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wabbit                        tired out, exhausted; slightly ill

wack                          old name for decomposed basalt

wadmal                        thick coarse wool

waesucks                      used to express pity

waftage                       transportation through water or air

wafture                       act of waving or wafting

waggoner                      a collection or book of nautical maps

waghalter                     one likely to be hanged

wagonette                     carriage with one crosswise seat in front, two seats in back

wagtail                       an obsequious person; a harlot

wahala                        inconvenience; a fuss, trouble

Waikikamukau                  mythical town that is so remote it makes Eketahuna look like a metropolis; Podunk

wainage                       team and implements needed for cultivation of land

wainscot                      to line with boards or panels; fine oak panelling

wair                          timber of six feet in length and one foot in width

waits                         musicians employed to play on ceremonial occasions

wakerife                      wakeful; indisposed to sleep

waldflute                     organ flute stop of 4 feet in length

waldgrave                     old German title of nobility

waldhorn                      French valveless hunting horn

waldo                         a device for handling or manipulating objects by remote control

wale                          to choose; the act of choosing

wallah                        a person who is associated with a particular work or who performs a particular duty or service

walla-walla                   an unintelligible sound made by many people talking at once

walleteer                     one who carries a wallet

wallfish                      snail

wallflower                    yellowish-red

wally                         an idiot or imbecile

wallydrag                     feeble or worthless person or animal

wallydraigle                  a feeble, imperfectly developed, or slovenly creature

walm                          to spout; to boil up

Walpurgisnach                 1. the eve of May Day on which witches are held to ride to an appointed rendezvous

Walpurgisnach                 2. something (as an event or situation) having a nightmarish quality

walty                         inclined to tip over or lean

wamble                        churning of the stomach; wobbling or rolling motion; to feel nausea

wame                          the womb or belly; a protuberant hollow part

wampus                        a stupid, dull, loutish clod

wamus                         cardigan or jacket buttoned at neck and wrists

wanchancy                     unlucky; uncanny

wang                          the cheek; a molar

wanhope                       despair

wanigan                       pay office in a lumber camp

wanion                        ill luck; misfortune

wanker                        a contemptible person, usu. a man; jerk; a masturbator

wankle                        unstable or unsteady

wantage                       deficiency; shortage

wantwit                       one who lacks wit or sense; a fool, blockhead

wanweird                      an unhappy fate

wanze                         to decrease; to waste away

wapenshaw                     periodic gathering to evaluate readiness of men for combat

wapentake                     archaic sub-division of certain counties

wapperjawed                   having a crooked jaw

waqf                          charitable donation for Islamic religious purposes

warble                        small tumour suffered by horses under the saddle area

wardcorn                      payment of corn in place of military service

warden                        kind of pear used in cooking

wardmote                      meeting of a ward or a court of a ward

wardroom                      quarters for ship's officers

warison                       1. a bugle call used to signal the start of an attack

warison                       2. wealth; reward; punishment

warrantise                    the act of guaranteeing or warranting; an assurance

warray                        to make war on

warren                        heart-shaped hoe

warrener                      keeper of a warren of rabbits

wase                          small bundle of hay or straw for resting one's head

washball                      ball of toilet soap

washboard                     broad thin plank along ship's gunwale to keep out sea water

washery                       location where industrial washing takes place

washeteria                    laundromat or launderette

washi                         thin Japanese paper used to make kites and lanterns

washland                      area periodically flooded by river

wasm                          an outdated policy, doctrine or theory

wassail                       toast to someone's health; to go caroling or carousing; spiced ale

wasserman                     man-shaped sea monster

wastel                        sweet flaky bread made with fine flour and butter

wastelot                      unused lot of land in a built-up area

waster                        wooden sword used for practicing fencing

wastive                       liable to waste

watchet                       pale blue

watchglass                    small dish used for holding small amounts of a solution

watching                      fully afloat

waterage                      fee paid for travelling on water

waterish                      resembling or filled with water; insipid or diluted

waterman                      boatman or ferryman

waterwork                     piece of fabric painted to resemble a tapestry

wattmeter                     instrument for measuring electrical power

waulk                         to full cloth

waulker                       cloth fuller

wavemeter                     instrument for measuring wavelengths

waveson                       wreckage floating on the sea; flotsam (compare jetsam)

waxcloth                      oilcloth; linoleum

wayboard                      thin geological seam separating larger strata

waygone                       exhausted from long travels

wayment                       lamentation; grief

waywiser                      instrument for measuring distance travelled

wayzgoose                     a printer's annual dinner or excursion; annual employees' dinner or outing

wazzock                       a stupid or annoying person

wear                          to turn a ship's stern to windward to alter its course

wearish                       tasteless; savourless

weasand                       the gullet or windpipe

weasy                         a spurious word in dictionaries, based on a misreading of 'wealy' in Joye's "The exposicion of Daniel the prophete"

weatherboard                  weather side of a ship

weatherly                     able to sail close to the wind with little leeway

weatherometer                 instrument for measuring weather-resisting properties of paint

webcast                       live broadcast transmitted on the World Wide Web

weber                         unit of magnetic flux equal to 100 million maxwells

webster                       a female weaver

webwheel                      wheel in which spokes, rim and centre made from one piece of material

weddinger                     a wedding guest

wedeln                        skiing in a swiveling motion with skis close together

weed                          garment or outfit worn during mourning

weedicide                     something that kills weeds

weedy                         dressed in widow's mourning clothes

weftage                       texture

wegotism                      the excessive use of 'we' in writing, particulary in newspaper editorials

weighage                      fee paid for weighing goods

weirdward                     bordering upon the supernatural

weld                          yellow dye; plant from which it is extracted

welk                          to twist about

welkin                        1. the vault of heaven; the sky

welkin                        2. the upper air, sky; air

wellaway                      expression of sorrow or lamentation; alas

weltanschauung                a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world, esp. from a specific standpoint; world-view

welter                        to be in a state of turmoil or chaos; wriggle, writhe

weltschmerz                   mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state

wen                           enormously congested city

wergild                       money paid by a killer's family to the family of the victim to prevent a blood feud; the cash value of a man's life

wertfrei                      without value judgement; neutral

wesort                        one of a group of people of mixed white-black-Indian ancestry living in southern Maryland

westing                       space or distance westward

wether                        a castrated ram

wey                           old measure for dry goods usually equal to 40 bushels

whamboozled                   hoodwinked and eliminated (from a poker tournament)

whang                         a leather thong; a thick slice

whangam                       an imaginary animal

whangdoodle                   1. a fanciful creature of undefined nature

whangdoodle                   2. stuff and nonsense

wharfinger                    keeper or owner of a wharf

whatabouts                    things with which one is occupied

wheal                         a Cornish mine

wheaten                       the golden colour of ripe wheat

wheep                         sound made by a steel weapon when drawn from a sheath

wheeple                       a poor attempt at whistling

whelky                        knobby; rounded

whelm                         to cover or engulf completely with usually disastrous effect, destroy, overpower

whelve                        to cover with an upside down vessel; to turn something over and hide something underneath; to bury something

whemmle                       to overturn; to throw into a state of disorder

whenas                        when

whencesoever                  from whatsoever place or source

whereagainst                  against which

whereinsoever                 in whatsoever respect or place

whereinto                     into which; into what

whereof                       of what

whereon                       on what

whereout                      out of which

wherethrough                  through which; through the agency of

whereuntil                    to what

wherewith                     with what

wherret                       a blow on the ear or side of the head

wherry                        light shallow boat; barge

whey                          off-white

whichsoever                   every one that

whicker                       to neigh; to bleat

whiddin                       to be running like a hare

whiff                         to fish with hand line towed behind a boat

whiffet                       paltry person; little dog

whiffled                      intoxicated, drunk

whiffler                      official who clears way for a procession

whifflery                     levity; trifling

whift                         a slight puff or blast

whiggarchy                    government by Whigs

whigmaleerie                  whim; an odd or fanciful contrivance; gimcrack

whilom                        formerly; once; former

whin                          gorse; furze

whinge                        to complain fretfully; whine; hence whinging

whinger                       dirk or short sword

whinstone                     hard and compact rock

whinyard                      short sword

whipcat                       tailor

whipcord                      fabric with bold twill used for making dresses

whipjack                      whining beggar who pretends to be a sailor

whippet                       a small tank

whippletree                   crosspiece of a carriage to which harnesses attached

whippy                        pliant; supple

whipsaw                       narrow saw for cutting timber lengthwise

whipsloven                    a sloven who deserves whipping

whipstaff                     vertical lever controlling ship's rudder

whipstall                     airplane stall causing nose to whip forward and down

whirret                       to give a sharp blow to

whiskerando                   a whiskered person

whiskerino                    beard-growing contest

whiss                         to hiss or whistle

whistler                      mythical bird whose whistle is fatal to the listener

whistness                     hush; hist

whitecoat                     white-furred seal pup

whither                       to what place

whithersoever                 to any place whatsoever

whitherward                   toward what or which place

whitleather                   leather dressed with alum

whitlow                       abscess around a fingernail

whitster                      bleacher of cloth and clothing

whittawer                     one who makes saddles or harnesses

whittle                       a woollen shawl or blanket

whodunitry                    genre of writing poor mystery novels

wholestitch                   weaving stitch that fills in a pattern

whoremonger                   a man consorting with whores or given to lechery

whoreson                      bastard; whore's son; term of contempt

wicket                        small door forming part of larger door of a church or castle

widdendream                   being in a state of confusion or mental disturbance

widdershins                   moving in a counterclockwise (or left-handed) direction, contrary to the apparent course of the sun; unlucky, ill-fated

widdiful                      fit and deserving to be hanged

widdy                         a hangman's noose

widgeon                       freshwater duck

widget                        any small manufactured object

wieldless                     unmanageable

wifthing                      an affair with a woman or wife; sexual intercourse; a nuptial ceremony

wigan                         stiff plain-woven cotton

wight                         a supernatural man-like being

wight                         nimble; strong; courageous

wilder                        to cause to stray

wilding                       that which grows without cultivation

williwaw                      sudden gust of cold air; violent commotion; sudden squall, tumult or disturbance

willowish                     of the colour of willow leaves

wimble                        instrument for boring holes; gimlet; auger

wimble-wamble                 to roll about in walking

wimple                        cloth covering for head and neck worn by nuns

wincey                        plain or twilled cotton

windbound                     hindered from sailing by contrary winds

windcheater                   windproof jacket

windgall                      puffy swelling around a horse's joints

windigo                       a cannibalistic giant; the transformation of a person who has eaten human flesh

windlass                      1. circuitous movement; indirect action

windlass                      2. winch used to raise a ship's anchor

windle                        appliance for winding yarn

windlestraw                   a person who is tall, thin and unhealthy looking; anything light or insubstantial

windrose                      diagram showing yearly wind strengths for a locality

windrow                       hay raked together into a line

windthrow                     the blowing over of trees by the wind

winglet                       a small wing

winkler                       one who extracts or forces something out little by little

winterbourne                  intermittent spring of water

winterim                      short winter term at a private school designed for personal study

winterkill                    to kill by exposure to cold

winx                          to bray like an ass or donkey

winze                         small ventilating shaft between two levels of a mine

winebibber                    one who habitually drinks a lot of alcohol

wippen                        part of piano hammer raised when note played

wirble                        to whirl; to turn round and round

wiredraw                      to reduce fluid pressure by passing it through a small orifice

wirewove                      very fine quality of writing paper

wis                           to know, to believe

wiseacre                      someone who unduly assumes air of superior wisdom

wiseling                      one who pretends to be wise

wisent                        European bison

wisket                        a basket

wist                          to know

wistly                        longingly; earnestly

witchknot                     knot in hair supposedly tied by witches

witeless                      without fault; blameless

witenagemot                   early English national council

withal                        besides; therewith; nevertheless; with

withe                         1. elastic tool handle to save the hand from shock of blows

withe                         2. partition between chimney flues

witherling                    withered or decrepit person; an adversary

withy                         flexible; wiry and agile; willow

witling                       one who utters markedly feeble witticisms

witter                        to chatter or mutter; to grumble; to speak with annoying lengthiness on trivial matters

wittering                     continuous pointless chatter

witticaster                   a petty or inferior wit, a witling

wittol                        1. a husband who accepts his wife's infidelity

wittol                        2. a stupid person; a person with no wits, not even a half-wit

witwanton                     to engage in irreverent wit

witzchoura                    a woman's cloak with large sleeves. Primarily worn in the early nineteenth century

witzelsucht                   a morbid tendency to pun, make poor jokes, and tell pointless stories

wive                          to take for a wife; to marry a woman

wivern                        mythical two-legged winged monster

wlatsome                      something which is loathed

woad                          broad-leafed plant yielding blue dye

wodge                         a large piece or amount of something

woggle                        ring of leather or plastic used to thread neckerchief

wold                          open tract of country

womanthrope                   a hater of women

womby                         hollow; capacious

wommacky                      shaking and weak while recovering from illness or surgery

womoonless                    combination of womanless and moonless

wondermonger                  one who promises miracles

wonderwork                    prodigy; miracle; thaumaturgy

wone                          a dwelling-place; custom or habit

woning                        state of dwelling; dwelling-place

wonk                          a nerd

wontless                      unaccustomed

wood                          mad; insane; wild

woodmeal                      sawdust and other wood waste used as industrial filler

woodpusher                    a poor chess player; a patzer

woodreeve                     overseer of a wood

woodshedding                  1. the dispensing of punishment

woodshedding                  2. the practice or rehearsal of music

woodshedding                  3. spontaneous or improvised barber-shop singing

woodwose                      wild man of the woods, used in heraldry as supporter; satyr or faun

woofits                       an unwell feeling; a moody depression

woolage                       untidy hair

woolbird                      sheep

woold                         to wind a rope or chain around

woolfell                      skin with the wool still on it

woolpack                      1. cirrocumulus cloud

woolsack                      2. large wool-filled scarlet sack for the Lord Chancellor

woolsey                       cotton and wool blend

woolward                      with wool next to the skin as punishment

woonerf                       road in a residential district which uses various measures to calm traffic

woopie                        well-off older person

wootz                         a type of steel imported from the East Indies, valued for making edge tools; Indian steel

worble                        to wriggle or wallow

worcester                     fine wool

wordanista                    someone who tells others what is or is not a word, based on what they have read in books

wordbound                     unable to find expression in words

wordbreak                     of division in a word that runs onto the next line

wordish                       verbose

wordster                      one that is adept in the use of words, esp. in an empty or overblown manner

workerist                     one who supports worker's rights

workshy                       hating or avoiding work; lazy

worksome                      industrious

worldling                     a person engrossed in concerns of the present world

wormcast                      spiral heap of earth left by burrowing worm

wormery                       place where worms are bred

wormil                        lump in the skin of an animal's back

wormwood                      something bitter, galling, or grievous

worricow                      scarecrow; hobgoblin; frightening-looking person

worsement                     deterioration or deprecation of property without the owner's consent

worsification                 the composition of bad poetry

wort                          1. any herb or vegetable

wort                          2. infusion of malt before fermentation

worthful                      having worth or value; valuable; precious

wortle                        perforated plate through which wire drawn to make thinner

woubit                        a small and shabby person

wouldingness                  desire, inclination; velleity

woundless                     harmless

woundy                        excessively; extremely

wowser                        an obtrusively puritanical person

wrack                         seaweed or wreckage cast up on shore

wrackful                      destructive

wranglership                  position of being a wrangler at Cambridge University

wrawl                         to caterwaul

wreak                         to inflict upon a person; to express; vent; to cause

wreakless                     unpunished

wretchock                     smallest or weakest of a brood

wrick                         to twist; to sprain; to strain

wright                        maker; repairer

wristlet                      wristband; small strap worn around the wrist

writative                     characterized by an inclination to write

writhen                       being twisted or contorted

writhled                      wrinkled; shriveled

wrongeousness                 the state or condition of being wrong; wrongfulness

wrongous                      unjust; wrongful

wroth                         wrathful; in commotion; stormy

wrox                          to decay; to rot

wuffler                       agricultural machine for turning and fluffing bales of hay

wuntee                        a lonely old buffalo bull

wurley                        a nest; an aboriginal hut

wurst                         large sausage

wurzel                        kind of beet

wuthering                     blowing strongly with a roaring sound

wye                           a Y-branching pipe or railroad track arrangement

wyn                           old English rune having value 'w'

wynd                          narrow street or lane

wyrd                          the personification of fate or destiny





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