Photoshop Info Lists

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1/ Adjustment Layers

2/ Blending Modes

3/ Blurring A Background

4/ Colour To B&W In Lightroom 5

5/ Colour To Black And White In PS

6/ Colour To Black And White In RAW

7/ Colour Toning A B&W Image

8/ Copying A selection To A New Location

9/ Darken Areas Of An Image

10/ Darken Sky_Lighten Foreground 1

11/ Darken Sky_Lighten Foreground 2

12/ Flattening Layers

13/ Greens Greener

14/ Hand Painting A B&W Image In Colour

15/ HDR From A Single Jpeg

16/ Inverting An Adjustment Layer Selection Into A New Layer

17/ Layer Masks

18/ Painting With The Mixer Brush

19/ Patch Tool To Remove Objects

20/ Patching Part Of An Image With Another Part Of The Image

21/ Pencil Sketch From Image

22/ Photo To Line Drawing 1

23/ Photo To Line Drawing 2

24/ Photo To Line Drawing 3

25/ PixelBender

26/ Rainbow, Adding A Double

27/ Removing An Object With Content Aware Fill

28/ Saturating Colours In An Image

29/ Scrolling Through Blending Modes

30/ Selectively Creating A Vignette

31/ Sepia, Adding

32/ Sharpening With The High Pass Filter

33/ Shortcut Keys In Photoshop

34/ Silhouette Against A Sunset With Mountains, Making A

35/ Sponge Tool To Colour Saturate

36/ Texture To An Image, Adding

37/ Blurring A Subjects Background

38/ Tweaks To B&W Images

39/ Water Drop, Making A

40/ Water Reflection, Adding A

41/ Watercolour Painting, Creating A

42/ Watermark, Making A

43/ Lightening Darkening Areas Of Image

44/ Luminosity Blending Mode

45/ Making a Watercolour painting from an Image










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