

tralatitious                  1. characterized by transference; metaphorical, figurative

tralatitious                  2. handed down from generation to generation; traditional

tralineate                    to deviate

tramble                       to wash tin-ore by agitation in a trough

trammel                       1. device used to hold pots and pans over a fire

trammel                       2. net used to catch fish or birds

trammel                       3. to hamper or restrain

trammel                       4. tool used for drawing ellipses

tramontane                    1. the north wind (of the Mediterranean)

tramontane                    2. someone from beyond the mountain; a stranger, a foreigner

tranation                     act of swimming over or across

trancey                       creating a trance-like effect; hypnotic

tranche                       slice or block of money or shares

tranchet                      Neolithic flint chisel

tranect                       ferry

trangam                       showy or worthless article

transcalent                   pervious to or allowing the passage of heat

transcendentalism             theory that emphasizes that which transcends perception

transdiurnal                  that which is beyond the confines of day

transenna                     screen enclosing a shrine

transept                      part of a church off to one side of main structure

transfluent                   flowing across

tranship                      to transfer from one ship to another

transhumant                   passing from winter to summer pastures

transilient                   leaping or passing across

transire                      ship's customs warrant for clearing goods

translative                   indicating process of change or movement through

translunary                   beyond the moon; spiritual

transmarine                   across or beyond the sea

transmigrationism             belief that soul passes into other body at death

transmissometer               instrument for measuring transmission of light through a fluid

transmundane                  spiritual; something that extends into the spiritual world or exists there; not earthly

transom                       1. structure dividing a window horizontally; horizontal bar

transom                       2. transverse timbers attached to ship's sternpost

transpicuous                  transparent; easily seen through or understood

transpontine                  situated on the other or far side of the bridge (in London, south of the Thames)

transubstantiation            miraculous changing of bread and wine into body and blood of Christ

transude                      to ooze out; to exude through the pores

transumption                  transcription; transference; translation

transuranic                   denoting heavy radioactive artificial chemical elements

transvection                  1. the act of carrying from one place to another

transvection                  2. Mathematics - a method for deriving invariants and covariants

transvection                  3. witchcraft - flying on something via magical powers

transverberate                to pierce

transvolation                 flying higher than normal

trap                          light one-horse carriage with springs

trapezium                     quadrilateral having only one pair of parallel sides

trapunto                      kind of quilting in which only the design is padded

traulism                      stammering, stuttering

traumatology                  study of wounds and their effects

traumatophobia                the fear of injury

traumatropism                 alteration in direction of growth of a plant due to a wound

trautonium                    electronic musical instrument like a theramin

trave                         crossbeam or space between crossbeams

travelator                    moving footpath for pedestrians

treacle                       dark; syrupy molasses

trebuchet                     a medieval catapult or siege engine for hurling large stones and other missiles

trechometer                   instrument for determining distance travelled; odometer

treenail                      long wooden pin used to fix planks of ship to the timbers

treeware                      documentation or other material printed by computers

trefoil                       three-lobed architectural ornament

tregetour                     a street magician or juggler; trickster; deceiver

treillage                     trellis-work; a trellis

trellis                       structure of cross-barred or lattice-work

trema                         an orifice; a dieresis

tremallose                    gelatinous

tremendum                     feeling of overwhelming awe associated with religious experience

tremissis                     late Roman and early Byzantine gold coin

tremogram                     irregularity in a person's handwriting

tremograph                    instrument for recording involuntary muscular motion

tremolist                     one who employs a tremolo

tremolo                       vibrating effect of certain musical instruments or the singing voice

tremophobia                   the fear of trembling

tremulous                     trembling; quivering

trenchant                     incisive; terse; vigorous

trencher                      edible plate and platter made of bread

trencherman                   a hearty eater

trendle                       flat rounded baker's vessel

trendoid                      trendy; a trendy person

trental                       commemoratory service held thirty days after burial

trepan                        obsolete instrument for cutting open the skull

trepanation                   surgical removal of sections of bone from the skull

trepid                        fearful; agitated; trembling

trepidacious                  trepid

trepidity                     apprehension

tresayle                      great-great grandfather

tressilate                    to quiver

tressure                      narrow band around a heraldic shield

trews                         full-length trousers worn by Scot regiments; close-cut tartan drawers sometimes worn under the kilt in Highland dress

triage                        selection for patients most likely to survive

trialism                      doctrine that humans have three separate essences (body, soul, spirit)

trianon                       a small, elegant villa; usu. on the grounds of a large estate

triarchy                      government by three people

triatic                       rope joining adjacent mastheads

tribade                       female homosexual; lesbian

tribadism                     lesbian intercourse in the missionary position

tribble                       horizontal frame with wires for drying paper

tribology                     the study of friction and lubrication

triboluminescence             emission of light caused by friction

tribometer                    instrument measuring friction

tribuloid                     yielding prickly fruit

tribunitial                   of, like or pertaining to a tribune

tributorian                   of, like or pertaining to tribute or payment

trice                         to haul in and lash secure a sail with a small rope

tricephalous                  having three heads

trichinophobia                the fear of trichinosis

trichoclasis                  brittleness of hair

trichogenous                  producing hair

trichoic                      having or exhibiting three colours

trichoid                      hair-like

trichology                    study of hair and its disorders

trichopathophobia             the fear of hair disease

trichophobia                  a fear of hair

trichoptilosis                a longitudinal splitting of hair fiber better known as split ends

trichosis                     arrangement, distribution or disorder of hair

trichotillomania              neurosis where patient pulls out their own hair

trichotomy                    division into three parts or categories

tricoaster                    combination of three-speed gear and coaster brake on a cycle

tricolette                    silk or rayon knitted fabric

tricorn                       three-horned; three-cornered

tricorne                      a hat with three points such as was worn by american revolutionaries

tricot                        plain knitted silk or woollen fabric

tricotee                      lively old dance

tricotine                     double-twilled worsted fabric

tridominium                   threefold rule

triduan                       lasting three days

triduum                       period of three days of prayer preceding Roman Catholic feasts

trierarchy                    obligation of fitting out ships

trieteric                     occurring in alternate years

trifarious                    facing three ways

triforium                     gallery or arcade over an aisle; gallery over nave and choir

trifurcate                    to divide into three forks

trig                          stone placed under a wheel to keep it from rolling

trigamist                     a person who has three wives or three husbands; one who has been married three times

trigamy                       state of being married to three spouses

triglyph                      architectural ornament of tablet bearing two V-shaped channels

trigonal                      having three angles

trigonometer                  instrument for solving triangles

trigraph                      combination of three letters for one sound

trihoral                      happening every three hours

trilaminar                    having three layers

trilemma                      quandary having three choices

trilith                       stone monument of two upright and one transverse slab

trimacular                    having three spots or marks

trimalchion                   of or relating to a banquet for gourmands

trimerous                     having the parts in threes

trin                          triplet

trinacriform                  three-pronged

trindle                       thin piece of wood which holds book spine while trimmed

tringoid                      of, like or pertaining to sandpipers

trinoctial                    lasting three nights

triolet                       an eight-line poem of the form AB aA ab AB

trionym                       name consisting of three words

triphibious                   taking place on land, in water and in air

triphthong                    three vowel sounds pronounced as one

triplopia                     triple vision

tripos                        a final honors examination at Cambridge university, orig. in mathematics

tripotage                     pawing, handling or fingering people

trippet                       part of machine which strikes another part regularly

tripsis                       pulverization; shampooing; massage

triptote                      used in three cases only

triptych                      hinged painting with three panels

tripudant                     dance triumphantly

tripudiate                    1. to dance, skip, or leap for joy; to exult

tripudiate                    2. to trample, stamp, or jump upon in contempt or triumph

tripudiation                  the act of dancing

triquetra                     triangular-shaped object

trireme                       an ancient galley having three banks of oars

triskaidekaphobia             the mortal fear of the number thirteen

triskelion                    figure of three radiating curves or legs

trismegistic                  mysterious, occult; metaphysical

trismus                       lockjaw

tristachyous                  three-spiked

tristesse                     melancholy

tristful                      sad, mournful

tristich                      a group of 3 lines of poetry or a stanza of 3 lines

tristichous                   having or in three rows

tristiloquy                   mournful manner of speech

tristisonous                  mournful-sounding

trisulcate                    having three ridges or forks

tritagonist                   the actor who plays the role third in importance in a play

tritanopia                    inability to distinguish the colour blue

tritarchy                     government by three people; triarchy

tritavia                      the great grandmother of one's great grandmother

tritavus                      the great grandfather of one's great grandfather

tritheism                     belief that the members of the Trinity are separate gods

tritheocracy                  government by three gods

tritical                      trite or commonplace in nature

triticeous                    wheat-like

triticism                     trite remark

triturate                     to rub or grind into a fine powder

triumphalism                  belief in the superiority of one particular religious creed

triune                        trinity; three in one

trivet                        tripod for a pot; metal plate to raise food from heat

trivirgate                    having three linear marks

trivium                       the lower division of the seven liberal arts in medieval schools, comprising grammar, logic, and rhetoric

troat                         to bellow like a roaring buck

trochal                       wheel-like; circular

trocheameter                  instrument counting wheel's revolutions

trochiferous                  bearing a wheel or wheel-like organ

trochiform                    shaped like a spinning-top

trochilic                     of, like or pertaining to rotatory motion

trochilidine                  of, like or pertaining to hummingbirds

trochilidist                  a person who studies hummingbirds

trochiline                    of, like or pertaining to hummingbirds

trochiscus                    medicated tablet or lozenge

trochlear                     like a pulley

trochoid                      curve traced by a fixed point in plane of a circle

trochomancy                   fortunetelling by studying wheel tracks

troglodytic                   cave-dwelling

troglodytine                  of, like or pertaining to wrens

troika                        carriage drawn by three horses

troilism                      sexual activity between three people

troke                         to fail or to deceive; unable to do something

trollop                       a promiscuous woman

trommel                       1. revolving sieve for cleaning or sizing minerals

trommel                       2. Southern African trunk or container

tromometer                    instrument for measuring slight earthquake shocks

tronc                         collection of gratuities to be divided out later

trope                         a figure of speech

trophallaxis                  mutual exchange of nutriment in symbiosis

trophism                      nutrition

trophobiosis                  exchange of nutriment in symbiotic relationship

trophology                    study of nutrition

trophotropism                 direction of growth by nutritional factors

tropic                        like a keel

tropism                       the turning or bending (via growth) of an organism in response to an external stimuli

tropoclastics                 the science of breaking habits

tropological                  characterized by tropes or figures of speech

tropology                     figurative language; moral interpretation of the Bible; the use of metaphors in writing or while speaking

tropometer                    instrument measuring rotation

tropophilous                  flourishing in seasonal extremes of climate

tropophobia                   a fear of changes or making changes

tropophyte                    plant adapted to alterations of moisture and drought

trot                          an old woman; a hag

trothplight                   betrothal

trottoir                      pavement

trousseau                     clothes collected by a bride for her marriage

trout-tickling                guddling

trouvaille                    something discovered by chance; a windfall; a fortunate find

trover                        legal action brought to recover goods from wrongful owner

truandal                      beggars or camp followers; hobos

trucage                       faking of works of art

trucidation                   a cruel killing or murdering

truckle                       to submit; to cringe

truckling                     acting in a subservient manner; bending obsequiously; submitting

truculent                     belligerent; cruel; pugnacious; defiant; aggressive

trullization                  the act of laying on plaster with a trowel

trumeau                       piece of wall or pillar between two openings

trumpery                      worthless nonsense; trivial or useless articles; junk

truncheon                     broken spear; broken or cut piece

trunnion                      a pin or pivot on which something can be rotated

truthiness                    the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true

trutinate                     to weigh using a balance; to evaluate mentally

truttaceous                   resembling a trout

tryma                         nut-like fruit

trypall                       a tall, lanky, slovenly person

trypanocide                   killing of trypanosomes

trypanophobia                 the fear of injections or inoculations

trysail                       ship's sail bent to a gaff and hoisted on a lower mast

tsiganology                   study of gypsies

tsiology                      the study of tea, or a dissertation on tea

tsunami                       a great sea wave produced by submarine earth movement or volcanic eruption

tuant                         of writing, keen or trenchant

tuberiferous                  bearing tubers

tuberiform                    shaped like a lump or protuberance

tuberous                      having tubers; knobbed

tubicinate                    to blow a trumpet

tubicination                  the sound made by someone blowing a horn

tubicolous                    inhabiting a tube

tubicornous                   hollow-horned

tubifacient                   constructing a tube

tubiform                      shaped like a tube

tubster                       one who preaches from a tub; a dissenting preacher or minister

tub-thumper                   a speaker or preacher who for emphasis thumps the pulpit; a violent or declamatory preacher or orator; a ranter

tubulate                      to form into a tube; to provide with a tube

tubulure                      tubular opening

tuck                          part of ship where ends of lower planks meet under the stern

tucket                        a fanfare on a trumpet

tufa                          rock made of fine volcanic detritus

tufthunter                    someone that seeks association with persons of title or high social status; snob; a toady

tuille                        armour plate hanging below the tasses

tuism                         apostrophe; reference to or regard to a second person

tuitive                       giving instruction; acquired by instruction

tulchan                       calf's skin set beside a cow to make her give milk freely

tulgey                        applied to a wood - thick, dense, and dark

tulipomania                   obsession with tulips

tulle                         sheer and delicate thin silk

tumblebug                     dung beetle

tumbrel                       1. a farm tipcart; a vehicle carrying condemned persons to a place of execution

tumbrel                       2. old instrument of punishment like a pillory

tumefacient                   causing swelling

tumefy                        to swell

tumescent                     tending to swell

tumid                         inflated; falsely sublime; bombastic

tummler                       1. one, such as a social director or entertainer, who encourages guest or audience participation

tummler                       2. one who incites others to action

tumorigenic                   producing tumours

tump                          to tip or turn over esp. accidentally; to cause to tip over

tum-tum                       dog-cart

tumular                       consisting of a mound or tumulus

tumulous                      an artifical hillock; esp. an ancient burial mound

tumultuary                    chaotic; haphazard

tumulus                       barrow-mound; mound of earth over a grave

tund                          to beat; to thump

tunicate                      covered with layers

tunicle                       short ecclesiastical vestment worn by bishop or subdeacon

tunket                        euphemism for hell; as in what in tunket?

tup                           ram; pile-driver; striking face of steam hammer or jackhammer

turbary                       right to take peat from another's ground

turbid                        thick or opaque with/as if with roiled sediment; heavy with smoke or mist; deficient in clarity or purity; foul, muddy

turbidimeter                  instrument for measuring turbidity of liquids

turbinate                     shaped like a top or inverted cone

turdiform                     like a thrush

turdine                       characteristic of thrushes

turgent                       swollen

turgescence                   act or process of swelling; swollenness

turgid                        swollen; inflated

turgometer                    instrument for measuring turgidity

turistaphobia                 1. the fear of contaminated water

turistaphobia                 2. the fear of travelling

turncock                      valve for regulating water flow

turnery                       art of turning in a lathe

turnspit                      person who turns a roasting spit

turnverein                    athletic club

turophile                     cheese lover

turquoise                     blue-green

turrical                      of, like or pertaining to a tower or turret; like a turret

turriferous                   bearing towers

turriform                     shaped like a tower

turtleback                    structure over ship's bows or stern

turveydrop                    one who pretends to be a perfect model of deportment

tushery                       writing of poor quality distinguished esp. by the affected choice of archaic words

tussah                        brownish silk fabric

tussicular                    of, like or pertaining to coughs

tussock                       a compact tuft of grass or sedge

tutelary                      having the guardianship of a thing

tutiorism                     doctrine that one should take the safer moral course

tutoyant                      affectionate; intimate

tutulus                       conical Roman headdress

twain                         two

twee                          affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute or quaint, sentimentally sweet

twiforked                     bifurcate

twingle                       to wriggle; to twist

twink                         to blink; to twinkle

twinter                       two-year-old domestic animal

twire                         to peep; to leer

twitter-light                 twilight

twitterpated                  love-struck, smitten

twixt                         between

twizzle                       to swirl; to spin

two-step                      ballroom dance with two main steps

twyer                         nozzle for a blast of air

tychism                       theory that accepts role of pure chance

tychopotamic                  pertaining to something which lives in fresh water

tycolosis                     accident prevention

tye                           inclined trough for washing ore

tyg                           a seventeenth century mug having twelve handles

tyloma                        callus

tympaniform                   drum-like; shaped like a drum

tympanum                      space within an arch; arched recess at entrance of cathedral

tympany                       swelling with pride or with pregnancy

typhlograph                   instrument to help the blind write clearly

typhlology                    study of blindness and the blind

typhlophile                   one who is kind to the blind

typhogenic                    causing fever

typhomania                    delirious state resulting from typhus fever

typhonic                      having the character of a whirlwind or tornado

typocrat                      one who rules by controlling the press

typoglycemia                  the fanciful name given to the mind's ability to read misspelled words

typographia                   matter pertaining to printing or printers

typography                    art of printing or using type

typology                      study of types of things

typomania                     craze for printing one's lucubrations

typothetae                    master printers collectively

typp                          the number of thousands of yards of yarn which weighs one pound

typtology                     theory concerning rappings by spirits or ghosts

tyrannicide                   killing or killer of a tyrant

tyrannophobia                 the fear of tyrants

tyriasis                      elephantiasis

tyro                          a novice or beginner

tyrotoxism                    to be poisoned by cheese or any milk product

tyroid                        resembling cheese; cheesy

tyroma                        cheese-like matter

tyromancy                     fortunetelling using cheese

tyrotoxism                    the poisoning by cheese or any other milk product

tzigane                       a gypsy

tziganologist                 one who studies gypsies





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